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Agency Prepares to Move ‘Mountain’
American Forces Press ServiceArmy Col. Mike Bird is about to move a mountain, but he won’t be doing it alone. Bird, commander of Defense Logistics Agency—Central Command, will have help from his DLA support team and participants from several of the agency’s field activities. more

Pinup Calendar Raises Money
American Forces Press ServiceFORT BENNING, Ga. - The idea came while Tess Crosby was planning her Halloween costume as a pinup girl. Wanting to create a fundraiser for the Wounded Warrior Project, Crosby hit upon a plan for a 1940s-style charity pinup calendar. more

Soldier Loses Eye but Keeps Dreams
American Forces Press Service FORT BENNING, Ga. -- Ten months into his deployment with the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), Peter Sprenger lost an eye when an improvised explosive device detonated near the forward operating base in Tal Afar, Iraq. more

Presidential Veterans’ Initiative
American Forces Press ServiceAdministration officials continued their efforts to educate and employ veterans that began with President Barack Obama’s recent signing of an Executive Order which will provide thousands of jobs for veterans and transitioning military service members. more

Training Gets Soldiers Ready
American Forces Press ServiceCAMP BLANDING JOINT TRAINING CENTER, Fla. – In the midst of a nondescript Middle Eastern-style village, 53rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team soldiers interact with the local inhabitants the same as they have done day in and day out on routine patrols. more

Aims for Better Nutrition
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON (American Forces Press Service) – Several military organizations are working together to provide soldiers with healthy, good-tasting, sustainable and nutritionally sound combat rations. more

Child Care Expands to All 50 States
American Forces Press ServiceIt’s a few hours a month, but the break the Armed Services YMCA Respite Child Care program provides parents with a deployed spouse always is welcome. And since the program’s Oct. 1 nationwide expansion, many more parents will benefit. more

VA to Improve Veteran Health Care
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON (American Forces Press Service) – Officials with the nation’s two largest electronic medical records systems announced a pilot program today designed to further enhance health-care services for military veterans. more

Video Teleconferences for Soldiers
American Forces Press ServiceCONTINGENCY OPERATING BASE ADDER, Iraq (American Forces Press Service) – Dependable communication is essential for any successful organization, and for a deployed military unit, that holds all the more true. more

More NATO Troops for Afghanistan
American Forces Press ServiceShould President Barack Obama’s anticipated Afghanistan strategy announcement call for more U.S. troops, Defense Department and White House officials would expect a greater contribution from their NATO allies, Pentagon Press Secretary Geoff Morrell said today. more

‘Taste of Home’ to Deployed Troops
American Forces Press ServiceHow do you plan Thanksgiving dinner for 180,000 people more than 6,000 miles away? If you’re a food buyer at the Defense Logistics Agency, you start by making a shopping list in April for meals to be served to U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. more

Joint Light Tactical Vehicle
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON (American Forces Press Service) – A program to develop a new family of light tactical vehicles for Army, Marine Corps and special operations forces is moving ahead at full steam, almost halfway through its technology development phase. more

Wounded Warrior Begins Career
American Forces Press ServiceFORT RILEY, Kan. (American Forces Press Service) – A former soldier who spent about 16 months in the warrior transition battalion here now looks forward to a rewarding career as an Army civilian. more

Separate Soldiers Who Don't Deploy
American Forces Press ServiceThe new Enlisted Involuntary Separation Program will affect active-duty Soldiers who don't re-enlist or extend their enlistments to serve at least four months on a contingency deployment and two more months at home station. more

Soldiers to Get Pay for Stop Loss
American Forces Press ServiceThe DoD announced on Oct. 21 that with the recent congressional authorization, Soldiers who were individually stop-lossed and on active duty between Sept. 11, 2001, and Sept. 30, 2008, now can claim a retroactive special pay... more

Fort Hood Shooting Task Force
American Forces Press ServiceThe leaders of the Pentagon’s review board on the Fort Hood, Texas, rampage reported for duty here today to begin their 45-day investigation to what led to the mass shooting, a Pentagon official said. more

ObamaThanksgiving Day Messages
American Forces Press ServiceObama recalled that President George Washington proclaimed the first public thanksgiving, and President Abraham Lincoln established the annual Thanksgiving Day holiday to mend the nation during the Civil War. more

Army to Study Suicides
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON (American Forces Press Service) – The Army is collaborating with the National Institute of Mental Health to launch the largest study ever undertaken of suicide and mental health among military personnel. more

