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Army Streamlines Service Uniforms to One Blue Army Service Uniform

Decision Reflects Simplicity, Utility, Quality and Tradition

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WASHINGTON (Army News Service - June 6, 2006) -- Army service uniforms will be streamlined to one blue Army Service Uniform, the Army announced today.

“World-class Soldiers deserve a simplified, quality uniform. The blue Army Service Uniform is a traditional uniform that is consistent with the Army’s most honored traditions,” said Sgt. Maj. Of the Army Kenneth O. Preston.

“We have all of these variations of uniforms – green, blue and white,” said Army Chief of Staff Gen. Peter J. Schoomaker. “It makes sense for us to go to one traditional uniform that is really sharp and high quality and which Soldiers will be very proud to wear. And that’s what we’ve done by adopting this blue Army Service Uniform that reflects simplicity, quality, utility and tradition.”

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Many Soldiers already own an Army blue uniform (now to be called the Army Service Uniform) and may continue to wear it. Improvements will be made to the fabric and fit. Reduction of the number of uniforms will reduce the burden on Soldiers for purchases and alteration cost.

Introduction in the Army Military Clothing Sales Stores should begin in fourth quarter of fiscal year 2007. Introduction in the Clothing Bag should begin first quarter 2009. The Mandatory Possession Date is expected to be fourth quarter fiscal year 2011.

A wear-out date for the Army Green Class A and White dress uniforms will be determined at a later date.

The consolidation of Army service uniforms is part of a streamlining process. In 2004, the Army reduced the number of battle dress uniforms from three to one when it adopted the Army Combat Uniform in place of the Woodland Green Battle Dress Uniform (winter and summer versions) and the Desert Combat Uniform. That uniform consolidation has been a resounding success in terms of Soldier acceptance and reducing the variety of combat uniforms with which they must deal.

Army Blue as a uniform color traces its origins back to the National Blue and was first worn by Soldiers in the Continental Army of 1779.

Besides tradition, the Army Service Uniform reflects utility, simplicity and quality.

* In utility, the blue Army Service Uniform provides a basic set of components that allow Soldiers to dress from the lowest end to the highest end of service uniforms with little variation required.

* In simplicity, the blue Army Service Uniform eliminates the need for numerous sets of green Class A uniforms, service blue uniforms and, for some, Army white mess uniforms (and tunics, for women). Streamlining various service uniforms into one Army Service Uniform reduces the burden on Soldiers in the same manner that the Army Combat Uniform (ACU) did for the field utility uniform.

* In quality, the blue Army Service Uniform is made of a durable material that is suitable for daily use without special care.
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Article Opinions

Mario G. Covi wrote:

It is about time that world class soldiers like ours shoul get to dress in fine clothing that do justice to their service. The greates fighting force in the world deserves that and much more.
Posted on 06/16/06 15:38:49

Ed Robinson MAJ USA Ret wrote:

AMEN to that, I've always hated the greens, I came in when the ODs were just phasing out, and as an Airborne soldier I hated to see them go. the green uniform looked so damn unprofessional. now if they stick to the ARMY tradition of the Leg stripe , we will be the best dressed Soldiers in the world, with the OLDEST traditional uniform !!!
Posted on 06/16/06 18:04:39

Raymond G. Thompson wrote:

I never did like the Green uniform.I think this make our men and women one of the best Dressed in the world.I allways love the Dress Blues.
Raymond Thompson Sfc
usArmy Ret.
Posted on 06/16/06 19:17:26

S.McConnell wrote:

That takes care of the field and dress how about the Class B's; we got rid of the Khakis and the TWs so where are we in the casual dress attire? If we drop the greens that drops the green short sleeve shirt...lets replace that now with a shirt that can be worn with the 'blue' pants; simliar but not like the USMC.
Posted on 06/19/06 12:29:19

Seademhawks wrote:

The dress blues look too much like the Air Force, but it is a good first step.
Posted on 06/19/06 19:37:45

xxchantxx wrote:

year your all right
Posted on 06/21/06 08:03:05

N.mccormick wrote:

I always loved the green uniform but the blue just isnt't suitable for me
Posted on 06/21/06 10:51:47


Posted on 06/25/06 13:33:41


Why are the Army knobbing around with the uniform? Green uniform are fitting for all events. Blues are only for special events, as it should be.
Posted on 06/29/06 04:18:48

Colonel (Retd) Tahir Zia Nagi wrote:

All armies worth the mention, always felt pride in traditions & usefulness as top priority in designing their uniforms ...look at Turks Japanese etc. Dress of a soldier represent a nation . How about defining " the cultural and usefulness " of the new Blues concept .
Posted on 08/01/06 04:52:36

Todd Barnes wrote:

The Blue service dress looks great, I agree that a stripe on the pant leg would make it look even better.
Posted on 08/11/06 14:31:05

WSV wrote:

ANS:There is a reason the leg stripe is that color and width, LOOK IT UP- Hint;TRADITION, Calvary..

The Blue service dress looks great, I agree that a stripe on the pant leg would make it look even better. THERE IS A STRIPE ON THE PANT LEG-
Posted on 08/14/06 01:52:18

Junkin, Tom wrote:

The dress blue uniform is awesome and for those who wear it seem to wear it with more pride.
No matter what uniform we are in we must wear it with the utmost respect and remember that we are reperesenting the Army, America our unit and of course ousrselfs.
Posted on 08/27/06 13:42:34

Fallshirmjaeger wrote:

The Dress Blue Uniform is just a blue version of the green. Still looks like a Bus Drivers Coat. They should have never gotten away from the WWI style tunic with the single "Sam Browne" Belt (however this style of belt was an American invention of the Civil War )and US and Branch Collar Insignias on a stand up collar. The traditional Blue Uniform did not have outside pockets or silly lapel style collars and neither should any new uniform. The Army has suffered from a lack of style since 1900 and it seems they are still following suit. A Blue exterior pocket-less Tunic with a Standing Collar with US on one side Branch Insignia on the other, shoulder boards for Officers, stripes for NCO and Enlisted, and Full Sized Medals not those dumb Ribbon Boards, Class A Patches appropriate right shoulders where authorized for Combat Service, and of course a decent pair of pants not made of polyester with a grey band for Enlisted, single gold band for NCOs, double for Officers, and Gold with Black for General Officers would make it complete. Of course Cochran's bloused for us Non Legs. But the Army lacks vision and wants an Army of One, one emasculated PC warrior indistinguishable from CONUS POL clerk to an Airborne Ranger. Pentagon whores hate being over shadowed in public by the real warriors in Jump Boots wearign Berets you have to earn.
Posted on 08/29/06 20:11:33

Rod-x- wrote:

Quote: "Pentagon whores hate being over shadowed in public by the real warriors in Jump Boots wearign Berets you have to earn."

I totally agree with Fallshirmjaeger.
Posted on 08/29/06 22:16:28

War187 wrote:

I would love to see the blues with a standing collar, but I am sure that down the road it will come back. This is a first step in making the American Soldier look damn sharp again. Wouldn't be surprised if the mess blues got replaced with some kind of standing collar uniform like the Air Force is proposing now with their new mess uniform.
The only thing missing on the new service blues is the a cloth or Sam brown belts. The Class B's will consist of a light gray short sleeve shirt, black belt with gold closed face buckle and the blue trousers. Corp and above will wear a gold stripe on their trousers. The uniform will be made of a 55 percent polyester and 45 percent cotton blend. The trousers will be made of this more durable material and will have belt loops. The jacket will be form fitted to the individual Soldier and will be virtually wrinkle free. The daily work shirt will be of a heavier material and light gray in collar. A white shirt will be issued for more formal events.
From what I have read from the responses from Soldiers who have tried on the new uniform at Ft. Belvoir, it will be a big hit! I think the things that I am most excited about is that the Army will now have a sharper image and that the new Class B uniform will look sharp instead of like crap like the old mint green nightmare. For who ever said that the Army blues look like the Air Force uniform. You have never seen them together, they look nothing alike, different cut and color .
PS: .As for head gear......The Army Times reported that Spec and below will wear the beret while everyone else will wear the service cap. I have also heard from a few O-3's that this is bogus.
Posted on 09/26/06 00:50:00

bill brown wrote:

I think that tradition it's good thing going back from where we came from it helps to remember the soldier of the continental army. The gold strip no fear. thank you Army Streamlines service uniforms. change is a good thing. we are the worlds best dress military.
Posted on 10/01/06 08:57:37

SnakeDriver06 wrote:

Speaking as a veteran, I am very disappointed with the decision to move to a slightly modified version of the current dress blues as the all-purpose service and dress uniform. All the decision makers (SMA Preston) did was adopt a uniform that is identical to the green Class A's in everything except color. The cut, fabric, and lack of tailoring are all beyond poor. The lapels are huge, stupid-looking and make you either cover half your ribbons or arrange them in a crazy way. The officer shoulder boards are ludicrous looking: garish and impractical for daily use. Ditto with the officer dress blue hats. Ever seen a Signal Corps officer with his idiotic orange hat band? Laughable. Calling a crappy P.O.S uniform "traditional" is no answer at all, Sergeant Major Preston.

It sounds like the decision makers simply punted on the tough decisions and said "to hell with it, let's just use the blues." Meanwhile the Air Force is about to make a real change and adopt a truly traditional looking uniform - a blue version of the pinks and greens (including the waist belt), and/or an optional closed-collar uniform tunic. They will look like a millions bucks and the troops will love it. It really is that simple guys.

All that being said, blue is the Army's traditional color, its the right color, and anything would be better for the Army's public image than the current polyester green leisure suit decked out in a multitude of boy scout badges and ribbons. As a stop gap measure to avoid looking like fools in public, the Army should ditch the officer-specific shoulder boards, colorful hat bands, etc. and use the current enlisted blue uniform with rank/DUI pinned on the epaulettes a la Class A. My two cents.
Posted on 10/24/06 16:01:25

Rich C. wrote:

I personally think the Army needs to go to the old brown uniforms of WWII. Now those were sharp looking uniforms. They stand out and definitely won't be confused with any other branch of service.
Posted on 11/02/06 10:59:41


Not no DAMN brown uniforms.....get outta here!!!!!!!
Posted on 11/02/06 13:32:16

Tim wrote:

Does anyone know if they are going to allow Unit and Combat Patches on the Blues. I know in the past they where not and the unit insignia on the sholder loops. Just wondering if anyone knows. I have looked at the 670-1 but cant find a new copy past 2005
Posted on 11/03/06 08:19:53

Dave wrote:

No unit insignia or combat patches will be allowed on the uniform. Just the DUI over the right brest. The Army wants to cut down on all the doo dads and bling. Enough with the WW2 uniform stuff. Soldiers back then were complaining about the uniforms when compared with the Marine uniforms. Why would we want to repeayt that mistake? I don't care for the cut of the blues but I am guessing that eventualy the high collar will be brought back as an alternate dress or mess uniform in the future.
Posted on 11/27/06 10:23:22

R. Scott wrote:

Can anyone help!!!!
I know this is not the site to ask---but I'm asking anyone with knowledge of the WWII Drill Sgt chain and whistle ---and where I can possible purchase one. I'm doing a shadow box for a family member and this is the only thing I can't find. Thanks
Posted on 11/27/06 10:28:23

n. Jones wrote:

My concern is that the gold stripe on the pants will wear out relatively quickly and look dirty and tattered. I also think the full dress hat is impracticle looking for daily duty wear. However, I can't stand the beret, as it takes longer to form up and put on correctly than most people wear it. It really only looks good on a few people.
Posted on 12/08/06 21:04:13

Airborne Medic wrote:

On the beret only looking good on a few people -

This is true; if you wear your hair in a bun or a 'done-up' style. The beret only really works if you have short hair. Other than that, as long as you shave and shape it, the beret really -is- the sharpest looking headgear around. Of course, practically speaking, it IS useless - won't keep the sun out of your eyes, won't keep the rain off your face, cold in winter and hot in summer - but Damn, it looks good!
Posted on 12/15/06 16:52:44

L E Farmer, SSG (Ret) wrote:

I think the blues(ASU) is the best looking uniform in the US military.

