Field Report #240, October 17, 2005

Revamped Army Recruiting System Helps Boost Active-Duty Enlistments
The Army was about 6,600 recruits shy of meeting its active duty enlisted recruiting goal for fiscal 2005, but a revamped recruiting system is causing the numbers to go back up, an Army Staff officer said here Oct. 11.

Army Implementing DoD Reimbursement Policy
New DoD policy allows for reimbursement to eligible Soldiers who personally purchased certain equipment after September 10, 2001 and before August 1, 2004. Eligible Soldiers have until October 3, 2006 to apply for reimbursement for certain designated protective, safety, or health protective equipment that was purchased.

More Soldiers now eligible for eArmyU
Changes in re-enlistment criteria effective Oct. 1 broaden eligibility for Soldiers to participate in the eArmU laptop enrollment option, officials said, and extend the program’s no-laptop option to all officers. Under the new requirements, the majority of active-component Soldiers in the rank of private first class and higher may be eligible to sign up for online college courses and receive a laptop computer to use in the program.

Army Announces Unit Designations in the Modular Army
The U.S. Army announced today new unit designations in ongoing efforts to build the modular force. These naming conventions support the Army’s continued modular force restructuring, while preserving most of its famous and historic lineages.

Task Force Baghdad rings up 4,000 re-ups for Fiscal Year 2005
Soldiers assigned to Task Force Baghdad are answering their nation’s call to “stay Army” by ending Fiscal Year 2005 with more than 4,000 re-enlistments. In return for their continued service, they’re also earning a combined total of more than $42 million in tax-free re-enlistment bonuses.

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