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Coin Toss for Super Bowl XLIII
Blackanthem Military NewsThe tradition continues Feb. 1 in Tampa, Fla., during Super Bowl XLIII, with Gen. David H. Petraeus, commander of U.S. Central Command, performing the ceremonial coin toss for the Arizona Cardinals' and Pittsburgh Steelers' team captains. more

Obama's Super Bowl Message
Blackanthem Military NewsInstead of commercials, part of the content carried between downs on the American Forces Network will be public service announcements recorded by President Barack Obama, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates and Navy Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. more

Army Works to Combat Suicide
Blackanthem Military NewsThe Army experienced 128 confirmed suicides in 2008, up from 115 in 2007. An additional 15 deaths are being investigated as suspected suicides, though Army experts say experience has shown that as many as 90 percent of suspected suicides are eventually confirmed. more

NFL, Military Super Bowl Traditions
Blackanthem Military NewsThe tradition continues Feb. 1 in Tampa, Fla., during Super Bowl XLIII, with Army Gen. David H. Petraeus, commander of U.S. Central Command, performing the ceremonial coin toss for the Arizona Cardinals’ and Pittsburgh Steelers’ team captains. more

Country Music Star Earned Stripes
Blackanthem Military NewsStephen Cochran was a normal 19-year-old with a dream of making music his life when the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks led him down an unplanned path to the Marine Corps. “I dropped out of college. I walked away from a record deal,” he said. “I was engaged.” more

Obama Thanks Troops
Blackanthem Military NewsObama spoke to reporters here after meeting with the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates to discuss military readiness, “difficult decisions” on Iraq and Afghanistan and other national security threats and objectives. more

Army Command Expands Role
Blackanthem Military NewsThe U.S. Army Southern European Task Force officially has assumed its new role as the Army component for U.S. Africa Command, an effort to build and strengthen relationships with African army organizations and national and international partners. more

DoD Civilian Expeditionary Workforce
Blackanthem Military NewsThe Defense Department is forming a civilian expeditionary workforce that will be trained and equipped to deploy overseas in support of military missions worldwide, according to department officials. more

Military Ready to Send More Troops
Blackanthem Military NewsAfghanistan poses the greatest military challenge to the United States today, and President Barack Obama has made that country a top priority for the Defense Department, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates told the Senate Armed Services Committee today. more

Troops to Watch Super Bowl
Blackanthem Military NewsAs deployed U.S. troops pull up to their TV screens this weekend to watch the Arizona Cardinals take on the Pittsburgh Steelers during Super Bowl XLIII, there’s likely to be a special sense of commemoration at Forward Operating Base Tillman in Afghanistan. more

Soldier Overcomes Hardship
Blackanthem Military NewsFrom the waves of California to the deserts of Iraq, Army Spc. David Denson always has had a desire to serve others. Through tragedy and hardship, the 37-year-old infantryman, surfer and single father never gave up on that quest. more

U.S. Will Engage in Afghanistan
Blackanthem Military NewsIn an interview on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” Biden described the security conditions in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq -- a trio of countries he recently visited -- and President Barack Obama’s decision to close the U.S. detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. more

Forces Arrest Would-be Bombers
Blackanthem Military NewsIraqi soldiers and police, “Sons of Iraq” civilian security group members and U.S. soldiers seized several weapons caches and arrested two suspected roadside bombers during raids conducted throughout the Baghdad area. more

Planting Long-Term Afghan Stability
Blackanthem Military NewsThe members of agricultural development teams in Afghanistan are living examples of the symbol of the National Guard: a Minuteman with a musket in one hand and the other hand resting on a plow. more

Officials Address Detainee Concerns
Blackanthem Military NewsAs the Defense Department prepares plans to close the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, defense officials acknowledge the possibility that released detainees could return to the battlefield. more

Iraq Drawdown Options Discussed
Blackanthem Military NewsAmong the military options being considered by President Barack Obama involves a plan to remove most U.S. troops from Iraq within 16 months, the Defense Department’s top civilian and military officials said here today. more

Care Package Concerns
Blackanthem Military NewsA long holiday weekend usually means a new flood of care packages to troops serving overseas, and traditionally those boxes include snack foods such as peanut butter crackers or candy. more

