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Monumental Change in Diversity
Blackanthem Military NewsFew women who served in the Women's Army Corps are still in uniform today. Only those who have served at least 30 years have the distinction as former WAC Soldiers and can remember a time when they served under Pallas Athene collar insignia. more

Sexual Assault Prevention Web Site
Blackanthem Military NewsThe I. A.M. Strong campaign seeks to change the culture of the Army by stamping out sexual assaults and the sexually offensive language and gestures that create an abusive environment, said Col. Jon Dahms, chief of Planning Support, Army Public Affairs. more

‘Operation Education’ for Vets
Blackanthem Military NewsOne decision turned Chase Clark’s life upside-down, but another is helping him realize the dreams he didn't think were possible. While still in high school in rural Blackfoot, Idaho, Clark signed up for the Army National Guard because of the great benefits... more

Amputee Returned to Iraq
Blackanthem Military NewsMaster Sgt. William “Spanky” Gibson is one of three Marines selected for the first staff NCO congressional fellowships under new Marine Corps parameters for its part in the Defense Department congressional fellowships program. more

Marathon to Support Troops
Blackanthem Military NewsAs they have for the past 32 years, nearly 20,000 runners gathered at the Marine Corps War Memorial here to tackle the 26.2 miles of the 33rd Marine Corps Marathon on Oct. 26. Among the runners were many individuals and teams who participated... more

Deadline to Make Wishes Come True
Blackanthem Military NewsThe deadline is tomorrow for servicemembers to apply for the Sears “Heroes at Home Wish Registry.” Sears has expanded the popular program, enabling America to fulfill holiday wishes for up to 20,000 servicemembers and their families. more

Soldiers Rehabilitate Public Park
Blackanthem Military NewsDover Park, as it is known by Multinational Division Baghdad soldiers, sat abandoned for years. Located in the Qahira neighborhood of Baghdad’s Adhamiyah district, its carnival rides were unusable, and the land was overgrown with weeds. more

Commander Shows Warrior Ethos
Blackanthem Military NewsHe comes to work here every day ready to lead and set the standard for the soldiers who work for him. He diligently performs all of his administrative duties as the 21st Signal Brigade Headquarters and Headquarters Company commander... more

Suicide Study Begins
Blackanthem Military NewsThe Army and the National Institute of Mental Health have begun a five-year, $50 million research program into the factors behind soldier suicides and how to prevent them, Army Secretary Pete Geren told reporters at the Pentagon yesterday. more

Soldiers who Deployed is Honored
Blackanthem Military NewsFriends, family members and community supporters gathered Saturday, Oct. 18, 2008 in Shelbyville for a Freedom Salute to honor the 2-238th General Support Aviation Battalion for their service in Iraq. more

TSP Participants to Stay Calm
Blackanthem Military NewsDefense Department civilians and military members who participate in the Thrift Savings Plan should try to stay calm after recent stock market gyrations have reduced many retirement account balances, senior officials said. more

Iraq Agreement Resolution
Blackanthem Military NewsThe United States is holding out hope that issues delaying a status of forces agreement with Iraq will be resolved before the United Nations Security Council resolution authorizing U.S. forces there expires Dec. 31. more

Caregivers Education Program
Blackanthem Military NewsWhen injured servicemembers return home after spending time in a hospital or rehabilitation center, family members often take on the role of caregiver. While this new role can be rewarding for some, to others it can be a daunting task. more

Hub for Air Mobility Operations
Blackanthem Military NewsThere is more to flying a mission than just hopping on the aircraft and cranking the engines. Air Mobility Command’s 618th Tanker Airlift Control Center here is the nexus for the global air mission for the U.S. military. more

Operation Gratitude
Blackanthem Military NewsDuring the last weekend before the Presidential Election, Operation Gratitude will continue its Holiday Drive to send 70,000 care packages to troops deployed in Iraq, Afghanistan and on ships in the Persian Gulf. more

Dogs, Handlers Share Special Bond
Blackanthem Military NewsA military working dog team here is waiting to find out whether a canine warrior will be awarded the Combat Action Badge. Army Staff Sgt. Cully Parr was deployed to Afghanistan with Rex, an 11-year-old Belgium Malinois shepherd, when they were attacked by insurgents. more