As a member of a honor guard I wear mine about 90 days a year. I don't see any appreciable wear, more than usual in the uniform.

One thing that really bugs me is the wide variance of the color of the gold striping.
Posted on 12/23/06 11:02:55

madmarty wrote:

Q, why are they getting rid of the "cobat stripes"
Posted on 12/27/06 15:56:40

mad marty wrote:

"combat stripes"
Posted on 12/27/06 15:57:23

skivt34 wrote:

I think that the army needs to have a belt on the ASU, it would look really sharp. Also, have a standing collar like the USMC.

Speaking from a civillian POV, when the USMC recruiters come into our school, they wear their dress uniforms, and look a lot sharper that the Army recruiters in ACU's. If Army would wear the ASU to school, many more kids would come up to ask them about the service.
Posted on 01/13/07 17:36:13

phillip M. Johnson wrote:

I like the officer branch specific shoulder boards, and the branch specific sleeve bands. Please keep the blue the way they are today. As far as a Class B uniform, what about the sky blue pants with a gold stripe on the leg and a navy blue shirt (long and short sleeve) with the rank and branch worn on the collar just like we did with the khakis.
Posted on 01/14/07 17:05:47

REDLEG wrote:

Consolidating to one uniform looks good on the surface. It would be mild to observe that the design looks dated - and the uniform is not even on the shelves yet. Practicality was a key concept in the development and selection of the Army Combat Uniform. This is seemingly ignored in the selection of this uniform where Theme=Bus Driver. Four buttons may be tradition but do we want the modern Army or the mothball Army? Why four buttons on the front? Why the pockets? These might as well be embroidery as nothing can ever be put in them. My only hope is that they are as cheap as they look!
Posted on 01/17/07 14:35:01

S. Groover (former USAF) wrote:

The idea of simplicity is a sound one, in my opinion. I am definately on board with no stripes down the side of pants legs. According to present army regs, only officer's pants have a single stripe down pants legs and Generals have 2 stripes there.
I do think that the lapel size should be reduced and matierials should be a poly/cotton blend &/or a poly/wool blend.
Other than these exceptions, I am all for it. Get that nasty green outta here!
Posted on 01/19/07 04:00:38

Zak wrote:

Th US Army should never eliminate the "Army Green" uniform. It appears to me that they are trying to compete with the USMC. Nothing looks better than the Army Greens with a black, green or maroon beret. How is a soldier to be identified if he is not wearing a unit patch? The soldiers unit identity on his uniform is left to guess. There is a high level of pride when a soldier is serving with a unit that has historically distinguished itself in defense of our nation. The current uniform clearly identifies the soldier if he is Airborne, Infantry, Ranger , Special Forces and is identified by a unit patch ie; Corp /Division /Brigade/ etc.. on his left sleeve. It also reflects the soldier's combat tour patch on his right sleeve.
In conclusion, with the Army Greens soldiers can easily be identified with out asking who, what ,where and how.
Go Army Stay Green
Posted on 01/29/07 22:08:00

CPT K. wrote:

I would say go back to the style the Union wore in the Civil War; sashes, belts, all that good stuff. Get rid of the service cap, and bring in a modern version of the kepi, and keep the beret for Class B's. That's it for suggestions.

As for belts, the Army Ceremonial belt is already authorized for Dress Blues in formal occasions. It should remain the same. If the Blues don't change too much, wearing the belt in addition to what is already worn with the Blues will make it look sharper.
Posted on 02/19/07 15:32:32

Sgt Maj David Wilson 5th Spec Forces wrote:

I am still proud to wear the class A uniform with all my ribbons and unit patches on it along with my green beret. The new blue uniforms are nice but we still like our unit patches and our combat patches espescially when the say airbourne special forces i am pround to have served in this unit from 1968 until 1972 and will always be proud to have served in Vietnam. I still wear my class As to special occasions and funerals of military personal and will always be proud to do so.
Posted on 02/20/07 13:25:48

James D. wrote:

I am disappointed in the Army’s decision to move to an all purpose dress uniform. It makes no distinction between a formal function, mess, regular work, or any other event that a Solider in the United States of America would have to attend. The traditional dress blue uniform is a really great looking uniform. It is to be worn with pride, as all other US uniforms; however, I feel that the appreciation of the dress blue uniform and what it stands for will be lost. Soldiers and cadets alike will initially learn what the uniform stands for. But without the distinct difference between uniforms, ie: Mess Whites, Class A Greens, Dress Blues.

The Army looked better when they had to change into different uniforms. Depending on the occasion, Formal dress uniforms looked great then. I don’t see how one uniform will look good if you wear it all of the time.

In addition, a soldier can not show pride in his unit if he/she is not allowed to wear a unit patch or shoulder patches; ie: rangers.

I just think that Army is trying to compete with the Marines. The stripe down the leg should be left to officers and generals. Other than that, no enlisted personnel should have a stripe down the leg.

Greens, whites, dress blues, and other mess uniforms provided a clear distinction between Army and Marines, or Army and Navy, or Army and Air Force. Without the greens, we will be walking around in traditional blues for all occasions. We will wear blues to work, blues to formal functions, blues to informal social functions. The only alteration is before and after 1800 hours which would be the black tie to the black bow tie.

In my mind, I feel that Army looked great before. Keep the Whites, Blues, and Greens. Get rid of the stripe on the blues, save only officers and generals. In addition, put a high collar on the Blues. Greens rock, as well as blues, and whites.
Posted on 03/01/07 10:19:38

James D. wrote:

To add to my last comment, where do the ribbons go? You earn them, don't you want to wear them with pride? I know I would. Greens allowed the unit patch, special forces patches, ribbons, berets, etc. I am also pro garrison caps, because the other caps are too formal for a regular day on base, in my opinion.

I hope Army switches back before 2012 or sometime in the near future.
Posted on 03/01/07 10:24:31

MP 2LT wrote:

First, let me say that I have always liked the Blues better than the Greens, and that the "saucer cap" is much better headgear than the beret. It looks sharp and fits what Americans think of when they think of a soldier in a dress uniform. A beret looks great with ACUs because it conjures up commando-type images, but it doesn't fit with a dress uniform. The "scrambled eggs" on the bills of O-4 and above caps look especially sharp. I definately think a stand-up "mandarin collar" would be preferable to the lapel type collar presently used, but the lapels honestly aren't all that bad. As an officer I am very fond of my branch colors and so I am thrilled that I'll get to wear them more often on the shoulder-boards, cap, and sleeve braid. I think the switch away from branch insignia on the ACU was a bad idea, in fact, and I think we should wear them over top of our name tapes, in the same place Chaplains wear their crosses/stars/crescents. Officers take great pride in their crossed pistols/rifles/cannons/sabers/etc. As for a Class-B equivalent, last I heard was that there would be a gray shirt to be worn with the blue pants, but I haven't confirmed that. Finally, I think combat and unit patches could be easily miniaturized for wear on the breast pocket flaps on the side opposite the Airborne wings/qual badges. Anyway, that's my 2 cents.
Posted on 03/05/07 22:13:36

Warhammer wrote:

That is a great idea reguarding the minature division unit crests. I thought about that last year. Why not add a small wreath around the crest for overseas service?
Posted on 03/13/07 10:01:02

Donmega wrote:

I agree with the standing collar. It would look so much better. Why must soldiers look like they are attending a dinner party all the time?
Posted on 04/15/07 12:05:29

CDR L. FUNKEN wrote:

Posted on 04/17/07 16:49:12

Drill Sergeant CMA wrote:

Well, good news. By what i hear, they do have a stripe down the leg. But, they are still planning, so things may change. Not supposed to be actually produced in large qty yet. Dress blues a hell of a lot better than the greens. Greens never looked professional, all the other branches were showing us up.
Posted on 04/24/07 09:25:57

Sfc Larry Dearborn USA-RET wrote:

I have been wearing the Blues since I retired in 1973. Every day or every year that I have worn it, the public was amazed as to how nice it looks. I have received so many comments about the blues, that I want to wear them to bed. This is not a new comment, but one that is 34 years old. That is the date I retired.
Posted on 04/25/07 06:54:08

David Speer wrote:

04/17/2007 04:49:12 PM
Apparently you haven't been paying attention to the topic. And why are you YELLING!

As a prospective soldier, I appreciate the army's attempt to honor its roots with a blue service uniform. I will wear it with pride.
Posted on 04/25/07 08:08:12

Sgt Johnnie wrote:

Okay first of all the Army Green uUniform is more traditional in the Modern Army and that is what we need to be the modern Amry. General Schoomaker should not have made this decision it should have went thriough the Uniform Board like in the Air Force. The ACU's need to go as well they don't work in the desert and they don't work in a woodland environment they are to bright and they are ugly beyond all hell. Back to the Greens we have had that since the end of the Korean War why change to Blue now it is not like it will save any money if anything it will cost you more General Schoomaker was pretty senseless in making this decision. This is my reccomendation for the Army uniforms Keep the Greens and the Blues the way they are and save the Mess Uniforms because we will stick out at conventions where the other services are in proper mess Dress Uniforms and change the ACU's to something better and hopefully General casey the new Chief of Staff will svae the Green Uniform

Posted on 04/28/07 18:06:50

Capt Henry wrote:

I agree with you on that I hope General Casey does save the Green Uniform I want to be seen with Unit Patch on my Uniform and on Blues it would look like crap and I want to keep blousing my boots
Posted on 04/28/07 18:09:53

Wild Johnnie wrote:

Well the Greens should be saved because there is alot of modern tradition in it there have been alot of men who died in the Green Uniform in Vietnam and both Gulf Wars and every othe major American conflict since the 50's and the color Blue is pretty well maxed by the other services so much for distinctivness let the Air Force be Blue the Army Should stay Green.
Posted on 05/01/07 19:18:44

PFC Malcun wrote:

I Agree the Army Green's have been in service for quite some time now and to change it to just one blue service uniform for logistical purposes only is kind of crappy excuse to say the least... the Army Green's should remain a uniform for the US Army.... go green
Posted on 05/07/07 02:15:34

Wild Johnnie wrote:

All the Way PFC Malcun
Posted on 05/10/07 13:30:03

Sgt Jim Francois wrote:

If the Army wants to phase out the Greens thats fine. But pick a color that stands out from the other branches of service. I cringe at the thoughts of weraning a blue uniform and civilazations coming up to me and asking if I'm in the Marines or Air Force. I mean the new ACU's ( which I hate) look too much like the Marines also. Thats why I like if anything the Army should bring back the Khakis, screw it, bring back the Ike jacket too! Who's with me in letting the Army distinguish themselves by looking unique? Another thing. Are Airborne, SF, and Rangers still going to able to blouse their boots? If not thats going to piss them off. I mean after all Rangers were pissed when the regular Army adopted the beret. Keep the Green or go Khaki. Leave the Blues for the Honor Guards!
Posted on 05/18/07 12:45:05

Sgt Jwillingston wrote:

Okay I have to agree with you on that I hate the Blues and the ACU Greens are my favorite uniform and I think that is what keeps the Army seperate from the services what is the fasicnation with blue anyhow it isn't that great of a color. Anyway Greens need to stay in service because have you ever seen Blues with a beret it looks like crap and the Rangers and Airbourne still should have the right to blouse there pants and keep a Beret which they shouldn't have lost their black one and all soldiers shouldn't get to wear it this is what the Army needs to do with the uniforms.

