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The Army Raises Enlistment Age To 42

Staff Sgt. Stacy L. Pearsall

FORT KNOX, Ky. (Army News Service, June 22, 2006)The Army has raised the enlistment age to 42, made possible under provisions of the Fiscal Year 2006 National Defense Authorization Act.

The Army raised the active-duty age limit to 40 in January as an interim step while it worked out the additional medical screening requirements for recruits ages 40 to 42. Before January, an applicant could not have reached his or her 35th birthday. The Army Reserve age limit was raised from 35 to 40 in March 2005.

Raising the maximum age for Army enlistment expands the recruiting pool, provides motivated individuals an opportunity to serve and strengthens the readiness of Army units. More than 1,000 men and women over age 35 have already enlisted since the Army and Army Reserve raised their age limits to age 40.

“Experience has shown that older recruits who can meet the physical demands of Army service generally make excellent Soldiers. They are mature, motivated, loyal and patriotic, and bring with them a wealth of skills and experience to our Army,” said Col. Donald Bartholomew, U.S. Army Recruiting Command Assistant Chief of Staff, G5.

“We certainly do not expect for this change to result in a large increase of recruits, however it will allow for those individuals who have the passion for service, but for whatever reason could not serve earlier in their lives, the opportunity to serve the nation now, when the time is right for them,” he added.

All applicants must meet eligibility standards, to include passing the physical standards and medical examinations; however those 40 to 42 will be given additional medical screening.

For Shannon D. Morris, 36, of Shreveport, La., enlisting in the U.S. Army was a dream-come-true. She said she had wanted to join since she was a teenager but she didn’t get the chance.

“My brother was in the Army and it was always something that I wanted to do,” she said. “My father encouraged me to do it, but I became a mother at a young age and that took the priority.”

Morris thought she had lost her chance, but learned that the Army had raised its age limit when her son, Robert McLain, began talking with an Army recruiter. She said the more her son talked about his decision, the more interested she became in doing something for herself.

“When Robert told me I might still be young enough, the wheels started turning and I thought this might just be my last opportunity to get the benefits for my education and see the world.”

Morris said her family was surprised she wanted to enlist and serve, but they are supportive of her plans. Her mother thought it was a great idea and her husband Rick, a district fire chief who will retire this summer, encouraged her as well.

“My brother thought I was crazy,” she joked. “But he also thought it was great that I was doing it, and I couldn’t believe how supportive everyone was of me. It made me proud to know that they were all behind me.”

Morris, who will be a petroleum lab specialist, left for basic combat training May 25 and McLain followed May 30 to Fort Benning, Ga., where he began training to become a Ranger.

Recruits of all ages are eligible for the same enlistment bonuses and other incentives based on their individual qualifications.

(Editor’s note: Compiled from releases by the U.S. Army Recruiting Command Headquarters and the New Orleans Army Recruiting Battalion.)

Article Opinions

allaine wrote:

since when i come here in the USi thought my dream come true,but not ,cause when i was young i want to be an army or navy,but i dont have a chance to joint when i was im 39 years old can i still joint to army.
Posted on 06/22/06 19:45:15

Melissa Hilt wrote:

I think 40 is too old to join. My son just turned 17 and he's starting young. why can't anyone else??
Posted on 06/22/06 21:36:27

cherblake wrote:

i think any1 can join if they are fitter nough im 16 im joining the army now soon
Posted on 06/23/06 03:42:22

Alan wrote:

This is a great new approach for the Army in trying to acquire knowledgable civilians, to contribute their life experiences to the Army. I believe, as long as the recurit can pass the requirements of entry, he or she should be allowed at any age. Patriotism cannot be curbed by an age restriction in joining the active service of the Army.
Great new change via the Fiscal Year 2006 National Defense Authorization Act.
Alan from San Diego, CA
Posted on 06/23/06 15:19:50

Steven Thrash wrote:

I am 36 and from the South, with things escallating over the years I thought it was time to do my part, with my age in mind, I worry about basic but will try to show the kids half my age a thing or two!!!
Posted on 06/24/06 00:00:16

James Velazquez wrote:

I'm 57 yrs. young and I want to join. Ex.Marine and Guardsman.
Still pphysically fit and looking for adventure. I want to go and help my brothers in arms. Yes, I will do Iraq as well! Any comments?
Do I need Help?!
Posted on 06/25/06 16:59:16

Jason Kessler wrote:

I'm 32 yrs old and plan on joining w/ in 6 months. I feel the best day's of my life are awaiting me.
Posted on 06/26/06 14:50:12

Scott Nestor wrote:

i have been planing to join now going on just about 7 months and they still dont belive i am a good enough candidate for the army,it seems today that if u mess up once when u where 16 , right after your father died u know they might look at it as some what a symthy case or somthing ,really when the case was dismissed in court . now iam 23 years and matured,and ready to take control of my life and make a career with us army but no, the moral of todays life sould be if someone messed up as a kid and has noty been in trouble since let them in, i mean u got to raise the age up too 42 , what about all the kids u can let in ,and give them a chance to prove themselves
Posted on 06/26/06 18:59:11

John Bates wrote:

I think if you are fit and mentally challenged to do so , then you are able to join. I am 19 and i am enlisting here in a couple of days. Once I get my GED and get the results back I am off to Bootcamp.
Posted on 06/27/06 02:20:54

ArmyWife wrote:

My husband is 37 and hes going back into the Army, so I don't think its ever to late for someone that wants to protect there country. I say if you are 40-42 and can make why not?? It has nothing to do with being 17 or 18 yrs old to make it through Boot Camp!! My husband is VERY fit and I know he can do almost as good if not better than the young ones that might be going through boot camp. If you seen JARHEAD, I hope the young ones don't do get scared and stand up on the live fire round. I just hope whoever wants to go into the Armed Forces acutally take this serious. Don't just go for the money!! Do it for your Country. God Bless and Thank You for all the men that are already fighting to keep my family safe when we walk out the door each day. THANK YOU!
Posted on 06/27/06 15:56:12

David (Andrew Joe) Hasty wrote:

Sure, I would like to be enlisted for the army reserves.
Posted on 06/30/06 11:00:41

Calli from Germany wrote:

I thing that the Age don´t matter!!
There are 50 jear "old" Men in better phisical conditions than most of the 17 jear old Boys, in USA ether in Germany too.
Posted on 06/30/06 11:32:24

Doug Carlyle wrote:

i think its stupid for a person that old to be able to join the army, in combat, ou have to depend on one another is fast moving situations, and big diff between a 20 year old and 42 year old. I think the army is doing this because they can not meet recruiting goals each year.
Posted on 06/30/06 12:08:26

Bill wrote:

If one can pass the PT requirements, then joining should not be an issue.

The "nay-sayers" are just that. They speak from NO first hand experience.

The Average Age Of The 2000+ US Soldiers that have Died In Iraq is 30.
Posted on 06/30/06 12:31:32

rob west wrote:

I think it's a great idea and I’m 100% in support of our troops. I see the other arm forces eventually doing the same thing eventually…makes perfect senses to me.

All those people who wanted to join that were over the age requirement can sign up....but be careful what you wish for. The Iraq situation will be around for maybe another 10 to 20 years? Are you ready to go to the desert? Are you ready to defend and shoot - and be shot at? It’s a “blast” to shoot – not so fun to be shot at.

Go to a local rifle range and shoot a high power rifle for an hour or so - then ponder what's it's like to be on the other end of that should think about it.

I feel the Military gives any individual an outstanding opportunity in life. Training, discipline, the pleasure of serving your country and the respect that goes with it….but there is a personal price. Are you willing to pay up?

Now that the age limits have been raised, I will consider joining – after I do a little more research. I’m 38.
Posted on 06/30/06 13:00:00


Posted on 06/30/06 13:13:28


Posted on 06/30/06 13:41:12

abdallahalbadawi wrote:

i'm 50 and in better shape than a lot of young guys but i think itdue to genetics my grandfather was in the militarty for 40 years. i can take that challege but didnt get the i live in a foreign country and not enough income to return home.i wasin the reserves for 12 years.
Posted on 06/30/06 13:43:14


Posted on 06/30/06 13:50:14

Ryan Meeks wrote:

I am in the military currently deployed over seas and i have to say that i think it is awesome that older people want to join and join us but dont be in such a rush to come over hear because i am hear proudly but this is no joke over hear and no matter what your age it still affects the mind the same way. One person dying or a 1000 people dying it doesnt get any easier so watch your back and stay safe.
Posted on 06/30/06 16:16:44

Eric Chester wrote:

This is what happens when the government won't have a draft. If they did, we'd have been out of Iraq long ago or not even have gone in.
As for the age, well, been in the Army, Reserves and Guard. Know a few who are in much better shape in their 40s then those in their teens.
Guess they'll raise the retirement age to 62 for enlisted now, like with warrents.
Posted on 06/30/06 17:01:50

Ray Jordan III wrote:

...It's about time! -This is the chance of a lifetime. I'm 41 and a prior-service Marine, 300 PFTer. I plan to take advantage of this rare opportunity, because I'm 'too old' to return to duty in the Navy & Marine Corps. So, I'm planning a comeback in the Army. But once a Marine, Always a Marine, though; I just wished the Marine Corps and the Navy would follow suit. I'm physically tougher at 41 than I was at 19. And I still am able to score 300s on both the Marine Corps and Army Physical Fitness Tests. Let the teens go to college; we vets and Xgens ought to be fighting this battle. -not our teenage sons and daughters.
Posted on 06/30/06 19:28:29

Isiah from SD wrote:

i use to be all into joining the military until i discovered how full of themselves they really were at first i was tooth and nail to join the Marines but after an unpleasent encounter with a recruiter and a few of his recruits the thick headed Marines can get on their knees, but i know there are a few good Marines out there, of course they are either retired, dead, or close to retirement, so i figure who ever wants to join and die aimlessly in a war with NO cause go right on ahead, ill wait to support you until there is a war worth fighting
Posted on 06/30/06 19:59:18

Eddie Sepulveda wrote:

It's a great thing for them to increase the age limit.I my self would like to join @ the age of 40 that I am now,but I have an re4 from the navy infact that they don't give anyone a chance they are quick to kick people out just for fighting does that make you a bad person ? no but thing happen that you have no control of.If someone can help me change my re4 I would gladly join the army today show me where to sign.
I have a good job paying me 90or better do I need the army ? no! but I want to serve it's my duty I want to be apart of it even if I die doing it. So if you can help me get in it would make my day.thanks
Posted on 07/01/06 05:59:16

j chadwick wrote:

i think it should be 45 for the max.i would most defently enlist again.
Posted on 07/01/06 11:09:01

SSG Howard K. Hodges wrote:

Don't assume that 42 is the cutoff and that you can't get into the military because of your background. Often the National Guard can get you waivers that the Active military can't (if you do well, you can transfer later.) More importantly, if you have served before, those number of years plus the new age cut-off is probably the cut-off for veterans. I am NOT a recruiter, but I work with them every day. Let me see if I can help you: I want to help any patriotic Americans who want to serve!

I've emailed several of you who've wanted to join, but your email address wasn't good. If you'll give me the information below, I'll pass it on to a member of our recruiting force who might be able to help. Even if you are in another state, they would be able to help process your request:

I will need:
Your full name
Your Age (you can join at 17 w/ parents permission; otherwise, 18-42)
Tell me your highest education level (you'll need at least a GED)
Give me a brief summary of any Legal problems (save the details for the recruiter)
How's your health? (generally speaking; save any private details for the recruiter)
Your Address
Your Phone Number (home, work or cell)
Are you a US citizen (or at least have a green card)?: Yes or No
If you've taken the ASVAB before, give me your score if you have it (don't worry, if you don't, the recruiter will be able to get it.)
If you served before, what kind of discharge did you get? How many years did you serve & with what branch?

I'll then submit this through my system and a Recruiter will contact you in your area.

Should you feel uncomfortable giving a stranger your phone number/address [my contact info is below], just give me the rest of the information, and you can give the contact info when the recruiter contacts you. I'll have him contact you by email. However, you can talk to me in person at any time [my number is below] or at my work number [Tues-Fri, 8AM-5PM, except holidays.]

While you're waiting for me to pass this info on, you need to gather up some documents for your meeting. Get your drivers license (if you have one), your diploma (GED or high school), citizenship papers or Green card (if you weren't born here), birth certificate, and if you've served before, your DD214. You'll need this when you meet with the recruiter in your area. He'll just make copies (be sure that you get your originals back.)

As soon as I hear back from you with the information above, I'll submit it within 24-48 hrs. You should hear back from someone in your area within the week. If not, email me again.

SSG Howard K. Hodges
Attrition Manager
Army National Guard
(work) 410/653-6791
(cell) 240/463-9915
State Attrition Task Force
Pikesville Military Reservation
610 Reistertown Road
Pikesville, MD 21208
Posted on 07/01/06 12:45:45

plam wrote:

Not a bad move. bringing experience to the table. maybe not as fast ,but knows when to move fast.....
Posted on 07/01/06 21:39:30

Trey wrote:

It's great to see them raising the age! That means we can get more recruits and try to win this war!