Army Combatives Program
American Forces Press ServiceThe Army is revamping the curriculum to take lessons learned from Iraq and Afghanistan and build more effective close-quarters fighters. The goal is to push advanced techniques down to the small-unit level, including basic training. more

Guard's Operational Structure
American Forces Press ServiceThe National Guard’s transformation from a strategic reserve to an operational force since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, should continue beyond the current conflicts, the nation’s top military officer told Guard leaders yesterday. more

Western Hemisphere Cooperation
American Forces Press ServiceHALIFAX, Nova Scotia – The United States and other Western Hemisphere nations must increase cooperation and collaboration for their continued security, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said here today. more

Focused On Balancing Ranks
American Forces Press ServiceSatisfied that it’s increased its ranks by about 20,000 soldiers and continues to meet its recruiting goals, the Army Reserve now is focused on recruiting more troops as they leave active duty to fill gaps at the mid-level ranks and in specific specialties. more

Review of Fort Hood Shooting
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON (American Forces Press Service) – Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates today announced the Defense Department will conduct a broad review of the Nov. 5 Fort Hood, Texas, shooting that left 13 dead and dozens injured. more

‘Real Warrior’ Helps Others Get Help
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON (American Forces Press Service) – Sheri Hall could tell something was wrong with her husband, Army Maj. Jeff Hall, at the hangar during his welcome home ceremony. “His eyes were dead,” she said. more

Wife Succeeds Husband
American Forces Press ServiceHe was there, and then he was gone. It was just a glimpse on the night of Oct. 31. She continued to exit the C-130 Hercules that had just landed at an air base here, still scanning her surroundings to see if it could be. more

USO Military Women Care Packages
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON (American Forces Press Service) – The USO has changed a lot in 68 years and today marked another milestone in the group’s history of supporting the military when it sponsored a care package service specifically for female servicemembers. more

Decisions Will Pave Path to End War
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON (American Forces Press Service) – A range of decisions still remain for President Barack Obama and his administration to finalize the U.S. strategy in Afghanistan, the president said in Beijing today. more

Homeless Dogs Help Healing Troops
American Forces Press ServiceLawrence Minnis never met a dog he didn’t like. Minnis is especially fond of pit bulls, and he somewhat resembles his favorite breed -- broad-shouldered, stocky and muscular. He sat on the floor in the back of a classroom... more

Army Developing Global Network
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON (Army News Service) - In the future, Soldiers should be able to access the Army's global network anywhere in the world using capabilities similar to a Blackberry or iPhone, said the Army's chief information officer. more

Army Family Covenant Success
American Forces Press ServiceTwo years ago, former Secretary of the Army Pete Geren joined Fort Monroe leaders here for the signing of a much celebrated document called the Army Family Covenant. It made several promises - the foremost of which is a commitment... more

Military Child Care ‘Model for Nation’
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON (American Forces Press Service) – The Military Child Care Act of 1989 has made the military child care system the one to emulate. “We have come a long way...The Department of Defense Child Development System is … more

Struggle With Soldier Suicide Rate
American Forces Press ServiceThe rate of soldier suicides continues to concern Army leadership, with 211 active-duty and reserve-component suicides confirmed this year, the Army’s No. 2 officer told Pentagon reporters today. more

Troops Prepare for Iraqi Election
American Forces Press ServiceAs U.S. troops in western Iraq help to prepare for national elections in January, an American commander in the former insurgent hotbed of Anbar province said any potential uptick in violence is unlikely to derail the balloting. more

Officer Works to Walk Again
American Forces Press ServiceFive months ago, Army Lt. Col. Tim Karcher was in Sadr City, Iraq, commanding the 1st Cavalry Division’s 2nd Battalion, 5th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, and preparing to complete the hand-off of the volatile region to the Iraqis. more

Iraqi Police Makes Strides
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON (American Forces Press Service) – As the drawdown of U.S. forces in Iraq advances, efforts to build the nation’s police force have made great strides, the team leader of the police training and advisory mission said last week. more

Soldiers Work to Avoid Casualties
American Forces Press ServiceABOARD USS NIMITZ IN THE INDIAN OCEAN (American Forces Press Service) – Two soldiers working deep inside this aircraft carrier serve as liaisons between the aviators of Carrier Air Wing 11 and coalition forces on the ground in Afghanistan. more

Arms Reduction, Iran
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON (American Forces Press Service) – The mutual goal of negotiating an agreement on reducing nuclear arms by the end of the year is on track, President Barack Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said today. more

Review of Fort Hood Prelude
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON (American Forces Press Service) – President Barack Obama used his weekly address today to call for a careful and complete review of what happened before the Nov. 5 tragedy at Fort Hood, Texas. more

