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GI Bill Transferability Set to Begin
American Forces Press ServiceWith the Post-9/11 GI Bill’s option to transfer unused educational benefits to eligible family members taking effect tomorrow, it’s no surprise that more than 25,000 servicemembers have pre-applied, a Pentagon official said today. more

New Army Program
Blackanthem Military NewsFORT JACKSON, S.C. -- The Army is looking to improve the resiliency of its Soldiers through a new program, which will be launched in October, said Gen. George Casey, Army chief of staff, during a visit to Fort Jackson today. more

MMA Brings Fighters to a Faceoff
Blackanthem Military NewsSCHOFIELD BARRACKS, Hawaii - Military and local fighters threw punches, kicks and bodies during the first ever mixed martial arts (MMA) event at the Tropics Recreation Center, here, July 25. Sixteen Soldiers and one seaman were paired against... more

Entertainment to Servicemembers
Blackanthem Military NewsAL ASAD AIR BASE, Iraq (American Forces Press Service) – When most servicemembers think of their concert experiences here, they recall punching their fists into the desert sky, rocking out to old favorites and meeting new friends. more

Turnover Pays Unforeseen Benefits
Blackanthem Military NewsWASHINGTON (American Forces Press Service) – The commander of Multinational Corps Iraq said an unanticipated result of the U.S.-Iraq security agreement is that relationships between Iraqi and U.S. commanders have improved. more

Taliban Actions
American Forces Press ServiceAlthough the Taliban recently issued a “code of conduct” booklet aimed at projecting a more positive image to the Afghan people, their actions directly contradict this goal, the spokesman said. more

Experiment Prepares for Crises
American Forces Press Service U.S. Joint Forces Command and its partners have completed an experiment designed to enhance national security by providing joint force commanders with a better capability to share information with interagency, multinational and nongovernment agencies during crisis operations. more

Soldiers Sharpen Skills
American Forces Press ServiceCOMBAT OUTPOST CARVER, Iraq (American Forces Press Service) – After five long days of intense training and battling a pair of fierce sandstorms, more than 20 Iraqi soldiers graduated from the “Cold Steel Training Academy” here yesterday. more

Teacher Leads Marines in Iraq
American Forces Press ServiceBeing a high school teacher, a professional soccer player and a firefighter in one’s local town all are great accomplishments. But one woman who has been all three still desired to pursue something more. more

Close Detention Center
American Forces Press ServiceThe Defense Department remains committed to meeting President Barack Obama’s one-year timeline to close the detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, the Pentagon’s top lawyer said yesterday. more

Help From 'A Few Good Goats'
American Forces Press ServiceWhen it comes to fighting wildfires, most people immediately think of water or fire retardant dropped from helicopters and other aircraft, or soot-covered firefighters using hoses and foam to battle back towering blazes. more

Brothers Support From Above
American Forces Press ServiceCAMP BASTION, Afghanistan (American Forces Press Service) – Marine Corps Maj. Richard “Bart” Bartolomea says he feels at home serving with his brother, Bill, in an operational environment. more

Defend Against Mass Weapons
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON (American Forces Press Service) – The Defense Department boasts the world’s strongest ability to respond to chemical, biological and other weapons of mass destruction, a top Pentagon official said today. more

Military Prepares for Varied Threats
American Forces Press ServiceThe 2010 Quadrennial Defense Review now under development envisions a U.S. military with the wherewithal to confront current threats such as al-Qaida as well as having the capacity to meet future security challenges. more

U.S.-China Military Talks to Resume
American Forces Press ServicePlans are under way for the United States and China to take the first steps toward resuming their stalled military-to-military dialogue, possibly within the next couple months, the top U.S. officer in the region told reporters today. more

Gates Arrives in Iraq
American Forces Press ServiceTALIL, Iraq (American Forces Press Service) – Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates began a previously unannounced visit to Iraq with a stop to examine the prototype of the U.S. advisory and assistance brigades. more

Reservist Marks 40 Years of Service
American Forces Press ServiceRichard Nixon became the 37th president of the United States, gas cost 35 cents per gallon, the New York Mets won the World Series in five games over the Baltimore Orioles, and Catharine Zeta-Jones, Brett Favre, Renee Zellweger and Jennifer Aniston were born. The year was 1969. more