C'mon U.S.A!
Posted on 07/01/06 22:26:57

Tom wrote:

The army recognizes that the schools are failing to properly teach kids. The army needs technicians and they know experienced workers are often easier to teach new skills. I imagine there is tremendous pressure to keep all the equipment operational. Many of these support jobs are not much different than regular jobs, however, there are times that the work must be done under extreme circumstances. There are many civilians their 40s and 50s that still do back breaking work. I think the army recognized all these things and made a good decision.
Posted on 07/02/06 10:12:12

STUART wrote:

I believe that if your out of High School and your not working then you should automatically have to serve your country for 2 years. This will probably also discipline young individuals to being commited to a cause and make a path for their lives. I think it is great that they raised the age limit. I am even going back in to go career. I have experience the benefits of the military and the civilian life. I choose to go in the military because they have alot more to offer.
Posted on 07/02/06 13:09:04

andy wrote:

i believe that at age 40 you can still do your duty by serving your country.I am 35 and will be joining the army because it is every american duty to serve.
Posted on 07/04/06 16:06:03

Keith Ganzler wrote:

Betty Wise-Ganzler is full of SH*# i am her son and think she is crazy. i love this country and would die for it. i have served my country for over 18 years i am a 100% disabled vet and we must stand up for freedom.
Posted on 07/05/06 08:23:17

jmbrown wrote:

An older, physicly conditioned soilder is a far better threat to any oppossing force than a less mature individual. This is basic common sense.
Posted on 07/05/06 11:22:07

Robert Bird wrote:

I would like to know why it is so hard from someone that has served 14 yrs in the Army Reseves and had a small heart attack over 4yrs ago to get back in when My Drs tell me they do not see any reason why I am not able to rejoin and serve my county.
Posted on 07/06/06 08:26:47

bansah ebenezer wrote:

ant to know why is too hard for
Posted on 07/06/06 17:04:44

Ken wrote:

when an 18 year old is ordered to take that hill he is all gung ho. However the 42 year will say "why"
Posted on 07/08/06 01:01:01

Rennie wrote:

I am 38. Two years ago I felt a strong desire to serve my country, but, I was too old to join the military. I was just past the age cut off. So, I contracted with KBR and went to Iraq. I was in the IZ supporting the troops in an MWR capacity for over 18 months. I loved supporting the troops and actually had a fun job. But, now I am back in the US, and I plan to join the US ARMY because they have raised the age limits.
Posted on 07/08/06 21:18:07


Posted on 07/10/06 14:59:31

Maggie wrote:

I think that it is GREAT! If you can meet the mental and physical requirements then you would make an excellent candidate....... However, if you have a family set in place with young children, make sure that you are making the right decision and you consider all of the options that are available to you. Also consider the hardships that you and your family may endure. As a new army wife and a mother of a six year old son, I expected a lot of the benefits and disadvantages of the hardships, but I never thought that it would be this hard. The separation takes a toll on you. You MUST live the "single married life" be a "super-mom". Don't get me wrong, I think we made the right decision, but if enlistment age is getting into the older folks, just consider the advantages and disadvantes that your family may endure as a result.
Posted on 07/12/06 08:58:53

fernando wrote:

its ok never is to late for a great oportunity no matter what alway is a good chanse to made drean come true...
Posted on 07/13/06 19:22:23

David wrote:

hey I'm 37 and if the ARMY would take care of my School loan debt ... I would sign up in a heart beat.

for 2 reasons I would do this .. 1) I'd have something to do with all of this energy I have; and 2) That way if I made it back I'd have vet money and army pay to complete my last year in Engineering and Physics
Posted on 07/14/06 11:51:29

Robert wrote:


Hopefully you can answer my question.

I recently read this article about raising the enlist age to 42.

I have asked several Recruiters about enlist and have gotten 3 different answers.

I am 42 years old as of April 20.

I asked 3 different Recruiters if it was possible for me to enlist.

Recruiter Number 1 said “no, you are too old and we can’t even get a waiver. You must be 41 when you enter boot camp”

Recruiter Number 2 said “Yes, you can enlist but you need a waiver.”

Recruiter Number 3 said “Yes you can enlist”

So I have gotten 3 separate answers about enlistment at the age of 42.

The Army’s own website states the last age you may enlist at is 42.

Can you clarify this for me please?
Posted on 07/18/06 02:08:20

willie wrote:

i joined at the age 36 and out of shape and i did alot better in basic training than guys that were 17-30...its up to the person wanting to do it....42 is not old at all
Posted on 07/18/06 17:38:20

matt wrote:

its good that the army is accepting the older people, i think this war in iraq will soon come to a close and they will have peace thanks to the brave people of the u.s army.
Posted on 07/19/06 10:04:24

Matthew wrote:

15 yrs ago I tried to enlist in the Navy. I was turned down because of a 10 % hearing loss in each ear. 2 months ago I found out that i could possibly get into the Army with the loss, being 34 I will not let this chance pass me by. I am going through the process to join. I hope I can put a comment here in 2 months letting people know that I have been accepted.
Posted on 07/19/06 18:40:05

ms. d wrote:

Im 35 years old and i will join the army soon. I had the opportunity before but for want to be a mom on my early age i couldnt do it. Now that my kids are older enough they support me. That what i want and im gonna go for it. I think this is a great opportunity nomatter what is your age.
Posted on 07/26/06 19:31:31

John Wayne Mink wrote:

I'm 41, a former soldier (10 yrs), in shape, and am currently trying to return to active duty.
I believe that there are those that were born to be soldiers and those that weren't, age makes no difference.
I feel this is a fine initiative by the Army to allow a mature, driven individual the opportunity to fullfil a dream (or just do their part). I look around and see a lot of "older" people (male and female) that are heads and shoulders above the younger crowd as far as physical fitness goes. One of the things an older, more mature individual can bring into the pot is experience and focus. A lot of young folks have the focus, but lack the experience, whereas someone with both knows where they're at and why they're there.
This isn't a knock on the younger crowd, it's an opportunity for the "not-so-younger" crowd. My 54 yr old doctor uncle, a former Warrant Officer Huey pilot in 'nam with the 101st, feels the same and would return asap given the opportunity.
Posted on 07/31/06 07:40:48

daniel racicot wrote:

how do I sign up. always wanted to be a marine 36
Posted on 07/31/06 22:31:55

kathryne Dowling wrote:

I had talked to a recruiter about getting back into the military at age 47- i would have done it but complications from surgery-completely healed now kept me from joining, I was in the medical field and have over 15 years of medical experience and three years of college--any chance of getting back in? In good shape a little arthritis but fine with meds, meet the weight standards- and always scored 275 and above on pt tests
Posted on 08/01/06 18:56:39

Bill Velleco wrote:

Raising the recruitment age to 42 makes the U.S. Army look desperate as it should. At 42 you should have been retired from the service by a couple of years. What the hell is wrong with the present mind sey of the Army?
Posted on 08/03/06 13:21:04

JAMES wrote:

bill i think ur a dumb ass that should be shot on site.All i got 2 say is that i got the president an the whole usa back.So Bill Velleco u better stay out of my m16's range. GOD BLESS THE US TROOPS
Posted on 08/04/06 14:57:21

damian gibbs wrote:

what grades do i need to join the army!
Posted on 08/10/06 21:24:18

damian gibbs wrote:

What is the first thing i need to do or have before i join the army!
Posted on 08/10/06 21:29:10

John wrote:

Damn I guess I must be old because when I was in the Army the cut off age was 29 for a 1st term enlistments and 35 for prior service. I could not belief they changed it to 42.

I guess when they cut troop strength back in the late 80's & 90's it bit em in the ass. I could have told them that because I was saying it then that it was going to bite em in the ass. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out.
Posted on 08/12/06 22:16:34

Cory wrote:

Well, if you think about it, in araq you might see a 10 year old with a backpack made of rags and what not, you think aww I thought my kids had it bad off. And as your walking by with the rest of your troops, he pull's out a grenade from his inocent looking backpack which later on after your men were forst to shoot him figure out that the grenade was a grenade filled with sand now you relize this is there fvcked up way of making a joke. later on you raid some terrist house and find a lil girl and the only thing she's wearing is a crudely made dyper. you watch as she walk's past ur men and she pull's the lil string sticking out of the wall which you and your men failed to notice all your men die including you and your family get's alil money from your passing but barrely anuff to live for 4 months with luck. But your wife find's a good paying job that work's out good with (her) family every thing was going great for a long time its been 6 years since you past away the money they got from your passing is long gone and then the bank call's, say's your drounding in debt. House get's taken away from her later on that month.

I put so much thought into how the army would afect my life. Dont look at what I just wrote and say (what a **** head that's never gunna happen to my family!). keep ur thought's to your self and think about the the army....cuz there damned right when they say it will change your life. GOD BLESS!
Posted on 08/14/06 09:07:08

Robert Courtney wrote:

I think that older recruits bring alot to the table. Many are in top condition both mentally and physically. Furthermore, many are trained in fields that will translate to military careers. Keep in mind the average age for military members during WWII was 26 vs 19 for todays military. Finally, I also think that special operations should also be opened to older enlistees. Age brings a mental maturness not found in some younger recruits.
Posted on 08/14/06 22:21:13

AzianBoy408 wrote:

I love to serve my country but I didnt have a chance to furfill my dream yet because I have to taking care of my mom at her old age.Now I've been taking the ASVAB test few times but I didnt have a good score since I havent go to colleg after I graduated of HS.I wondering is there any how you can join the military w/o taking that test?like wage it for you.I dont want to wasting my time out here doing nothing,I want to find some direction in life.So anyone have any idea to help me out about this please email me at again thank you so much for your time reading my message.
Posted on 08/24/06 02:42:54

Sab-Claire wrote:

hi i just wanted to no what the minimum age is to join the army bcos i hav just turned 16 and want to join the army really bad i dont have no GCSEs either. if u hav any useful information please could u email it 2 me at Thanks
Posted on 08/26/06 07:01:01

Barbara Fondren wrote:

I have a son who will complete basic training on the 15th of september 2006 and I have often joked with him about me joining but until a few weeks ago thought that I didn't meet the age requirements I am 39 need a few touching ups physically but believe my knowledge and education will help me in doing a good job for my country by protecting and serving the USA so look out cause here I come America
Posted on 09/05/06 03:48:58

none wrote:

Might be a spelling test.

i think any1 can join if they are fitter nough im 16 im joining the army now soon "

Posted on 09/07/06 17:48:35

Dave G. wrote:

Age should not be a factor as long as you can pass the requirements. I am coming back in (37) after a leave of a few years (college) and will whip kids butts in a PT test. I am in better shape than most high school kids. If you can get thru the MEPS physical and all of the other red tape, more power to you. "Bill Velleco" above sounds like a pure liberal. Nothing wrong with the ARMY accepting men/women that are fit and proud enough to care about their country regardless of age. Not everyone had a gold spoon in thier mouth to be able to retire at 42. The way I see it, if you can pass the tests, and get in, you just show America you have courage and desire to not sit around and collect unemployment or welfare. So, to all of you liberals and blasphemers, shut up or put up....OVER AND OUT.
Posted on 09/08/06 14:24:29

Mr. Kelly H. Bielefeldt wrote:

For me this is the chance to achieve numorous goals, and pass a personal test. The physical reguirements have been in place for a long time and have proven effective inside the selection process. I assumed a huge obligation when I fell in love at the age of 19. I am still with the same woman and have since had two more children with her. Now I am 32 and have a renewed since of hope for the prospect of walking in my Father's shoe's, from whom most of my values come from. I was raised with the belief that this is the best country in the world and it is an honor to serve it in any capcity. Freedom has never been free, and those who are willing to pay the price no matter what age are heroes and deserve our respect.
Posted on 09/11/06 19:41:18

Mr. Kelly H. Bielefeldt wrote:

In regards to my spelling errors I should have typed "capacity" and not "capcity".
With all due respect to Dave G. and the numerous others in support of this bold move on behalf of our United States Army, I say this to anyone opposed to our current state of affairs especially if you are not in power to change your own environment much less the situation of people who do not live within a democratic government
In the profound words of my father: "If you are not going to root for the home team, then get the hell out of our stadium."
There are a great many ways to serve one's country, and one should not be judged by age but by their fearlessness to enforce the ideals inwhich us as Americans hold dear.
Posted on 09/11/06 20:37:54

alex j. salazar wrote:

it all sounds stupid/ignorant to me.. i've read the comments.. and everybody has a conflicting story.. if the army cannot find an age group that suits them (physical and mental wise) in every way necessary.. they should atleast put out useful information. I'm 22 and considering making a career in a Branch of service.. with this conflicting information.. maybe the navy or marines will be more efficient and useful to me. As for the age requirement.... If they didn't accept me.. they would be losing a valuable assest. Will power and tenacity comes from young age, and intelligence and experience comes with age.. how can they be so narrow-minded!??
Posted on 09/15/06 19:54:19

Giovanni Visone wrote:

Looks like salazar needs to age a little more and gain a bit more intelligence.
Will power and tenacity (synonymous with courage) are attributes that depend on personality (although they could become factors as bodies and minds get older).
Physcal age today isn't the same as it was 20-30 years ago. Better living standards and health care make for healthier individuals with capabilities that don't deteriorate as fast as they did when Grandpa was growing up.
Isn't being narrow-minded the act of refusing to consider all the possibilities and resources available?
Lastly, value is proven.
Posted on 09/19/06 05:34:20

Judgin wrote:

Hi ,
my Name is Judgin I`m from germany .
My ask is , if it is posible for a foreign citizen , trought the enlistment in the US-Army to be a US- Citizen .
Then I `d like be a Pride US-Sodier and a Pride US - citizen .
I thank`s for the serious ansfer .
Posted on 09/29/06 17:08:47

sweethoneydee2003 wrote:

im 31 years old and im plaaning on joining the army.....i think if u can do the physical part of it..than everything is going to be good after that....older woman and men are not going to give much trouble like the younger soliders....get drunk and going to jail....i think the older soliders are in settle body and settle mind..
Posted on 10/04/06 14:00:55

sweethoneydee2003 wrote:

im 31 years old and im plaaning on joining the army.....i think if u can do the physical part of it..than everything is going to be good after that....older woman and men are not going to give much trouble like the younger soliders....get drunk and going to jail....i think the older soliders are in settle body and settle mind..
Posted on 10/04/06 14:02:01

Donna Parker wrote:

My 38th birthday is in 1 week. I plan on speaking to a recruiter this weekend. My father was a ranger. I grew up Army, married Navy so the military has allway's been a part of my life. I also believe that the raised age of 42 will bring alot of experience and knowledge to the younger recruits. I have allway's wanted to join, one of those things that you just have to do...not one of those things you regret NOT doing.
Posted on 10/04/06 22:09:15

Chitarra wrote:

How hard is the ASVAB I freeze up on any test that i take.
Posted on 10/11/06 13:18:13

Bernard Germain wrote:

After 9/11 I contacted an Army recruiter in order to enlist. I was 40 at the time and was told the maximum age for new recruits was 34. I was dissappointed and wrote both the White House and DOD. I stated that they were ignoring a resource pool of millions of skilled patriotic Americans. The maximum enlistment age is now 42, but unfortunately I am now 45. Is there any way the Army may make an exception in my case?
Posted on 10/12/06 17:57:20

Judgin wrote:

Für Bernard Germain.
Hallo Bernard, mit grosem Interesse laß ich deine Geschichte und muß dir sagen. Das ich es ebenfalls im Jahr 05 beim Recruitirungscenter in New York bezüglich der einschreibung in die US-Army einiges anfragte.
Grundsätzlich ist es für einen US-Angehörigen oder Alien im alter von 17-34 möglich sich zu bewerben, sofern man nicht schon bei anderen Streitkräften gedient hat. Erfüllt man diese Voraussetzungen wird man nach dem Erfolgreihem Physical test genommen. Doch für die meisten
freiwilligen Aliens scheitert es schon an der s.g Greencard (I-551),um diese zuerlangen muss man: Verwandte 1en grades inden USA haben; mit einer od. einem US-Bürger verheiratet sein; an der Greencard lotterie mit Erfolg teilgenommen haben, Weltweit verlost die US-Regierung nur 55000
Also ist der Weg nach America ein reiner Glückszufall, denn man geht oder es sein lässt.
Posted on 10/13/06 08:28:12

Rene.O wrote:

I just turned 33 ,and in the process of joining the army. I believe no one should tell you wether you can , or you can't . believe it or not , I still feel like I was 18 , and keep up with my 18 year old brother which is joining the airforce . I have proved my self my brother , and my 20 year old friend I can beat them in any sport any time . any questions?
Posted on 10/13/06 10:44:44

Alisha Allen wrote:

I am 17 years old and I plan on join the military. IT shouldnt matter what age you are. If you are fit and are able to handle the pressure of being a soldier then you have every right to defend our nation. I just hope that everyone relizes that its not a game and that there are chances and risks involved with your decision on joining the military. Just stop and and THINK!!
Posted on 10/14/06 21:24:21

eric wrote:

STOP AND THINK.....I was in the middle east kicking sadom's a-- when you were still sh---ing on your self (golf war).I'm 42 ,and just reenlisted,when your my age sweetheart ,you dont stop and think much, you just fu--en go for it. when your 17 ,you STOP AND THINK.
Posted on 10/20/06 02:58:47

eric wrote:

STOP AND THINK.....I was in the middle east kicking sadom's a-- when you were still sh---ing on your self (golf war).I'm 42 ,and just reenlisted,when your my age sweetheart ,you dont stop and think much, you just fu--en go for it. when your 17 ,you STOP AND THINK.
Posted on 10/20/06 02:59:01

robert Clampitt/short for Jedd wrote:

Im 44 and joined the navy when I was 32. I got out of the navy in 2003 when I was 40, and after experiensing the civilin life. I wanted to enter back into the military. I tryed to go back into the navy, but was informed that I was to old, but could enter the naval reserve, so I have been in the naval reserves for the last five mounths, however once I heard that the army had raised the age to enter active duty. I then asked to be released from the navy reseves to the army. I am due to ship Jan 24 will be an 88m. My age is kinda got me concerened with how hard it will be to fit in with lower rank e-4 at the age of 44. Any army members encouragement of what I can expect my e-mail
Posted on 10/20/06 22:31:33


Veteran: I am 47 and would love to go back in the Army. I feel it will help having veterans come back because of their experince. Additionally, it will increase recruitment. The Army still have the classifications of deployable and undeployable. Well if some think we are too old to fight, then we can man the military installation with other duty experiences. That would PAC, Finance, Supply, Cooking, Policing, training, police call, guard duty, maintenance, etc....... So let me back in I will show you better then telling you. SHOW YOU ALL I CAN BE IN The ARMY
Posted on 10/22/06 19:31:12

Pfc. Randall Davis, Colorado wrote:

I went through Boot Camp and AIT at 37 years old earlier this year at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO. I was denied service 20 years ago after surviving a catastrophic accident when I was 16. I rebuilt my life in service of this country as a Law Enforcement Officer and Security Professional. When I looked into enlisting in the Reserves and found out I could, well, I did. I rec laimed my dream of being an American Soldier that was stolen from me in 1984 due to someone velse's negigance. I was shot twice in the head 22 years ago as of this week. I've been dealing with the trauma of post-shooting survival for years. I've overcome it and rebuilt my life to serve and protect this great country of ours. I would have gone active duty right away except the Pentagon raised the age limit the day before I stepped on the "cattle truck" into basic training. I'm considering now switching from reserve to Active duty within the next year. I don't take being given the opportunity to be an American Soldier for granted, I've worked and waited too da#n long.(MADDOGS,HOOAH!)
Posted on 11/01/06 22:43:40

Eric Bailey wrote:

Thank you government! It's about time they realized that older people bring something to the field that us young bucks just don't have. Name's Eric Bailey, and I am SERIOUSY considering joining once I leave school. My only concern is that after the war (plus 5 years) we're gonna see military cutbacks like in the 90's. If they do that, then these older recruits are gonna be some of their first targets for discharge, and depending on when the war ends, that may be before these guys get their retirement! 40 now could mean 50 or 55 for the cutbacks, which would be a damnable age to try to start over again with no savings.
Posted on 11/03/06 02:51:42

Tom West wrote:

I would like the Army to raise the age limit to maybe even 60 for those that would love to serve in the reserves for non-combat positions. I'm 54 and I could certainly fill a spot for the Army that would free up someone younger. I would love to do it but I don't really see it happening.
Posted on 11/06/06 15:22:09

robert Clampitt/short for Jedd wrote:

I disagree with your opinion on cutbacks of older soldiers to be the first to be cut. I believe the army will want to keep the most quilifyed such as job capibility, and educational level, and experience. You could have a 47 and 23 year old soldier, however lets say the 47 year old has alot more experience then the younger soldier so I believe they could let the younger soldier go home over the older soldier, because of education and experience level, and it is proven that older men can even be in better shape over an younger man
Posted on 11/08/06 12:43:21


The question that I'm wondering about is what will the army policy be about letting a 42 year old new recruit to retire? Will they obtain a age waiver to stay in until 62?
Posted on 11/11/06 22:00:03

Marks Jekabsons wrote:

Raising the army enlistment age has its plus and negatives. Plus side is you will get more mature and wiser people in the military, but negative side is age,42 years is a bit too old and the body is a bit more fragile then lets say about 18-30 years old. If they raise the age requirements higher, I think they need to limit the job oppurtunities based on physcial challenges, unless, the person is in extremely fit in shape. Otherwise raising age limits is not a good idea. Look at these old politicans and what good they are doing to our country.Lol?
Posted on 11/14/06 14:16:53

Patrick Martinez wrote:

I have 21 yr's in i sure would give any thing to get back in but i'am 56.
Posted on 11/14/06 22:52:10

Phil wrote:

Hello. I turned 43 last month. I'm in great shape and have a masters degree. I also have a felony conviction from 17 years ago that's keeping me from getting a good job. The felony was for possession of stolen property (nothing else on my record). Is it possible to get a waiver and join the Navy reserves or the Army?
Posted on 11/17/06 10:32:13

PFC Kirk Bennett, Det1 Co.A 2/112th Inf. wrote:

I am 46 with 4 years in the Air Force(77-81) and have just joined the Army National Guard as a PFC. My ASVAB was high on all 5 and I was offered any MOS. I chose 11B(Infantry) because I am a Warrior. I am in the best physical shape of my life and am ready to fight. Don't let others discourage you. I had a Major General sign my age waiver since even my previous 4 did not allow me to enter. I missed it by a year but Representative Bill Shuster(PA.) and my recruiters, Sgt Williams, Sgt Weyandt, and Sgt Battafaranno knew the rules. We are all Americans and we are not engaged in a worthless war. We are the ones who will keep this country safe. If we don't take the fight to them they will bring it to us and worse, to our families and friends. This is not a game to me, this is dead serious.
Posted on 11/24/06 20:14:00

Phil wrote:

PFC Bennett,
Thanks for your comments. Unlike you, however, I have no previous service. I'd love the chance to serve my country and provide a better life for my family, but I called the two closest recruiters and I can't even get a return phone call. What's worse is I live way out in the country and don't really keep on the news. Found out about the age limit being raised to 42 a month after my 43rd birthday. Story of my life-Day late and a dollar short.
Thanks again,
Posted on 11/27/06 11:05:40

robert Clampitt/short for Jedd wrote:

I am 44 with seven years active duty in the navy. I asked my recruiter why they raised the age to enter active duty in the army, and he explained to me that younger men just aren't joining, because they want to go to college and have fun, so the age catagory is between 30-42 who are joining. If I stayed in the navy. I would retire at 52, however sence I got out in 2003 and had a break in service. I wont be able to retire from the army untill I am 57. Still not bad for retirment, but I will agree still old to retire from the military, but not in the civilen life, because alott want retire untill their 65.
Posted on 11/27/06 11:51:47

Tim wrote:

What about opportunity for individuals over the age of 42 to join and serve their country? I know of several of my professional colleagues, myself included, who would join if given the opportunity. These individuals range in age of 48 through 52. I might add that each one is in excellent to peak physical condition. When competing with and against younger men it is a usual occurrence that the older men complete the task with a victory. If the physical side is that important – I believe we can excel! When it comes cognitive abilities I don’t necessarily believe the older generation is any more intelligent, it just seems that with the differences in generations and the learned experiences the older soldier has a definite advantage. Though today’s youth is growing up in the technology age and it is us, the “mature generation,” who are learning and working right along side of the younger generation in this new age! By no means are we being left behind!
Posted on 11/30/06 16:28:53

kafele green wrote:

i am 17 teen years old i want to joining the usa army
Posted on 12/07/06 13:20:19

Christina Flores wrote:

I think that the younger troops should get more learning time before they are sent off to war, because there are alot of them not coming back. That is terriable, and I would like to see my brother that is 19 come back to us alive.
Posted on 12/18/06 21:18:38

Marlene Ubau-Alvarez wrote:

I'm 39 years young. I'm a servivor
lost my mother and 13 year old brother when I was only 9 under the regimen of Anastasio Somoza.
I'm proud to be an AMERICAN citizen today.
Marlene Ubau-Alvarez
Posted on 12/24/06 05:49:19

blake wrote:

thats good because age don't matter a 40 year old can be in better shape then a 17 year old
Posted on 12/28/06 11:10:08

Ryan wrote:

i plan on joining our army and i am proud give our heros faith!
Posted on 12/28/06 11:30:24

MAhawk wrote:

The fact of the matter is that too many 17 year olds are running into the Army. They may be in great physical states but their mental state is something that is highly questionable. While at the opposite side of the spectrum you have near to 40 year olds who are joining that are mentally matured but also physicaly questionable. I say if they are letting in the younger ones why not let the older ones in. If not to swell the ranks but also to help the opposite ages help each other.
Posted on 01/12/07 17:21:11

Kallie wrote:

No one is ever 2 old to serve their country.. I believe if u are able to walk u can join..
Posted on 01/13/07 01:55:49

Duane wrote:

Joining in the Army is a good choice to make. Whether you are old or young as long as you have the capability and be able to meet those requirements. I am 30 year old and married with one child. Joining in the Army has always been a part of the plan in my life since H.S. but I didn't have enough strength to make a final judgment until I meet my wife whose an active duty Officer in the USAF. I know that I will be saluting my wife often but that doesn't matter to me anymore. Anyway, this whole thing is isn't about being inspired by one but to make a final and wise decision and not only to protect this country but to also protect myself and my family.
Posted on 01/20/07 01:44:30

noname wrote:

i dont know why the got this asvab test for i like to go .
Posted on 01/24/07 15:41:15

noname wrote:

i am 41 i still want to go to the army.
Posted on 01/24/07 15:57:36

Timothy Nagy wrote:

Since the maximum age to enlist is now 42 years old, has the mandatory retirement age of 60 years old changed to 62?
Posted on 02/01/07 05:19:08

Rea wrote:

Its Not about the age or about the war but look at it this way age limit rising or the draft? I am a 18 year old female and i think that this will be good for the army many of my family was i the army and have retierd they now say that they would do it again and i plan to do it my boyfiend is in the army and loves it so if they didnt get to start out young so what they deserve a second chance at what they want to do in life dont knock them for their age just let them do it if they want to i think the age limit being raised is great!! all they need to do is meet the other reqiements!
Posted on 02/03/07 11:15:52

