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The Top 5 Reasons People Fear Boot Camp, and How to Overcome Them

By: SGT Michael Volkin
Author of The Ultimate Basic Training Guidebook: Tips, Tricks and Tactics for Surviving Boot Camp

Fear is a recruit’s number one enemy. Without fear, a recruit can glide through basic training focusing on how to better themselves and their country. I have met thousands of recruits because of the success of The Ultimate Basic Training Guidebook. In doing so, I have learned what these recruits fear the most and what they don’t fear at all. Here are the top five aspects of basic training, in random order, that recruits fear the most and how to overcome that fear:

1) Bad Habits- Believe it or not, your civilian lifestyle has you accustomed to habits drill sergeants don’t like too much. For example, you are not allowed to smoke in basic training. Before you leave for basic training, quit smoking. Also, there is no snacking at basic training. You get three meals a day and that is all. If you are accustomed to grabbing a bag of chips or a piece of chocolate anytime you want, I would suggest stopping that habit before you get to basic training. This is easy to train your body to do, the training is 100% mental. A few weeks before you leave basic training, simply start a diet to eat three square meals a day. If your meals have enough carbohydrates and protein in them, you shouldn’t be hungry for snacks anyway.

2) The Gas Chamber- The gas chamber is probably the most mentally challenging exercise you will have to overcome at basic training. Recruits have to breathe Ortho-chlorbenzylidenedimalonitrile. Wow, that sounds scary. Actually, it is just the active substance of CS gas. You might recognize the name better as the common riot control formula called tear gas. Now, the bad news is yes, you will have to go into an isolated room and breathe this gas in your lungs and yes it does sting a little bit. The good news is as soon as you walk outside the exercise is over. The gas leaves your system very quickly and any pain you are feeling dissipates within seconds. In fact, the most painful aspect of this exercise is the anticipation of the exercise. I am often asked why this exercise is even necessary. Drill sergeants want you to have confidence in your chemical gear. Therefore you will walk in the gas filled room, put on your face mask and notice that none of the gas is penetrating the mask. Then you will take off your mask, sing a portion of the star spangled banner and notice what the gas feels like without your chemical gear. The best advice I can give you is to not hold your breathe. If a drill sergeant sees you holding your breathe or lip-syncing the words to the Star Spangled Banner, you will have to do the whole exercise again.

3) Fitness- Based on the recruits I talk to, 99% of them who prepare physically for basic training are preparing incorrectly. When I ask a recruit what they are doing physically to prepare for basic training, they usually respond by saying, “Well I run two miles a day and I go to the gym five times a week.” I respond by saying, “That’s great, why don’t you completely stop doing that for now?” They always respond in shock and wonder why a basic training coach is telling them to stop their workout program. Here is the reason why I do that: In basic training, you are not going to spend an hour a day in the gym doing bench presses and leg squats. The exercises you do will most likely be exercises you have never heard of (i.e. donkey kicks, mountain climbers, ski jumpers, etc). Also, rarely will you just “run a couple miles.” Basic training runs usually consist of wind sprints and other exercises where the speed and direction of the run changes very quickly. Now, all that gym time will seem wasted when you arrive at basic training because the exercises you do are completely different than the ones you did at the gym. To prepare for basic training you need to prepare your muscles (and your mind) for basic training type exercises. Believe me, when you get to basic training, your muscles will thank you for the preparation. All the other recruits will be experiencing calf spasms and muscle soreness and you will be sleeping like a baby. Check out the 8-week daily fitness routine specific to basic training in my book.

4) The Unknown- The majority of recruits simply visit their recruiter, sign up for the military, get their leave date and then leave for basic training without an ounce of preparation. This is a huge mistake. Did you know that 90% of what you learn at basic training you can learn at home? What a huge advantage this will give you! This is the very reason why I wrote The Ultimate Basic Training Guidebook, so when a recruit leaves for basic training they have a huge advantage over the other recruits. The best course of action to solve this fear would be to get prepared for basic training. Ask yourself what your weakness is (i.e. fitness, smoking, etc) and correct the fear.

5) Drill Sergeants Physical Abuse- Understandably, I get e-mails almost every day asking me how much physical abuse drill sergeants can administer. The answer is zero. People watch movies about basic training in the 1960’s and 1970’s era and see all the abuse administered to those recruits. Drill sergeants are not allowed to hit recruits anymore; however that doesn’t mean it never happens. Civilians aren’t supposed to murder each other either, but that happens every day. When you arrive at basic training you will receive a briefing on this subject. If you ever get physically abused by a drill sergeant, you will learn the proper channels to report the abuse. Also, if you are too afraid to tell someone in person, there will be an anonymous drop box where you can write letters reporting such abuse. Drill sergeants are so adept at wearing you out mentally that physical abuse is not needed. Also, drill sergeants are required to travel in pairs, so in case something out of the ordinary happens another drill sergeant is there to witness the event. This strategy works the other way around too. Many recruits file false reports claiming a drill sergeant hit a recruit. When claims like this occur, it is investigated and since drill sergeants travel in pairs, someone is always able to corroborate their story.

SGT Michael Volkin is the author of The Ultimate Basic Training Guidebook: Tips, Tricks and Tactics for Surviving Boot Camp, available at

Article Opinions

LISA wrote:

Posted on 09/29/06 19:28:40

HUSE wrote:

I em not scared, i em man.
Posted on 10/02/06 19:43:18


Posted on 10/03/06 04:49:30


Posted on 10/03/06 12:49:24

Marty Pierce wrote:

I just returned to High School after coming home from basic training and found it is a big confidence booster. I enjoyed every minute of it and don't regret the chance. I was scared that first time i saw the drill sergeant but from that point on it was not that bad.
Posted on 10/03/06 14:51:04

patience wrote:

i havent even joined and im nervous simply because im so out of shape i just had a baby and i dont know what to do. im going to take the asvab in january and i hevent even began to diet yet.
Posted on 10/04/06 13:20:29

Sgt Roger mcclinton wrote:

I love it i havent even joined and im nervous simply because im so out of shape i just had a baby and i dont know what to do. im going to take the asvab in MAY 30 2006 and i hevent even began to diet yet
Posted on 10/04/06 13:42:05

Sgt Roger mcclinton wrote:

I love it i havent even joined and im nervous simply because im so out of shape i just had a baby and i dont know what to do. im going to take the asvab in MAY 30 2006 and i hevent even began to diet yet
Posted on 10/04/06 13:42:08

Sgt Roger mcclinton wrote:

I love it i havent even joined and im nervous simply because im so out of shape i just had a baby and i dont know what to do. im going to take the asvab in MAY 30 2006 and i hevent even began to diet yet
Posted on 10/04/06 13:42:10

Nick wrote:

everything said here is true for me, my main fear is smoking an im not in the best shape, i run a quater mile an my ankles alreaddy hurt an im out of breath because of smoking although im looking forward to serving my country im also having a hard time with the asvab, i failed the first time but still got to take my physical an im worried i mite not pass next time any suggestions????
Posted on 10/04/06 19:14:04

Anthony wrote:

i dont know about anyone else but i got my mind and heart set on it and nothing in this world is going to stop me from getting it i might not be in the best of shape or anyhting like that but when i put my mind to it i will get what i want no matter how hard it is to get there i will do it so wish me luck
Posted on 10/05/06 00:17:38

C/SSGT Mizell wrote:

I am getting ready to sign up for the Army somtime in the next couple of weeks. And then i have to wait till i graduate to leave. But i am trying to prepare myself in the every way i can. I am in a Marine Corps JROTC, so that helps alot. I am not worried about boot, for it is all in the mind.
Posted on 10/05/06 10:33:30

airman cruz wrote:

Posted on 10/05/06 13:37:41

PV2 Riley wrote:

basic training aint nothing but a thing. it's all in your mind. and if you dont mind, it's as easy as 1,2,3
Posted on 10/05/06 15:38:35

C/CPL Railey wrote:

My cadet commander graduate BCT this summer and said it was the most fun, but toughest thing he did. BCT seems like it tests you mentally more than anything else. I am with the Army JROTC and will be going into the National guard in when I turn 17. I want to go to BCT, but when I finish college, have the rank of 2LT.
Posted on 10/05/06 16:10:12

pvt.1st clss Hoffman wrote:

i am only 13 and am already trainin 4 bct. But BCT isnt what u should be worried about, but war. No one dies in BCT, but 15% of ppl die in Iraq
Posted on 10/05/06 22:18:04

corporal dominic greer wrote:

i am in the marine rotc at irving high schol and i been to boot camp and it was fun but ever since boot cam ive been working out and feeling good but the one thing im worried about is the asvab got any suggestion???
Posted on 10/06/06 09:02:42

bigdaddy wrote:

im going too join the army
Posted on 10/06/06 15:41:26

SSG V wrote:

corporal dominic greer wrote:
i am in the marine rotc at irving high schol and i been to boot camp and it was fun but ever since boot cam ive been working out and feeling good but the one thing im worried about is the asvab got any suggestion???

You can buy asvab reviewers, I saw one at Barnes & Nobles. You could also try the public library.
Posted on 10/07/06 12:07:47

Tony Leverock wrote:

My name is Tony Leverock. Basic Training is 100% all in your head. It will be a learning expirence of a lift time. Remember, always train as a team. Army is about teamwork.
Posted on 10/07/06 15:28:03

somebody wrote:

A.R.M.Y=Ain't Real Marines Yet
Posted on 10/07/06 17:39:10

W. Anderson wrote:

It's all mental. Everything that they make you do in Basic Training is for a purpose. They key thing is always see yourself making it. There is a old saying, "If you believe you can achieve" and my old favorite "If you ain't havin' fun you ain't doin' it right"
Posted on 10/08/06 16:31:09

Upset SSGT wrote:

Ok, aside from my fellow NCOs view points of basic training, i have a whole nother side for you to see. I don't agree with the idea of someone creating a book to help you get through basic training how make it easier. Apparently the auther was a fast tracking NCO that has never done time in the box. Basic training is meant to break you down and build you up. Don't prep for it basic training is as easy as a high school physical education test. If anything it needs to be harder. We has soldiers defend the USA, with the armys basic training and AIT getting easier its only harming the new recruits and the old school soldiers. I want someone who cried and was broke down like they never have before, but rebuilt to be a soldier. And, W.Anderson your comment "if you ain't having fun you ain't doin it right" if you were my soldier i would have you sent back to day one. Basic training is not a joke maybe to you select few just trying to pay for college. but guess what soldiers you will end up in the box one day and then you will have wished your Drill was a little harder on you.
Posted on 10/08/06 20:20:09

Marine Dean wrote:

i an 14. a girl and really worried about period stuff. other than that, I am ready to fight for my country. any suggestions?
Posted on 10/09/06 08:48:48

t man wrote:

be afriad very afraid lol, nah its a peace of cake been in 8 yrs now and wish i could go back to basic, only thing that sucks lol is guard duty other than that its all good!!
Posted on 10/09/06 23:28:22

PFC Vargas wrote:

I agree with the upset ssgt Army seems 2 b getting easier and easier and yea it might be helping out the new recruits but in the long run is messing up our soldiers. Think if you have been in the Army for about 10 years and think of how good of a soldier you would be just because of the way they trained you back then, and now think of a new private that has graduated and is a mess up but then again he calls himself a soldier now tell me if it sounds fair? I have only been in the army for 7 months i am done with training and yea it was a lot easier than i hear it used 2 be im not happy about it because it could cause me or my battle buddy to die a 10 years from now...
Posted on 10/10/06 00:13:40

Hard Core Hahn wrote:

I think whatever the military has to offer in their boot camp is good. Not only will it let the ones who want to join know what it is like but it will teach them something they never know existed.
Posted on 10/10/06 10:16:38

Ali wrote:

Im going into the Army in a few months an im so not in good physical shape an im affraid of the run....i hope i can keep up///an i need to get better at push ups an pull ups....any suggestions?
Posted on 10/10/06 17:00:27

xlink wrote:

I joined up in the army 7 months ago. Dont believe everything that you just read. Its all a lie. They work you into the ground in boot camp. If you make 1 simple mistake they make you out to be a fool. I cant wait untill you go though this so you can feel the torture that i went through ........................................................
Nah im just joking, i am not in the military, but i noticed there are no bad reviews. I highly dout that everything is all peachy like they are saying, but when i join, its not because i wanted it peachy. I am going to join so that I can fight for my great country America. No other reason.
Posted on 10/10/06 21:31:24

amy wrote:

i am joining army after college. is this a good idea? i have no idea but im sticking to it.
Posted on 10/11/06 12:27:04