Troops Have Tools to Combat Stress
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON, July 27, 2009 – An innovative restoration program in Afghanistan is giving troops the tools they need to “stay in the fight” by helping them overcome the stresses and challenges of being deployed. more

Bestow Medal of Honor on Soldier
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON, July 24, 2009 – President Barack Obama will posthumously award Army Sgt. 1st Class Jared C. Monti the Medal of Honor for conspicuous gallantry in Afghanistan, White House officials announced today. more

Doctors Help With 'Mental Wellness'
American Forces Press ServiceSAN ANTONIO, Texas (Army News Service, July 24, 2009) -- Army Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Peter W. Chiarelli told more than 2,000 Army health-care professionals Tuesday that they must produce "mental wellness". more

Soldier To Receive Medal Of Honor
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON (Army News Service) July 24, 2009 - Sgt. 1st Class Jared Monti, who was killed in Afghanistan June 21, 2006, will receive the Medal of Honor for his valor in combat,the White House has announced. more

Military Monitors North Korea
American Forces Press ServiceThe U.S. military plays a role in the monitoring of North Korean actions that may violate a U.N. Security Council resolution that prohibits North Korea from weapons proliferation, a senior Pentagon official said here today. more

New GI Bill Transfer Takes Effect
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON (American Forces Press Service) – The Post-9/11 GI Bill takes effect Aug. 1, but in the meantime, servicemembers may submit a request to transfer benefits to their spouses and children now. more

Surpasses 20,000 Facebook Fans
American Forces Press ServiceU.S. Forces Afghanistan’s Facebook page logged its 20,000th fan today, passing the milestone a little more than two months after going public, making it the fastest-growing official military Facebook page, military officials here said. more

Vietnam Veteran Re-enlists in Iraq
American Forces Press ServiceCONTINGENCY OPERATING SITE MAREZ EAST, Iraq, – Army Sgt. 1st Class Hershel L. Mayfield is a Vietnam veteran with 39 years of service. But when he re-enlisted here earlier this month, his mind was on the future and the young people he serves with. more

New PTSD Program Answers Need
American Forces Press ServiceLANDSTUHL REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER, Germany -- Symptoms of combat stress and post-traumatic stress disorder include continual nightmares, avoidance behaviors, denial, grief, anger and fear. more

Special Needs Programs
American Forces Press ServiceThough more than 90,000 military dependents are enrolled in the program, many families with special needs probably aren’t enrolled, said communication director for the Pentagon’s Office of Military Community. more

Obama Praises Vote on F-22 Funding
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON (American Forces Press Service) – President Barack Obama yesterday praised a Senate vote that struck down $1.75 billion in additional funding in the fiscal 2010 defense budget for more F-22 Raptor fighter jets. more

Airman, Wife Hope to Help Others
American Forces Press Service A wounded airman and his wife plan to use the lessons they’ve learned about marriage and friendship through military service and adversity to help servicemembers who might be struggling after deployment or injury. more

U.S. Build Better Quality of Life
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON (American Forces Press Service) – Construction efforts took center stage in Mosul, Iraq, recently as U.S. soldiers built a new combat outpost and took on a new renovation mission, military officials reported. more

Webster University Offers Credits
American Forces Press ServiceArmy Civilian Corps senior leaders now have another incentive for attending the Army Management Staff College. Webster University is now accepting course credit for the Civilian Education System Advanced Cours... more

Soldier Rejoins After Losing Bet
American Forces Press ServiceBAGHDAD -- When most Soldiers tell others why they joined the Army, many stories are similar. Many join right out of high school, some do it for the benefits and others do it to improve or change their lives. more

‘Sparing No Effort’ To Locate Soldier
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON (American Forces Press Service) – Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said American commanders are “sparing no effort” to locate a U.S. soldier who went missing early this month in Afghanistan. more

Increase of 22,000 Soldiers
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON (American Forces Press Service) – The plus-up of active duty troops will take the Army from 547,000 to 569,000 forces in what Gates characterized as a temporary increase of the Army’s “end strength” for three fiscal years. more

