Field Report #229, February 2005

The Army Deploys Robots in Iraq
Robots have been a part of the U.S. Military for quite some time, primarily serving support roles. Robots have been aiding in bomb disposal and other security operations and have recently been adapted to perform medical jobs. Unmanned drones have been flying over war zones to provide up to date intel. But not until Iraq have we seen robots, armed with automatic weapons and motors, sent into combat.

Top 5 Reasons Recruits are Turned Away From the Army
Take a look at the Top 5 Reasons Recruits are turned away from the Army.

What you need to know about Military Leave
If you are active duty in the Army, you earn 30 days of leave (paid vacation) every year. This includes the Army National Guard, and the U.S. Army Reserve.

I Want Out!
There are many potential recruits that want to know how they can join the Army. Believe it or not there are some that want to know how to get out.

My Recruiting Experience
I've seen the movies, heard stories, and read articles about the Army. All of them have one thing in common. Somewhere in them the phrase, "Thank your recruiter," is said.

Show Your Support for our Troops
With over 300,000 United States military personnel deployed overseas it is easy to understand why thousands of Americans want them to know that we are proud of them and appreciate the sacrifices they are making on a daily basis to preserve freedom for all people, everywhere.

OTP 10

Know Your On Base Military Housing Options
Everyone in the military is entitled to housing at little or no cost. You are required to live in the barracksor dormitories during basic training and job-school.

The U.S. Government overhauls intelligence agencies forming the new Director of National Intelligence
After World War II the U.S. created the CIA to handle security concerns in the growing cold war. Our intelligence agencies have largely remained the same, that is until September 11, 2001.

Your First Day at Basic Training
Sometimes just knowing helps a lot what you will experience your first day of basic training.

Comparison of Benefits For Service Members
Should you join the military? Its an important decision. Which branch? Should you enlist in Active Duty or would the Reserve be the best fit for you? Should you make a career of the military? What about benefits?

Is Your Spouse Also in the Military?
With about 84,000 military couples (military married to military) in the United States military each of the services have an assignment program called "Joint Spouse." Frequently Asked Questions: What is an MOS?
What is an MOS? If you guessed the Museum of Science in Boston then you guessed wrong! MOS is an acronym, one of many that the Military is fond of, which means "Military Occupation Specialty".

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