$2 Million in Grants for Children
Blackanthem Military News"The Our Military Kids grant program has been a wonderful way for Americans to thank our men and women serving our country overseas by providing direct and tangible support to their children at home. more

Linguists Learn Language Skills
Blackanthem Military NewsForeign languages are vital to an effective military force, the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center’s provost said in an interview here. “It’s absolutely vital that we have people on the ground who can speak [the native language]." more

World War II Hero Motivates Soldier
Blackanthem Military NewsA Multinational Division Baghdad soldier from the 10th Mountain Division’s 4th Brigade Combat Team who draws his motivation from a World War II hero joined the exclusive company of soldiers who have earned membership in the Sgt. Audie Murphy Club here in September. more

Missing Ingredients for Combat Prep
Blackanthem Military NewsRecipe for pre-deployment training: Add one hour rules of engagement, one hour law of war, two days combat marksmanship, and more than 100 hours of basic infantry training. This may seem like a lot, but... more

Leading the Way
Blackanthem Military NewsThroughout military history, women have proudly served their nation and even though it was a struggle, they continued to serve while simultaneously striving for equality in the force. In June 2008, Lt. Gen. Anne E. Dunwoody was... more

Afghan National Security Forces
Blackanthem Military NewsThe Afghan police didn’t really start to reform until last summer, when U.S. troops began to mentor them. Progress has been gained in the professionalism of the Afghan Security Forces but there are issues that need to be addressed. more

Translator Assists Iraqis, Soldiers
Blackanthem Military NewsArmy Spc. Wilson Alnar does a lot of talking. That’s because he’s a translator with the Multinational Division Center Public Affairs Office. “It’s my job to be that bridge between the Iraqi people and the coalition forces,” said Alnar. more

Care Package Site Provides Ideas
Blackanthem Military NewsWhether you are a young soldier leaving boot camp for a tour in Germany or a seasoned military police officer working in Iraq, receiving a care package from home can be a huge pick-me-up. Web site launched in September... more

Extra Curriculum at DLI
Blackanthem Military NewsCurriculum development is taken very seriously at the Defense Language Institute’s Foreign Language Center. It shapes what and how students learn languages. But that’s not to say the staff doesn’t know how to shake off the pressures. more

Trailers Display ‘Guard on the Move’
Blackanthem Military NewsAlong with the variety of camouflaged military vehicles that rolled along Louisiana’s roadways during hurricanes Gustav and Ike, two newly wrapped trailers, covered with an American flag design and National Guard logo, rushed to distribution points. more

Soldiers Help Iraqi Girl With Heart
Blackanthem Military NewsFrom the color of her blue lips, she looked as though she might have savored one grape-flavored lollipop too many. She sang as she bounced, but her voice came out as wisps of air, as if she were playing a joke on her grandparents to force them to listen closely. more

Illinois Guard Trains for Mission
Blackanthem Military NewsAfter a security check, the Humvees’ occupants headed toward a building where a planning meeting between U.S. military personnel and local village and tribal leaders would ensure fairness in upcoming elections. more

Gates Reflects on Service
Blackanthem Military NewsDefense Secretary Robert M. Gates said he’ll leave his post satisfied he made a difference to ensure warfighters have what they need to succeed in Iraq and Afghanistan, with confidence that their leaders are being held accountable for their actions. more

Anniversary of Women Warriors
Blackanthem Military NewsThe Army will honor the achievements of its women warriors as part of a three-week "Celebration of Women in the Army." The commemoration coincides with the anniversary of the full integration of women into the Army 30 years ago. more

Officer Builds Bridges in Afghanistan
Blackanthem Military NewsEvery Afghan soldier on a base in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, wants to shoot at Army Capt. Nathan Iglesias. Luckily for Iglesias -- a proficient speaker of the Afghan language Dari -- these volleys come in the form of questions, not bullets. more

Draft Agreement with Iraq
Blackanthem Military NewsThe Pentagon remains focused on getting a status of forces agreement with Iraq, and not on contingency plans, despite the Iraqi government’s reluctance to come to a resolute position regarding the draft agreement. more