1. Save the Mess Dress Uniforms
2. Keep Blues for formal occasions
3. Save the Greens and Whites
4. Replace the ACU with something practical for our environment it dosen't blend in worth a crap in anything so much for what they call multipurpose environment.

the last time the Army wore only dress Blue Uniforms they were also going to combat in Blue and we just can't do that now can we but I hope no one in authority reads this because they might get an idea. Also we have no right to copy the Marines in a high collar jacket that is blue if War187 wants to look like Marine so bad he should to the recruiting station and go to Paris Island for 13 weeks. We are the United States Army and we should stay Green brickbats to those worthless people who think any different Blue was out along time ago and Green is the color now.

Go Army Stay Green is RIGHT!!!!
Posted on 05/18/07 14:39:52

A Concerned Citizen wrote:

Uniform Changes never seise to mamaze me that is why I am happy I am now retired. I was never required to own Blues being an enlisted amn and all and I can never remember anybody once saying anything bad about the Greens. I never owned Blues because I flat out knew that I would never where them and I was right I never once needed them. Greens are a decent uniform and they do not look like a business suit if you ask me that is a ignorant statement. Then General Schoomaker and Sergeant Major Preston stating that 70 percent of soldiers want the change I have heard from at least 200 Soldiers saying that they absolutely hated the idea of the change. Maybe the Chief of Staff will cancel it maybe he won't but I have alot of confidence. The Army is good at making bad uniform decisions. Like the Black Beret honestly what was wrong with the Green Service CAP and the Garrison CAP the Rangers that worked hard for that lost it know the only requirement is to complete the Army's worthless BCT. Then came the ACU whose idea was this that uniform dosen't even a blend in and it will probally have to be replaced which I am sure that Army spend over a 3 Million on it and it will take another 3 million to replace it. Then came the Army Service Uniform Announcment I bet this will take at least 4 million to get implemented I have seen pictures of this with the Grey Shirt and I have to say is this what the Army is coming to that thing has about 10 different colors it is a rainbow suit for crying out loud yeah it is great for special occasions I give it credit for that but if it gets implemented every occupation that required a Green Uniform will be wearing the ACU. The color Green has been with the Army since the end of the Korean War and I think it needs to stay in the Army because Green is the Color of the modern Army and what is the trend of going back to traditional uniforms we live in the 21st century do you honestly want to be a laughing stalk I am surprised that General Schoomaker didn't order the return of the Continental Army Uniforms since he so obsesed with the Army Blue Uniform. Then there is the plan to remove unit patches that Soldiers have worked hard to earn almost all unit patches look good against the Army Green Uniform and most look like crap against the Blues. Anyway back to the point. The Army needs to stay Green and forget blue those days are over keep as a dress uniform and keep the Greens as well and put your priorties in line I think the Army leadership needs to worry about other things other Uniforms Changes. Also the Army needs to be more disciplined wright noe the Coast Guard's Boot Camp is longer what is our Army coming to to I was proud to wear Army Green in my Service years and I was proud to be a Soldier in the United States Army when I was. So in the end Shoot down the Blue and Save the Green.
Posted on 05/19/07 22:35:22

Yeahman wrote:

Save the Green Fuck the Blue
Posted on 05/22/07 13:25:01

Soldat379 wrote:

Simplifying the uniforms by going to the blues with, as it stands now, a grey shirt for less formal duty is a great thing. Our blue uniforms give a nod to the past with the faded pants which are a nod to "Indian War" era troopers who would ground thier jackets and patrol the American frontier in service shirts and pants. When they returned to garrison and put the jackets back on, there would be noticeable fading of the pants compared to the jacket due to the extra wear.

As an officer who recently (two years ago) spent a good deal of money on a high quality green Class A, it does miff me a little. But what gets me more is the fact that I have only worn the green uniform officially for my DA photo. For all other events I am wearing the blues already. While we're at it, I say bring back the wear of officer sabres and NCO swords to truely formal functions.

As for the ACU, anyone spending a day or two wearing ANY uniform in one of our current forward theaters of operation realizes that it wouldn't matter if the fabric started out canadian mounty blood red. You WILL look like the sand around you pretty quickly. Starting with the dull shades of the ACU as a base line will surely expedite this process. Blending aside, the majority of our combat is relatively close quarter and urban thus negating the usefullness of camouflage. For anyone still unaware, the best features of this uniform are is IR passiveness and IFF features.

Returning to the subject of the Dress Blue as an Army Service Uniform. I think it will look just fine. It is a noble, modern looking nod to the Army soldiers of the Colonial Army, American War Between the States, Indian Wars and a fine looking uniform that looks good and nothing like the other services in cut or shade of fabric. The earlier thread mentioning that leaving green would forget the soldiers of Korea to present seems to forget not having brown says the same for the soldiers of WWI and WWII who wore brown.

In the end, all the debate we wish to do is of no count as we are simply required to wear what we're required to wear.
Posted on 05/24/07 15:39:50

Mr. hansen wrote:

I thnk the Greens and Blues need to stay as they are. Something needs to be done about the the ACU that uniform is what sucks who ever came up with the uniform streamling needs to be kicked in the face
Posted on 05/25/07 10:33:33

Michael wrote:

I agree with Mr Hansen. We have three generations of warriors in Class a in my family, I would hate to see my father's picture with an outdated uniform. It is so unrespectful for those who gave it all.
Posted on 05/25/07 18:52:17

Sgt Tasset, USMC wrote:

I theink the Army is just competeing with the USMC on the Dress Blues a design that they probally stole from us and remember Soldiers Army Stands for Ain't Real Marines Yet
Posted on 05/26/07 11:08:13

Soldier man wrote:

Honestly I agree with Sergeant Tasset. Bringing in the Army service Uniform is going to do nothing but lower the standards lets look at this in Civilian and Military viewpoints I will start with Civilian when you go to a wedding you probally wear a tuxedo but are you really going to wear that same tuxedo to an office job no you would wear a Suit. Now from the Military Viewpoint what is to be gained from deleting the Army Green Uniform for the Army Service Uniform you will see the ASU everywear for every function the change will be for formal functions where we will go from a Grey shirt to a White Shirt and bowtie what is the change and what will the civilians think of us that uniform looks hoorible with the grey shirt and. Now to the Green Uniform why on earth is the Army deleting it it is a great Service Uniform and Soldiers can display Unit Pride on it with that nasty ASU you can't. Also the Beret fits perfectly with Greens it looks like crap with the Blues I have already tried it. I think that the Army Green Uniform needs to be kept in the inventory because people still love it and have loved it since in came out in 1954 in my career of 16 years I have never heard one Soldier say that he or she disliked the Green Uniform they were always proud to wear it because they were in the United States Army and they were proud to be a Soldier. In my Opinion General Schoomaker had no reason to make this change I think he was just obsessed with making the Army a fashion statement he was the worst Chief of Staff we ever had because what did he bring to the Army nothing exept for a very worthless Combat Uniform. Nothing has been said about the Mess Dress Uniforms and one only hopes nothing will happen to that. My next thing is why is this going on during a war we have higher priorties than uniforms General Schoomaker I hope General Casey isn't as a big of a fuckup as General Schoomaker and yes I am saying this. The Civil War and Revolution are long since over we don't need to reflect on those times keep the Green and the White they are Army Colors to.

Save the Army Green, Soldiers
Posted on 05/27/07 20:42:51

Roids wrote:

I am for Army Greens and anybody who has ever been a Army Ranger or in the Airbourne should like them Greens do carry alot with them I can tell you one thing if I ever serve as Chief of Staff you can can be more than willing to bet that they will be returned to the Army.
Posted on 05/28/07 16:53:21

Sgt Launders, USA wrote:

I don't give a fuck I hate hate all dress uniforms equally I don't care what color they are
Posted on 05/28/07 17:18:53

claudy saint-louis wrote:

i dont mind with any color just only one thing i do care to be a member because is one thing waiting for it.
Posted on 05/28/07 22:37:53

CHAPPY wrote:

I think the idea is crap and I don't like it Greens worked fine. First it was the ACU replacing the BDU (a perfectle fine field uniform) and now this. Let's just bring back the colonial uniforms while we are at it what the hell the Army wants tradition give it back.
Posted on 05/29/07 16:03:12

Warmacine187 wrote:

Well the Greens should be saved because there is alot of modern tradition in it there have been alot of men who died in the Green Uniform in Vietnam and both Gulf Wars and every othe major American conflict since the 50's

The greens were not a combat uniform! But plenty of men died from 1776-1902 wearing Army blue uniforms! You could say the Army blue uniform is a combat uniform!

Leave the Blues for the Honor Guards!

The old guard represents the Army not a special branch. There has been to much division in the US Army in re guards to uniforms.

blue if War187 wants to look like Marine so bad he should to the recruiting station and go to Paris Island for 13 weeks. We are the United States Army and we should stay Green brickbats to those worthless people who think any different Blue was out along time ago and Green is the color now.

I all ready went through 14 weeks of hell at Ft. Benning to become an Infantryman. You can keep your naval Infantry job pal. First off you have no idea what the heck you are talking about.Here a couple of facts for you.

The US Army had a high collar uniform long before the Marines.

The Army along with all Armies of the world wore high collar uniforms until the 1930's.

US Army wore blue uniforms long before the Marines.

The Marine dress blue uniform is an old Army uniform.

I was just suggesting that might be an option to bring back the 1902 high collar dress blue uniform that the US Army once wore. By your opinion and a lot on this board the Marines should drop there green service uniforms because they might to closely resemble the Army. I am sure those in the Marines you where to go and how to get there.

PS: It's also my first amendment right in this discussion board to voice my opinion on the uniform of the US Army! I did enough time in the sand and getting ready for a fourth deployment that I thought that I could have at least some say on this board.
Hey SgtT.Tasset
The present Army blue uniform has been around since the 1930's.

PS: Got a joke for ya.Do you know what USMC stands for?