Argie Gonzalez wrote:

Hello I am a school teacher I feel that I must serve my country for some weard reason I am a 1st grade teacher and I am 27 years old I would like to no If at 27 are we still allowed to join in.
Posted on 10/11/06 13:12:31

C Poincot wrote:

All I know is that, in the long run going through Army Bootcamp, will help me mentally and physically. I take my Physical tommarrow and a week after i go to bootcamp, i cnat wait!!!!
Posted on 10/11/06 14:36:22

Szakel wrote:

I am currently in the US Army and have been for the last 7yrs. Don't fret about basic its not that bad. If you need any words of encouragment or want to ask a question about anything with the military feel free to write to me.
Posted on 10/11/06 14:46:18

Melissa wrote:

im a 34 year old women and the only thing that worries me, is that i'll be the only one joining at that age.
Posted on 10/12/06 12:00:36

Aaron wrote:

Don't worry, I am 36 and will be leaving for basic in about 4 weeks. Sure I could be in better shape and I am sure it is going to take me a longer time to recover than those that are younger than myself, but I am looking forward to the experience and am sure that it will make me a stronger person, a better citizen and father, and most importantly, A SOLDIER.
Posted on 10/12/06 13:01:56

Kristin wrote:

Hey im 16 f alabama i whant to join the ARMY. my brother in law just got back from Basic. him and his bro. they told me it wasnt all that bad. and what all do u have to go threw to join. if somebody chould plz give me info i whould appreicate it thanks !
Posted on 10/12/06 16:49:31

matt wrote:

im 16 male looking to join after i graduate. i am a football player and a lifter, 6'0 250. am i too big to be able to go through basic with all the little guys?
Posted on 10/14/06 11:57:50

chevy wrote:

they yell at you
Posted on 10/15/06 03:35:20

breonna riley wrote:

im 18 female and i have been looking into the army but i hear more bad things from people about it than good things and it keeps changing my mind but i think in the long run i will join when im out of high school so if you have any information about what its like after boot camo i would like to know, email me
Posted on 10/15/06 16:52:33

jake wrote:

i dont like the army, but my girlfriend is joing
Posted on 10/15/06 16:54:40

Yourmom wrote:

I like eggs
Posted on 10/15/06 17:03:51

annomonous wrote:

i love a man in uniform that can fight fo his country. that turns on all long haired blond guys. yeah my girlfriends joing but im too girly to join
Posted on 10/15/06 17:05:40

That one guy wrote:

Don't make me come over there and give you a nice spanking woman.
Posted on 10/15/06 17:07:12

annomonous wrote:

dont make your woman come over their and wipe out some shaolin soccer kung fu sh*t on you
Posted on 10/15/06 17:11:29

1337D00D wrote:

I'll get all midevil on your buttox
Posted on 10/15/06 17:13:34

Anthony wrote:

Dear PFC Hoffman,
Please learn to read.
15% of soldiers do not die in Iraq
0.15% of soldiers die in Iraq
I read the article you found, its says 0.153% die, you must have misunderstood it for the propotion 0.153, 100 times less.
For comparison, 0.086% of young men die in america every year accidently, notice that your chances of death in Iraq are less than twice as high.
Posted on 10/16/06 14:14:27

Ashley wrote:

ARMY MEN ARE SO SEXY! Something about a man in uniform serving his country....he's got heart, soul, and strength on many levels. My boyfriend is in the army...and I will spend the rest of my life being one of those wives who are not on that wall of bitches who can't keep their legs closed... :)
Posted on 10/17/06 00:16:52

ricky wrote:

ok i just graduated and it was too easy i was not in the best condition either but they buld up your body slowly and it was well worth the work i do have one point persnol pt works wonders go 19k
Posted on 10/19/06 11:58:10

ricky wrote:

ok i just graduated and it was too easy i was not in the best condition either but they buld up your body slowly and it was well worth the work i do have one point persnol pt works wonders go 19k
Posted on 10/19/06 11:58:13

Sheila wrote:

Our son has been in the Army over a year now. His basic training was the hardest thing he's ever had to do in life. It made him a stronger person & he takes nothing for granted anymore. He will tell you there's mental, not physical abuse. He trained at Fort Benning & is currently serving in Iraq. He will also tell you that atleast one drill instuctor will stand out in your mind. The one you diliked the most. But, it's the one you learn most from also.
Posted on 10/22/06 13:27:57

haha wrote:

i like eggs to
Posted on 10/23/06 02:01:25

Leeundricks Brown wrote:

Boot camp seem alright the way yall say the gas chamber is tough i want to see what its like
Posted on 10/23/06 10:19:00

Leeundricks Brown wrote:

Boot camp seem alright the way yall say the gas chamber is tough i want to see what its like
Posted on 10/23/06 10:19:35

Leeundricks Brown wrote:

i love egss
Posted on 10/26/06 00:18:33

deb wrote:

Note to the Girls: I wouldnt worry about your period, You will be allowed to wear tampons and they are better than ever. I gurantee there are female drill seargents and they will not embarrass you in such a way as to have you bleeding on yourself. The cramps can be controlled with tylenol or advil (I am not sure if they allow that though) Don't let the fear of periods stop you from joining
Posted on 11/01/06 15:16:21

deb wrote:

Note to the Girls: I wouldnt worry about your period, You will be allowed to wear tampons and they are better than ever. I gurantee there are female drill seargents and they will not embarrass you in such a way as to have you bleeding on yourself. The cramps can be controlled with tylenol or advil (I am not sure if they allow that though) Don't let the fear of periods stop you from joining
Posted on 11/01/06 15:16:31

deb wrote:

Note to the Girls: I wouldnt worry about your period, You will be allowed to wear tampons and they are better than ever. I gurantee there are female drill seargents and they will not embarrass you in such a way as to have you bleeding on yourself. The cramps can be controlled with tylenol or advil (I am not sure if they allow that though) Don't let the fear of periods stop you from joining
Posted on 11/01/06 15:16:47

private 2nd class timmothy densmore wrote:

hey you guys i ship out on the sixteenth of nov. 06 to fort sill oklahoma im am not worried to much about basic training its more mental then anything from what i was told just keep your heads up and think positive no matter what and you'll be fine also if there is any single ladies who wants a desent guy e mail me at dens.more at im in excellent shape and im not to bad looking either.
Posted on 11/07/06 20:13:08

private 2nd class timmothy densmore wrote:

to all of those who r shipping out on the sixteen of november to fort sill oklahoma espeacillly if your a mic 13 rmls i cant wait to see you there good luck to all of you who rahhhhhhh!
Posted on 11/07/06 20:16:26

angeldream_z wrote:

My comment is in concern with the gas chamber I came from BCT on june unfortunatly my mask wasnt sealing properly there for i never gained that confidence in my chemical gear the bad news is I am recently in the ROTC and have to go to LDAC and there I have to go through that horrific experience again I think its even scarier now because I know what awaits me Wish me luck!!!
Posted on 11/14/06 22:41:35

Shena Johnson wrote:

Bootcamp is really tuff! however it helps yuo in many ways. Ways that make me the person i am today. Thank you bootcamp!!
Posted on 11/15/06 11:00:58

TIGGER wrote:

I believe that many people are affraid of bootcamp. they are scared that they mite go in and never come out. Well you do and your a better person when you do come out. Many people will respect you better based on the attitude you develop in bootcamp.
Posted on 11/15/06 11:03:36

Brittany Lyle wrote:

Posted on 11/15/06 11:04:42

PVT DUTRA wrote:

Posted on 11/17/06 14:50:22

joseph wrote:

I really want to join the military, its been a goal, but do I need my grade 12 education befor I can join?
Posted on 11/26/06 00:14:28

Chad wrote:

I leave for Fort Knox in Jan> 07. I'm going in to be a calvary scout. I can't wait to get smacked around and then I will be ready to kick doors down and shove a grenade down them towel head bastards throats. HOOAH!!!!!!
Posted on 11/29/06 16:52:54

Jeff wrote:

Chad you are the man! A little sick but still the man!
Posted on 11/29/06 19:03:06

Henry wrote:

Hey, I'm 40 years old and considering joining the Army Reserve... Which is the same BCT as the Army. They accept people up to 42 years old, I've always wanted to be in the military, so now is my last chance. I'm sick of my job (even though I've earned $103,000 for the last 4 years) I want to be part of a REAL TEAM.
Posted on 12/02/06 10:01:21

justin wrote:

i leave jan 3rd for fort benning in georgia at first i was so excited but now im really scared after readin some stuff on other web sites what if i sneeze n get yelled at i want to better myself but im really worried i dont want to be sent home a loser everybody that i have talked to says that not many people make it i have the stregnth n the smarts im just not sure if i can do it
Posted on 12/05/06 13:39:53

spc wrote:

i joined military right before the first wave of soldiers went to iraq. It was a real eye opener. we were worked out till we couldnt move and then some. i still remember all the doors closed except for the one to rest room which had on all the hot water. if you were on the side that had the mess up you were sent into the showers and they would work you out with doors closed and the steam building. they would also work us out till someone puicked and also have us and work out and drink water till we vomited. Now that was training. First tour sucked but i could deal with the stuff do to the punishment i took in basic. learn to cope with bad and look at the brightside.
Posted on 12/06/06 21:05:13

kafele green wrote:

join the army
Posted on 12/07/06 13:16:59

booboo wrote:

join da army not da military
Posted on 12/08/06 10:58:32

preztige wrote:

my brother joined the army it was a big adavantage for him to change his life style but then he messed up by dropping out of school that was a big mistake but i am going to go to the army and finish school. i am going to do it the smart way not the dumb way, but i just look at my brothers steps he takes as things i shouldn't do in life, so that what keeps my hope alive for the army
Posted on 12/08/06 11:01:26

12 year old wrote:

man i got to go to boot camp in jan. im only 11 and im ready to change my life because im in trouble with my life and i look up to yall so good luck i hope yall kick those donkey raping ass licking a**holes in iraq
Posted on 12/08/06 21:49:03

12 year old wrote:

talk to me guys i need help plzzzzzzzzz
Posted on 12/08/06 21:50:43

brian wrote:

im twenty years old almost twenty one and my brother brent who just got back basic training ait and battle training just found out today he is getting deployed since he has been back it has changed his attidtude and he has grown up alot and then today got phone calls from my bro brent hes leaving to iraq for war and the recurders were calling me telling me he is going to war and brent my brother just turned ninteen years old in basic and now going to war he is a military police officer and he is and will be a good soldier out there
Posted on 12/16/06 22:23:49

PFC Crockett Fort Jackson, SC wrote:

BCT is a "Mind Game" they change you, they get you ready for War, cause no matter what your MOS is you are trained to be a soldier first. I'm home for Exodus(christmas thru new years break) I have 5 weeks of basic left, and if u decide to join, please, please, please have a strong mind and heart, otherwise, you'll have a long nine weeks...I love it tho, its the best experience i've ever encountered
Posted on 12/26/06 09:02:49

Blank Private Wagner wrote:

I hear that BT up in Ft. Sill, OK during summer break is the best week you will ever have. True or False? I am currently going to Summit High in Mansfield. We have JROTC, but I want to be a Marine. What should I do to train for the Marines?
Posted on 12/26/06 22:33:04

bigeyedmissy wrote:

i dunno lar.. i feeling very stressed leh.. tomorrow i got sec2 camp liao!!! i scared u know!!!
Posted on 01/16/07 09:52:36

gaya wrote: do contact me!!!
Posted on 01/16/07 09:53:56

Richard Szakel wrote:

Summer break? Did someone fill your head with the idea that you will be able to take a week of in Basic Training? There are no days off other than Family day ( the day before Grad day) and you have down time on sundays to take care of things like..wash your clothes, write letters, use the phone for your 3 minutes.
Posted on 01/24/07 13:04:45


well, i wanna join the army. but i need a little help. i have been to all the web sites, and they all say something, but then i go to another one and it says something else. do the drill sergeants yell in your face or not.
Posted on 02/18/07 07:39:31

Ashley wrote:

Iam going to join the army when i am 18 and out of school i am a girl but i don't care what the hell other people say. i know what i am in for because my moms dad was in the army.
Posted on 02/20/07 09:35:00


comon guys, do they???
Posted on 02/25/07 08:14:27

Brooke wrote:

I think the boot camp sounds a little scary ( the gas chamber thing) but I'm gonna toughen up...cause we're fighting for America!!!! And we'll win this war!!!!!!!!!!
Posted on 03/27/07 20:20:01