Employee Rises Above Disability
Blackanthem Military NewsPuyans was diagnosed at age 3 with diastrophic dysplasia, a rare cartilage and bone disorder that causes joint pain and restricts movement. Those who have the disorder have a short stature with very short arms and legs, commonly known as dwarfism. more

Soldiers Exercise Right to Vote
Blackanthem Military NewsAs voters go to the polls to decide the U.S. presidential election and various federal, state and local contests Nov. 4, soldiers of Task Force Mountain will be making their voices heard, many of them thanks to their unit voting assistance officers. more

Effort to Hire More Wounded Warriors
Blackanthem Military NewsIn the past four years, 43 Soldiers wounded in action have been hired as civilian employees Army-wide, G-1 officials at the Pentagon said. But they emphasized that new initiatives have the potential to bring many more veterans and their spouses into federal service. more

Full-Time Manning, Controlled Grades
Blackanthem Military NewsAn increase in full-time manning for the Army National Guard and controlled grades for both the Army and Air National Guard were included in the 2009 National Defense Authorization Act signed by President Bush on Oct. 14. more

Terrorism Suspects Apprehended
Blackanthem Military NewsCoalition forces detained 12 suspects, including members of Iranian-backed illegal militias and the Kataib Hezbollah terrorist group, in operations throughout Iraq today, military officials reported. more

Deployed Mom Finds Inspiration
Blackanthem Military NewsA mother’s job is not easy duty, especially for a soldier mom serving in Iraq, thousands of miles away from home. That’s why one servicemember looks to her own mother to help with her four children. more

Ceremony for Bombing Victims
Blackanthem Military NewsTwenty-five years ago, Marine Lance Cpl. Jeffrey Nashton lay broken, burned and blind in a military hospital bed in Germany, the victim of a brutal terrorist attack that nearly killed him. A nurse told Nashton that a Marine Corps general was stopping by to pin on his Purple Heart. more

Wounded Warrior Care
Blackanthem Military NewsDefense Secretary Robert M. Gates assured participants in the first Wounded Warriors Family Summit he will “continue to press forward with a sense of urgency” to provide top-level care and support for wounded warriors. more

Former WAC remembers
Blackanthem Military NewsIn August 1975, a headstrong 19-year-old woman in Washington State chose to break free from her family's mold. Without her parents' approval, she decided on a delayed entry into the Women's Army Corps. more

Incentives to Soldiers
Blackanthem Military NewsA critical shortage of officers prompted the Army National Guard to offer recruiting incentives to its Soldiers through the Guard Recruiting and Assistance Program-Officers (GRAP-O). more

Group Helps Military Families
Blackanthem Military NewsWhile on patrol in northern Iraq last year, Army Spc. Kevin Hardin of Jupiter, Fla., was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade. He suffered injuries to his hands and arms. As a result, some of his fingers were amputated... more

Hospital Staff Delivers Afghan Baby
Blackanthem Military NewsIt was the middle of the night and pagers were going off inside Craig Joint Theater Hospital as staff scrambled to pull together the people and equipment needed for a successful procedure. Just after 5 a.m. Oct. 4, the hospital staff successfully delivered the first Afghan baby. more

Instructor's Passion for Teaching
Blackanthem Military NewsWhen he graduated from Air Force basic training six years ago, he knew he'd be back one day, "pushing" his own flight of fledgling airmen through their first military paces. But he didn't know he would go to Iraq and help Iraqi basic training instructors. more

Operations Against al-Qaida
Blackanthem Military NewsCoalition and Iraqi troops hit the al-Qaida and Kataib Hezbollah terrorist groups during operations across the country. It is a sign of the progress in Iraq that most of the operations were intelligence-driven, officials said. more

Troops Well-Protected
Blackanthem Military NewsServicemembers should not be concerned about the status of forces agreement between the United States and Iraq. The secretary told Pentagon reporters that the agreement has adequate protections for American servicemembers. more

First-Aid Products Could Save Lives
Blackanthem Military NewsTest results from the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command’s Institute of Surgical Research showed Combat Gauze field bandages and WoundStat granules both demonstrated marked improvements. more

AfriCom Officials Note Milestones
Blackanthem Military NewsArmy Gen. William E. “Kip” Ward brought the celebration of U.S. Africa Command’s activation home to Germany today as he praised those who came together to stand the command up so quickly and urged them to continue working together so it can reach its potential. more