Posted on 06/04/07 08:23:57

Tim wrote:

As an RVN Vet, and Airborne, Will Jump boots be authorized for wear bloused as we did with our greens. I Like the dress blues, but would regret not neing allowed to blouse my boots.
Posted on 06/04/07 23:55:46

Sgt Tasset, USMC wrote:

Hey Warmachine 187 present Marine Blue Uniform been around since the Civil War and don't insult the Corps the Army is losing double what we are in the sand thank you very much and don't cry like a little girl when your stupid opinion gets insulted.
Posted on 06/08/07 15:18:36

Sgt Tasset, USMC wrote:

Also I never said anything about you
Posted on 06/08/07 15:19:24

SSg Hanover wrote:

Warmachine187 you need to get your facts straight as well. For the record it is not like changing the Uniform from Green to Blue will help improve the image of the Soldier because honestly when do you see a Soldier in something other than the ACU

Just my thoughts
Posted on 06/08/07 15:23:41

Retired First Sergeant Rando wrote:

What is the point this is one of those things that will be great and wonderful at first but give a few years then everyone will be bitching again I think we need to keep the Greens I also believe that the Army Green Uniform is the sharpest Service Uniform in the Military that is Service not Dress for you non military types. If all the Soldiers in the Army think that it is ugly then gee why did they joing the Army come on people if you don't like it don't join it. Also I think the Green Uniform has earned it's due going back to Blue has been tried before and has proved unsuccessful. Green was chosen because it is a distinctive color and I think with a Black, Green or Maroon Beret noting could look better. I think both the Army and Air Force need to forget this heritage crap it gets annoying and move along like the Navy and the Marine Corps they don't dwell on any of that and they are really sharp.
Posted on 06/08/07 20:13:39

SSG soon to be Warrant Officer Q wrote:

As a former marine now in the US Army, I realized uniform pride is not the same. The Army adage is that we just train to fight now how we look. Anyway, all my soldiers want to have a sharp uniform that they will love to wear on leave or special occassions. I served with the 101st for 3 years so I wore my class A with jump boots and it looked sharp. But anyway, the US Army should revert to the WWII pink and greens with belt. They should eliminate the beret with the ACU and wear just the patrol cap with it. Changed the ACU to Multicam or the Marine Corps color. Its not tactical whatever and I served in Iraq for a whole year doing combat patrols so I know. The marines say its their pattern but a higher up can easily change that. Its getting ridiculous now with all these branches uniform changes. I entered the service in 1983 when the BDU just came in and we all used it. only the name tapes, sleeves rolled up and covers truly distinguised each branch. Keep the dress blues for special occassions not for Class A sense. The polls showed the blues being the least popular alternative and they still went with that. Jeez, anyway, just proud to serve.
Posted on 06/09/07 12:38:31

SSG soon to be Warrant Officer Q wrote:

As a former marine now in the US Army, I realized uniform pride is not the same. The Army adage is that we just train to fight not how we look. Anyway, all my soldiers want to have a sharp uniform that they will love to wear on leave or special occassions. I served with the 101st for 3 years so I wore my class A with jump boots and it looked sharp. But anyway, the US Army should revert to the WWII pink and greens with belt. They should eliminate the beret with the ACU and wear just the patrol cap with it. Changed the ACU to Multicam or the Marine Corps color. Its not tactical whatever and I served in Iraq for a whole year doing combat patrols so I know. The marines say its their pattern but a higher up can easily change that. Its getting ridiculous now with all these branches uniform changes. I entered the service in 1983 when the BDU just came in and we all used it. only the name tapes, sleeves rolled up and covers truly distinguised each branch. Keep the dress blues for special occassions not for Class A sense. The polls showed the blues being the least popular alternative and they still went with that. Jeez, anyway, just proud to serve. and remove the rank from the center of the chest and put it back on the collar where it belongs. Also the marines got their pattern from the canadians.
Posted on 06/09/07 12:43:22

SSG soon to be Warrant Officer Q wrote:

SGT Tasset, show respect for the dead regardless what branch they are in. We are one team on the fight in global terrorism. We all know the Marines and the Army and the main ones fighting. But they Army is simply having more casaulties due to higher numbers deployed. As a former marine, I saw some Marines doing senseless and improper crap on patrols and seen alot of Army infantry squad away better disciplined and trained and Marines. The marines simply goes on tradition and heritage and just a harder boot camp. Anyway, if you dont know about the Army, keep your trap shut. I been to both boot camps and served on active duty in both branches. Respect all services. Even the air force and swabbies ;)
Posted on 06/09/07 12:47:06

SSG soon to be Warrant Officer Q wrote:

SGT Tasset, show respect for the dead regardless what branch they are in. We are one team on the fight in global terrorism. We all know the Marines and the Army are
the main ones fighting. But they Army is simply having more casaulties due to higher numbers deployed. As a former marine, I saw some Marines doing senseless and improper crap on patrols and seen alot of Army infantry squads more squared-away, better disciplined and trained than Marines. The marines rep is based simply on tradition and heritage and just a harder boot camp. Anyway, if you dont know about the Army, keep your trap shut. I been to both boot camps and served on active duty in both branches. Respect all services. Even the air force and swabbies ;)
06/09/2007 12:47
Posted on 06/09/07 12:49:08

Cpt NROD wrote:

Well SSG soon to be Warrant Officer congratz on that. You are absolutely right about the Blues being the least favorite I honestly don't want to see the Greens go, but if they do have to go I would want them to be replaced with Pinks and Greens as well as you. I have always thought that nothing looked sharper than the Army Green Uniform with the Black Ranger Beret now Tan Beret and even that still looks good. I don't agree with the rank insignia placement on the ACU it should be returned to the collar as it has been since before WW2.
I think that the Blue and Green uniforms should be left they way they are.
Posted on 06/09/07 22:44:08

Weis wrote:

If you don't Green then your not aSoldier
Posted on 06/18/07 15:27:11

Weis wrote:

If you don't Green then your not aSoldier
Posted on 06/18/07 15:27:14

KINGPIN678 wrote:

I think all that they are trying to prove is that they only care about looks and not the well being of the Soldier. That was answered with the ACU people like Shinseki and Schoomaker shouldn't be allowed to make calls about the Uniform.
Posted on 06/20/07 20:05:14


How can anybody say the Army Green Uniform is crap it is the Armies Distinctive uniform and if you think it looks like crap then why did you join the Army and if you to hate it take a hike.
Posted on 06/21/07 16:24:15


How can anybody say the Army Green Uniform is crap it is the Armies Distinctive uniform and if you think it looks like crap then why did you join the Army and if you to hate it take a hike.
Posted on 06/21/07 16:24:16

Ranger789 wrote:

Hey Warmachine187 your a Faggot clearly you have never been a Paratrooper or Ranger and all of them hate the change and don't want it and are fighting it might I add so fuck you and your Blue KEEP THE GREEN BABY!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on 06/23/07 18:48:29

your mom wrote:

were in a hell of a two front war and this is what you bitch about?
Posted on 06/29/07 15:39:44

ex-SGT. wrote:

Why can't the Army get its act together? Instead of of the this stupid blue class A uniform (which admittedly would look better than the green AG44 uniform adopted in 1956, which IS a piece of crap), why don't they just go back to the old ODs for EM and pinks and greens for officers? That was the best-looking uniform the Army ever had. and get rid of that stupid beret while we're at it.
Posted on 07/02/07 16:08:26

MAJ C. wrote:

The ASU is not some crap Army just invented. The current style dated back to 1936. As an officer the Greens was just extra uniform I had to keep for court martials and pay day activity (not that we do that lately). Most officers rarely use their greens anyway, so it is a waste of money. Yes, we can use better quality uniform. Belt for certain occasions may be a good idea. I got mine. For the well dressed officer/NCO, there is the Army mess uniform. The greens dated back about 100 years ago as a field/garrison/walk out uniform. It just doesn't serve a purpose anymore. Although I do like the WW2 era uniforms, they are obsolete for the same reason why we don't need the greens anymore.
Posted on 07/07/07 09:58:50

Retired First Sergeant Rando wrote:

Yeah and you are only going to wear the ACU until about 1800 nwhen you put on the piece of shit with it's Nazi gray Shirt

I am a Strong Advocate for the Greens.
Posted on 07/07/07 14:30:09

general jo wrote:

i'm not in the army yet but since i was little, i've always been interested in it and it's traditions. i love the army green uniforms and i hate the dress blues. when i think about the military, i think navy-black or white, air force-blue, marines-red or blue, army-GREEN! when i go in to the army, i'll buy a dress green and wear that.
Posted on 07/09/07 16:04:53

paratrooper ron wrote:

The mandarin collars were first used by the Army then the marines "borrowed" them so next time a marine says we are trying to be like them,,they are wrong. Also we don't look like an U.S. army with this uniform, we look like bus drivers and hotel bell hops. Green unifrom with a beret and jump boots,,made me want to become a paratrooper. 15 years as active oval backings on our wings and no more jump boots..
Posted on 07/10/07 13:13:10

Retired First Sergeant Rando wrote:

To General Jo and Paratrooper ron

Well the good news is that the new leadership is looking at the idea still. G-1 says that is hasn't been officially approved yet so as of now anyway you guys are good. The Green Uniform is still in affect. I agree with both of you on this issue very strongly I wore Greens my whole career and never once owned a set of Dress Blues because as a NCO you don't need them. I don't see how they could even think of using history to justify this because if the Dress Blues have been around since 1779 and they would still be around anyway what is the Green Uniform hurting. I think that the Army was just lowering standards so that the lazy people could wear their ACU's at any occasion that would require Greens, that is just damn lazy right there. The Navy and the Marine Corps have seperate Dress and Service Uniforms as the Army does now and even the Air Force is looking at getting the same set up. Another thing I have heard is that this issue is pretty much at the bottom on the to do list right now so don't worry.
Posted on 07/11/07 22:55:39

kendra wrote:

im about to go into the military in september 2007 im going in the army
Posted on 07/16/07 10:44:12

Jumpmaster Ben wrote:

The biggest impact on soldiers will be on those who wore "bloused boots". Dress Blues look fine and are great for formal occasions like the Army Ball, etc. The young soldiers I have seen traveling are mostly in ACU's, so the primary function of the green Class A's has been coopted by the ACU's.

I wouldn't mind seeing a full-dress uniform that harkened to tradition. It would probably resemble the dress gray uniform worn at the USMA, only in Army Blue.

I wonder if the WPPA would go along with that?
Posted on 07/16/07 16:41:15

Old soldier wrote:

Soldiers have earned their combat bars and patches. They have also earned their Airborne bloused boots and airborne flashes. I am not an 18 series guy but anyone who trys to take away their green beret is going against President Kennedy's decree, and that would be a sin! Our boys are going through hell over here and they deserve all the combat patches, bars, CIBs, CABs and all the medals they can fit on a uniform. Blue or Green, either way don't take anything off the uniform that gives credit where credit is due!
Posted on 07/17/07 14:28:07

Zach wrote:

Dumping a Service Uniform for the ACU is absolutely unprofessional and lazy
Posted on 07/17/07 20:42:57

Cpl Hernandez USMC wrote:

I think that the army is doing the right thing by changing the class A uniforms ,that uniform does not look profecional at all ,the army should go back to the pinks and greens and should loose that gay french beret, honestly why would you want to look like the french we all know that the french suck.
Posted on 07/20/07 03:56:42


Hey faggot shut your mouth do you know what some soldiers go through to earn a Beret that is not black. So shut your fucking muth about things you don't know about queer. Pinks and Greens you retard. You say our Greens look bad you haven't seen yours lately have you. I suggest you learn how to read and don't ever insult the Beret in front of me again

Fuckin Marines
Posted on 07/20/07 08:48:37

MIKE wrote:

look the army needs to keep there traditions , and not makes change to the uniform every five minutes , the beret should be only for the army elite.
Posted on 07/20/07 10:05:46

Wild Johnnie wrote:

these are the changes the Army needs to make to the uniform now

1. Fire General Casey he is not helping
2. Cancel the ASU
3. Return to the Green Service and Garrison CAPS
4. Give the Black Beret back to the Rangers I don't care how much a desk jockey that calls them selves a soldier says well I diverse my beret no they don't.
5. Delete the Tan beret
6. Keep Greens and Whites fuck what what young soldiers want they are not leading the Army in any way shape or form.