BL wrote:

Why is it that there is a lot of mis-spellingd and ALOT of run on sentences. Does this reflect on recruiters targeting lower income areas?
Posted on 04/05/07 08:09:50

Cindi wrote:

I am 38 and just got back from BCT at Ft. Jackson, SC....unfortunately I only got to do 5 and a half weeks of basic b/c of my having scoliosis. I would have loved to have been able to finish is a very different experience and I am glad I got to go thru what I did...I conquered Victory Tower.....what a rush!!!!!!!
Posted on 04/06/07 10:47:41

PHIL wrote:

Is basic training truly hard. Did it push you to your limits like they say, or is that all just a bunch of BS? I cant wait either way. I want to serve my country.
Posted on 04/09/07 07:39:00

PHIL wrote:

By the way, BL, you suck #@$%
Posted on 04/09/07 07:40:47

M&M wrote:

Posted on 04/11/07 14:44:25

infantryman wrote:

I just finished osut at ft benning, Ga. If any guys are thinking of joining the army and want a real challenge then pick the infantry. I got my blue cord and cldnt b prouder. Infantry leads the way.
Posted on 04/12/07 09:54:12

Paul in New York wrote:

I'm 29 years old, often thinking of enlisting with the U.S. Military. I'm afraid of the war. I'm more afraid of suffering and injustice than of bloodshed and death. I however sometimes feel that I'm not one to grow old and allow death to take me softly. There is a certain noble feeling that I get when I think of dying in combat as opposed to the alternative. Their deaths are not in vain, as these dead soldiers pave the way for the future. "Confuscious said: You don't make good steel into nails, and you don't make good men into soldiers."
I disagree! You make good steel into swords!

-and and one more thing: I also like eggs.
Posted on 04/14/07 05:25:10

Rhudy wrote:

Saludos a todos los soldados latinos!!! i will enjoy the army in few months, i hope this will be a good opportunity to be a good citizen
Posted on 04/16/07 00:39:51

khuthadzo wrote:

im going to join the army i'm not evin afraid
Posted on 05/08/07 06:08:21

Daniel Reppond wrote:

BCT is the least of my worries! I'm not afraid to die either. The asvab is what i fear the most. I am 22 and i have a G.E.D.! school isn't exactly fresh on my mind. Never the less, i will do what it takes to get privilage of serving my country! If you can help me with any suggestions PLZ do!
Posted on 05/21/07 21:52:17

22 Year Marine wrote:

If you want a REAL challenge, Join the Marine Corps.

You'll thank yourself.
Posted on 07/17/07 11:52:53

jarred burnett wrote:

marines are nothing you are who you are
Posted on 08/14/07 22:45:22

Cathleen wrote:

Im leaving this coming monday for BCT im 17 f n i have my g.e.d. Im so proud to join the army n serve my country n i will do my best in basic to make my family my fiancee (who's in army too at fort sill ^_^) n friends all proud of me n GO ARMY!!! HOOAH!
Posted on 08/16/07 09:18:01

DrucillaHaggins wrote:

Im join the army
Posted on 08/17/07 11:36:08

DrucillaHaggins wrote:

I joined the amry to be a part of.
Now i work with soldiers i konw will never let me down.
Posted on 08/17/07 11:41:47

jwitt wrote:

if u want real training then join the marine corps because from what i have heard about army boot camp it is a joke, stress cards,ha, yea right.
Posted on 09/01/07 00:45:40

crazytoughbitch wrote:

I'm a 22 yr. old female I'm getting ready to join the army the only thing that worries me is leaving my family behind basic sounds tough but if it wasn't what kind of army would we have think about it the drill sg. are suppost to be tough it's there job they tear you down but built you up to be an american soldier that's something I'm proud of. GO ARMY!!
Posted on 09/05/07 00:30:20

brwmfgjl fwyezctik wrote:

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Posted on 09/15/07 18:29:34

brwmfgjl fwyezctik wrote:

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Posted on 09/15/07 18:29:44

MarineGirl100 wrote:

"22 Year Marine" is right. The Marine Corps makes Army boot look like a literal joke, honest to God.
Posted on 09/28/07 15:34:24

Denver Yarbrough wrote:

I wasn't afraid at all. I knew ehat I was getting myself into and it didn't bother me one bit. I did what I hwd to do and followed all the instructions from the Drill Sgts. and when I graduated basic one of my drill sgts. asked me,"where you here the whole time"? They didn't even know my name.
Posted on 10/28/07 10:33:56

TI wrote:

Posted on 10/31/07 10:19:46

TI wrote:

Also for all the marines thinking there all bad mothas. quit thinking that because go to ranger school and you will c what up
Posted on 10/31/07 10:21:14

Meredith wrote:

I salute all our soldiers and veterans. Just a reminder to all soldiers and "Army alumni"....when you come back home and have children, do not "break them down" to build them back up. As a teacher I see this and it shocks me. It must be hard to "hang your hat" but it absolutely destroys some children wehen their parental figure is unapproachable and physically or mentally abusive.Seld discipline is a gift to children. Keep that in mind!
Posted on 11/11/07 15:03:29

Meredith wrote:

Whoops! I did not edit....but you get the drift :)
Posted on 11/11/07 15:06:38

Anthony wrote:

i was thinking about joining the army! but only for the money. not to GINX it, but me going to the army is very unlikely! I have a 10 year plan! thats to live with my son or daughter for the rest of my natural born life! you are probably wondering hoe am i going to mange money to put in my kids stomach! and i had that figured out for years! Im a known DRUG dealer!!!!!!
Posted on 11/12/07 08:53:30

johndeere_green wrote:

i am a girl and seventeen years old. i have wanted to into the military for a long while now but just like everyone else im so worried about the basic training. if y'all can do it i think that i can? Wish me luck!
Posted on 11/16/07 10:49:37

maryposa wrote:

I wanna be in the army but im alittle scared, but if i put my mind into it, i know i can get it done.
Posted on 11/26/07 14:33:07

Mom of a Soldier wrote:

BCT for our son was a difficult time but he made it with honors. He still remembers one specific Drill Sgt. Disliked him, to say the least, but learned most from him. Would he do it again, most likely not. He was trained at Ft. Benning & he will tell you they're the best.
Our son was use to sleeping in, working & terrible eating habits. Now he's in the best condition ever & will tell you water will fix anything. Anyone can get through the training. Just takes will & determination. They're there to break you down & bring you back up. I think every child should attend BT camp & have to enlist for atleast 1 year. We'd have a lot less problems with children getting into trouble. Very proud of all our son has accomplished.
Posted on 11/30/07 04:24:48

NO LOVE wrote:

This is, what it is the Army is going to be a job for me, not a honer, not for my contry. The Army is going to me my new husle some people sell drugs I will pimp the goverment. As soon as i get my college edcation Im out
Posted on 12/14/07 20:31:06

NO LOVE wrote:

opps education
Posted on 12/14/07 20:34:48

PFC Koehler wrote:

omg i left a year ago and i wanan go back. i have new friends that i can call brother or sister. i loved ever minute of it. well besides reception. but if you get ur mind right u can do anything u want. i was the laziest person on the face of the earth and i made it tho no problem. i also went from runnin a 23 min 2 mile to a 13.42 2 mile.
Posted on 01/16/08 12:54:33


I'm one of the skinny guys that ever join the army and went to FT> Benning for BCT, I'm not even athletic at all... it was actually a total risk.. but hey, I made it
Posted on 01/16/08 22:57:14

SGT Felix wrote:

I joined when I was 22 years old. No one in my family thought I was going to go thru with basic training because I was a pretty cheerleader when I was in high school. I joined 08Feb02...after 9/11. Hardest decision I ever made. However, I became more confident and I was proud of what I was doing. I went to Iraq in March '03 right before the war started and was there until Feb '04. I was in the army 4years 6months and 16days. I re-enlisted in Iraq for 6 years but couldn't fulfill my obligation because I got pregnant after returning to the states and was a single mother. I've been out now since 23Aug06 and miss every minute of it. I wish I could go back in. I love my country, and I love my Army.
Posted on 01/21/08 11:52:25

Amanda n Ian FOREVER wrote:

My boyfriend of 5 years left for Fort Benning January 23rd 2008, I think the hardest part is the lack of communication. I mean I am so used to seeing him everyday, its been 10 days now and have talked to him once for 3 minutes. He said he might not be able to call but 2 more times through out his whole training. I'm proud of him though, and am so happy to know that he is doing this for himself as well as for us. Wow, this is so weird but just as i was typing this HE CALLED!!!!! he was packin up to go to the basic training from reception and snuck a phone call on his cell. You have no idea how thrilled I am right now! I hope he didnt get caught. To all of you with a soldier away, or all of you who want to be one... GOOD LUCK. and it will be worth it. IAN I MISS YOU AND I LOVE YOU. SEE YOU SOON only 89 more days to go- He is in infintry- 14 weeks.
Posted on 01/31/08 12:50:51

Jess wrote:

My nephew leaves Sunday for Fort Leonard Wood. Reading these posts really helps to understand what they will go through because you really don't know unless you have gone through it. I am so proud of him and all who serve in our Armed Forces!
Posted on 01/31/08 15:15:19

CJ wrote:

Im the son of two career military parents, Warrant Officers, and I ship out on the 12th of this month. I'm a young, 23 yr old married guy who looks forward to learning how to be a soldier and being a proud member of the Army!! HUUUAAHHHH!! Proud to be an AMERICAN!!!
Posted on 02/04/08 06:49:25

Lynn M. wrote:

My son left for BCT last week. He is at Fort Benning. I am incredibly proud of him, and I wish all of you young people the best of luck. Be strong for yourselves and each other. Lynn M.
Posted on 02/10/08 14:13:26

MSG Brian Allen wrote:

Recruits or potential recruits: If you are worried that you are not in good shape, do whatever you can to improve before leaving for basic training....But when the day comes to ship out stop worrying...AFTER basic training you will be in shape. The whole point of basic training is turning a civilian into a Soldier... It is not supposed to be easy. I'm old school (Basic in 1991) and am well aware there have been significant changes (good and bad)... Many things stay the same, and my only suggestions in prep:
1. Start waking up very early (less of a shock to your system in Basic)
2. Leave your ego, attitude, prejudices...etc... at home, in Basic you are ALL the same
3. Be prepared to take orders and simply do everything you are told to do and do it the best you can
4. When you think you are not being treated well, or the Drill Sergeant is mean...etc... Just realize he/she is most likely doing there job and you are the one that needs to change a behavior, be more disciplined or make some adjustment.
5. Definetly do as the article suggests (stop smoking, no junk food, soda, etc...) Once again, much less shock to your system.
6. Take care of all your personal stuff before leaving.
7. Realize in the end that Basic Training is worth it to proudly wear the uniform, serve the Country and call yourself a Soldier.
Posted on 02/19/08 11:46:12

Camaro SS wrote:

haha i think its funny that some of the people here are trying to pick up people on there way to btc. lol but yea what ever floats your boat. But im heading to bct to be a MP with me luck
Posted on 02/24/08 22:57:37

Camaro SS wrote:

Posted on 02/24/08 22:58:26

worried mother wrote:

my daughter wants to join the marines...and I am worried about the other girls in her barracks not being nice to her or even hurting her if she can't keep up...and the barracks gets punished because of her....and maybe even accidently killing her...??
Posted on 03/07/08 20:05:03

mandy wrote:

I am a special education school teacher. I am going in enlisted b/c my x-husband managed to get our house foreclosed on, so OCS is out for now. I am going ARMY b/c they have treated me the best during recruitment. My Sargeant has gone above and beyond for me. I have a nagging fear though b/c I have been listening to friends and family b.s They all bitch at me that enlisting is horrible and I should be insisting on OCS. Friends are also bagging on me saying ARMY is the least of the branches. Any suggestions on how to shut them up and let them know ARMY IS the way to go?
Posted on 03/12/08 13:19:13

MSG Allen wrote:

Tell them you are a grown woman and your mind is made up (Period). They can choose to support you or not. Those who haven't served and learn everything they know about the Army by watching TV do not know the ups and downs. Tell your recruiter about your family and friends and see if he/she has any suggestions. If they ever get to know and talk to real actual Soldiers, there opinions of the Army and specifically the Enlisted may change.
Posted on 03/14/08 10:43:17

infantry SGT wrote:

basic training these days is ajoke dont be scared we get ne pvts all the time that are fat lasy out of shape the army need to get strickt again and stop being pu@@ys
Posted on 03/18/08 12:31:16

pvt hunt wrote:

basic was mental and physical. i never had to think drill sergant did it for me and i didn't mind because it didn't matter fort benning c34-7 oct 8- dec 14.
Posted on 03/20/08 18:21:39