Grieving Has No Time Limit
American Forces Press ServiceIn the aftermath of the Nov. 5 shootings, Soldiers, family members and civilians are looking for answers, but they're also looking for help. Following any loss, individuals and communities go through a grieving process which can be complicated, unpredictable and long-term. more

Experience to New Afghan Officers
American Forces Press ServiceIt’s hailed as the “West Point of Afghanistan.” The National Military Academy of Afghanistan in Kabul is modeled after the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. Graduates are commissioned in the Afghanistan National Army... more

Volunteers Reach Out to Families
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON (American Forces Press Service) – An army of volunteers wrote letters of thanks and assembled care packages for delivery to military families during Operation Appreciation, held Nov. 11 at George Washington University here. more

Vets Recall War Experiences
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON (American Forces Press Service) – Generations of American servicemembers braved and survived the din, destruction and uncertainty of war to return home to enjoy the freedoms they helped to preserve for their fellow citizens. more

Hasan Charged with Murder
American Forces Press ServiceArmy Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan has been charged with 13 specifications of premeditated murder in the Nov. 5 attack at Fort Hood, Texas. Hasan has been charged under Article 118 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, meaning the case will be heard in the military system. more

New Job Site for Veterans
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON (American Forces Press Service) – The Department of Homeland Security has unveiled a new Web site designed to provide a one-stop location for veterans looking for jobs. more

First Lady Urges to Volunteer
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON (American Forces Press Service) – First Lady Michelle Obama today urged all Americans, including military veterans, to put their skills to use in volunteer service to assist U.S. communities and citizens in need. more

Flowers and Remembering Veterans
American Forces Press ServiceEver wonder what the significance is of the little red flowers that the Veterans of Foreign Wars hand out? What are they and what do they mean? The answer to the first question is simple. They are poppies. Red-flowered corn poppies. more

Obligations to Veterans
American Forces Press ServiceARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY, Va. (American Forces Press Service) – America will fulfill its obligation to take care of and value those who have sacrificed for the country, President Barack Obama said here today. more

Tribute to Victims of Hood Shooting
American Forces Press ServiceThe mournful and all too familiar scene of a bugler playing Taps occurred again here Tuesday as the Fort Hood community paid its respects to fallen warriors struck down last week allegedly at the hands of a lone gunman, who also happened to wear an Army uniform. more

VA Celebrates ‘Alive Day’
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON – As the nation honors its past and present servicemembers on this Veterans Day, many who have worn the uniform of their country will reflect on their service’s creed and what it means to them. more

MTV Documentary Follows Soldier
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON (Army News Service) - MTV will honor America's veterans and servicemembers Wednesday by following a young noncommissioned officer as he returns to the battlefields of Iraq. more

Nation Will Always Remember
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON (Army News Service) -- The nation will long remember those who were killed during the Nov. 5 shooting at Fort Hood, Texas, President Obama said during a memorial service there this afternoon. more

Veterans Day Observance
American Forces Press ServiceThe Nov. 5 shooting rampage at Fort Hood, Texas, provides a special sense of poignancy to this year’s Veterans Day observance, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said in his annual message commemorating the holiday. more

Benefits of Deploying Civilians
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON (American Forces Press Service) – A recent Facebook post by a U.S. soldier heading home from Iraq highlights some of the nonmilitary roles American troops often assume in today’s counterinsurgency wars. more

Soldiers Reach Out to Families
American Forces Press ServiceWaiting at the airport last night for the last families to arrive for today’s ceremony honoring victims of the fatal shooting rampage at nearby Fort Hood, several soldiers were dealing with their own pain and confusion by reaching out to families of the fallen and to each other. more

VFW Gives Troops Free Talk Time
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON (American Forces Press Service) – Deployed and hospitalized servicemembers are expected to make about 120,000 calls home this Veterans Day, and it won’t cost them one thin dime. more

Ft Hood Casualties Released
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON (American Forces Press Service) – Officials at Fort Hood, Texas, released the names of the 12 soldiers and one civilian employee killed in the Nov. 5 shooting incident on the post. Dead are: more

Fort Hood First Responders
American Forces Press ServiceFORT HOOD, Texas (American Forces Press Service) – “Pop, pop, pop.” Those were the sounds Fort Hood’s first responders heard when they arrived at the Soldier Readiness Processing Center here Thursday. more

Obama Honors Fort Hood Victims
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON - President Barack Obama issued a formal proclamation honoring the victims of yesterday’s shootings at Fort Hood, Texas. Here is the complete text: BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA more