Steve P wrote:

I wish the military would make it easier for foriegn nationals to join the ranks. I am Canadian and would love nothing more than to join the American Army or Marines, unfortunately, I need a greencard to do so, which is next to impossible to obtain.
Posted on 02/03/07 12:33:39

Millifone wrote:

I don't think we should handicap ourselves with ageism. There are 60 year olds serving in the military. So while a minimum service of 20 years is necessary for earning retirement, there should also be a means for those willing to serve their country to waive retirement benefits to do so. I do not believe that this is about retirement only, I believe there is definite bias against older folks. Coming from a country whose warriors young and OLD beat back aggression countless times tp preserve a tradition of never being colonised I can say ageism is as idiotic as it is crippling to the United States. Evaluation should only depend on capabilities and a mental capacity. Age is a state of mind.
Posted on 02/13/07 10:04:52

Jeff Harris wrote:

Only a retard would join with the War to Enrich Halliburton in progress.
Posted on 02/21/07 23:55:34

james wrote:

is this before their 43rd birthdate? or 42nd birthdate? for active army. They need to be in basic training by then?
Posted on 02/26/07 11:08:51

Glenda wrote:

I think the age limit ought to be raised to 50- would join if it were. I planned to join the Army Reserves at age 21 but got side tracked & never did. I am 46, & if I were not past the age limit, would join in a heartbeat! As long as a person is in good health- why not raise it to age 50? or at least 48? More mature soldiers with life experience would be an asset to our military.
Posted on 03/02/07 20:11:19

Trey Smith wrote:

Wow this is crazy, I inquired when i hit 30, and was told to soak my head. Guess not so picky now eh? :-)
Thought of re-upping, did a tour in germany, frankly was young and stupid back then.
Posted on 03/15/07 10:48:20

Juan Lairopi wrote:

I was 27 yrs old when I joined the Army. There were many obstacles along the way, ASVAB was the biggest one. Not taking education serious back when I was younger was a big mistake. I had to take night classes to beef up on the 5 required catagories to pass the test. I caught crap for being the oldest private in the entire Battalion, even older than my Drill Sergeants. The whole time everything I did in Basic was a challenge. Now, a Soldier for 17 some years, I never had any regrets of joining then or now. I have meet lots of great people, both Leaders and followers during my time in service. I am a former Drill Sergeant myself and the oldest I've trained was a 41 year old man, the youngest was 17 and they all did just fine. It's not the age that matters, it's the dedication, determination and discipline one is willing to commit to. I love this great nation and I am willing to fight alongside young or older men or women who is ready to protect U.S. and our way of living. GOD BLESS U.S.A.
Posted on 03/19/07 11:18:43

Matthew Lintz wrote:

We have this bias in this country that you are old after 30..I mean look at our pro atheletes that shattered records in their "old" age. I am excited that the Army has given the opportunity for this extended age of enlistment..
Posted on 03/20/07 13:49:10

Brooke marquette wrote:

Can i join the Army When i'm 16? Or is joining at 17 possible/
Posted on 03/27/07 20:02:01

Jonathan wrote:

Hi, I am a 42 year old male. I have a bachelors degree in Computer Science and am the President of a successful telecommunications company. I grew up trailer trash poor and neither of my parents graduated from high school. I graduated from a little high school and moved out on my own at 15. I started off living in the back of a 1967 Chevy Van behind a Chevron gas station and put myself through college on and off which took 12 years.

I know have a seven figure net worth and a million dollar high-rise condo in Marina del Rey California and the life-style that you would imagine goes along with that. I just found out about the military age limit entry being raised to 42. I am single and have the athletic physiology and fitness level of a 21 year old according to my physician, and the results of my physical training tests. I am six foot one, run six minute miles, bench 335lbs, and practice qigong. By the way, almost anyone at my age can achieve these physical results with the proper true nutrition, excercise, and meditation.

I am planning on joining the Army to contribute whatever my experience is worth to benefit the military and I believe the military has a great deal to teach me. The U.S. military is on the scientific technical forefront of almost every horizon and is also a great place to learn about yourself. Most people’s negative comments about the military or this country are really a reflection of their own personal issues. It is an honor to live in this country. I am not a native born American and am very grateful for how this country was founded and how it has evolved. For those of you who study history, great leaders, and accomplishments, you know that we are living in the most exciting time in human history even though the news would have you believe otherwise (please try and get out more and get your sources of information anywhere except the television - it would also be great to form your own opinions from your personal knowledge as well).

I urge those of you that have posted careless or reckless statements about this country, its leadership (no matter what party or actions we are all learning and and evolving and that trend is the key), and it’s military to become real students of world history, and how things really work outside of your little bubble so you do not continue to embarrass the rest of us and yourself with your uninformed opinions.

If there are any younger people in the military that could give me some encouragement that might ease my anxiety about serving next to someone as old as I am, I would appreciate the feedback. I have not yet made contact with a recruiter and am a little nervous…go figure ;)

Thank you, and those of you that currently are serving or have served, I am grateful to you.


Posted on 04/01/07 00:20:59

jonathan wrote:

sorry about my misspellings on my previous post - it was my worst subject in high school and I still struggle with it! ;)


Posted on 04/01/07 00:22:45

Brooke wrote:

I think older people should be able to join if they are healthy and strong and pass the physical or whatever. Just not over 50 know? And can people join at 16 cause i'm sixteen and really want to get in!
Posted on 04/03/07 21:58:10

Cindi wrote:

I think that the people who sit here and criticize the age limit are those who would never try themselves, no matter what the age. Stop complaining and do it yourself, if you can handle it.
Posted on 04/06/07 07:31:58

Michael Dugger wrote:

I'm 52 and I want to make the rest of my life meaningful.I wish the Air Force would give me the opportunity to serve and make a contribution
Posted on 04/07/07 13:02:44

Juan Puig wrote:

Too bad the other branches of the military arent raising their enlistment age also. I'd join the Air Force. By the way, i just turned 40. God Bless America.
Posted on 04/11/07 19:12:25

D.C. wrote:

This site seems like Governtment propaganda. I doubt these testimonials are even real people.
Posted on 04/12/07 19:51:45

Orlando Rivera wrote:

I am44 years old and when I wanted to join for the first time i was 37 and the age limit to join was 36 years. Now, unfortunately, eventhough I am in good shape and good health Im told I am over the age limit. I have written to the President about the fact that the age limit should be raised to 46 years old if you can pass all the pt tests and all . If anybody in the military recruting offices reads this opinion, contact me if there's an opportunity to make my dream come true in serving my country at my age ( 44 years `old soon to be 45). I am sure there many men like me wanting to have this chance also. My email is

Orlando from Puerto Rico.
Posted on 04/17/07 01:15:12

Marlene Ubau-Alvarez wrote:

Are we loosing our children?
Young or old it dosen't matter.
PLEASE AMERICA. our kids are killing eachother right here at home, and others are fighting
a war. That to us don't belong.
Something needs to be done.
God bless America.
Posted on 05/02/07 04:17:28

Marlene Ubau-Alvarez wrote:

Brook U-R our Future.
God bless you, is great that you want to serve, just wait a little longer.
Posted on 05/02/07 05:57:10

Marlene Ubau-Alvarez wrote:

I hope our leaders do something about it. I'm a mother of three.


God bless you and fam.
Posted on 05/02/07 06:16:49

Marlene Ubau-Alvarez wrote:

Mister. Kelly H. Bielefeldt.
Sir. I salute you.

Posted on 05/02/07 06:39:31

Marlene Ubau-Alvarez wrote:

Jeff Harris
If legal? would you consider giving up your naturalisation to Steve P. ?

Posted on 05/02/07 06:52:52

Crystal wrote:

Does any one know how many times I can submit a waiver to rejoin the army. I got a honorable discharge under personality disorder. Submitted a waiver 2 yrs later and got denied.
Posted on 05/02/07 19:25:54

Sam- Iraq is a Liberal war wrote:

I am 32 yrs old and an old political activist, I dont always agree with our leaders and believe that our current leader couldnt run a Denny's let alone the country. However, we as counrty cannot be isolationists; we cannot just sit back and watch the world tear itself to shreds. Sure we have problems here that need to be delt with, but we are not as lucky as we are skillfull to have the greatest nation on earth. One that is actually built from the populace of the world and whoms public is willing to volunteer there time and lives for justice and humanitarian efforts. I for one would like to go to Afghanistan and burn down some poppy fields, theres an issue that direclty relates to our problems at home.
Posted on 05/03/07 11:53:17

Marlene Ubau-Alvarez wrote:

This message is for Sam- Iraq a liberal war: sam you seem to be good with the pen, stop putting our leaders down and make a differents with your writing. God bless you. M.U.A.
Posted on 05/16/07 21:27:59

Mikey wrote:

I am 57 and, given the chance, would reenlist. I currently work for a RR in a very physically demanding job already. I served our nation during the Vietnam conflict and I would go to Iraq, Iran, or Afganistan given the chance.

I would hope though, given an older persons education, experience, and maturity that we could come back as an O-2 or better.

I hate to see our young people dying in this current conflict. There are probably thousands from an older generation that would jump at the chance to get back in and head to Iraq for some payback.
Posted on 05/24/07 07:55:08

Doby wrote:

After seeing the Iowa story on 60 minutes Sunday started me on a search to find out how and if possible to join at age 50. Like some of the other authors on this page I am in great physical shaper (marathons and triathlons) and have put in my work time that going and serving my country should be an option made available to us. If anyone knows a way, contact me. -- Thanks
Posted on 05/28/07 14:29:24

claudy saint-louis wrote:

not's nothing for i can do it. if you the test i pass i am going to promise it's not gonna be difficult for me.
Posted on 05/28/07 22:32:40

Marlene Ubau-Alvarez wrote:

Sam-iraq is a liberal
Put your pen at work.
Marlene Ubau-Alvarez.
Posted on 06/06/07 05:57:48

Mark Elders wrote:

I am a very healthy 42 year old man. I turn 43 on Sept 13th and for the past 16 years (believe it or not), I have care-gived for an alzhiemer's stricken mother, who recently passed away. Because of my devotion to my Beloved Mother, I could not leave her to join the National Guard. Now that she is passed, I would like to join and was surprised that I was told I was too old. I am very physically and mentally fit and would love to serve my state, Alabama, and the USA. I was advised to write a letter to Lt. General H. Steven Blum, Chief, National Guard Bureau to request an age waiver. Below is the letter. Does anyone have any tips on how to get an age waiver? I am eager and ready to join the Guard, if it weren't for the age cutoff.

Any comments on this letter below? I hope it is effective in getting me an age waiver. Please feel free to respond. I am at

June 1, 2007

Lt. General H. Steven Blum, Chief, National Guard Bureau
111 South George Mason Drive
Arlington, VA 22204

RE: Age waiver to enlist in Army National Guard

Dear Lt. General Blum:

Sir, I wish to serve my country and my state, Alabama, in the Alabama Army National Guard, however, I learned recently that I am a few months past the age requirement for non-prior service. I wanted to join a few years ago when the war started, but I was care-giving for my Mother, who recently passed away from Alzheimer’s. Now that my dear Mother has passed away, I wish to enlist; however, my exact date of birth is September 13, 1964.

I hereby request an age waiver, please. I have written my governor, and talked with officials in Alabama, and was recommended to write to you. In addition, I have a specialty to offer. I graduated from The University of Alabama at Birmingham in 1991, with a BS in Accounting and I earned my CPA certificate in 1995.

I understand one reason for the age 42 cut off is because the Guard Members have to serve 20 years to get their pension, and the retirement age is 62. However, I do not want, nor do I ask for retirement. I am willing waive my retirement.

You may contact me at 205-643-0567, which is my cell phone, or by email at

Thank you for your time and consideration and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Mark Elders
620 19th Terrace South
Birmingham, AL 35205-6412
Posted on 06/08/07 14:32:58

NoName wrote:

So long as the applicant is healthy and fit enough then age should not be an issue, raise the maximum age further than 42, there are many able and willing volunteers waiting, some with previous military service and many with useful skills and experience.
Posted on 06/11/07 21:20:15

Richard wrote:

Hi, what is the minimum age to join the army at? I really want to know...