The Greens and Whites are good uniforms keep them and tfuck the blues
Posted on 07/20/07 16:31:01

Sgt Hernandez usmc wrote:

Hey army green forever the beret sucks.
Posted on 07/22/07 18:30:01


Hey Sgt Hernandez your just pissed because you can't wear one because they denote the most elite of the special forces
Posted on 07/22/07 20:46:31

Army Fiancee wrote:

I pre-note this with the fact that I am not enlisted so may ask a dumb question, but I am getting married to a soldier and am trying to figure out which uniform he will be wearing. As he is unable to help answer right now I pose my question here: Does the phase out of the whites mean that he will not be able to get them? and does anyone know why the pants are a different blue from the jacket? it kinda bugs me. Thanks so much for any help!
Posted on 07/25/07 00:54:14


Don'r worry that isn't a dumb question your fiancee we probally wear his Dress Blues with the white shirt and bow tie. Unless he doesn't own a pair then he can wear the Class Greens with a white shirt and bow tie. Unfortunely with the last message from G-1 the Whites were eliminated so he won't be able to get them. Yeah the Dress Blues do look stupid with 2 shades of blue I have always thought it would better with the same color pants
Posted on 07/26/07 07:39:03

10thGrunt wrote:

Can some one tell me who in the Army wears their Class A's as an every day uniform?

Answer: No one!

We only need one sharp dress uniform like the dress blues.There is no need for a ever day service uniform.

Enough with all the boy scout badges and whistles and patches on the uniform. The Army greens have become a joke. Looks like a damn Christmas tree. I have no problem giving up my 3 combat patch's (I still wear them on the ACU's) or over my 5 overseas bars.
All you need is your campaign ribbons, combat badge and any award for valor. That should say it all.

Oh and for the jack ass who suggested bringing back the overseas cover (cunt cap). I am almost postive you never had to wear that dorky looking thing during your military career or you would have not suggested bringing back that God awful looking shit back to the American Soldiers. Who are doing multiple tours. We owe them a sharp uniform apperance.
Posted on 08/02/07 15:59:05

RANGERMAN789 wrote:

Hey pal get some self respect you earned those patches and overseas bars, also buddy I was a Ranger the Black Beret was taken away from us the rest of the Army doesn't deserve that Rangers go through hell to wear and now we have a second class uniform product, Oh yeah and asshole what do you think the headgear is going to be for the class A and B blue uniforms if your are a Corporal or above your stuck with the same damn overseas hat. I agree with ARMY GREEN FOREVER that only the desk jockes that call themselves Soldiers want this change get your fucking facts straight asshole your nothing more than a wanna be Ranger
Posted on 08/03/07 13:06:02

RANGERMAN789 wrote:

Yeah and also this is another attempt to lower the Armies standards as we always do nobldies is going to wear this new uniform have you seen the pictures of what nit is going to look if you say the Greens look bad because there is to much on them wait until you see this
Posted on 08/03/07 13:13:40


Yeah 10thgrunt if your not a Ranger you DON'T deserve the Black Beret
Posted on 08/03/07 20:31:19

A concerned Soldier wrote:

Now I am all for the Beret but if it were a different color and not Ranger Black, I have seen pictures of the new Army Service uniform and I have to say that I am not impressed the General Officer version is the only one that looks normal Officer looks stupid as does the NCO version and the junior enlisted with the beret makes a soldier look like they own the place next door. I don't see what the problen is with maintaining Blues and Greens it isn't that hard all the other branches except for the USAF do it so what kind of message is that sending to them
Posted on 08/04/07 20:28:39

Navy Kernal Armored Division Blue Berets wrote:

The Marines obviously have the best uniforms. But it's about time the Army gets rid of those ugly, green uniforms. Maybe more people will enlist now. Too bad they didn't already phase out those rags!
Posted on 08/07/07 13:35:18

Rolades wrote:

Get off this board you Navy trash Green is better and you know it asshole your gayass sailor suit look pretty gay, did the Army turn you down because you were gay
Posted on 08/07/07 17:20:41

G Man wrote:

WTF! quit bitchin about the black berets. The Darby was the original WWII beret. THe Rangers stole the black from the Armor/Cav comunity back in the 70s. I think it's justice that the chest thumping assholes that serve to provide the MEN in tanks someone to rescue or avenge had the "re allocated."
Posted on 08/08/07 09:16:45

Combatking wrote:

Anyway back to point of this board I don't like either of the teo uniforms (Blues and Greens) but at least I only have to buy one now but I wish it was Greens because they are cheaper
Posted on 08/08/07 14:08:50

Coldstream wrote:

This discussion page needs to be closed. To much name calling. Feel like I am back in Grade school.
Posted on 08/10/07 13:37:56

10thGrunt wrote:

Fellas I have never agreed with the black beret. The Army beret should have been another color.
Posted on 08/10/07 13:40:40

DrucillaHaggins wrote:

This discussion page needs to be
closed . to much name calling. feel
like i am back in Grade school.and
it feel better and you konow it asshole your gayass everyday.
Posted on 08/17/07 11:32:52

STER wrote:

Posted on 09/01/07 15:42:45

Istya wrote:

I can't believe anyone could be upset about getting rid of those goofy looking greens. That thing looks like a bad '70s Wall Street power suit. At least the blues look military.
Posted on 09/07/07 14:41:41

Coldstream wrote:

DrucillaHaggins learn how to use proper english dumb ass! You tend to love using the word gay a lot? Might be sugesting somthing about yourslf?
Posted on 09/07/07 19:45:23

BITCH wrote:

Wow I think your all a bunch of wanna be fag Soldiers real Soldiers wouldn't bitch about something this stupid

I hate you all fuck you
Posted on 09/08/07 02:16:16

Lance Flesher wrote:

I think this change sucks I hate Dress Blues they look like your a wanne be civil war soldier and they don't reflect Army heritage at least not the way they are now or are going to be, Army Green Uniforms are better
Posted on 09/08/07 11:02:53

Medina wrote:

Bitch you punk ass one to be cum sucking faggot. Shut the fuck up!
Posted on 09/16/07 16:25:47

Muzzlemaggot wrote:

I think "Army Fiancee" has written about the most intelligent and thoughtful inquiry the whole time. The rest of you sound like a bunch of little sissy school girls bickering over something that means absolutely nothing, calling each other names and throwing insults around the internet anonymously. You all ought to be ashamed of yourselves, not knowing proper grammar or spelling, along with the name calling. I'm sure your mothers would be proud of you folks if they knew what you were writing. I came to this site looking for some simple information, and instead stumbled across this garbage from all ranks from all branches, both past and present. It makes the military as a whole look real "intelligent" in the eyes of the general American public. No wonder we have that stigma of "join the military or go to jail." We're better than this, and everyone on this site knows it. Grow up and get a life, and for those of you who haven't, pick up a rifle (or howitzer) and stand a post in the face of tyranny.

1SG Duke
Posted on 09/17/07 21:22:08

muzzlemaggot wrote:

One last thought....for you NCOs and Petty Officers, both past and present....we are not here to make policy but rather enforce it and not walk by mistakes. Don't forget it, for if we do we only set a lower standard.

1SG Duke
King of Battle
Posted on 09/17/07 21:28:13

Armyman_CBT wrote:

The modern Army is, and will forever be, associated with he color Green! The decision to phase out Class A's is bad. In the long run the new uniform will become an embarrassment and the "Edsel" of uniform designs! Mark my words, this uniform will become the butt of many jokes!
Posted on 10/03/07 16:26:04

BootcampBrother wrote:

I like the green. I have no idea how they say the blues look traditional. I always think of the green uniform when I think army. Blue dosn't fit right. When I think of traditional army I think of those army greens from WWII.
Posted on 10/03/07 22:24:26

Polarbear31 wrote:

The true embarsment is that green poylester mint green disaster that we all call the army green uniform.
As for the WW 2 uniforms, the Army wore the brownish green uniforms not the current forest greens. The Army could not wait to get rid of the uniform because they kept getting reffured to as the brown jobs by the Marines Corp and the allies. I think that is how we ended up with current greens.
After WW 2 the Army nearly went back to the current dress blues as the service uniform.

I think the solution should have went like this:

Service Summer and winter uniforms should have been the Khaki's. Khaki jacket, trousers and under shirt.

Dress Blues jacket should have been in the cut of the WW 2 belted pinks and greens or WW 1 high collar uniforms. Same belted blue trousers and braid as the current uniform. Service cap and cerimonial belt for for all.

Not sure if the blues can be an everyday uniform. That's why I would issue blues to all Soldiers and the khaki service uniform to those who actually wear the uniform every day. The Army staff (100 or so) in the Pentagon.
Posted on 10/24/07 16:28:56

Response to Polarbear 31 wrote:

Greens are a good uniform to have everybody is going to think the Blues look like shit anyway and if you want a khaki uniform then fuck you those look worse then the Greens and you bitching about those
Posted on 10/25/07 07:03:14

Polarbear31 wrote:

Please learn how to type a sentance you little 1970's mint green loving ROTC punk. Blues look good, could be improved but look light years ahead of the nasty Christmas tree greens. Not sure why the Army ever got rid of the Khakis. the Pinks and Greens look great too. Glad to see the blues coming back. The blues were a combat uniform (warrior) up untill 1902. Greens were always a garrison uniform (REMF) from their introduction in 1954.
Posted on 10/26/07 20:14:20

Response to Polarbear31 wrote:

Yeah your a faggot non infantry computer techie little fuck your not even a real soldier you a homo and that means your trash and you aren't good enough for the Army you filthy faggot Greens are better the blues deal with you dirty homo
Posted on 10/27/07 18:33:44

Polarbear31 wrote:

No. 1 I was a grunt

1-50th Ft. Benning
1-31st Infantry Ft. Drum
3-187th Infantry Ft. Campbell

Served in Haiti, Afghanistan, Iraq and Kuwait.

No. 2 I am body builder, have not been little since I was 14

No. 3 I am sure my wife thinks I am not a Homo. But don't worry she thinks you are. Hiding somthing ROTC weenie?