Russian Soldier Enjoys U.S. Army
Blackanthem Military NewsAyupov grew up in Ufa, Russia, about 100 miles southeast of Moscow. The city, founded in 1574, boasts more than 1 million residents and is an industrial center for electrical and mining equipment, oil refining, petrochemicals, synthetic rubber and processed foods. more

Financial Crisis has Implications
Blackanthem Military NewsThe current global financial crisis is a far-reaching problem that has implications for the U.S. military and other organizations. Marine Corps Gen. James E. Cartwright spoke to more than 150 business leaders... more

Judith Gilliom Dies
Blackanthem Military NewsJudith C. Gilliom, a senior Pentagon civilian who for 25 years championed Defense Department programs for disabled employees and work force diversity, died at age 65 here yesterday, officials said. more

Pentagon Library More Accessible
Blackanthem Military NewsAs goes technology, so goes much of the Pentagon Library’s collection, its chief of technological services said. “What we’re trying to do is to improve digital access,” Trudie Root explained. “We call it the ‘virtual library.’” more

Relief to Afghan Villagers
Blackanthem Military NewsThe rooms of an abandoned school once used to help children learn were recently used to help Afghans heal. Afghan forces and their U.S. Special Forces partners provided humanitarian assistance to the people of Arghandab. more

Life for Deployed Families
Blackanthem Military NewsSeven women, all who have, or have had husbands deployed or frequently away on temporary duty, shared their experience with a room full of teachers and support staff at Patrick Henry Elementary School during a teacher in-service day Oct. 10. more

U.S. Toolbox to Confront Threats
Blackanthem Military NewsThe war on terror, particularly in Afghanistan , has put the United States and its allies and partners to the test as they strive to apply both “soft-” and “hard-power” capabilities to ward off violent extremism, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said here tonight. more

PRT's Are ‘Vital to Success’ in Iraq
Blackanthem Military News“PRTs are vital to the success of our missions; this administration strongly supports them,” Bush told assembled officials, before receiving an video-teleconferenced update on the PRT mission in Iraq provided by officials from Baghdad. more

Marine Father, Army Son Reunite
Blackanthem Military News Army Sgt. Shane M. White, 22, based in Fallujah, Iraq, was participating in the shoot with the Marines at the invitation of their company first sergeant, 1st Sgt. Joseph C. Gray, who also happens to be White’s father. more

‘Very Important Patriots’ Recognized
Blackanthem Military NewsThe National Military Family Association has announced the five recipients of its 2008 “Very Important Patriot” award, given for exceptional volunteerism. Recipients of the 2008 Very Important Patriot Award will receive a $1,000 prize and a trip for two to Washington, D.C.. more

Forces Kill Al-Qaida's No. 2 Leader
Blackanthem Military NewsCoalition forces killed the second-ranking commander of al-Qaida in Iraq in a raid earlier this month, senior U.S. officials confirmed today. Abu Qaswarah was killed in an Oct. 5 raid in the northern Iraq city of Mosul. more

Bush to View Budget Law
Blackanthem Military NewsPresident Bush said yesterday he will construe restrictions imposed in the fiscal 2009 defense budget “in a manner consistent with the constitutional authority and obligations of the president.” more

Soldiers’ Emotional, Mental Fitness
Blackanthem Military NewsThe Army has launched an initiative to include soldiers’ mental and emotional fitness, along with their physical form, as a comprehensive assessment of troop health. “Being ‘Army Strong’ is, in fact, being more than just physically fit." more

70,000 Care Packages for Troops
Blackanthem Military NewsThough Halloween still is about two weeks away, preparations have begun to make sure Operation Gratitude’s 6th Annual Holiday Drive ships 70,000 care packages to troops during the upcoming holiday season. more

Rancher Ropes in Top Warrior Title
Blackanthem Military NewsA Montana National Guard noncommissioned officer, recently named as the Army National Guard’s NCO of the Year and the Army’s Warrior of the Year, said the best warrior is the one who knows when he needs help. more

Forces Keep Pressure on Terrorists
Blackanthem Military NewsIraqi forces kept the pressure on terrorists over the past several days, capturing terrorists and shutting down their operations. Iraqi police shut down a terrorist-run improvised explosive device factory in Mosul. more