Officer Reflects on Deployment
American Forces Press ServiceWhen he joined the Navy 15 years ago, Cmdr. Trent Kalp probably expected to serve six-month deployments to the middle of the ocean during his career. But at the time, it might have come as a surprise to learn he also would one day... more

Pledge Support for Fort Hood Victims
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON (American Forces Press Service) – Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates pledged today his department will do everything it can to help those at Fort Hood, Texas, recover from the fatal shooting there that left 12 dead and 31 wounded. more

12 Killed, 31 Wounded in Shooting
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON (American Forces Press Service) – President Barack Obama condemned the fatal shooting rampage today on Fort Hood, Texas, that left 11 soldiers and a civilian police officer dead and 31 soldiers wounded. more

Sole Suspect in Hood Shooting
American Forces Press ServiceU.S. Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan is believed to be the lone shooter of some 43 people on Fort Hood, Texas, and he survived being shot by a civilian police officer, the base commander said. more

Confirmed Shooting at Fort Hood
American Forces Press ServiceFORT HOOD, Texas - Department of Emergency Services officials confirmed at approximately 1:30 p.m. Nov. 5 that more than one shooter fired shots into the Soldiers Readiness Processing Center and Howze Theater on Fort Hood more

Wounded Veterans Continue Service
American Forces Press ServiceThose words from a wounded warrior recovering at Bethesda Naval Hospital from injuries suffered in Iraq inspired Navy Lt. Eric Greitins and Kenneth Harbaugh to found “the Mission Continues,” a new kind of veterans organization. more

Brigade Tests New Concept in Iraq
American Forces Press ServiceThe first new "advise and assist" brigades already in Iraq and others slated to arrive soon have a big leg up on their new mission, thanks to the groundwork laid by the "Highlander" brigade, which provided a test bed for the new concept. more

‘Hybrid Threat’ Training
American Forces Press ServiceWhen the National Training Center opened here in 1981, it presented the most realistic training environment imaginable to prepare troops for a potential large-scale, tank-on-tank confrontation with the Soviet Union in Germany’s Fulda Gap. more

Holiday Mailing Guidelines
American Forces Press ServiceBAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan -- U.S. Postal Service officials have announced recommended mailing dates for delivery by Christmas to U.S. servicemembers serving in Afghanistan and other overseas locations. more

Foundation Receives $6.1 Mil
American Forces Press ServiceToday, retired Col. Bob Ulin, CEO of the CGSC Foundation, announced a generous gift from Mr. H. Ross Perot to support two new initiatives at the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College.... more

Afghan President to Stop Corruption
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON (American Forces Press Service) – Newly re-elected Afghan President Hamid Karzai must take significant measures to cut government corruption and establish its legitimacy, the top U.S. military officer said today. more

Troops Find Common Ground
American Forces Press ServiceKANDAHAR, Afghanistan (American Forces Press Service) – Many U.S. servicemembers working and living alongside Afghan soldiers here find they have much in common with their Afghan counterparts. more

DoD Aims to Improve Families’ Lives
American Forces Press ServiceMilitary families make tremendous sacrifices in support of the nation and deserve recognition as well as the best programs and policies the Defense Department can deliver, a defense official said yesterday. more

Soldiers Gain Insight on Leadership
American Forces Press ServiceSoldiers here are getting a trial run at the nerve-wracking experience of going before promotion boards. “Soldiers that take the initiative are exactly what we’re looking for in our future leaders...” more

Troops Recognized for Service
American Forces Press ServiceTwelve servicemembers were honored by the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs for their exemplary service here last night during the institute’s annual dinner at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center. more

Army Reduces ‘Stop Loss’
American Forces Press ServiceAs the Defense Department begins to compensate military members forced to serve beyond the expiration of their contracts, the number of those still serving under “Stop Loss” has been greatly reduced, a Pentagon official said. more

Major Interacts With Afghans
American Forces Press ServiceAir Force Maj. John Loftis has a Pashto name, Esan, and people frequently ask him what it means. He leaves quite an impression with the Afghan community where he lives and works as a provincial reconstruction team member... more

Military Family Month
American Forces Press ServicePresident Barack Obama pledged his support of military members and their families and said Americans have a “solemn obligation” to preserve their well-being in his proclamation declaring November as Military Family Month. more

Free Security Systems for Military
American Forces Press ServiceNational Advocates for Military Families is a nonprofit that pays for security systems in military homes. With how often service members leave their families, a security system is one of the few ways that they can receive peace of mind. more

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