Response to Guantanamo Closure
Blackanthem Military NewsPresident Barack Obama’s decision to close the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, has made a positive impression in the world community, and that will assist America in its fight against global terrorism, the Defense Department’s top official said here today. more

Closing Guantanamo Bay
Blackanthem Military NewsIn a series of executive orders concerning the treatment of detainees in American custody, Obama also ordered the creation of a group tasked with detainee disposition, governmentwide use of the Army field manual’s interrogation rules and the delay of a high-profile hearing. more

National Security Agenda
Blackanthem Military NewsAs President Barack Obama and the first family began moving into the presidential residence here yesterday, the administration unpacked a new presidential agenda on the White House’s official Web site. more

Suspension of Guantanamo Bay
Blackanthem Military NewsResponding to a presidential directive, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates yesterday ordered a suspension of active military commission proceedings at the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, a senior Pentagon official said here today. more

Obama Focuses on Iraq
Blackanthem Military NewsPresident Barack Obama will spend part of his first full day in office today meeting with his National Security Council, including Pentagon and military leaders with direct responsibility for operations in Iraq. more

Troops Play Key Role at Inauguration
Blackanthem Military NewsAbout 9,300 National Guard troops joined thousands of servicemembers from all components supporting the 56th Presidential Inauguration Tuesday. "We've always depended on the National Guard," Al Roker said in a break... more

Obama Hails Troops, Families
Blackanthem Military NewsPresident Barack Obama saluted U.S. troops and their families, paying special tribute to wounded warriors and families of the fallen, during an inaugural ball last night that included a live videoconference with deployed Illinois National Guardsmen. more

Soldier, Best Friend Sniff Out Danger
Blackanthem Military NewsDogs are known as “man’s best friend,” and in recent years, they also have become a soldier’s best friend. With their keen sense of smell, dogs have taken on the dangerous duty of finding weapons and explosives in the combat zones of the Middle East. more

Troops Bid Bush Farewell
Blackanthem Military NewsThe U.S. military bid farewell today to the outgoing commander in chief during a stirring and emotional departure ceremony in which he called leading men and women in uniform the highlight of his presidency. more

Obama Vows Not to Waver
Blackanthem Military NewsWASHINGTON (American Forces Press Service) – President Barack Obama pledged a “prudent use” of military power as the nation works toward “ushering in a new era of peace” in his inaugural address to the nation today. more

Centers Key to Inaugural Missions
Blackanthem Military NewsWhen National Guard soldiers and airmen show up for the thousands of missions they perform, they know they’re part of the right unit, in the right place, at the right moment. But, getting them to a mission does not happen by chance. more

National Guard Support Inauguration
Blackanthem Military News During the nation’s 56th presidential inauguration today, some 9,300 members of the National Guard will be working to provide transport, traffic control and medical and logistical support, as well as performing in the parade. more

Inauguration Day Parade
Blackanthem Military NewsAir Force Maj. Geraldine Holmes-Barnett remembers boarding a bus in Ohio when she was just 9 years old to hear Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream Speech” during the 1963 March on Washington. more

Luncheon for Medal of Honor Heroes
Blackanthem Military NewsAmerica’s most senior defense leaders honored 43 men who risked their lives with unmatched heroism in service to their country during a luncheon. The men honored had all earned the Medal of Honor and they will attend the presidential inauguration as honored guests. more

CSA Praises NCOs
Blackanthem Military NewsGen. George W. Casey Jr. began his breakfast speech to members of the Association of the United States Army by reiterating that 2009 was the Year of the NCO, something that hadn't been recognized since 1989. more

Bush Praises Troops in Speech
Blackanthem Military NewsPresident George W. Bush singled out military members for their selfless service and cited his administration’s accomplishments over the past eight years during his farewell address to the nation. more

Hero of Hudson River Crash
Blackanthem Military NewsThe pilot who crash-landed a crippled airliner in New York’s Hudson River this afternoon, saving 155 lives on board, is an Air Force Academy graduate who received his pilot training in the Air Force. more

