Field Report #247, February 1, 2006

Army Raises Enlistment Age, Doubles Cash Enlistment Bonuses
The U.S. Army announced today that it has raised the active Army maximum enlistment age from less than 35 years of age to less than 40 years of age. It also announced that it has doubled the maximum combination of cash enlistment bonuses, up to $40,000 for the active Army, and up to $20,000 for the Army Reserve.

Four Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund
Everyone loves extra money — especially in the form of a large tax refund. Americans’ first impulse is to spend their entire refund on a car, vacation or other material object. However, if servicemembers spend that money wisely, for example in an individual retirement account (IRA), the refund can last them a lifetime.

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Helmet Saves Soldier’s life
For many Soldiers, even the new Advanced Combat Helmet is a necessary evil; it can be cumbersome when in the dining facility trying to handle a tray of food and it causes headaches and tension in the neck when worn on lengthy missions.

Soldiers May Be Reimbursed for Protective Gear
A provision of the 2005 Defense Authorization Act allows for the reimbursement if service members weren’t issued equivalent equipment prior to deployment in Operations Noble Eagle, Enduring Freedom or Iraqi Freedom.

Army Extends Health Assessment for Soldiers
Secretary of the Army Dr. Francis Harvey and Chief of Staff of the Army Gen. Peter Schoomaker authorized this week a new health screening program, “Post Deployment Health Reassessment” (PDHRA), designed to address deployment-related physical and mental health needs of Soldiers three to six months after returning from deployment.

Deducting PCS related moving expenses for Tax Year 2005

To deduct moving expenses, you generally must meet certain time and distance tests. However, if you are a member of the Armed Forces on active duty and you move because of a permanent change of station, you do not have to meet these tests. You can deduct your unreimbursed moving expenses on Form 3903.

Permanent change of station:
  • A permanent change of station includes:
  • A move from your home to your first post of active duty,
  • A move from one permanent post of duty to another, and
  • A move from your last post of duty to your home or to a nearer point in the United States. The move must occur within one year of ending your active duty or within the period allowed under the Joint Federal Travel Regulations.

QUICK TIP: Waterproofing the Rucksack
Waterproofing your rucksack will make sure the contents stay safe, dry and protected from the elements. Follow these simple steps to waterproof your rucksack.

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