Soldiers Praise New .50-Cal Gun
American Forces Press ServiceFORT BENNING, Ga. -- More than a dozen Soldiers from Fort Benning test-fired an enhanced .50-caliber machine gun that allows troops to rapidly change the barrel without having to check or reset headspace and timing, officials said. more

Troops Raid Terrorist Compounds
American Forces Press ServiceCoalition and Afghan forces raided several terrorist compounds in eastern and southern Afghanistan in the past two days, disrupting bomb networks and seizing suspects and weapons, military officials reported. more

Ways to Combat Suicide in Army
American Forces Press ServiceA media roundtable at the Pentagon yesterday provided an update on a five-year, $50-million study of suicide and behavioral health among military personnel, launched in October 2008 in partnership with the National Institute on Mental Health. more

Sesame Workshop to Help Children
American Forces Press Service“Sesame Street” usually conjures visions of Muppets teaching young children their letters and numbers, but they also teach life lessons to help military children cope with deployments, injuries, and now, loss. more

Celebrities Entertain Troops
American Forces Press ServiceBAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan – The celebrities include actors Bradley Cooper and D.B. Sweeney, former Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Warrick Dunn, National Football League Hall of Famer Don Shula, and sports commentator and model Leeann Tweeden. more

Missile Defense Equals Strength
American Forces Press ServiceThe layers and diversity of the U.S. missile defense program are its biggest strengths, the Missile Defense Agency’s director said here today. Army Lt. Gen. Patrick J. O’Reilly told the Defense Writers Group that... more

HUD Offers Permanent Homes
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON - U.S. Housing and Urban Development announced today the final allocations of more than 10,000 vouchers to local public housing authorities across the country to provide permanent supportive housing for homeless veterans. more

Mullen Thanks Servicemembers
American Forces Press ServiceBAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan (American Forces Press Service) – The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff offered some guidance and his gratitude to about 300 military members during an all-hands call here today. more

New Advisory Brigades to Deploy
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON (American Forces Press Service) – Four new advisory and assistance brigades will deploy to Iraq beginning this fall in the next regularly scheduled troop rotations, a senior defense official announced today. more

Human Rights Adds Optimism in Iraq
American Forces Press ServiceA human rights conference, a meeting of Iraqi and Kurdish forces and medical technician training are just a few events U.S. forces in Iraq have been involved in recently to give hope in Iraq’s future. more

Brigade Makes Difference in Iraq
American Forces Press ServiceSoldiers of the 4th Infantry Division’s 2nd Brigade Combat Team have made a positive impact on security and quality of life in Iraq’s Basra province, their commander said during a briefing from Iraq today. more

‘High-value’ Terror Suspect Captured
American Forces Press ServiceBAGHDAD (American Forces Press Service) – U.S. forces apprehended a wanted man suspected of being the leader of a bomb-making cell during a July 12 civil affairs mission west of Baghdad. more

Microgrants Assist Growing Economy
American Forces Press ServiceFORWARD OPERATING BASE WARRIOR, Iraq (American Forces Press Service) – As security improves in Kirkuk, the business community has the opportunity to grow. But some small businesses still need a helping hand. more

Effects of Altitude Change on Soldiers
American Forces Press ServiceArmy researchers are simulating environmental extremes, such as the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro or the high desert of Afghanistan, to better understand and protect troops from the challenges of operating in such conditions. more

Spouses Deploy Together to Iraq
American Forces Press ServiceWEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (American Forces Press Service) – When Army Pfc. Joseph James deploys this month he won’t have to say goodbye to his wife, Army Pfc. Samantha James -- she will be with him throughout his yearlong deployment to Iraq. more

Army Guard to Reach Goal
American Forces Press ServiceThe Army National Guard is changing recruiting policies to lower its end strength by the end of the fiscal year, Guard officials said today. These changes will enable the Army Guard to decrease its end strength from 362,493 soldiers to 358,200 by Sept. 30. more

1,200 Schools Join VA in New GI Bill
American Forces Press ServiceOver 1,100 colleges, universities and schools across the country have entered into “Yellow Ribbon” program agreements with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to improve financial aid for Veterans participating in the Post-9/11 GI Bill. more