Obama Aims to Shape Military
Blackanthem Military NewsObama has not served in military uniform, but his climb to the U.S. presidency culminates a public service career that began in 1997 as a member of the Illinois State Senate, where he served three terms, followed by a successful bid for the U.S. Senate in 2004. more

Biden Returns from the Middle East
Blackanthem Military NewsOn the heels of a fact-finding trip to the Middle East, Vice President-elect Joe Biden described his impression of the U.S. mission in the region and praised the American troops he encountered there. more

Army Receives First Six NEVs
Blackanthem Military NewsThe Army accepted it's first six "neighborhood electric vehicles" during a ceremony at Fort Myer, Va. Delivery of the six tiny battery-powered NEVs represents the beginning of a leasing action by the Army to obtain more than 4,000 of the vehicles. more

A Soldier's Versatility at Work, Home
Blackanthem Military NewsSoldiers are expected to adapt to any environment. Army Spc. Susan Fautner is one of many soldiers who have adapted to a job and life outside of their experience. She joined the Guard in April 2004 as a supply specialist. more

Shinseki Promises Transformation
Blackanthem Military NewsPresident-elect Barack Obama’s nominee to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs promised senators today that if he is confirmed he will transform the department into a 21st-century organization. more

Shoe Drive for Afghan Children
Blackanthem Military NewsBAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan (American Forces Press Service) – Every Friday, 60 to 70 Afghan children get shoes and socks at Forward Operating Base Kala Gush through the efforts of the provincial reconstruction team in Afghanistan’s Nurestan province. more

Suicide Prevention Conference
Blackanthem Military NewsMore than 750 people from the departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs and private enterprise -- including social workers, chaplains, researchers, and family members – are gathered here this week for a suicide-prevention conference. more

Safe-Driving Initiative for Veterans
Blackanthem Military NewsA new research and awareness program geared toward preventing motor vehicle fatalities among veterans who return from deployments was formally launched today during a news conference at the Veterans Affairs Department here. more

Life Lessons Shape Iraq War Veteran
Blackanthem Military NewsDanielle Green-Byrd, one of the first women injured during the beginning of the conflict in Iraq, said she believes her successful transition comes from traveling on the road of hard knocks, inspired by a Robert Frost poem. more

Obama: Continued Vigilance Critical
Blackanthem Military NewsWASHINGTON (American Forces Press Service) – The United States must remain vigilant to defend against terrorists and other potential threats such as Iran, President-elect Barack Obama said this morning on ABC News’ “This Week.” more

Bush: Military Fulfilled 'Hard Tasks'
Blackanthem Military NewsPresident George Bush said today that, as he prepares to swap a presidency defined by the Sept. 11, attacks for the quiet life in Texas, he’ll miss heading up the military. “I have been incredibly inspired by their courage, their bravery, their sacrifice.” more

Bush Praises Military
Blackanthem Military NewsThe president dedicated his next-to-last weekly radio address to praising the “selflessness and courage” of U.S. military men and women he credits with helping ensure no terrorist attacks have threatened the country since Sept. 11, 2001. more

Obama's Intelligence Director
Blackanthem Military NewsRetired Navy Adm. Dennis C. Blair, Obama told reporters, is his pick to become the new director of national intelligence, while Leon E. Panetta, former White House chief of staff to President Bill Clinton, is his nominee for CIA director. more

Commander Connects Online
Blackanthem Military NewsThe online chat session is an important development in social media, helping to develop relationships and foster open communication between Soldiers and leaders. In the last decade, businesses, universities and organizations have increasingly used social media... more

Obama to Nominate Officials
Blackanthem Military NewsWASHINGTON (American Forces Press Service) – President-elect Barack Obama today announced his choices for four key Defense Department positions: deputy defense secretary, two undersecretary positions and general counsel. more

2009 Opens With New Milestones
Blackanthem Military NewsWASHINGTON (American Forces Press Service) – Iraq has witnessed “some remarkable milestones” already this month, with more on the horizon, Pentagon Press Secretary Geoff Morrell said today. more

Guardsmen Save 167 Lives in 2008
Blackanthem Military NewsThe Alaska Guard was awarded 79 “saves” and 10 “assists” in Alaska, in addition to 72 saves in Afghanistan and 16 on the Gulf Coast while providing hurricane-related support to Texas and Louisiana. more