Rod wrote:

To Chad the angry ignorant. I hope the ARMY makes you a better person , perhaps it is soldiers like you, with thirst to kill that end up getting hung by the towel head guys.
Posted on 03/30/08 02:51:27

MSG Allen wrote:

Rod - The Army is good for just about anyone, particularly kids like Chad. He is likely immature and shoots off his mouth OR he really is a hot-head. Either way, he'll grow up some in Basic Training, cool off the "shove a grenade down them towel head bastards throats" mentality, but maintain some healthy motivation.
Posted on 04/01/08 11:24:13

lewis hatch wrote:

Posted on 04/01/08 14:27:25


Posted on 04/01/08 14:29:35

katie clapp wrote:

i would like to join the army and i do not know how and i also want to chat with a persn in the army BY MAIL and mail only
Posted on 04/02/08 14:28:02


Posted on 04/03/08 10:15:18

Jacquelin wrote:

I am a wife of a man who just joined, he leaves July 12. He is going into the infantry and then on to jump school and ranger school. It will be extremely hard for me because we have three children under the age of seven. I also know that this a one of a kind experience that my husband will find no where else. It is in him to do this, ever since he was born, growing up on Marine bases his whole life, he always knew that the military is where he was going to end up. There is nothing that anyone will ever do that could compare to the thrill of being in the military. You should look at this as that crazy adventure that you always dreamed of going on since you were a little kid. The biggest obstacle to get over is the fact that he may not be coming home. All I know is that any man who serves his country is the ultimate man. Be proud of what you have chosen to do and go in not with fear but with a relentless drive to push yourself as hard as possible to be the best and feel the best. It will be a life altering experience, just remember that in this world there is tough and then there is Army tough.
Posted on 05/23/08 09:28:48

US ARMY wrote:

Posted on 05/26/08 19:43:22

rosmery wrote:

the militar lives is hard
Posted on 07/19/08 23:55:38

xferal.tigerx wrote:

Hopefully I'll be joining the Army soon, however the comments I've read here aren't too inspiring. Needless to say, I took it all with a grain of salt. I can't help but notice that a lot of the posts contained poor grammar skills. I'd suggest brushing up on those skills before attempting to join the Army. But then I guess reading and writing isn't what makes a soldier, eh? I'd say I'm worried about a few things, but listening to friends who are retired or active military (Marines, Army, Foreign Legion, FBI, Navy, Coast Guard) has really helped those fears to subside. It will push your limits, but it isn't OUT of your limits. If you have a goal, you have to put your heart and soul into it. I'm sure there are a lot of moments where I'm going to feel like quitting during boot camp, but if the person next to me can do it, so can I. That alone will be push enough to make me succeed. I look forward to the challenge, and the courage it will give me long term. Teamwork, honor, courage, strength.. all of those are words I want to not only be able to say, but know and be. I wish all of you thinking of joining, or who have already signed up, luck for boot camp. I'm sure it will push you, but it will also make you a better person. Can't wait to join the team!
Posted on 08/01/08 18:47:45

one -dead man-s profile- mom wrote:

For any of you with long, skinny feet, I strongly urge you do NOT sign up. My son has been on 'dead man's profile' for nearly two weeks with stress fractures on his feet. Though there may have been other contributing factors, but what I've read is those with long, skinny toes are more prone to begin with. How this may affect him now in the long run, who knows. I don't see how they can even keep him for this long if he may not be able to even march/run for quite some time!!
Posted on 08/28/08 08:49:40

Captin MCMillan wrote:

i am 12 years old and plan on being a male sniper unit when i grow up to be 18.i am not scared of any of those things and will go through all of them to suceed in my army carrer.i will see you in exactly 6 years 28 days and 40 minutes. see you then.out.
Posted on 09/18/08 14:54:58

cody wrote:

In case anyone doesn't already national guard has a GED+ program for all those of you who have no highschool deploma. Pass the asvab with a 31 and they'll pay you to learn to get your GED. They'll pay for the flight out there too. ITs located in arkansas. You get to trys at the program. The first time its 2 weeks long. The second time if you fail the first also 2 weeks long. After that you will get a favorable discharge and or get introduced to the high risk program.
Posted on 09/18/08 19:19:26

Armybra wrote:

If you have a father that was Marines and helped you train its the best thing to have .. my dad was marines and is helpin me triain for basic .. I just joined .. he helps me alot to get through the fears i have .. its not the fears of basic i have its the fear of gettin hurt again... its only been a 1 1/2 since my throat was cut so i have alot to get over but i am doing it little by little ... gettin stronger daily and gettin over it by talkin to people who have been through it too.. yes i am lucky to be here today.. but whats worse is he is also army .. so i have alot to go through yet
Posted on 09/20/08 02:05:44

Armybrat74 wrote:

If you have a father that was Marines and helped you train its the best thing to have .. my dad was marines and is helpin me triain for basic .. I just joined .. he helps me alot to get through the fears i have .. its not the fears of basic i have its the fear of gettin hurt again... its only been a 1 1/2 since my throat was cut so i have alot to get over but i am doing it little by little ... gettin stronger daily and gettin over it by talkin to people who have been through it too.. yes i am lucky to be here today.. but whats worse is he is also army .. so i have alot to go through yet
Posted on 09/20/08 02:06:20

LEWIS wrote:

I understand the point of having to go through basic training and get in shape, and its a mental thing to see how much you can tolarate. The drill sgt loves to break you down but just because now days you dont get slapt in the face like in full metal jacket movie , doesnt make you a bad soldier. You dont have to get slapt in the face to learn how to shoot a gun or operate million dollar equipment. you would have to be really stupid or you got one stupid drill sgt because it would be his last drill if it happens to me. Looking forward to another challenge.
Posted on 10/13/08 00:46:09

cindy ray wrote:

when will my son get to come home he is leaving to bootcamp 1/09
Posted on 11/16/08 20:44:34

PFC Payumo wrote:

The Army is what you make it. It's one of the best decision you can make in your life
Posted on 12/12/08 03:02:48

bobby brown wrote:

this is cool like cool whip
Posted on 12/23/08 11:35:48

annomonous wrote:

I'm am a 16 year old female and ready to go today.All this stuff about DI's and the gas chamber does not really worry me at all. It is a challange I look foward to.The hard part is dropping the 50 lbs I need to loose before I sign up. But I'm already loosing.
Posted on 01/23/09 20:02:21


its late and i didnt do any of my homework and i dont know how i got to this page but i depped in for the marine corps in september i leave late may upon graduation of high school. i cant wait for boot camp. no matter what hardship ill go through there i know its what i want to do and i know what i need to do to get through it. to anyone going to any basic u just over dramatize. have confidence that in the moment you'll do what u need to do and take it day by day til its over. remember, you're supposed to be a at least a little scared. oorah
Posted on 01/30/09 00:44:42

some one wrote:

to the annonymous writer, dont worry, basic training facilities with women in it are not hard. If you go to jackson youll have non problem. Try an all male like benning. And to the people who say keep your head up and think positive, your screwed. Your damn lucky you didnt go through the old army.
Posted on 02/02/09 12:36:39

Dorman Davis SFC Retired wrote:

The Smartest thing I did was join the Army. 27 1/2 years regular and national guard. 4 years in Garmisch Germany 1980-1984. Military Police. The experience gave me direction in life to take responsibility. I wish everyone would join the military. You can die walking across the street.If you live in the USA you better learn to defend it.
Posted on 03/25/09 21:43:49

anon wrote:

Im very excited at the trials that await me. I feel the army will help me build my confidence. I know that the physical part will be a challenge but, i am going mainly for mental strength to learn to work better as a team, and realize the goals i set out to acheive are not as far off as they may seem sometimes. I am proud to (shortly) serve my country. God Bless the United States of America
Posted on 03/28/09 18:16:12

anon wrote:

To cindy boot camp is 9 weeks.
Posted on 03/28/09 18:18:06

Shayna wrote:

I'm 17 female, gonna join the army next year. I'm a bit worried, but I've already started training and I will do my best.
Posted on 05/27/09 12:50:26

Tim wrote:

I leave for Benning at the end of July and I'm sooooo excited. I'm not worried about boot camp. It will make me into the man my country needs me to be!
Posted on 05/28/09 13:16:24

PFC Stevens wrote:

I leave on the 30th of this month (June) and will be leaving for Fort Leonard Wood. I know BCT will be tough, and me not being in the best physical shape, I believe I am ready it. If you keep telling yourself in 9 weeks, I will become a will then make it! 9 weeks is not a long time and I believe BCT should be a little longer. I am in the National Guard and have been doing RSP for several months..they are there to push your limits, trust me..i know
Posted on 06/24/09 16:19:24

ArmyDawg wrote:

MARINE= Muscles Are Required Innteligence Non Essential. I tried to joun the Marines and they wouldnt let me in. " My head wouldnt fit in a jar".
All kidding asside, boot camp is a mind trip. Just do what youre told, when your told to do it, not before, and shut up!! Former Army Supply Sergeant!!
Posted on 07/27/09 12:50:03

Foster wrote:

All I am afraid of is not having coffee at BCT. There's coffee right?
Posted on 08/07/09 08:10:36

Supply Sergeant wrote:

Marine= muscles are requried, innteligence non esential. I tried to join the Marines but they would'nt let me because my head would'nt fit in a jar. All bs aside, leave the clock to itself, Live in the now, prepare for the future, keep your ears and eyes open and your moth shut.
Posted on 09/15/09 16:54:18

P.A.E. wrote:

Im 27. I am not in the army, but i have been going to a recruiter since june to get taped and weighed. I was over 260lbs then and now 215lbs. My concern about BCT is that i have NEVER done a pull up in my life! Maybe less than a dozen. will i get hounded for not being able to do pull ups???
Posted on 09/16/09 23:52:09

ggggggggggffffffsdaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeae wrote:

u r all chikens sukas
Posted on 09/25/09 15:27:53

LT Cruett wrote:

I've been in the army for almost 5 years. Joining the army was the best decision I have ever made. Not only am I a better, stronger, person, but I now have many really close friends who I know would give up their lives for me. I have been wounded once but it didn't hurt that much and I was back with my buddy's before long. If you are thinking of joining the army, without hesitation I would say "go for it". But if you are not willing to give a 110% effort and are not ready to give your total devotion to your country and comrades then don't even bother.
Posted on 09/26/09 18:40:01

Tavi wrote:

I'm currently in the process of joining the army now! My recruiter is great! I am a tad bit worried, scratch that EXTREMELY, that's better, worried about boot camp! I keep telling myself I can do it. Idk I just know that this is going to be an amazing, once in a lifetime experience. When I make it out of bootcamp I will feel much much better : )
Posted on 11/08/09 17:23:15

Private E-1 Joshua Zimmeman Wi, guard wrote:

weel basic is hard but they push you through it at the end when you daw your berret it all seem s woth it and feel better the ever it is a great acomplishment it is very hard but it also so is so worth it because when you all done you are amoung the american heros the heros that gave us the wourld and life as we know it if not for them then we would not be a free countrie and know all of a sudden 9 weeks go by and you are one of the it is so worth it!
Posted on 11/10/09 14:30:29

PFC Mueller 92G Food Service wrote:

Basic is not hard if you keep your mind set on getting out of basic through graduation. Also to infantryman, i respect what you say and do but Quatermasters Lead the Way.
Posted on 11/22/09 21:55:11

ttownkid wrote:

I am about to turn 18 in 23 days and i have a kid on the way and the military would help alot and the only branches i really been interested in is navy,army, and marines. My older brother is in the army and he doesn't like it a lot of my family has been in the army and they all said they hated it besides serving their country. I have three friends in the marines and they say they love it....and the navy i dont know just doesn't sound like me so far im leaning more towards the marines!!!
Posted on 12/04/09 10:16:30

thetruth wrote:

armydawg: if your going to tell jokes tell them right and that goes for the other guy that made an army joke
its MARINE= muscles are required intellegance not expected

ARMY= aint ready to be a marine yet
Posted on 12/04/09 10:22:06


9 weeks? damn army is lucky the marines go 12 weeks lol i have respect for some army guys but i read an article about 48 year old lady graduating from an army bootcamp i mean come on now
Posted on 12/04/09 10:32:26

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