Posted on 06/21/07 23:29:44

Michelle wrote:

I have always wanted to join the military. I am now 56 years old and the desire is there. When I found out I could still enlist, I was too old (by their standards). Surely the military could use nurses and doctors with the war still going on. With our active members off to war, we could serve in the Reserve units.
Posted on 06/28/07 17:26:45

Sarina R. Pahle Temperance, MI wrote:

I am 46 years old Divorced, and I have no children at home. I'm 5'1 117lbs. I'm very physically fit. I work out all the time. Could probaly out-run Mid 20's to Mid-30 year olds. And the military has stipulations on age. Come on, we all know that over half of the people that grew up in the 60's and 70's are probably in better shape now than most of our youths these days. I truely want to join the military and serve my country. And they complain that recruiting is down. Let the people that want to join, give them a chance. After all, We are alot more mature in the 40's than teens or 20's etc.
Posted on 06/28/07 18:37:12

Jose Serrano wrote:

I was enlisted in the njarng in the middle 80s field artillery was my mo due to unforseable problems I was honorably discharged after only one year that believe me was the worst thing that has happened because I'm finding it hard to shake it I feel as there's unfinished bussiness in my short military career. I live with the regret that now I'm 43 yrs of age I'm not able too help my fellow country men. Everytime I've tried to get some answers on how I could return I've been shut down and this is been going on for many years. I have a son who is the marine corps, my wife is serving in Iraq, and my step-son is entering bct for the army. I would love to serve my country. As of right now I'm in fort hood tx, can anyone give me any advice or is just to little to late.
Posted on 07/10/07 09:52:44

Gregory Scott Wright AKA gun shot wound wrote:

I used to be a submariner for 34months 3 ½ yrs ago and I hated it the overall moral was terrible down there so now I drive an 18 wheeler over the road but at least I could always go back to being a truck driver. I think its about time to join the marine corps they could probably use a few older bit stronger men like me. My energy level though now isn’t quite like it used to be when I was 18-21 but I think that today given that I am more mature I could in battle make better more decisive reactions and also my overall brut strength is greater than it used to be which is better to melee or just transporting heavier loads of munitions. I think that these wars were both wars of choice that Americans have a moral obligation to. I agree with one of the other writers this war should have already been won by generation X. I don’t wont people to remember my generation for being the one who cut and run.good luck all (age26) departing
Posted on 07/10/07 23:42:53

Daniel Clark wrote:

I am 37 years old, and I plan to enlist in the Army Reserve, as an infantryman. IF I CAN TAKE IT, I CAN MAKE IT. I CAN TAKE IT, THEREFORE I WILL MAKE IT.
Posted on 07/11/07 20:21:26

eliza wrote:

honestly it is good that the army raised the enlisment age but i think they are desperate for people to join and thats alittle ridiculous.
Posted on 07/13/07 22:47:26

Charles wrote:

...I'm interested in your recruitement programs,but wish to know if you accept non-US nationals.
My regards.
Posted on 07/19/07 02:52:04

Alan Volkert wrote:

3 Years, 8 Months, 6 Days, 4 hours and I forget how many minutes ... Extended at the request of and for the convenience of the Government ... Made SGT (E5) in 30 months ... maxed promotion points, PT Tests, even set the push up records at Fort Dix, NJ; Fort Jackson, SC and Fort Hood, TX ... Graduated from the US Army Drill Sergeant School as a frocked Corporal ...

Took my college money and ran with it ... now, with a Masters Degree, I'm too old to reenlist ?

Well, I'll have to keep my medals in the box and pray for our soldiers.

Apparently, that's all I can do. I would be willing to leave my office on the top floor of Building #1 in our Corporate Headquarters complex for the feel of a sniper rifle in service of my country again ...

The Army made me whom I am and I genuinely sucks that I'm considedered too old to pay back that debt.

Ex-SGT Volkert, Minneapolis, MN
(Formerly of 2d Armored Division, Fort Hood, TX)
Posted on 07/23/07 08:53:57

Dianne Bentley wrote:

I turned 42 in dec. and when I went to go join they said I was too old? how can you guys say the cut off age is 42 when you really mean that it is 41 and you can turn 42 in basic, does this make any sense? to me it doesn't, I still want to join and I would like to know how I can. So any encouragement from the army would be greatly appreciated.
Posted on 07/26/07 09:42:58

cathy rn wrote:

I am 56 and an experienced ER nurse with 5 years prior service during Vietnam Era...I would join in a heart beat if allowed. heck would even hire a personal trainer to get my self in tip top shape...maybe we should petition the president to make waivers for those of us baby boomers that want to help....Might not be able to run a 6 min mile but can start an Iv or insert an airway in a heartbeat and that is just as important so can bring our wounded home healthy
Posted on 07/29/07 13:18:41

Juan C. Puig wrote:

Its a shame that the other Branches of the Armed Forces havent raised their Enlistment age as well.
Posted on 08/07/07 19:46:30

DFM wrote:

I'm 38 years old and I think it's great that the Army has raised the enlistment age. The Navy, Air Force, and Marines should do the same. The way the world of civilian employment is going these days, I may take the plunge myself. I feel that if a person is in good health and is willing to make a sacrifice for family and country then why not let those individuals over 35 join the Army?

Also, many of the former veterans of the Vietnam Era commented that they would be willing to help the military out by way of employment, so that would free the enlisted men and women up to go abroad or wherever the U.S. Government sends them. I also think that a former veteran would be a big inspiration and support to those enlistees. Reason being is that my Pastor was a former Vietnam Veteran who fought two (2)-tours in Vietnam and when members of the military are shipped over seas for war, those recruits generally call or write the Pastor not just because they are facing death, but because he knows the stint of war and combat. My Pastor sometimes talks about making it back from war, especially being in fire fights and yet God brought him through it, because he don't know how else to explain surviving such an ordeal.
Posted on 08/10/07 09:59:19

Cesar Davila wrote:

Hi, Im 37 years old, I always wanted to join in the ARMY, I was a Assylee Refugee Aproved/Granted but didn't have my Resident Card .. 'Green Card' I had this Inmigration status for 15 years, I was 20 when I came to this country, now I just got my GREEN CARD at the age of 37 years, I felt I was to old for the Army, .. I just found out the Army raised the age .. to 42... I'll Feel PROUD to serve this country, ARMY .. IM ASKING .. LET ME GO.. LET ME GO to fight for this country, to serve wtih HONOR .. I LOVE USA / i didn't born here, but I feel this is my country, .. Im from San Francisco, CA /Planning to join the Army on March 2008 / Cesar D.
Posted on 08/11/07 22:15:23

Cesar Davila wrote:

Question !? // is there a career into the Army related to 'Law Enforcement' ? - Criminal Justice ? thanks !
Posted on 08/11/07 22:21:24

DrucillaHaggins wrote:

Hi, Im 16 year old, I always wanted to join in the amy, I was a
Assylee Refugee
Posted on 08/17/07 11:23:50

Jorge Pachas wrote:

L.A. County Sherriff Dept and LAPD (as well as many other law enforcement agencies nationwide) have reserve programs without an upper age limit. IF you can meet the fitness requirements then you can join. The Army should do the same. I think there are many people older than 42 (I'm 50) that are fit and can fill positions that support the mission and than don't need to be filled by a 21 yr old jock. I hope the military eliminates the age limitation. Does anyone think this will ever happen?
Posted on 08/18/07 11:53:50

victor wrote:

I am 41 yearsold and just signed a 6 year contract. I am very excited
Posted on 08/19/07 17:18:29

Charles Fiene wrote:

i am 16 and im going to register pretty soon in like a month or 2 ive always wanted to do this and im finally able to yo god bless america yall
Posted on 08/20/07 06:29:23

Art wrote:

I'm hoping the age limit will be raised to 45. I have been wanting to do this for a couple of years.
Posted on 08/24/07 10:08:54

Jones wrote:

I am 51 and outwork all of the 20 year olds. The army should look at the person and their health instead of just setting some limit. I would like to join the army and serve our country.
Posted on 08/27/07 04:29:52

Kathy wrote:

Thanks for doing this - now my fiancee aged 41 wants to join - and leave his family behind. The new 'mid life crisis' - joining the military at 40.

What are the mortality statistics for the individuals over 40?
Posted on 08/30/07 12:47:31

William wrote:

I just turned 43 and give me a waiver and i will sighn, had i known back in June they changed the age i would have signed up then, I would really persue this if i could get a waiver.
Posted on 08/31/07 08:38:08

Anderson wrote:

I have 4 kids. Do I live on welfare, or serve my country...easy answer!
Posted on 09/04/07 09:03:44

alex wrote:

i think that every person should come home from the war in iraq
Posted on 09/10/07 09:56:03

alex derheim wrote:

my dad died in iraq 2 years ago. i wish that us americans should drop the adams bomb.
Posted on 09/10/07 10:00:04

laura wrote:

Our soldiers are coming home with mysterious blood cancers...can you talk about it?
Posted on 09/14/07 13:55:54

jon wrote:

The DOD & Pentagon are sucking up money faster than a mosquito on Greenspan's arse. ..while other people in this country live on the street or die from very curable illnesses....etc.
And I tell you another thing...."insurgents" in Iraq? Why not? If say China invaded my country of the US, killed innocents, wrote new laws, raped and so on, you bet yer arse I would fight the Chinese invaders.

Military personnel that are involved in Mideast & Southwest Asia operations should have uniforms like a NASCAR race car......full of corporate sponsers. Thats what its all about.....opening up the markets for corporations.
Posted on 09/16/07 17:23:06

Mrs.harvey wrote:

jon, You're an idiot.
Posted on 09/18/07 23:05:02

Lee wrote:

Plain and simple, MELISSA you're an a**. Maybe your Fat a** can't comprehend a 42 being physically fit enough to do it. The fact is I am 42 and joining. Honestly my body is in better shape then most 20 year olds. Stuff another fatburger in you face and shut the hell up. Maybe your son is joining to get away from you fat a**
Posted on 09/19/07 18:54:04

Lee wrote:

Plain and simple, MELISSA you're an a**. Maybe your Fat a** can't comprehend a 42 yr old being physically fit enough to do it. The fact is I am 42 and joining. Honestly my body is in better shape then most 20 year olds. Stuff another fatburger in your face and shut the hell up. Maybe your son is joining to get away from your fat a**
Posted on 09/19/07 18:55:26

Lee wrote:

Plain and simple, MELISSA you're an a**. Maybe your Fat a** can't comprehend a 42 yr old being physically fit enough to do it. The fact is I am 42 and joining. Honestly my body is in better shape then most 20 year olds. Stuff another fatburger in your face and shut the hell up. Maybe your son is joining to get away from your fat a**
Posted on 09/19/07 18:55:52

Lee wrote:

Timothy Nagi, good point!
Posted on 09/19/07 19:11:22

socorro wrote:

i'm a filipino can i become a US soldier? if your website true authories by the US goverment? my side is to know. because my dream is to become member of US soldier.
Posted on 09/19/07 19:59:48

bimnui marcel wrote:

i was just 10 when i found out that all my attention is directed towards the military and i have often pray to become a die heartded army.iam 23 now
Posted on 09/24/07 06:28:42

Marlene Ubau-Alvarez wrote:

Kathy, hope you read this message: Be proud of your fiancee
and be grateful that you are part of this wonderful country.
Marlene Ubau-Alvarez
Posted on 10/04/07 05:07:13

Gina dee wrote:

Here is the story. I joined the National Guard at 42 on March 11, 2005. I was fit and tone. I went to chuch on Sunday and annouced that, "Im 42 and I just joined the National Guard." Boom! May 1, 2005; the age was raised to 42. Just because I was fit and looked as a mid 20 year old asian women, the army should not raised age to 42. It should stop at 38 because 39 1/2 has to go through physical ie mammogram, pap, EKG at your own expense. I just go through that at 44 after discharged from the National Guard in Dec 05 and I'm going back to active duty.
Posted on 10/08/07 22:40:24

Bigmooch wrote:

I had the distinguished honor of serving in the US Army as an Airborne Combat Engineer (SAPPER) with A co 27th ENG BN (C)(A) at Ft. Bragg, NC for several years. I had the misfortune of being ran over by a dump truck during a training exercise in September of 1995 effectively ending my military career. I received a medical retirement from the Army in August of 1997. Over the last decade I have done every thing with in my power to recover and get back to fighting shape. Now at the age of 38 I think I am ready to go back and finished what I started. My goal is to reenter the Army, submit a 4187 (request form) to go to officer’s Candidate school (OCS) after which I will volunteer to serve as a line office within the ranks of the 75th Ranger regiment. Wish me luck and God's speed!

For those of you older folks thinking of joining up for the first time I offer you this;

You will never, at any time in you life feel a greater sense of pride, accomplishment, and patriotism than the way you feel when you wear the uniform of our beloved US Army. To not serve is to never truly know what you are really made of. To not serve is to rob yourself of the opportunity to experience true commodore, esprit de corps, and a sense of purpose and national pride only born of selfless service to ones nation.

As for myself, I defer to the wisdom Sir William Shakespeare:

“ Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;
Or close the wall up with our American dead.
In peace there's nothing so becomes a man
As modest stillness and humility:
But when the blast of war blows in our ears,
Then imitate the action of the tiger;
Stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood,
Disguise fair nature with hard-favour'd rage;
Then lend the eye a terrible aspect; “
Posted on 11/10/07 02:14:48

the wrote:

FFS can any of you use proper grammar?
Posted on 11/11/07 19:02:24

watercreeper wrote:

Most of you sound like you have a 3rd grade education from Clinton Tech. Clean it up and act like you are proud Americans that want to support our country. Most of you just sound bad.
Posted on 11/14/07 21:53:57

Shanetel wrote:

I'm glad someone finally noticed that.

If one's circumstances didn't permit enlistment at an earlier time in their life, then being able to join later is a blessing. Some times people don't have the opportunity to join in their prime, but knowing that the enlistment age has been raised is a relief to them I'm sure. There are plenty of people in their early 40's who are just as physically fit as a person in their 20's or 30's. At least the Army allows that, the enlistment age for the Airforce, I read, is 27.
Posted on 11/25/07 12:36:41

Mom of a Soldier wrote:

I think this is wonderful. Just because a person is older doesn't mean we can't keep up with the younger generation. I've passed the age limit but if I could I'd sign up in a heart beat. I know first hand what my son has been through, not good, this war. I'd love nothing more than to be able to fight right along side him. Very proud of all our Soldiers & for keeping the US free.
Posted on 11/30/07 04:09:05

Joe B wrote:

Hi everyone,

I am 42 as late September 2007.
Can anyone tell me if it is or is not possible for me to join the army?
I am in good shape, college degree and 20 years of computer experience and always wanted to serve.