It's like arguing with a child. I made a bet with someone that you would call me a San Fransisco treat. With out fail your pathetic ass did. Blow ROTC pouge!
Posted on 10/29/07 11:12:22

aragos35S wrote:

The blues look better. Although not perfect in any way, definatly more Professional, and seeing how we are all professional soldiers, it fits. maybe throw some red and white in there to honor the flag. Although Black would be a bad ass uniform, hot as fuck, but definatly bad ass.
Posted on 10/30/07 21:23:58

ProudMCfather wrote:

Years ago when I walked into the Armed Forces Recruiting center in with my son, the first office was the Army. As I walked up to their door, I noticed all the soldiers there in those God awful looking green Class B's. After a few minutes my son left really impressed with his options but he was not impressed with the uniform. I really think having such an ugly looking uniform took away some of the professional look from those fine Soldiers. Next up the Marine office. The Marines all in those blue uniforms (Sharp Blue Dress Deltas with red blood stripes running down their trousers and white belts and covers ). What sold my son on the Marines was simply those sharp blue uniforms. Neck and neck with the Army and a simple uniform swayed him their way. That professional look continues to sell to young men and women today. It would be nice to see the Army head that way.
Posted on 11/02/07 16:48:19

Sgt Reandeu wrote:

Okay if all you hardasses hate the Greens so much then why did you join the Army its called pride in uniform get used to phrase
Posted on 11/03/07 23:21:27

Polarbear31 wrote:

I am not saying you men who support the green uniform are bad Soldiers in any way. I just disagree with you. I am not even worried over the issue that much. Getting ready for another deployment. I just want my men to get the job done and to come home safety to their families The reason I joined the Army was because I wanted to fight. The last thing on my mind was dress uniforms. I thought a set of BDU's and a K-Pot was the coolest look around. In 1999 the Army Times ran a story on how most Soldiers (nearly 70 percent) were dissatisfied with the greens. I thought how could this be. I thought the Army greens were bad ass. The mint green shirt was way better than the Khaki that the Navy, Marines and the old Army used to wear. It was futuristic! As time went on I started to look at the green uniform and realized that the Army screwed up bad. The uniform was not very Martial. No belt and the polyester green looked cheap and boring compared to the more martial belted green Marine uniform and dress blue uniform. When bare It was a green business suit with gold buttons. The mint green shirt looked like a 1970's disco creation. I realized that civilian looked at the Army differently then the Marines. They looked at the Army as second rate. The reason? Marine Corp PR crap and their sharp uniform appearance. We can counter the PR with fact but uniforms? The public see's it this way. The Army Soldier is second rate because he wears that ugly green uniform. The Marine is better because he was given a sharp blue uniform after graduation. Most civilians believe this. No matter how proud or bad ass that Army Infantryman might be he was always going to be looked on by the public a second rate just because of a fucking uniform? What the fuck? I swept away some of my pride and accepted the fact the Army needed a better uniform. At first I was all for the Pinks and Greens. Then when blue was suggested last year it seemed to make since. The Army started with blue uniforms. It was their combat uniform for well over a hundred years. While the 1954 greens were a garrison uniform. I basically learned that uniforms count in the image of the public and the pride and sharpness of the American Soldier. You can have all the pride in the world in yourself all you want but if you have an ugly uniform, you have an ugly uniform. That is the way that most civilians see it. The only thing that I will miss about the greens is that is says Army. It is Army, but so is that blue uniform. Maybe even more so! That blue uniform was worn in the fight. It will take time for the public to get used to it, but they will come around. The Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Mexican War, Civil War, Indian Wars, and the Spanish American War. That blue uniform has a lot of history to it! Be proud for the Army blue. This is my last post on this issue. Getting ready to deploy.
Posted on 11/10/07 00:06:11

1SG Duke wrote:

Don't we have bills to pay or a nation to defend? Can't we find something better to do with our time other than whine about uniforms? It makes me wonder why we ponder and fuss about a uniform during a time of war. Where are the priorities? The enemy doesn't care what color or style your dress uniform is....he wants to kill us all the same no matter what. Let's all go pick up a rifle and zero it in at 300 meters.
Posted on 11/10/07 08:57:32

Sgt Reandeu wrote:

All you people suck, Green is better then Blue get over it and if you don't like it get the fuck over it they look better then alot of other uniforms in the military so quit all your fucking bitching you all sound like a bunch of hacks when you talk aboui this and the Greens are badass fuck all you that think any different
Posted on 11/11/07 21:36:15

82nd SGT in the desert. wrote:

For unit functions like payday activities (haven't had one of those in about 3 years) the greens are great. However the blues should be available for formal functions and for individual descretion wear. I disagree with wearing service uniforms to work in general unless you work in DC. I have faith that the greens will be around for an unforseen future. Not to mention both times I've been in the 82nd Airborne Division I love my greens. In leg land I hated my greens and always prefered to wear my blues. The greens are espirit de corps to those soldiers that have done something to belong in that kind of unit and the blues will take away from that.
Posted on 11/13/07 01:59:40

Phil wrote:

The Army should go to a WWII or WWI-style uniform. We are a modern army and modern armies exist in a world with modern Air Forces, which have since acquired the blue as a service color.
Keeping green or going to brown recognizes what made the US Army what it is today--the sacrifices of those soldiers in the 20th century.
We should keep the dress blues as is. If there is desparation in trying to make a change, then get rid of the lapels and make the dress blues as they originally were--a high collared uniform. Get rid of the tie and the highly embarassing bow tie on a dress uniform.
As for the ACU, it falls apart too easily and the color means nothign when it is so light that it is prone to staining, etc. The uniform should recognize limitations on vegetation and geography, until a chameleon's skin is duplicated, different uniforms that recognize different areas is a necessary component.
Now before everyone clamors to say how much will this cost, recognize that no one was forced to purchase uniforms they could not afford. If you are in the army for the money, as you've probably heard before, you are in the wrong profession. You will not become Bill gates in the Army. On the other hand, sensible uniform changes (that is, those made when a change is necessary) will not bankrupt people either. These changes are silly and seem to be made for the sake of making change or imprinting someone's legacy on the service.
In sum, here is how it should be:
1. Service uniform: Ideally, the WWII-style or leave it the way it is.
2. Dress uniform: Make the dress blues a high collar uniform or just leave them alone.
3. A modified service uniform would be used for garrison. This train as you fight is all good, but when you're in an office all day, get real--you are not fighting anyone.
4. The combat uniform needs to recognize that different areas of the world effect different types of vegetation. There is no such thing as a jack of all trades uniform, because all you create is a uniform that masters no environment.
Posted on 11/26/07 21:48:22

Gmo wrote:

It was the worthless blue uniform that should have been phased out. We are now a COMBAT army. The bus driver hat, useless and impossible to deal with. The big stripes, keep them in the museum. The color is confusing to civilians and foreigners. No overseas bars or unit patch, disgraceful. The "B" version is absurd. The new SMA needed to make a statement and it is obvious where he stands. He should go back to the motorpool.
Posted on 11/26/07 23:14:51

Mom of a Soldier wrote:

The dress blues are nice but I feel the men & women should have ll their medals & ribbons on them. They earned those pieces. Our son is highly decorated in his uniform now. As a parent I want people to see what he's earned. He feels the same way, I assure you. He says he just won't feel right in the blues.
Posted on 11/30/07 04:16:04

Phil wrote:

Mom: Of course the blues won't do justice to a lot of the things soldiers have earned. Because this uniform is as old as it is and is meant as a dress uniform, certain accoutrements are not authorized on it and rightfully so. This is why we have service uniforms, they are intended to show the soldier with all accoutrements the soldier is entitled to. I do not know precisely why there is this distinction, but if I had to guess it has some nexus to the occassions each uniform is intended for. When we neglect the fact that certain uniforms recognize certain occassions, we dumb down the uniform for the sake of expense.
Posted on 11/30/07 12:09:40

Mr. t wrote:

We should be Green all the way
Posted on 12/09/07 23:01:35

target1450 wrote:

I was talking to a buddy the other day. We are Soldiers and both agreed the Army green uniform is the most hideous uniform in the Army's proud history. He said it looked as if some general pulled it out of a toilet and decided it would be a great uniform (From what I have seen from talking to Soldiers and from the US Army's own polling data most Soldiers agree). He also said to me at least the blues look good and have a real history unlike the 1950's era greens. I tend to agree as most Soldiers I have talked too.
Let's face it he US Army has been screwing up uniforms since the 1930's and I am afraid will continue to do so if they keep the current greens for another 50 years. Great now I can keep hearing from Civilians how much nicer Marine Dress Blue and Green uniforms look then the Army's until I retire. Hell why even have a service uniform? You never wear it. Not like it's an everyday uniform like it was from the 1950's. The only Soldiers I see defending this God awful uniform are paratroopers (which I am sure they have the best interests of of the Army in mind and not themselves) who get to wear snazzy berets and Jump boots with the greens. Sorry to tell ya you still look ridiculous, just less ridiculous as none jump boot wearing brethren. Don't feed me that crap about the Army being to big for a one uniform standard. Look at the Marines during WW2. They had 500,000 under arms, which is equivalent to today's standing Army. They had high esp re de corp while wearing the same uniform. The Marines and Navy (except during the late 1970's) have kept the same uniform since for a hundred years. The Marines kept their high collars on the dress blues why the Army got rid of theirs. They kept the uniform clean while the Arm's looks like a Christmas tree. The Navy has also done a good job as well. Bottom line. We do have an edge on the Air Force and there Air line pilot looking uniform that General McPeak introduced in the 1990's. As for the dude that keeps saying we will look like the Air Force, have you ever seen those two uniforms next to each other? They don't look anything a like. Besides the Air Force is going to a high collar similar to the Marines and with the budget cuts in personnel every year I look for them in the near future to be disbanded as a service and folded into the Army, Navy and Marine Corp.

Here is my solution:

*Keep the current greens a a service uniform for the Pentagon desk jockeys until the GWOT is over. Then drop that uniform and adopt the Pinks and Greens for every day wear in winter and khakis for summer(bad ass uniform).

*Screw the Ike Jackets!

*Issue all Soldiers coming out of Basic and OSUT with dress blues and the ceremonial belt with belt loops on the jacket.

*Ban the bow ties except for the mess blues. They look ridiculous on the dress blues.

*For Soldiers who hate Army blue (the same uniforms that won Americas Independence and settled this country) issue a set of summer Khakis (Class B) as well as the dress blues. In my opinion that is the best looking uniform besides the dress blues.

Fire away your negative comments and give me the standard "blue suck Army green forever" crap.
Posted on 12/16/07 08:18:25

SSG Tabman wrote:

Sorry Dude the Gray and Blue just doesn't look good together and I have always though the Greens were professional enough I think the Greens and Blues should just remain the way they are I think this will be the best approach.
Posted on 12/16/07 12:41:39

rock508 wrote:

Posted on 12/28/07 18:16:38

rock508 wrote: far as the lime green dress uniform goes, dump it too... i do believe the army adopted it when they were replacing the VERY COOL OD Green, slanted pocket battle dress uniforms of the Vietnam area which shows how stupid the thought process is at the Pentagon yet again... how bout going back to the dress uni they replaced in 1968?... na, they makes sense... go with something Napoleon would have been proud of...

cynical vet
Posted on 12/28/07 18:24:42

Dave113 wrote:

I think this whole thing is a solution looking for a problem the Dress and Service Uniforms need to be leftn alone I don't see what the issue is with having two uniforms
Posted on 12/30/07 10:29:45

Ian wrote:

The US uniform used to look cool. The lighter color is forgivable, but what isn't is the fact that soldier look too cheesy being untucked. Doesn't look cool. Cool in highschool but not cool in the battlefield.
Posted on 12/30/07 19:05:51

Thomas wrote:

I say keep the Greens and Blues the way they are as well
Posted on 01/05/08 15:19:55

325/82 wrote:

keep the greens. just add the following changes:
change mint green shirt to kakhi,
remove the name tape and reg affil,
bring back piss cutters (with stiffiner removed) and saucer caps.
Posted on 01/05/08 16:07:30

325/82 wrote:

oh yeah one more thing:
remove the white t-shirt showing on the class b's. wear v-cut or wife beater
Posted on 01/05/08 16:14:54

Cheapskate wrote:

Call me the odd one out, but I can't stand the blue. It looks to girly and foreign. Green is more military looking, and that's a good thing.

