Field Report #236, August 15 2005

Iraq-bound Troops Getting New Digitized Uniforms
The ACU consists of a jacket, trousers, patrol cap, moisture wicking t-shirt and the recently adopted Army Combat Boot (Temperate and Hot Weather). The new ACU is the culmination of many months of research and development by Soldiers, for Soldiers, and is the uniform of choice by the overwhelming majority of Army leaders and Soldiers.

Is "Baghdad Jane" just a "Has Been" version of "Hanoi Jane?"
One has to wonder why our society gives so much credibility to the opinions or celebrities. In December 2002, the actor Sean Penn visited Iraq to help avert the impending war with the US. The comedian Joan Rivers remarked: 'He thinks he can solve it, that moron. This is a man who couldn't even make it work with Madonna.'

The JAG Corps and your legal rights
The Army Legal Assistance Program provides free assistance to soldiers and their families, including active duty, reserves and retired soldiers. One of the biggest reasons the Army provides this service is to maintain the highest level of readiness possible in the event a soldier is deployed. Since a soldier may be deployed at a moments notice, all legal affairs must be in order.

States Fight Closing of Air National Guard Bases
The United States Senate has been working towards finalizing a defense authorization bill before their August 1, 2005 recess. But the Senate voted to continue to debate on two controversial amendments attached to the $441.6 billion bill in September prolonging resolution.

Noncommissioned Officers to be the Backbone of the Iraqi Army
In the U.S. Army, noncommissioned officers are known as the “backbone of the Army,” and a group of these Soldiers has set up an academy to help the Iraqi army produce its own rigid corps of NCOs.

  • U.S. Army hits July recruiting goal; target for year in doubt
  • Iran resumes uranium conversion
  • Retired colonel says military entrance exam should have Spanish option
  • U.S. Laying Groundwork for Iraq Pullout
  • Hiroshima bomb didn't end war, according to Soviet archives

  • Basic Physical
  • British Army Units and Foreign nationals who serve in its ranks
  • World War III
  • Who is Entitled to BAH??
  • Military vehicle pictures