Thank you,
Posted on 12/03/07 21:27:11

Gball wrote:

I'm 37 and considering joining the Army. I was in the National Guard in 1991 for only two years. I want to join for adventure and travel. I understand that I'll probably be sent to the Middle East.
Posted on 12/06/07 11:04:58

Bill Friedrich wrote:

I am 46 years old, with a bad back and neck problems. And I wish I could join the Army. In the early 1980's I considered signing up, but my grandfather, who was a teen living in Hungry during WW1. He told me "Don't sign the papers". Now I look back and wonder how different my life could have been if I signed the papers.
I am so proud of our service persons and I pray to God for their protection.
Posted on 12/11/07 02:22:33

Paul wrote:

I'm 32, I have 20/10 vision, can do over 200 situps, I can run six miles without stopping... in other words I'm in better shape then 95% of the teenagers that are currently living in the US. There are many people like me. Believeing that a person is limited by their age is just a sign of limited thinking by people who are too damn lazy to get their ass up off the couch!
Posted on 12/12/07 21:45:55

Denis wrote:

I'm 42 and I got turned down today. The recruiter said you had to be "in training" on the date of your 42nd birthday. Just to make sure he asked another Sergeant who said the same thing. The other Sergeant then made a phone call to someone to make sure and said that was the rule. "In training" on your 42nd birthday. so I guess you should say they raised the age to 41 years and maybe 10-11 months. I have a college degree, I scored in the 98th percentile on my ASVAB and I'm in good shape. It looks like I'm also staying home.
Posted on 12/17/07 20:42:11


Posted on 12/20/07 14:02:47

Brent Taylor wrote:

I wish I could join at 47! It would be a pleasure to serve alongside our oldest son who is 21. He arrives Christmas day at Ft.Bragg and an MP attached to the 82nd Airborne.
Posted on 12/21/07 06:03:47

Beavertailgripsafety wrote:

Guys and Gals,I hate to break this up but like to ask some serious issues concerning about foreign recruits. Is there any truth about this that 1 of these days it will be in effect?
Posted on 12/26/07 11:09:15

SSGT D-Onofrio wrote:

I am currently amazed at the ignorant comments made but then again cosidering the education, experience and lack of intestinal fortitude of today's slackers, I guess it is so much easier to sit on your tail and talk smack INSTEAD of getting involved in our great country! Doesn't necessarily mean enlistment. But for you young "tough guys" it would sure do you some good!!!
Posted on 12/31/07 20:41:25

caliber45 wrote:

I wonder if you are a real staff sergeant or maybe you are just an asshole trying to impress some people here on how smart you are or how tough you are.. But the truth is... You are just bunch of pigs trying to be somebody.. peace bro
Posted on 01/02/08 05:51:49

caliber45 wrote:

there's no logic the way you talk, you are not a conversant type of person... simply arrogant and uneducated, selfish
fag (lol)
Posted on 01/02/08 06:40:24

tillman wrote:

what about the people who messed up early in life but cant join cause of a record. mabe we should look into these options, i've been trying to get in for 2 years now and i'm getting close but i could have put in work for like 2 years already.
Posted on 01/03/08 01:55:49

Edmond Estaras wrote:

Try to Hire Filipino people to Become ur Soldier Boy we are Very loyal to American Peole.By Edmond
Posted on 01/10/08 03:12:04

tmullins wrote:

should raise enlistment age to 50
Posted on 01/14/08 20:58:01

newcomer wrote:

The army is the only branch in the military that's representing for older recruits . 18 to 42 thats great.

But the other branches are afraid

I say Depending on life experiences and your fitness level and the way you keep in shape it should nt matter.
plus the mental capacity must be their too
I not going to preach that age is just a number, not at all .Some people can't compete. But let me tell you guys, with advances in exercise science and technology and unorthodox training methods who says people 35 to 42 can't compete if your already in shape when you decide to enlist it should nt be much of a proablem

Also jay z already said that 30 is the new 20 in one of his songs
but i say 40 is the new 30

Benard hopkins the executioner proved that by beating up on younger fighters at age 42

But I can't hate on the young nor the old. the older recruits must teach the younger recruits, and the younger recruits must teach the older recruits that way things balance out.

But i would just say do it for the right reasons. Young or old . If its for personal growth, a new career and travel, and just to get away, i say go for it.

I am thinking about joining At 35 there's nothing happen where i am at in these part of the states. poorest city in the nation we know who that is i am jobles some i am thinking about it
anybody please post comments

And i know it's possible that i may be deployed to iraq and still not get anything out of it
Posted on 01/15/08 20:41:43

chilies wrote:

i think people that want to join the army should and let them join at any age
Posted on 01/16/08 15:56:47

Marty Runnells wrote:

Well being on the older side of things, 47, I can look back and compare then...and now. At 20 I enlisted in the Army. First PT test in basic was 32 pushups, 24 situps and 2 miles in 16 minutes. I was 6'1" and 157lbs. Leaving active duty regular Army at 24 I was up to 40 pushups, 40 situps and 2 miles in 14:30. 6'2", 178lbs. This was smoking a pack a day as well while in the service. Today I can do 55 pushups, 60 situps and 2 miles in 13:15. I am 6'2", 183lbs. The best shape of my life. I served Regular Army and Army Reserve from 1981 - 1991. Why should I not be able to serve???
Posted on 01/23/08 15:49:34

Charles wrote:

I am currently serving in Iraq, and I am an "older" enlistee myself. I came in when I was 24, and I am now 27, but I can only imagine being 15 years older than I am now and being a private. With all things being considered your age isn't really the factor in whether you should enlist or not, it basically comes down to what you are able to do physically. If you can hump it just as well as any 20 year old Soldier, regardless of what age you are, then more power to you bro, or sis. The Army isn't the most physically demanding of jobs, but you do have to be able to do some pushups and run just a little, and if you can do that, than you are good to go.
Posted on 01/27/08 09:37:33

Charles wrote:

Joe B,
While I was in Afghanistan I remember hearing over an Army radio station that there was a new record set for the oldest enlisted person ever to graduate Basic Training, who was 42 at the time, he got in with a waiver, and his two sons who are in service actually out rank him as well, so his children could actually make him get down and push, funny. So the answer to your question is yes, you can still get in at your age, you just need to get with a recruitor in your home town and they will give you the proper guidance needed to get you in, as long as you meet all of the physical requirments nevertheless. I think that would be an honorable thing to do for you, it sounds like you would be giving up a nice career field at the same time to come in the service for your country.
Posted on 01/27/08 10:40:32

Frank M wrote:

I believe that Congress voted to raise the limit to 44, but each branch was allowed to select its own maximum age. I'm going to be 44 in August 2008. If they raise it again, I am there! I am in a state militia now, under Adjudent General, but it's not the same thing, ya know?
Posted on 01/28/08 22:47:31

Joseph wrote:

I am 50, and I still can whop, whup, some butt..

Let me in, please, grrrrrrr.
Posted on 02/16/08 20:44:24

bri wrote:

I recieved my honorable in 96' from the USAR. My rank at that time was e-4. Most likely, my m.o.s is now contracted to civilian. It was 51k(plumber). I 'm sure that my m.o.s. would change, but does anyone know the rank someone like myself might re-enlist at? B.T.W...I am 38 and fully capable of getting thru basic and AIT.
Posted on 02/19/08 21:05:13

bri wrote:

Ok. Sorry. Did some research. Plumber is now a 21k.
Posted on 02/19/08 21:20:59

Beth wrote:

I think if you do not have a stable life and can just up and leave when you are 42 there is a problem. Many young people can enlist because they do not have a family to support and have not established themselves yet. I think some people have failed so badly at life that this is their only option left. Obviously the Army is desperate for people to join.
The grammar/spelling on this message board is awful!
Posted on 02/21/08 14:56:40

Beth wrote:

Let me add that while I do support the men and women who bravely serve this country, I do not support some of the tactics used to get some people to enlist.
Posted on 02/21/08 16:51:42

Joey wrote:

I signed up a year and a half ago at the tender age of 36 I turn 38 this week and have no regrets I hung with the youngins at ft Benning graduated Infantry training went on to AirBorne school passed with flying colors. Am Currently with the 82nd at Bragg. deployed to Iraq for five months got hurt and had surgery at Walter Reed,now I'm undergoing physical therapy and hope to return to my unit in Iraq as soon as I am fit. Gt score 117,
secret clearance, and last PT score was 235.
Posted on 02/23/08 10:22:05

Joey wrote:

Oh and Beth you can kiss my Old Glory. I took a pay cut to have an opportunity to serve with America's finest and bravest. The recruiter didn't have to sell me.I am married with two children and I miss them beyond belief but this was my way of saying thankyou to America for allowing my family to come here from communist Cuba and enjoy the freedoms many of us often take for granted. I am proud to be the first in my family to serve, and consider it an honor and privledge to fight for my country in her time of need. God Bless our Brave men and Women. Sleep well beth ,sleep well.
Posted on 02/23/08 10:28:34

Lee wrote:

I will be 44 in October and I would like to join. Will you have me?
Posted on 02/23/08 20:09:47

Official Ishah Wright of the C00432377 wrote:

I applaud Col. Donald Bartholomew, U.S. Army Recruiting Command Assistant Chief of Staff, G5, for his wise analysis of the value of raising the army recruitment age, and may I add that every person of every age can be a valuable contribution to the army, sometimes people of older ages have more wisdom with strategies for success for the Army or for a desk job. My dad, Hector Guillen was an American Army paratrooper and later served a desk job for the army. Anti-discrimination of age gives the army access to more potential and to lack nothing by allowing opportunity of excellence and victory by placing people in service according to their talents rather than age. This enactment of the new policy to raise the army's recruiting age opens the door to those who are older but may be called to add a new force for victory. For example, an army Chaplain of an older age may have more wisdom from experience to lead spiritually. Persons of older ages may have developed personal lifestyles of higher worthiness that are less likely toward promiscuity and drunkenness during leisure time. I personally offer my part of my property properly for a land use permit free to the army for any reason, such as, but not limited to, a safe house station especially to army chaplains and more for times of natural disasters or for other provisions for the army for free, and more especially as the area has tended towards a history of tornadoes and more, yet the subject property for such permit to the army has always remained unharmed. I have legal provision to offer this also, as the property has been dedicated to uses such as this, but has a no alcohol rule within the boundaries. This raises the safety and property value of the community and is less likely to be targeted adversely as it is within a residentially zoned location. Congratulations again on raising the army recruitment age.
Posted on 02/27/08 14:46:32

Official Ishah Wright of the C00432377 wrote:

PS. I have also inquired about army chaplaincy. Please ignore all slander about me on searches in records and/or in poser websites or old media articles, as they were a severe mudslinging tactics unfortunately not uncommon in politics. Thank you! Ishah
Posted on 02/27/08 14:55:15

lovyoulots wrote:

If you can pass the PT there should be no reason why you couldn't join the army. There are older indiviuals in better shape today.
Posted on 02/28/08 22:56:40

Tommie wrote:

I think it's a great idea to allow older men and women in the Military, IF they are physically able. They MUST be fast on their feet, be able to think and act fast, have a sharp mind and a body that can keep up with it. I think it's a great idea as the older generation has had a chance to live life, these kids they are sending over there haven't had a chance at life and many as we all know, lost that chance or were mangled to the point of not being able to have a full life as most of us know it. Don't get me wrong, I think we need young men and women over there because of their sharpness and endurance that older folks just don't have anymore, but we shouldn't have ALL or most of our men and women over there who are just "babies" in my eyes. Not to mention this war isn't a war I would want my son or daughter in, in the first place. My son who is 21 is joining the Army, I am against it of course, but he has to live his life. Hopefully and prayerfully he will make it back here to do so. As I said, this isn't a war that is worth fighting and it should have never started. It was only for Bush's oil in my opinion.
Posted on 03/02/08 19:52:02

bri wrote:

yeah, Beth. Don't fall out of that tree. Give my best to the rest of Berkeley
Posted on 03/02/08 19:54:21

Barbie wrote:

I think Congress should raise the age to get in military/national guard to age 55 yrs. old. If my so-called spouse(JRD)can get back in after being out for 12 yrs. about 6 yrs.ago, then why can't I get in there? I'm 40-something yrs.old and wanting to do something to help them. I want to be a part of something really bad. It would raise self-esteem, feel wanted and needed, feel like you're worth something and maybe even feel like they can't do it without you. I have been after Congress, The President, House of Representatives, Governor, Congressmen about this issue for over 5 yrs. now and so far they like what I have to say, BUT are not doing too much about it so far. I'm NOT GOING to give up on this. I will probably keep on about this until doomsday probably, until I feel like I am important enough to be in something like that. If he(JRD) can be something like that, then I can too. HE'S(JRD) NOT GOING to some stupid country without me, cause if he goes, then I go. I went to the training with him last year for a few days. I'll probably go with him again year.
Posted on 03/07/08 14:26:01

Larry wrote:

Is there any way I can join the Reserves or National Gaurd? I just turned 43 I would like to serve. I'm in good shape with no health problems. The federal law states that 44 is the limit but the army limits it to 42. Any plans on the Army's part to raise it to the federal limit? Who do we contact to change this limit?
Posted on 03/07/08 17:51:32

cheytac M200 intervention wrote:

awryt mahn im 15 and ii want to join the army what should ii do ?
Posted on 03/08/08 06:52:19

JIM wrote:

Posted on 03/19/08 23:13:53

GROD wrote:

I'm 50 years old and served 6 years in the Army reserve. I tried to talk to a Florida National Guard recruiter last month about joining up, and was told I was a couple of years too old. Are there any ways to get age waivers for prior service people.
Posted on 03/23/08 13:50:54

Cheyenne Gipson wrote:

I am 52 years old woman and I'm in better shape than some of the people that is 20 or more years younger than I am. However I have been working out, loosing weight, and is slightly overweight. I am planning to join as a Direct Commissioner Candidate after I shed more pounds. I have a Computer Science Degree and is currently taking Information Security Classes to become a Computer Crime Investigator.
Posted on 03/24/08 22:23:01

John Down wrote:

I'm 46 yrs. young and I want to join. Still physically fit and looking for adventure and career with the military. I want to go and help my brothers in arms. Yes, I will do Iraq as well!
Posted on 03/30/08 22:05:08

Brett wrote:

Hello - I'm 37 and have been very athletic all my life. My wife left me and took the kids so I thought to myself "I can do anything I want, I've always wanted to serve, so I'm going to enlist" I have a degree in computer science and I earn a great paycheck, but my divorce and fight for custody has bankrupted me - when I took my nephew to the recruiter I couldn't help but notice all the benifits of the Army. I enlisted but my blood pressure was too high...I'm still trying to get a waiver on it. I'm wondering if anyone else over 35 has had this problem?
Posted on 04/07/08 06:17:40

Chuck wrote:

My son is serving and is due to be deployed soon. My daughter is a reservist and may soon be activated. My son in law is deploying in September. I served active duty for six years, ready reserve and air national guard until the end of the 1st Gulf war. I now have three Honorable discharges one from active service, one from ready reserve, and one from the ANG. I have a college education, all my children are grown and my health is good (Thank God). I've stood ready to go most of my adult life and now at 50 it is killing me to see my children (All our children) stepping into harms way and I am considered a relic, forced to sit on the side, sending letters, care packages, and wearing out my knees praying for our troops. Put me back in uniform and let me take a young persons place or at least pull my weight. I swear I would whip myself into serious shape just to be able to stand a wall, care for the wounded, or shovel shit in a Bagdad latrine if it meant I could be right there with them. Right or wrong were are there and in it up to our chins. There is still a lot the warriars of my generation can dish out as well as take. God Bless Our Soldiers!
Posted on 04/08/08 14:51:43

Nancy Burks wrote:

I think that military enlisting should be mandatory because..
1. Teenagers are young adults with out any experience.
2. They have a long way ahead of them and why waste it all now?!
3. If we make military service mandatory, there would be many who are not willing to work.
Posted on 04/15/08 17:21:31

Nancy Burks wrote:

I ment that military enlisting shouldnt be mandatory....sorry
Posted on 04/16/08 18:40:17

Travilla wrote:

Power to the MILITARY for allowing older recruits...I too would love to of joined but got preggars when I was close to joining. im 22 now and will join as soon as I get to the weight...and can get my loans out of default
Posted on 04/16/08 23:25:10

I am Nancy Burks-s Friend!!! wrote:

I think military is bad...
Posted on 04/18/08 13:17:19

Butthead wrote:

i pick my nose...
Posted on 04/18/08 13:18:55

Caring Person wrote:

what are some ways you show kindness to others???
Posted on 04/18/08 13:21:39

5 year-old kid wrote:

fighting is bad.......someone gets hurt......
Posted on 04/18/08 13:33:16

me wrote:

Posted on 04/18/08 13:35:03

nancy burks wrote:

ur so wired.......and u kno who u r......who i showed this website to in computers today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! did u rite a new comment here yet wen u got home? email me and let me kno....(real email address)...HURRY!!!
Posted on 04/18/08 18:27:16

Jack Baldwin wrote:

My Dad is 53, a retired Army Aviator (commissioned) of 10 years, Air Traffic Control 10 years, was in Task Force 118, Operation Prime Chance, went to Desert Storm, and retired for family's sake just to have my mom divorce him after it was to late to rescind his retirement. He's in shape enough to outrun and outgun most anyone 17-22 that would come out of BCT now, and he'd go back in now if he could be in the Aviation field, but the gov't would never go for that I'm sure.
Posted on 04/21/08 11:29:38

heather wallach wrote:

My husband is 35 and he is more active thanm anybody that i know. i think if they are able to pass everything that is required then they should be allowed to join the army
Posted on 04/24/08 20:38:54

Gladys Loden wrote:

I have a qustion ,I was told that our gov.will let men &Women that are in the Preson sys.join,is this true? and is there any guide lines they have to meet? I think this would be a great idea !! if so I have a son that would like to join ! will some one look in to this and let me know the facts ?
Posted on 05/01/08 10:55:35

Capt. Morgan USN SSBN630 wrote:

I'm truly amazed at almost everyone here posting messages to who ???? I'm ex-Navy, pulled over a 90 on the ASVAB, held a TS clearance and in the NWEPS program. The Army has and always will be accepting those that don't make the Navy or Air Force, do the homework. People, this isn't the place to REALLY ask your questions. Pick up the phone IF your really sincere. Most Veterans would laugh at 90% of this, soory, but it's true
Posted on 05/10/08 05:00:12


I wish i joined when i 17 i was talking to the recruiters but got too far into drugs and so on, now im 24 and I cant get in. Good luck to all you future soldiers.
Posted on 05/10/08 13:13:53


Posted on 05/19/08 16:48:14

Carlos Hathcock wrote:

I am 54 and run the Boilermaker road race every year. I also have a masters degree and can shoot both long guns and handguns proficiently.. I want to join,,, let me in please..
Posted on 05/21/08 16:02:38

Tim Patton wrote:

I have heard teens say 40s or more is to old to join. There are MANY 40 plus running triathlons, marathons, AND have college degrees that STILL want to join even after their prior service. I wish I could go into regular Army I am 48 wish to serve my country and want employment it would help me and I could serve with a commitment I never had before. If I got in I would be more than happy to go wherever they sent me...I could save lives in combat ...I was a medic and would like to be one again. I received awards and letters stating my abilities. It would be a honor to use them for my country again. I would join to SAVE my brothers in arms lives
Posted on 05/27/08 03:27:50

Josh wrote:

how old do i need to be to join im 15 right now
Posted on 06/05/08 01:42:56

david wrote:

Im 35 and british ,i had to look after my sick father the last 10 years and it stopped me being able to join the british army as the cut off age is only 33 over here.I for one wish i was american as i'd join strait away, i run about 30 miles a week and train in jujistu three times a week so i know im fit enough . But being over here i cant join up and do my part...but i wish good look to all those that can.
Posted on 06/09/08 16:22:50

John D wrote:

I'm 21 years old and will join the Army very very soon and will try to get Chaplin Assistant for my MOS.
Posted on 06/14/08 14:34:29

John D wrote:

Carlos Hathcock wrote:
I am 54 and run the Boilermaker road race every year. I also have a masters degree and can shoot both long guns and handguns proficiently.. I want to join,,, let me in please..
05/21/08 16:02:38

Should had joined like Twenty Years ago you could had been a Officer with your Education. Why is it they even still have the ASVAB if they really need soldiers badly. The ASVAB does not make sense right now and the Army should just Suspend it as a requirement to get in but no they made that requirement a law back in 1948 but it was not called the ASVAB back then. Congress should make a law that allows for each Branch of the Armed forces to suspend the ASVAB if they want to untill America is done fighting 2 wars.
Posted on 06/14/08 14:41:19

very worried army mom wrote:

i would just like to say to all who are considering joining....if you feel you are fit enought and it is something you really want to do then i feel you son is deployed and personally for me it is the worst time of my life waiting to hear from him to know he is safe...i have always been able to get to him if he needed me and now i if you are considering joining again just think very seriously about it..and if you join stay safe and thank you for being there for all of us here...and if for some reason you can't rejoin then thank you for thinking about it and being willing to help...bless you all!
Posted on 06/18/08 20:45:43

Mary wrote:

I am a healthy 50 year old female. I have several degrees, also I'm a registered nurse, will the Army take me at this age? I want to join. Thanks
Posted on 06/19/08 16:53:52

Barbara McNeill wrote:

I am a wife of a recently retired soldier, which he is 42, I will be turning 45 in July. It has been my dream as a teenager to join the military, but my parents would not let me. I still have a desire, to me age is just a number. If you would take me now, I am willing to serve my country.
Posted on 07/04/08 13:25:19

Jack C wrote:

I am in the best shape I have ever been in, I run marathons and can out run speed and distance wise most of the guys half my age. I would love to go in, is there a way to get some special waver?
Posted on 07/12/08 12:29:36

SSG CS Ellis wrote:

I know some folks that are SSG and SFC at 54 and 56 and now retiring. They were Gulf War vets and came. The waiver for retirement question is a very good one. I have often wondered what the army would do in that retrospect as well.
Posted on 07/20/08 12:32:36

Tammy lowe wrote:

Please help me get in i want to join i will do anything wash dishes take any kind of crap
Posted on 07/23/08 10:45:17

Mervin Livsey wrote:

I belive if a Individual is Motivated!, and can reach the standards to achieve his/her goals,regardless of thier age, then roll out the camo carpet and sign them up!! HOOAHH
Posted on 07/29/08 20:26:19

Juan A. Beteta wrote:

I’m a U.S. Marine, got out of the Corp because my time was up and before re-enlisting met the girl who I wanted to spend my life with whom by the way did not support the military… so never re-enlisted. 12 years later we’re still together and now she supports the military 100% right or wrong!!!! Although our children are very young we have tried and will always try to teach them to value the efforts our troops endure everyday. Our prayers go out for them and their families. I’m 33; I’m glad they extended the age limit, now I’ll be thinking of joining the Army because I believe I can help our Country as well… besides, I’m sure the soldiers won’t mind having someone driven to accomplish the mission and ensure the safety of the team…. that’s right… the mentality that hold us devil dogs together, Unit, Corp, God, Country, can serve us well in the Army.
Posted on 07/30/08 18:43:59


i am 40 years old and i want to get back into the army!i can do what ever a 23 or 24 year old can do any time any were! i have been in befor but only in the natioal guard.for about 9 yeras i just want to get back in to fight with my brothers at arms over sea's.give me a chance and i will prove that i can do any thing and everything you ask! what do you say!!!! i can bench press 160# and run 2 mile's under 18 min. push up's are no problem as well as set up's take me in and i will go to war anytime you ask!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted on 08/03/08 19:47:58

Michael wrote:

I joined in 1985 just after my 17 th birthday. I served in 3rd Ranger BN, and 5th SFG ABN. serving in Panama 1987, 1989, and serving in Desert Storm. now 40 we seasoned Veterans still have a wealth of knowledge to share. I think it's good that they have raised the age limit. but I am curious, some have bragged about what they can do. bench press so many pounds, run 2 miles in record time, and that's all good, but what of the ones that can't and age has taken it's toll on them?
Posted on 08/04/08 13:12:29

ETSed SGT McKinnney wrote:

It's a ploy to get more bodies in Iraq!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just like the army to lower standards to send more troops to Iraq and fight for nothing!
Good job Army!
Posted on 08/26/08 17:02:04

Steve K. wrote:

I'm a 37 year old who wanted to join back when I was in my teens but lost the chance when my son was born. Now that I'm older and still in good shape, I'm off to get my GED and join asap.
Posted on 09/01/08 15:21:26

LLoyd Hyderkhan wrote:

I am 45 yrs old would like to enlist into the army.How can I make this happen?
Posted on 09/01/08 19:55:10

THE TRUTH wrote:

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soontoserve wrote:

im 16 and turning 17 soon. neither of my parents want me to join. my mom had a stroke when i told her over the phone because shes in New mexico and im in cali. i doubt she will sign, my dad probably will tho because he knows how much i want this. just hope my mom figures out too.
Posted on 09/05/08 00:12:46

soontoserve wrote:

And thank you to all of you that have served, are serving, and will be serving. Stay strong, aye?
Posted on 09/05/08 00:14:44

pokemon wrote:

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Thanks, webmaster.
Posted on 09/07/08 17:35:12

daniel davies wrote:

hi all, well could a british lad at age 28 who was in british army for 3 years actualy join the us army , i mean i live in a small town in the united kingdom but have always dreamed about joining the us armed forces , is it possible or shall i apply to rejoin the british army , thanks everyone and all the guys and gals out on foriegn soil look after yourselves and each other ,god bless
Posted on 09/07/08 18:32:04

Marlene Ubau-Alvarez wrote:


Empty faces, dark souls
all they wish is destruction to us all.

Starving for what we have.
Sweet freedom and magical skys.

They don't seem to understand, that by killing eachother
our world faces the end.

We love our freedom
we are united and very strong.
Mess with US and your ass will be gone.

