Field Report #244, December 15, 2005

Pursuing an Education While Enlisted With Tuition Assistance
Ninety percent of servicemembers enter the armed forces for the educational benefits. However, only 50 percent actually use their educational benefits. Here are some compelling reasons why military personnel should seriously consider continuing their education.

Bush: Leaving Iraq Too Soon Would Endanger America
Leaving Iraq before the mission there is finished will make America less, not more, secure and will send a dangerous message that will ring around the world, President Bush said today here at the Woodrow Wilson International Center.

Housing Allowance Rules to Change Dec. 31
About 30,000 single servicemembers who live off base and pay child support are likely to see a slight change in their military pay - an increase for some and cut for others -- beginning in January.

Young Military Families Make Perfect Targets for Predatory Payday Lenders
Imagine you are a payday lender. You have one of those strip-mall shops with the neon signs that say "cash advance" or "easy money," and a little scheme that is amazingly lucrative. All you have to do is loan 300 bucks to the same guy every two weeks, passing it back and forth over the counter of your little shop. to Host a Weeklong Fund-raiser in Vail to host a weeklong fund-raiser in Vail Colorado, January 29-February 3, 2006, supporting the children of our military personnel who have lost their lives, fighting the war on terrorism, in Iraq and Afghanistan.

QUICK TIP: Get the college credit you deserve!
Your military service has likely earned you college credit. Many schools and colleges award military students credit towards a degree based on training, coursework, and occupational specialty. You've worked hard in the military now you can save tuition dollars and classroom time!

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