Plus, think of all the money we could save if we just kept it like it is...
Posted on 01/22/08 01:17:10

Love and Memories wrote:

Yeah I say stick with the Greens the Blues do look kind of girly and not as much military
Posted on 01/28/08 15:37:12

Gwas wrote:

With all due respect to you real soldiers, the U.S. military does seem to hand out an awful lot of ribbons and badges. Very few British soldiers wear more than 4 or 5 medal ribbons, including Generals, Admirals and RAF Air Marshals, that's pretty highly decorated for a British soldier. In America it seems soldiers start getting ribbons as soon as they leave basic training. I guess we just have as many decorations in the British forces but that means the few medals they do give out stand out more. Does all these little service ribbons come with actual medals?
Posted on 02/05/08 08:05:56

Gwas wrote:

I noticed the "Christmas Tree" comments, I was once at RAF Strike Command in High Wycombe (near London), and that's how some of the officers referred to the American military personnel!
Posted on 02/05/08 08:07:52

Gwas wrote:

By the way I do think US Army uniforms look good, I feel British Army and RAF uniforms are too old-fashioned looking. The British Army mixes up mismatching hats (it's tradition but some of them do look daft, some even have plumes) with the olive green uniform The RAF uniform is pretty much the same as it was in WWII.
Posted on 02/05/08 08:10:42

Gwas wrote:

My own opinion, I don't see anything wrong with having the Class A uniforms as well as the Dress uniforms, maybe it's just the Class As have a few too many badges and shiny bits. The British Army has some very elaborate dress uniforms (most only wear them for special parades and ceremonies involving the Queen), sometimes they wear bloody bearskins! The poor sods (the Grenadier guards) in Whitehall and outside the Royal Palaces in London have to stand still with those things on their head all day!
Posted on 02/05/08 08:23:28

Phil wrote:

I think that even General Casey is trying his best to un-muddle this mess that General Schoomacher left as far as the uniforms go; how esle would the delay in new policy be explained? If it was a simple decision he had already embraced, the decision would have been made already.
Having said that, the best course of action is more likely to just leave it alone. Barring that, I would definitely leave the blues alone. The whole reason everyone likes them and thinks they look "sharp" is due to the fact they aren't worn that often, not many junior enlisted have them, and the occassions they're currently intended for wear are very special occassions.
If we could change the uniforms (not that I would change them if I did not have to since we are in the middle of a war--I'd be more frugal with my budget than some senior leadership have been), but if uniforms should be changed for some reason, I would certainly go back to the WWII uniform.
This uniform takes into account the modern world. It is green--this is the world's armies recognized service color, hands down. Blue has become the color of air forces and has been so since the foundation of air power. While we, the US, have blue as a tradition, we wear that on dress occassion and rightfully so. Additionally, the WWII-style uniform takes into account the modern face of warfare--there are traditions in it that are applicable today--airborne forces had their parachute and glider patch on the garrison cap and bloused boots. The last time blues were worn in a service capacity, there was no such thing as an air force or airborne forces.
By far it represents the best of America, the best of the world, and a truly winning uniform. I'm not denyig the history behind the blues, but seriously, let's look at this: the last time that uniform was worn as a service uniform was in the Spanish-American War. I don't see how that captures the spirit of why a lot of us joined.
I grew up watching the old WWII movies, seeing photos of my grandfathers and family from that generation, hearing others call that generation the "Greatest Generation", watching "Saving Private Ryan" and "Band of Brothers" and really seeing the heroes of a modern era. Our grandfathers are men fought making the US the country it is today. We didn't really get involved in WWI to carve out our modern-day role. WWII truly made the US what it is today--a leader for the free world. Adopting the uniform of the men who made this country what it is today would not only be an homage to what is the greatest generation but it would accomplish exactly what the Army's leadership wants--esprit de corps and pride. I don't know how you could find otherwise.
Posted on 02/16/08 22:00:28

batt wrote:

Go read the findings from the Quartermaster corp after World War 2 and you will find that the Pinks and Greens along with the Ike jackets were highly unpopular. Why do you think they got rid of those uniforms back in the 1950's?
Posted on 02/21/08 17:24:19

batt wrote:

Go read the findings from the Quartermaster corp after World War 2 and you will find that the Pinks and Greens along with the Ike jackets were highly unpopular. Why do you think they got rid of those uniforms back in the 1950's?
Posted on 02/21/08 17:24:27

Jay wrote:

I say we stick with the Greens I think everyone should quit bitching about the uniform they chose to wear for this country. The Greens are an outstanding uniform
Posted on 02/21/08 17:28:16

SGT.WXSBY wrote:

Well or blue huh? Here's my take.... I've always liked the Blue uniform it was an excelent dress uniform for formal occasions. I also loved my greens, complete with my 101st Combat patch, ribbons and wings topped with a beret and some finely shined jumps. Thats what a soldier should look like. If the Army wants one service uniform then fine, its a stellar idea. But modify the damn greens instead of spending millions to issue new uniforms. And to the HMFIC's putting this new uniform into effect.....those desk jockey REMF's who feel inferior to the real ground pounding, heart breaking warriors.....HOW DARE you take away our Beret's, Unit and Combat Patches, Tabs, Spurs and Stetsons and all those other Badges of Pride that real soldiers earn and wear proudly while the wannabe's covet and dream of.

Signed, a disgruntled, Spur holding, Tab earning, Jump Boot wearing, Combat tested Screaming Eagle!!!
Posted on 02/22/08 16:59:10

SGT.WXSBY wrote:

One more tid bit of opinion....If they really want to change to a service uniform, which I think is very professional looking.....bring back the old Khaki's with the Green coat for slightly more formal situations. Leave the Blue's for weddings, military balls and the old guard.
Posted on 02/22/08 17:06:31

qbrs22eucr wrote:

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Posted on 03/12/08 22:21:31

Bratwurstgirl wrote:

I like the green ones so much better :(
Posted on 03/20/08 15:39:40

SFC (RET.) Dave wrote:

I agree I would prefer the Greens over the blues any day of the week I think Greens look a lot better.
Posted on 03/25/08 14:19:43

Sempi wrote:

As a former Marine I will say that the Army's dress green and summer uniforms are some most butt ugly looking uniforms in the world. Mint green 1970's shirt with enough patches, doo hickies and dood dads to make a third world dictator blush. You sould all be ashamed at how out of control your uniforms have gotten in the past 50 years. In the Marines we keep our uniforms neat and without all that extra crap. We show off the sharpnest of the uniform instead of all the flair. Maybe you Army boys could learn a thing or two from the Marines on how to wear a sharp uniform. PS Your jump boots and french berets with your all's greens look laughable.
Posted on 03/30/08 09:45:30

Signed a pissed of Paratrooper wrote:

Watch it Jarhead our Greens look better then yours. Don't insult the Jump Boots and Beret again either there are alot of good Soldiers out there that died that wore that Beret so go fuck yourself you stupid Buttfucking I failed the ASVAB and my IQ is lower then four piece of shit Marine
Posted on 03/30/08 23:50:49

Jumper wrote:

I also hope the Army keeps the Greens I think they sharp and good looking.
Posted on 03/30/08 23:51:48

3rdGenJumper wrote:

This is ridiculous...Why are we bitching and moaning about what the uniform is changing to? The army has changed it's uniforms how many times in the past? Let's just be proud to wear any Army uniform and not get so bent out of shape.
That being said, I think the blues look sharp, but as a dress uniform.
I don't expect to wear this too much anyways, but I agree that changing to just this would eliminate the distinction between professional wear and special events.
Either keep the greens, or go to the pinks and greens, but don't go to just blues.
Posted on 04/02/08 12:50:35

Future 2ndLt. Colon wrote:

Im just a kid in high school and im about to join the Army ROTC in a year so I don't know a lot about this uniform change, but getting rid of the greens, to me, is a stupid idea. I like the greens because its casual and looks equivalent to a civilian business suit. Buissnesmen don't wear tuxedoes to work in Wall Street, so why do soldiers have to wear to the blues all the time? Don't get me wrong, I love the blues. It looks really sharp for public events, recruiting, and formal events. And I'm tired of soldiers looking poor in public events with the greens and especially with ACUs. Sailors and marines look very sharp in these events while the army looks broke. My teacher even told me that soldiers go to the Pentagon in ACUs. That is just embarrassing. Its like wearing pajamas in a wedding. So keep the greens for service uniform and make more use of the blues for dress events instead of the greens.
Posted on 04/19/08 20:57:28

DEVIL504 wrote:

Heres my 2 cents why on earth are we worrying about a new dress uniform at all? Will we be wearing the blues in iraq or afghanistan? No! So why is the Army wasting money on changing our dress uniform when that same money could be going to better equipment for men on the ground. If they want to change a uniform change the freaking ACUs because i think everyone agrees that they suck. Dont get me started on each service having a different camouflage anyways. We may be fighting an unconventional war now but what about when we fight a modern military who actually uses intelligence. Oh theres five guys. What type of camouflage are they wearing so we know exactly what service of the U.S. they are in, to report to higher.
Posted on 04/24/08 11:40:26

A soldiers wife wrote:

You all seem like a bunch of nancy ass girls fighting over which outfit looks best.
Posted on 05/07/08 14:42:42

SgtTaylor wrote:

Ultimately, tradition aside, our tax dollars pay for those uniforms. While the "streamlining to save money" concept chafes, it is real. I would rather be spending the dollar on body armor or anti-IED tech than on a variety of uniforms for the rear. Cut it down to one with options and save us all some money that could be put where it really counts. Of course, don't frickin spend an extra couple mil trying to decide what color shirt to wear. PLEASE!
Posted on 05/08/08 22:49:02

SFC 11B wrote:

First let me say, I do not endorse your concept of "Modern History" Warmacine, I have no qualms about going back to the blues we started with. That said if we are going to go back to a uniform from 1861 under the guise of history let us review the regulations from 1861. NCO's want a distinctive stripe on their trousers, give them their traditonal red. The Airborne want to keep their boots, fine that is part of their history. Don't bastard-ize a sharp looking uniform because of paper pushing badge hounds. The Army's problem with uniforms lies at the pentagon, with Badge and Bling envious desk pukes who want nothing more that to say "look, I'm shiney too" or leave their " Legacy" stamp somewhere it wasn't asked for. Badges, Berets, and what-nots should be earned, not handed out. For example read the reg regarding the Combat Infanty Badge, and then try to honestly tell me the Combat Action Badge is an "Authorized" award, and not just a piece of shiney eye candy for someone who was too afraid to say INFANTRY PLEASE. But who am I to say, I'm just a dumb grunt, with a family history of serveing my nation, and bleeding for it from the front lines. Welcome to the Unites States of the OFFEENDED, The Home of Diminishing Standards.
Posted on 05/14/08 12:24:11

Sir Guy wrote:

The reason Marines don't wear unit and qualification patches is they believe that the highest a Marine can be is Marine! They believe that they build esprit de corps by not having elitist within the ranks. So, no airborne tabs, unit patches, etc. They have a series of class A and class B uniforms and they don't seem to bitch about it. They are also steeped in their history. The new Army uniform seems disjointed, and it does appear that the brass is following the USMC. I havw personally witnessed the civilian, looking at an Army officer in dress blues asking if he was a Marine, Even the USMC doesn't wear the blues all the time. Maybe a black class A might stand out as sharp, and crisp, or a darker shade of green, but the blues should be for more formal occasions. As an aside, I, too, have noticed that Army recruiters in ACU's look much less attractive to the eye than Marine, and even Navy recruiters.
Posted on 06/02/08 09:50:08

Jon992765 wrote:

From the word coming out of Marlow White uniform company is that General Casey will announce the final version of the blue ASU on the Army's birthday. From what I have gathered from my sources is that the uniform will be tailored with a waist belt and belt loops on the jacket. Will be simular in some ways to the cut of the pinks and greens but in blue. The belt buckle will be the same one as the cerimonial belt. Soldiers will aslos wear a Division crest along with a regement crest above the right side pocket. The grey shirt has been nixed. As for other details, wait and see.
Posted on 06/08/08 02:39:11

alaret76 wrote:

That make since to get rid of the bus driver look by adding a belt and belt loops. The uniform will look more martial. Now my cerimonial belt can be held up on my blues with out it comming down off the coat. The Marine greens/blues and the new Air Force service uniform also come with waist belts. About time the army did too. I can see the fat bodies in the Army crying now about the waist belt. LOL
Posted on 06/08/08 02:43:16

JakeP wrote:

Keep the Greens
Posted on 06/12/08 16:43:18

hjrust wrote:

Thank God! The 1970's polyester green business suit will go bye bye!!!!!!!
Posted on 06/13/08 06:16:14

TNT wrote:

I think the Greens are a good uniform, what I want to know is this why on the earth did anybody who hates the Greens join the Army in first place if you hate the uniform of the service you represent then get the hell out you don't deserve to be in the Army if you hate the uniform we wear.
Posted on 06/14/08 23:24:24

hjrust wrote:

I didn't join the Army for the green uniform. When I thought about wearing a uniform for my brothers wedding I went out and bought a set of blues with a cerimonial belt. It put the greens to shame.
Posted on 06/18/08 04:38:05

USMC1289 wrote:

You dog licks all suck. Hell even the Marine green service uniform looks better then your pickle suit with all your multi colored patches and crap. LOL!!! We out class you in uniforms every time. Marines rule!!!!!
Posted on 06/18/08 04:40:52

Love and Memories wrote:

I wish everyone would quit bitching about everybody should know by now that if the Army goes through with this it will just be a little bit of time before some other Chief of Staff comes along and changes the Uniforms again. If I had my my choice I would stick with Greens just because I believe that if the Navy and Marine Corps can handle haveing to uniforms for none field conditions why can't the Army I think that goes to show that we are lazy and with all the recent funds we had to get from the Navy and the Air Force what is that telling the other services about us. Also with all these funds we got form the other services I don't see why the Army has the nerve to put that money towards a uniform change.
Posted on 06/18/08 17:48:30

Polarbear31 wrote:

The money is all ready allocated towards our uniforms in the first place. We are not spending more on uniforms but will save in the long run. The individual Soldier will not have (in some cases) purchase a set of blues. The greens were meant to be an everyday uniform. Who in the Army wears the uniform everyday? A couple of staff weenies at the Pentagon. BDU's and ACU's have replaced the greens as the daily uniform. There is really no reason to have a go between uniform. The only reason the Chief of Staff is replacing the damn greens is because of internal polling and Army Times polling that suggests up 70 percent of Soldiers are dissatisfied with the greens(How can 70 percent of the Army hate their own service uniform?.)Not because he decided to change the uniform on a whim. Recruiting also plays into this. With the Air Force coming out with a sharper service and dress uniform along with the Navy and Marines sharp uniforms the Army would be relegated to the worst looking service uniforms. It's as much about image and recruiting as to Soldiers dissatisfaction with their uniform appearance. Could I live with some modifications with the greens, “yes”. Add a belt to the coat of the jacket similar to the pinks and greens. Add an athletic cut to the coat. The old coat was designed for fat bodies. Get rid of the mint green 1970’s shirts and replace them with the old tan shirts. But in a thicker material. Course we will be accused of copying the Marines with there green service uniform but hey!
Posted on 06/20/08 02:05:50

assssssseeeeddxxcvbbee wrote:

fuck all you stupid bitch ass faggots GREEN TILL I DIE!11
Posted on 06/20/08 10:17:02

MRZ wrote:

Hell yeah fuck all you bitch ass faggots is right Green till I die is an understatment for me sorry that I earned my jump boots and maroon beret you stupid desk jockies
Posted on 06/27/08 00:05:36

big D wrote:

I don't know if anyone answered the youn ladies question about the different color pants because I got tired of you tards callin each other names. The reason is because in the good ol days of the horse Cavalry, the blue uniform was the only one issued and they seldom wore the coat, so the pants got washed more and worn out in the sun they faded. Hence the lighter shade of blue. It's all tradition.
P.S. if your son was swayed by the pretty uniforms, the marines deserve his stupid ass.
P.P.S MARINE stands for My Ass Rides On Navy Equipment.
Posted on 06/28/08 19:25:34

Active SFC wrote:

I'm with SGT.WXSBY
Posted on 06/30/08 14:49:05

Active SFC wrote:

For that matter, SFC 11B summed it up pretty well, too.
Posted on 06/30/08 14:50:38

sheilaym wrote:

umm yea what everyone else said
Posted on 07/11/08 21:02:53

Bill pierson wrote:

Here's my two cents. Keep the Dress blues as DRESS blues. I think the Army should go back to the 'pinks and greens' of WWII. There was a good looking uniform! Thew airborne types could still blouse their pants, the elite soldiers could keep their berets and everyone else goes back to garrison caps.

I've been out for a long time, but my wife is in the reserves. She HATES the ACU's. They require special care, don't blend in with anything, and those stupid velcro patches are the worst things imaginable. My wife has already had uniform items stolen because the patches rip right off. She's a former Marine and insists that the Marines have the sharpest uniforms around. I agree, so why shouldn't we have sharp distinctive uniforms we can take pride in instead of taking the cheap and easy way out.
Posted on 07/22/08 14:29:10

rosmery wrote:

keep the dress gren dont worry be happy
Posted on 07/29/08 01:20:56

meanJoegreen wrote:

The good idea fairy needs a sound beating for this one. I'm with Fallshirmjaeger. I should just get out before the G-4 says I need to wear pink lacy underwear along with my merchant marine dress uniform and my "Hey, I'm over here...shoot me!" ACUs.
Posted on 08/19/08 08:23:44

deathdealer50 wrote:

Army makes it official: Green Class A’s done

By Gina Cavallaro - Staff writer
Posted : Wednesday Aug 20, 2008 8:33:06 EDT

The days of the green Class A’s are over.

The Army’s plan to make dress blues the only Army Service Uniform has been approved and soldiers who own the uniform are encouraged to begin wearing it now, the Army announced Wednesday.

The move to eliminate the green uniform is designed to streamline soldiers’ clothing bags while modernizing the way the traditional blue uniform is worn.

The new wear policy was announced Wednesday in an Army-wide message from Chief of Staff Gen. George Casey and Sgt. Maj. of the Army Kenneth Preston.

The most significant change, aside from the switch from green to blue, is the option to wear a combat service identification badge, something that was not allowed with the blues.

“This uniform is part of a larger modular uniform system. It’s the culmination of a transformation effort that began back in 2004,” Preston told Army Times, referring to the development of the Army Combat Uniform and its introduction in May 2005. “The ACU really streamlined the impact on soldiers and, of course, that same thought process was really applied to our dress uniform.”

Preston said the blue uniform has come out overwhelmingly ahead in several surveys of soldiers asked their preference for a dress uniform, and in more than 150 forums he conducted over the past two years.

The vast majority of soldiers also expressed a desire to display their combat credentials, he said.

Other changes include:

• Soldiers who wear green, tan or maroon berets, soldiers assigned to air assault coded positions and military police on duty will be permitted to blouse their trousers with the black leather combat boot.

• The black, tan, maroon and green beret will be permitted with all uniforms. Men and women in the rank of corporal and above will have the option of wearing a service cap, for which there will be a stipend. Commanders will be authorized to determine which headgear should be worn for a particular event.

• During the development of the uniform, a grey shirt had been considered, but the Army decided that white shirts will be worn with all Class A and B uniforms because it “showcases the soldiers’ uniform,” Preston said.

The new uniform will be available at clothing sales stores next summer.

Soldiers graduating from basic training will get it as part of their clothing bag by the summer of 2010.

Clothing allowances will be adjusted, and every soldier will be wearing the blue uniform by 2014.
Posted on 08/20/08 10:22:14

Catfish wrote:

1. Don't we have far better things to direct our time and funding toward?
2. I'll hope my wife gets a 3rd job to help pay for yet another uniform change.
3. Do women get an option of skirt versus pants?
Posted on 08/21/08 08:41:07

Soontoretirebecausefoolsarewinning wrote:

So we're putting our hereldry choice for the next generation into the hands of a guy on his way out of the Army (Preston)?
Posted on 08/21/08 08:45:47

Sully wrote:

The ACU's are Fucking ugly bring back the BDU's. Keep the class A's and improve the material and tailoring, also keep the new dress blues. Problem solved.
Posted on 08/22/08 01:10:12

Nuffsaid wrote:

Why do we need two dress uniforms? Soldiers in the Army surveys (hundreds of thousands) in large majorities picked the dress blues as the service uniform. Maybe they don't have to get there A Ok from this board. have ya ever wondered that?
Posted on 08/26/08 14:57:53

John M Anderson wrote:

I believe that the ACU'S do not make any kind of since. And that they do not match anything except gravel. The ARMY needs to have uniforms that match the enviroment where ever we are at. It does not match the desert or anything in the forest. I am an enlisted soldier, I did not mind haveing a nice pressed unifom or shiny boots. It maid me take more pride in myself and in being a soldier. Some one needs to make more since of what they are doing. I have presented problems now here are my solutions. Take a survey of all soldiers in what makes since too wera. And what we all would like too see in a unifrom. And not tell us well you guy's picked it. That is a bunch of political and or red tape BS. Some one needs to let us truly give our opinoin. Instead of giveing our opinion too us.
Posted on 08/28/08 16:55:47

SPC Andy T wrote:

The Blues Are Ugly, ACUs are Useless. Quit trying to match your colors of the Pentagon carpet, higher ups! Think of us grunts who actually USE them.
Posted on 08/30/08 00:08:22

SPC Andy T wrote:

The Blues Are Ugly, ACUs are Useless. Quit trying to match your colors of the Pentagon carpet, higher ups! Think of us grunts who actually USE them.
Posted on 08/30/08 00:08:23

Nadeem Bhatti wrote:

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Posted on 09/18/08 10:04:01

MAJ (Ret) wrote:

When I put on my first uniform it was Shade 33 OD for EM and Shade 51 and 52 (Pinks and Greens) for the Officers. The Pinks & greens are the best looking we EVER had. Never like the AG 44 Green uniform.
Posted on 10/17/08 21:33:39

mighty 68M wrote:

we have guys who look like CRAP in the As, now were gona put em in BLUES??? Good god this army is going to h* that ghey baret thing, alot of guys i knew had to EARN theres (ie SF, AB, Ranger)
Posted on 12/24/08 13:40:51


got tired of reading everyones BS. the uniform doesn't make the man or organization---the man does!!!
Posted on 01/28/09 14:30:14

MAJ Ohmer wrote:

Totally agree with mighty 68M. Damn Shinseki stole the Ranger beret and gave it to everyone. Hell, he woulda stolen the Green Beret if it hadn't been a Unit Citation. I liked the garrsion caps and I thought the Airborne had some neat ones back before the maroon beret. The Army uniforms is going to look the absolute worst.
Posted on 03/11/09 21:33:56

jimb wrote:

The garrison caps look like crap. My God they are dorky.
Posted on 04/10/09 12:09:26

ccc wrote:

The Army should have kept the dress greens and just changed the mint-green shirt to a khaki shirt with rank stripes on the sleeves.
Posted on 11/15/09 18:04:40

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