Marlene Ubau-Alvarez.
Posted on 09/18/08 11:42:00

Susan wrote:

I am 34 and i recently joined the army nation guard because i dont have my GED or High School Diaploma .. i have to take the GED PLUS program becuase the army dont put poeple like me through the schooling we need to get it... wish they did i would rather go full army but i cant...i guess its sorry for my luck
Posted on 09/20/08 02:00:04

D Artiaga wrote:

How hard can the ASVAB test be? My son age 24 has tried 3 times and can olny reach a score of 22.
Posted on 10/02/08 22:12:20

SSG Hodges wrote:

I had submitted a comment very early in this discussion. Let me now amend it. IF you want to join the military, CONTACT A RECRUITER. Posting requests for help or requesting help or advice in this Bulletin Board really does N-O-T-H-I-N-G for you. Situations/waivers could change, RECRUITERS will know the score. I will take the risk, however, to respond to many of the same questions since so many are repetitive. Again, I am NOT a recruiter, although I work with them. I am cognizant of the requirements but I do not make the final call nor am I up-to-date on all the qualifications, requirements, limitations or any waiver policy (again, see a recruiter.) So on to those repetitive questions that I keep seeing here: (1) As it stands today, 1 Nov 08, the cut-off is that you must "Ship by your 42nd birthday." It's an Army regulation and I was 'TOLD' no waivers -- BUT... don't take my word, several claim the National Guard gave one to them, SO ASK A RECRUITER! (2) VETERANS of all services: as it stands now, for you, it is 42 + the number of years you previously served. (3) Why the ASVAB? Because we have to set some standards. If you can't get a passing score, how will you be able to read and understand military manuals, regulations, training outlines, etc. Furthermore, it scores you on various areas, not just math & reading. It includes things that I wouldn't do well in, basic electronics, constructions, and other trade skills. There are places in the military for people of all types of skills/abilities. However, we expect some basic intelligence. Go out and get your GED...learn...and even if you don't get into the military, you'll at least be a better person for it. (4) Why an age cut-off? There has to be some point where we say, "You're too old!" There are 70 yr olds that could outrun some of you, but it doesn't make them more fit. Veterans of the famed WWII 442nd "Go For Broke" Regiment told me at a recent reunion that they were held back in battle by THIRTY-YR OLDS who couldn't keep up (yes, I know there are exceptions, of course.) That was their viewpoint, but you can understand some of the thinking behind today's age limitations. (5) Retirement for those who came in at 42? Obviously there will be an age waiver to allow you to retire at 62. (6) "Bad" background? It depends on the offense and if it's waiverable. I will leave a more detailed response from a recruiter. (7) Foreign nationals: You have to have a GREEN CARD to join. Once in, serving in the military will make US citizenship a bit faster. (8) last and most important point: Don't talk about your fitness or willingness to serve and all the reasons why you "could-a, should-a" be in the military, show your iniative by CALLING A RECRUITER! Everything else in here, including my posting, is online BS. GO TO THE SOURCE. One you can try, 1-800-GO-GUARD. Good luck. "nuff talk - take action!"
Posted on 11/01/08 18:23:25

Dan Ulett wrote:

Which of the medical field professionals between 43 and 62 years of age may enlist for 2 years minimum. I understand this is possible even for first timers. I've spent 14 years in the USAR and would like to ask. Thanks
Posted on 12/05/08 14:32:14

Dominic Boadi-Dwamena wrote:

PLEASE I need someone to help me an d my to the army because we know that the force is the best place for us. We are in form 3 J.H.S and in Ghana.
call 0245159523 OR 0243485759
Posted on 12/30/08 12:05:09

Fred wrote:

I would like to join the Army,but am currently beyond the new extended age restriction.I am a retired Police Officer with 24 years of service now recieving a pension. I feel that I owe this country ,for all the opportunities I've been given,and could be of use.45
Posted on 01/19/09 17:33:26

Ross G GArcia wrote:

hi, I am 41 years of age also, a full time student with 100+ units of college credit.yet, i have a felony that was dismised by the court by doing a divertion program can I still quilify?
Posted on 01/27/09 23:48:56

Spc. Walton wrote:

Much love and respect to all those that have served or are currently serving, with the new age requirements I am able to re-enlist and complete my dream of retiring from the Army.Once again thanks to all soldiers protect the freedoms that we as americans hold so dear. HOOAH!
Posted on 02/04/09 17:16:16

Andy wrote:

I'm 48 and would like to request that the Army raise the age to 50. I'm in good enough shape and this would motivate me to get into excellent shapre. I'm a computer expert and have good vision. Hope dentures are ok.

Willing to do cook duty though want to be taught how to use an M-16.

W'ere supposed to live a long time now right so why not. Create an old goats division.
Posted on 02/07/09 12:56:18

Andy wrote:

better yet (thinking about Fred), eliminate the age requirement and base it on a fitness test.
Posted on 02/07/09 13:01:31

David wrote:

I believe this country was founded on principles. Those who are willing to stand up and defend those principles should have the right to. REGARDLESS OF AGE!!! I am 39 years old and seriously contemplating joining the ARMY. As for fitness level, I am 6' tall and 175 lbs w/ 6% body fat. I can do 113 push-ups and 102 sit-ups in the allotted time. How many 18 year old kids can do that? I also have a BFA and 15 years experience in the corporate world. How many 18 year old kids have that? WITH AGE COMES EXPERIENCE, WISDOM AND KNOWLEDGE! The fire in my belly to defend this wonderful country isn't diminished by age, but only intensified. I have the knowledge and life experience that younger recruits don't have. We can be be major assets to these recruits and help make them even stronger.
I turn 40 at the end of May. I will just have to show those kids how us old folks roll:-)
Peace out
Posted on 02/22/09 05:19:58

faith wrote:

it is a really good thing for people to do that
Posted on 03/21/09 12:12:41

faith wrote:

my brother is going into the army and my parents listened to him tell your parents to listen to what you have to say about the army
Posted on 03/21/09 12:16:56

Jeffro wrote:

Age limits shouldn't even be considered. If a man has all his facultys about him, can go beyond passing the PT standards, is patiriotic and brave as hell then leem in. I'm 44 and run sub 58:00
15ks, 3:03 Marathon,bench like a mad man, dip, push up, crunch I can meet them all. Gimme a shotchance
Posted on 03/26/09 05:48:24

Kelly wrote:

It may be that the the Army is merely stating that age limits should be much less important than they once were. I am sure that they will not be putting anyone in harms way that cannot meet the required physical standards. I am a former Marine that has been waiting 16 years for the governemnt in their infinite wisdon to overturn the discriminatory "don't ask don't tell" policy so that I may return to my post. I am now 42 and would be the first one running down to the recruiter if they ever do.
Posted on 04/05/09 00:06:29

alyssa weeks wrote:

it was very informational
Posted on 04/20/09 11:42:03

Ranger Duke wrote:

Enlistment Age by Service:
Active Army - 42
Army Reserves (Including National Guard) - 42
Active Air Force - 27
Air Force Reserve (inlcuding National Guard) - 34
Active Navy - 34
Naval Reserves - 39
Active Marines - 28
Marine Corps Reserve - 29
Active Duty Coast Guard - Age 27. Note: up to age 32 for those selected to attend A-school directly upon enlistment (this is mostly for prior service).
Coast Guard Reserves - Age 39.
Posted on 04/26/09 03:38:49

JC Rojas wrote:

I've always wanted to join when I was younger, but something always got in the way. I'm 44 years old and in better shape then I ever was. I work out with my 20 year old son and his friends and I always put them to shame. I out run them, over power them in weight lifting and I know for DAMN sure I'm more disciplined. For the life of me, I just don't understand why the Army would let them join over me! In my opinion they should let anyone under the age of 50 try out, and let them join if they pass all the tests. it's very frustrating wanting to help out and knowing what you're capable of doing and they just let a number stand in the way of patriotism.
Posted on 05/15/09 13:29:10

MinelyL wrote:

Im turning 16 soon and i want to join, but the minimum age to join is 17.I have my parents approval, why cant i join?
Posted on 05/16/09 21:52:02

Angela wrote:

My husband (32) is joining soon. He has been talking to a man that used to be a recruiter to get an idea of what to say to his recruiter to not get pressured into anything that he didnt want but is in high demand. I would suggest that anyone who is enlisting get real information on what you are really signing up for, and figure out what job you would like prior to going in, and stick with it. Any bonuses and incentives that you are promised, get them in WRITING! SIGNED, AND WITNESSED! Recruiters are good people, but they are told by their superiors what kind of soldiers they need, and what to say to convince people to become that kind of soldier. God bless all of you that are in support of our wonderful country, and have the nerve to stand up and prove it, just go in with your eyes open!
Posted on 05/19/09 09:44:48

Alan L. Young wrote:

Raising the age cap is a wonderful idea for the Army and and Armed Forces. For the opponets of that remember this ...
The reasons you enjoy the wealth(95% better than rest of World), fredom of speach, and endless lifestyle choices is because of the strength of our country, i.e. The United States Military.
You see, fredom of choice comes with an inherit persecution outside of our borders. Although the majority of our armed forces never see combat, I remember seeing a solider in a fire fight getting both legs and one arm blown off and was blinded while two other soldiers held him and he said his last words. I too would join today and fall for you because I think you and our country are worth it if I could (six mos. too late) and never would expect you to understand because I know it has to be done. So we can say in "In God We Trust."
Posted on 08/14/09 09:04:13

Nate Willliams wrote:

it;shonorable that older people wat to join the military but why didn't you all try to join when you were younger....i joined the usmc when i was 17....i just don't understand why they have such an since of urgency now
Posted on 08/16/09 17:43:14

Melissa Shaffer wrote:

I am a 36 year old mother of three. I am joining the Army with my husbands support as well as my kids encouragement. I couldn't join when I was younger, it's a long, convoluted story. I am joining to fulfill my dream of serving, for the educational opportunities and to do something to make myself worthy of my childrens admiration. The only thing I am waiting on is for the Army to open enlistment to GED holders. I am in the best shape of my life and getting fitter and trimmer everyday. I run everyday, eat healthy and do strength training. Since December I have gone from a size 22 to an 8. My lone motivation for all this? I truly want to be a part of the worlds greatest Army. Believe me, if I can do it, anyone who desires to can as well. I can't wait to earn the title of Soldier.
Posted on 09/20/09 20:42:07

Peter wrote:

I am 46, run 5 days a week around 3-5 miles, weight train a couple days a week and basically in great physical shape. Is there any way i can join. A recent divorce and a change in priorities have made me think about this. No one should question anyones reasons. If a person wants to do it and can, let them. Any advice would be great.
Posted on 10/13/09 18:20:17

David wrote:

I am 40, going on 41 in 6 months from now. I am very interested in joining the US Army. Caveat, I have a misdemeanor for poss marij 0-2 oz. and a DWI that was dissmissed same time frame. My other concern is that I'm hiv+. I feel in great health and more than capable of handling boot camp. Would just love the opportunity to serve my country, my family and fellow men and women. What are my changes in my dream becoming a reality??
Posted on 10/16/09 02:08:34

Mark from MN wrote:

I too am in my mid-late 40's, in the best shape of my life both physically and mentally, and the age limitation requirement is the only thing holding me back from enlisting even in the National Guard? So there is age discrimination for those who want to serve their country.. I would be a much better soldier now than I was in my teens and 20's.
Posted on 10/19/09 17:36:04

Steve S. wrote:

Hell, I'm 65 and have been in the military 35 years ago. If they'd take me now, I'd join again. There is a vast amount of wealth and knowledge us old fart's can contribute.
Posted on 11/01/09 14:53:43

David in Sparks, NV wrote:

I'm 46 in great physical shape and have tried to enlist for the last 4 year. I have even sent emails to my congressmen, assemblymen and various offices in the White House and have only been let down. However if I were a convicted drug user / dealer or have had some other non-violent misdemeanor or felony conviction on my record and under the age of 42 I WOULD be allowed to serve after I received all of my required WAIVERS for my criminal activities. I CAN'T BELIELVE THE MILITARY DOES NOT HAVE AN AGE WAIVER IN PLACE FOR PHYSICALLY FIT AMERICANS WHO WANT TO SERVE. This just doesn't make any sense to me. There are certain MOS fields that do give age waivers, i.e. Medical field, Lawyers, Religion and Mental Health. You can get in as long as you can serve for I think 5 years to the age of 62 then you have to retire.
Posted on 11/11/09 12:51:43

David in Sparks, NV wrote:

I ENCOURAGE everyone who post here to send a link of this site to their or ALL of the representatives in Washington D.C. so that they might get the ball rolling to raise the age limits for all branches of OUR military. I going to do it right now and hope you do too.
Posted on 11/11/09 13:04:09

alvin j siener jr wrote:

I thiink if your physically fit and healty you should be able to inlist as long as you can give a mimumin of 5 years
Posted on 11/16/09 12:59:34

Sean wrote:

I think this was a good decision. If people want to serve their country and are fit to do so, they should be allowed to.

Still no openly gay patriots allowed though!
Posted on 12/05/09 07:53:34

M. Johnson wrote:

I am 45 and would like to join the Army National Guard Reserve. I wish I would have joined a long time ago, but for the past 6 months I think about it daily. I am in excellent shape and would probably pass the medical exams. I also have a 4 year degree. Anyone know if anyone has made it in under these circumstances?
Posted on 12/07/09 20:35:23

david michael zink wrote:

I am 54 and still outwork any of my laborers on the job. I am a bricklayer who climbs scaffolding and throws blocks all day. I have attempted to enlist several times back in the military. An old soldier will not quit and has no fear of dying. I can shoot as well as any other hunter and scrap as any gang member. I believe I should be allowed in as long as I am willing to die.
Posted on 12/29/09 06:00:28

DOCACE wrote:

Grammar people--grammar, geesh!

Honestly who gives a shiza.. If you're 20, 42, or even 52 and can do the job you enlisted to do that's all we care about.

If you're an 18 year old NPS puke I don't expect you understand any of this thread. Do me and everone else here a favor join, (lose the body fat that is most likley all over your frame) graduate Basic/AIT, serve, and then tell us" what you think" otherwise shut that pie hole, your opinion is baseless-

18 years in and STILL loving it.
Posted on 02/01/10 02:52:29

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