Field Report #234, July 2005

Why There Won't Be a Draft
With all the news of missed recruiting goals and the increasing demands of the War in Iraq people are worried that there will be another draft. Short of another world war, I just don't see that happening.

Military Experience Valuable in Civilian Market
The Military can simply be a means to an end–money for college, technical training, development of life qualities and experience. Or it can be a lifelong career path, giving you a structured environment in which to advance and succeed. Either way, the Military is really the opportunity you choose to make of it.

Blue to Green - Army Recruits From Other Branches
SPC Beverly Sage jumped ship to answer the Army’s call. Today she wears combat boots instead of Navy blues, and can fire an M-16 like her life depends on it. “The Army is on the frontlines of the war. If joining means I have to serve in Iraq, I’m ready,” said the ex-sailor.

Gallantry at Time of War is Gender Blind
“I’d give anything to have 10 minutes with Sam now. But I don’t think she should be limited by politics. It’s equality and it’s choice.” Those are the words of Bob Huff, who is the father of 18-year-old Army Pfc. Sam Williams Huff of Tucson, AZ. Sam is one of 37 servicewomen who have been killed thus far in the War in Iraq among the 15,000 female troops serving there. She died on April 17, 2005 serving with the 504 th Military Police Battalion when a roadside bomb hit her Army Humvee.

Military Recruitment in High Schools Raises Questions
The head of the Army Recruiting Command, Major General Michael D. Rochelle, called for a "values stand-down" known in military parlance as a day of suspension on May 20, 2005. Aside from such a day in October 2004 which dealt with safety issues for recruiters, Major General Rochelle has never called a session to address recruiters regarding what he referred to as a means of reviewing the moral obligations of their mission.

Army Ten Miler
The Army Ten Miler is America's largest 10 mile race, which has been held every year since it began on October 13, 1985. That first race had over 1,600 people turn out and compete, but this year race organizer Jim Vandak says "We expect to reach our 20,000 cap in July or August again this year so I urge runners and teams to register early”.

Transferring Military Training into Civilian Credentials
The Armed Forces of the United States operate some of the finest training schools in the world. The soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen who graduate from these schools posses all of the qualifications that almost any employer would pay dearly to have as part of his or her workforce.

Veteran's Programs for Small Business
An office created by the U.S. Small Business Administration will help service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses navigate the federal contracting marketplace and gain better access to federal contracting opportunities.

Off-Duty Travel Opens Australia as Vacation Destination
Military travelers can purchase vacations to Australia for about the same cost as a getaway to Europe simply by visiting a military-sponsored Web site. Authorized Morale, Welfare and Recreation patrons can go to the Off-Duty Travel Web site and click on "Joint Services Travel Specials" to begin a step-by-step process for building itineraries to a vacation Down Under.

Frequently Asked Questions for Reservists Being Called to Active Duty
Find out all the facts about being called up to active duty from the reserves.

  • Iraq insurgents 'ready to disarm'
  • UN alert as nuclear plans go missing
  • National Center for Defense Robotics Awarded Project to Produce 'Dragon Runner' Robots for Army Evaluation
  • Military to Amass Data on Students
  • Rumsfeld admits US army has been meeting Iraqi rebels
  • The Pentagon plays up "China threat theory"
  • Iran to stay on nuclear path
  • Ex-hostages: New Iran leader among captors

  • You Guys are Doing a GREAT Job
  • If I want to be a forencic scientis what branch of the military should I go into.
  • Is it OK?
  • Wanna be in the army
  • Finnish Defence Forces
  • m4,m16, or Ak47
  • Chinas continuing growth
  • Recruiter Pulling My Husband's Chain

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