Field Report #235, August 2005

Should There Be A Lower Drinking Age for Military Service Members?
An 18 year old can carry an M16, be trained to kill, and be killed in the U.S. Military. They fight side by side with older soldiers in the deserts of Iraq but the U.S. legal system says they cannot drink alcoholic beverages. Wisconsin State Rep. Mark Pettis (R-Town of La Follette), author of the bill, AB141 feels that, "If you are old enough to push the button on nuclear action, you should be old enough to have a Miller Lite."

Naturalization Ceremony Held at Victory
One hundred forty-three candidates from 42 different countries held up their right hands during a U.S. Army and Citizenship and Immigration Services-led ceremony in the Al-Faw Palace rotunda July 25, 2005.

U.S. Army Proposes Raising Recruiting Age from 35 to 42
The U.S. Army has been missing it's monthly goal for the better part of 2004. The War in Iraq has taken it's toll on recruiting efforts and the U.S. Army predicts that they will miss their goal again in 2005. In 2004 they've added 80,000 new positions in the U.S. Army and they are proposing to add another 100,000 in 2005. Recruiting is about to get tough.

Relocating - Families First will transform servicemembers' moves
Packing, handling and shipping of personal belongings is a great concern for service members when relocating. Yet, the process of moving service member's household goods has remained virtually unchanged for many years. To modernize this process, the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) is developing a new process called Families First and is scheduled to launch the benefits phase of the program Feb. 1, 2006.

June Recruiting, Retention Stats Up for All Services
Recruiting and retention rates were up in June for all the services in both the active and reserve components, Defense Department officials announced today. The release of June recruiting and retention statistics for all four services today came as welcome news following a spring slump for the active Army and the reserve components.

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