Twins have Soldiers Seeing Double
American Forces Press ServiceFORT POLK, La. -- Don't blame the Soldiers of Fort Polk's 94th Brigade Support Battalion, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division, if you see them do a double take when two of the unit's newest captains pass by. more

New Flame-Resistant ACU
American Forces Press ServiceThe flame-resistant Army combat uniform and the improved physical fitness uniform can now be ordered by deployed troops through a Web-based program. The Army Direct Ordering Program was initially limited to a select number of sites... more

Timeline for Tobacco-free Military
American Forces Press ServiceThe military has come a long way from the time when it packaged cigarettes in with rations, but more must be done. The report, titled “Combating Tobacco in Military and Veteran Populations,” calls for the DoD to set a timeline to eliminate smoking... more

Need for Tech Acquisition Reform
American Forces Press ServiceThe Defense Department’s information technology acquisition process is too slow to be cost-effective, a senior Pentagon official told Congress yesterday, citing the need for acquisition reform within the department. more

Soldiers Scan Skies for Rockets
American Forces Press ServiceClark -- a counter rocket, artillery and mortar, or C-RAM, systems operator -- has watched the skies for indirect fire attacks here for six months. Months had passed with nothing happening. Now, the system was alerting him... more

Trash Collection Marks New Era
American Forces Press Service U.S. forces are helping Iraqi officials ring in a new era - with services like trash collection. Brigade soldiers coordinated with the local government to provide trash cans to residents throughout the city of Basra. more

More Mine-resistant Vehicles
American Forces Press ServiceThe military is sending thousands of mine-resistant, ambush-protected vehicles to Afghanistan, even while a new version is being built, to protect troops against their biggest threat: improvised explosive devices. more

Document Military at War
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON (American Forces Press Service) – From the use of newspapers and pamphlets to stoke the American Revolution to embedded journalists in the War in Iraq, the media has played a major role in every American conflict. more

Soldier Honored for Valor
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON (American Forces Press Service) – The fifth Army Reserve soldier to earn the Silver Star since the terrorist attacks on the United States in 2001 spoke about his experience in a “DoDLive” bloggers roundtable July 6. more

Improve Quality of Life in Iraq
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON (American Forces Press Service) – U.S. forces strengthened relationships with their Iraqi counterparts in recent days as they worked to help a city in need and to improve health care and quality of life throughout Iraq. more

Progress, but More Afghans Needed
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON (American Forces Press Service) – The commander of a U.S. Marine brigade in southern Afghanistan is cautiously optimistic at progress made in the first week of an offensive there, but says more Afghan forces are needed. more

Raise Awareness, Prevent Suicides
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON (American Forces Press Service) – Defense Department schools are taking on the tough topic of suicide to prevent what is a leading cause of death among teens. Suicide is the third-leading cause of death among 15- to 19-year-olds... more

New Grenade Launcher
American Forces Press ServiceFORT BRAGG, N.C. -- The barrels were hot in the Army's charter fielding of the new M-320 grenade launcher at Range 23 here, as paratroopers of the 82nd Airborne Division fired the weapons for the first time. more

EOD Soldiers View 'The Hurt Locker'
American Forces Press ServiceFast-paced, heart-stopping, explosive action fill the new movie "The Hurt Locker," even though Soldiers say many of the scenes are inaccurate. The movie follows the day-to-day bouts of three Soldiers... more

Ready Army takes daily preparation
American Forces Press Service As we approach the peak season for hurricanes and the anniversaries of both Hurricane Katrina and the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, it is a good time to ask ourselves, "Am I as prepared as I can be for all potential hazards?" more

Military Commissions Reform
American Forces Press ServiceClosing the U.S. detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and reforming military commissions will enhance national security, the Defense Department’s chief legal advisor said today before Congress. more

Ft Lewis Soldiers Harness New Skills
American Forces Press ServiceAn infantryman's long education isn't over when he graduates from his One Station Unit Training. There are a multitude of special skills unique to certain units that must be learned and practiced. more