U.S.-Iraq Long-term Partnership
Blackanthem Military NewsAs the United States carries out the terms of its new status-of-forces agreement with Iraq, it has the opportunity to successfully conclude the American effort in Iraq and gain a long-term democratic partner in the Middle East. more

Reconstruction of Landmark
Blackanthem Military NewsA massive reconstruction of the historic Louisiana National Guard headquarters is under way and inching closer to its projected completion date of January 2010. Jackson Barracks, built in the mid-1830s, was heavily damaged... more

Forces Disrupt Bomb Networks
Blackanthem Military NewsCoalition forces and Afghan commandos killed 38 militants and seized multiple weapons caches today and yesterday during operations to disrupt bomb networks in Afghanistan’s Farah and Laghman provinces. more

Army Warrior-Soldier of the Week
Blackanthem Military NewsOn Nov. 28, 2008, Maj. Gen. Jeffrey Schloesser awarded the Silver Star to Chief Warrant Officer 2 Jonathan Harris for his actions July 2, 2008 in Gardez, Afghanistan. At the same time, his father was awarded the Silver Star for his actions in Vietnam. more

Unit Learns Skills to Fight 'Enemy'
Blackanthem Military NewsINDIAN HEAD, Md. (American Forces Press Service) – Standing before a muddy, mangled mess of concrete, metal and wood, a squad of combat-hardened Marines hastily planned the attack, their target waiting somewhere deep in the debris. more

Bush Cites Military’s Valor, Sacrifice
Blackanthem Military NewsThe president cited servicemembers’ courage in responding to the Sept. 11 attacks that killed some 3,000 people, in the ensuing Operation Enduring Freedom, concentrated mainly in Afghanistan, and in Operation Iraqi Freedom... more

Defense Leaders Praise Bush
Blackanthem Military NewsDefense Secretary Robert M. Gates and Navy Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, today praised President George W. Bush as a patriot who has championed the nation's men and women in uniform while standing up to terrorists who threaten the United States. more

Soldier Sets High Standards
Blackanthem Military NewsCAMP LIBERY, Iraq (American Forces Press Service) – An old Army ad campaign declared, “We do more by 9 a.m. then most people do all day.” A prime example of that striving-for-excellence attitude can be found in Army Sgt. Timmothy Boyd. more

Iraq ‘Much Better Off’ Today
Blackanthem Military NewsThe U.S.-coalition military campaign that deposed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in the spring of 2003 has placed Iraq in a much-improved situation today, Vice President Richard B. Cheney said during a nationally televised news program yesterday. more

Soldier Rejoins After 38-Year Break
Blackanthem Military NewsYoung men and women frequently follow the footsteps of their parents and grandparents by joining the military. Army Maj. (Dr.) Robert Sexton reversed that role when he followed his two sons into the military after a 38-year-break from his previous service. more

Future Airman Loses 160 Pounds
Blackanthem Military NewsFor the past 15 months, Leo Knight-Inglesby has pushed himself beyond the limits he and his loved ones ever thought possible. The 22-year-old Silver Spring, Md., native shed more than 160 pounds to meet the physical standard of Air Force enlistment. more

Afghan Troops Kill Militants
Blackanthem Military NewsCoalition and Afghan forces killed five militants and detained 10 suspects -- including a targeted Haqqani terrorist group militant and a Taliban subcommander -- during multiple operations in Afghanistan’s Khowst and Zabul provinces yesterday. more

Army Surgeon Killed Christmas day
Blackanthem Military NewsAs of Dec. 26, 4,823 members of the U.S. military have died in Iraq and Afghanistan since the war began in 2001. These figures are numbing, and can almost become impersonal, until someone you know is one of them. more

Coalition Kills 11 in Shootout
Blackanthem Military NewsKABUL, Afghanistan (American Forces Press Service) – Coalition forces killed 11 terrorists after coming under fire yesterday during an operation in Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province, military officials reported. more

Mother, Daughter Enlist in Army
Blackanthem Military NewsFRESNO, Calif. (American Forces Press Service) – Like many high school seniors, Megan Schlotthauer wasn't sure what she wanted to do after graduation. Her grades weren't the best, and college is expensive. more

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