Security Relationship with Russia
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON (American Forces Press Service) – President Barack Obama today called on current generations free from Cold War antipathy to chart a new course of U.S.-Russian relations that focuses on areas of mutual interests. more

‘Patriot’ Walks for Deployed Troops
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON (American Forces Press Service) – The best way to show deployed troops you care, says Cody Anderson, is to send them prepaid international phone cards so they can call home to their friends and loved ones. more

‘Real World’ Crew Visits Iraq
American Forces Press ServiceA two-man team from MTV’s “Real World” program spent a week at Joint Security Station Saydiyah here filming the final portions of a follow-up story on one of the show’s former participants. more

Reduce Nuclear Stockpiles
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON (American Forces Press Service) – President Barack Obama and Russian President Dmitri Medvedev agreed in Moscow today to reduce U.S. and Russian nuclear weapons stockpiles by up to a third. more

U.S., Russia Resume Relations
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON (American Forces Press Service) – The United States and Russia today agreed to resume bilateral military cooperation, which has been on hold since the conflict between Russia and Georgia erupted in August. more

Iraq, Korea, ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’
American Forces Press ServiceThe chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff addressed the situation in Iraq, relations with North Korea, China and Russia and possible changes to the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy during an appearance on a television news show today. more

Added U.S. Troops in Afghanistan
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON (American Forces Press Service) – Additional American troops in Afghanistan are making it possible to institute the new strategy in the country, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said today. more

Obama Thanks Military Families
American Forces Press ServiceAs Americans celebrated Independence Day in homes throughout the nation, President Barack Obama invited about 1,200 military families to his home for a July Fourth bash yesterday to personally thank them for their service and sacrifice. more

Army Limits Re-Enlistment Options
American Forces Press ServiceIn an effort to slow the momentum of what has been an exceptionally productive year in recruiting and retention, the Army has limited re-enlistment options during the last three months of fiscal year 2009. more

Tiger Woods Honors Troops
American Forces Press ServiceWorld-class golfer Tiger Woods honored U.S. military servicemembers by hosting the Earl Woods Memorial Pro-Am golf tournament at the Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, Md., during the Fourth of July weekend. more

‘So Far, So Good’ in Iraq
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON (American Forces Press Service) – It’s “so far, so good” in Iraq since U.S. combat forces withdrew from the country’s cities and towns, the commander of Multinational Force Iraq said yesterday. more

North Korean Missile Launch
American Forces Press ServiceWASHINGTON (American Forces Press Service) – North Korea’s launch of four short-range missiles yesterday didn’t surprise Defense Department officials, a Pentagon spokesman said today. more

Story Instills Sense of Reality
American Forces Press ServiceEven as Army Staff Sgt. Conrad Begaye relived the firefight that took the lives of his fellow soldiers, and even as he was awarded the military’s third-highest honor for valor yesterday, his thoughts were on his comrades. more

Forces Strengthen Support in Iraq
American Forces Press ServiceU.S. forces in Iraq helped to bolster Iraqi sovereignty in recent days with the opening of a new health care center and the return of two combat outposts to Iraqi control. A new center is bringing access to health care... more

Fund Keeps Troops’ Families Mobile
American Forces Press ServiceServicemembers’ long-term rehabilitation shouldn’t keep them, or their family members, bound to the hospital grounds, and the Yellow Ribbon Fund is working to make sure that doesn’t happen. more

Family Heals Together
American Forces Press ServiceA retired Army captain who survived third-degree burns over 30 percent of his body while stationed in Iraq believes that through family, faith and a lot of hard work, anything can be overcome. more

Army Couple Survives Cancer
American Forces Press ServiceArmy 1st Sgt. Jane Baldwin and her husband, Army Maj. Page Baldwin, beat the odds of cancer, and at the same time, grew closer as a couple, expanding their family and resolving to continue their military service. more

The Army's Current Enlistment Bonuses
Without doubt, the Army has more enlistment incentives than any of the other military services. In fact, the Army offers so many treats to entice applicants to join up that it's sometimes hard to keep track of them. Here's a listing of current incentives offered for enlistment in the active duty Army and the Army Reserves. more

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