Fiscal Year Recruiting Goals Met
Blackanthem Military NewsAll military services, including their reserve components, met their recruiting goals for fiscal 2008, marking one of the strongest recruiting efforts in four years, senior Defense Department officials announced today. more

Improving Technological Advances
Blackanthem Military NewsThe U.S. military needs to continue working on technological advances to fight a pair of wars that are “winnable,” the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said here yesterday. more

Future Humanitarian Operations
Blackanthem Military NewsThe National Defense University is leading a coalition of businesses, foreign governments, nonprofit groups, universities, federal agencies and the U.S. military to assemble solutions for helping people who live in stressed environments. more

Germans, Americans Honor Troops
Blackanthem Military NewsOn that day, two C-199 Flying Boxcar planes collided in midair 45 miles south of here. One crashed in a field close to the village of Edelweiler. The other spiraled into the woods near Grömbach. Sixty-six American airmen and soldiers died. more

Deployed Troops Enjoy Movies
Blackanthem Military NewsMicrowavable popcorn, theater-style candy, sweetened powdered drink mix, a letter of support and a DVD are what deployed troops find when they open a “movie box” from Operation: Take a Soldier to the Movies. more

Absentee Voting Opportunities
Blackanthem Military NewsThe FVPA administers the federal responsibilities of the Uniform and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act for DoD. Those voters include about 1.3 million military servicemembers and their families living in the United States and abroad, and U.S. citizens living overseas. more

‘Tremendous Success’ in Iraq
Blackanthem Military NewsSecurity and stabilization efforts in three southern Iraqi provinces are going well. Soldiers live among the Iraqi population and work very closely with the 10th Iraqi Army Division, Iraqi border enforcement units and Iraqi police on a wide variety of security tasks. more

Corpsman Pays Homage to Brother
Blackanthem Military NewsFour years ago in the poverty-stricken neighborhoods here, Marines were attacked within minutes of beginning routine foot patrols. Fallujah’s citizens were strongly opposed to the presence of coalition forces, and a vicious insurgency devastated the city. more

Disabled Employees’ Contributions
Blackanthem Military NewsFormerly known as the Javits-Wagner-O’Day Act, AbilityOne works with private and public groups to provide goods and services to the government and jobs for the blind and other people who have severe disabilities, including wounded veterans. more

U.S. Army 'World’s Greatest Force’
Blackanthem Military News As the world’s most skilled counterinsurgency warfare force, the U.S. Army has been the catalyst for reduced violence in Iraq. Navy Adm. Mike Mullen said several factors contributed to the reduction in bloodshed in Iraq... more

Preventing Civilian Casualties
Blackanthem Military NewsAs a follow-on investigation into an operation by Afghan National Army and U.S. forces in western Afghanistan that claimed civilian lives nears completion, a senior defense official emphasized the U.S. military’s strong record of accountability. more

Reconstruction Team Aids Peace
Blackanthem Military NewsFarah is no stranger to the destructive ravages of war. After 28 years of strife that included a long Soviet occupation, civil war and harsh Taliban rule, the people are tired and weary – yet anxious to rebuild more

Silver Star for Heroism in Afghanistan
Blackanthem Military NewsArmy Sgt. Gregory S. Ruske is quick to call himself an ordinary soldier, but later this month the Army Reserve will single him out for extraordinary heroism in Afghanistan that earned him the Silver Star medal. more

Threat Agency Marks 10 Years
Blackanthem Military NewsThe agency marked its 10th anniversary last week. It is an agency that seems tailor-made to combat the threats the United States faces today: nuclear proliferation, chemical weapons and the possibility of genetically modified diseases. more

Downed U.S. Plane Contradictory
Blackanthem Military NewsOne story he read claimed that an American military aircraft had unintentionally violated Iranian airspace and had been forced to land in Iran. A subsequent Iranian state television report stated that the plane that was forced to land in Iran was not a U.S. military plane. more

Effective Medical Engagements
Blackanthem Military NewsIn the ongoing effort to win the hearts and minds of Iraqis in western Anbar province, Regimental Combat Team 5 has been engaging local citizens with one of its most effective weapons systems: Marine Corps medicine. more

Soldier Serves as Jack of All Trades
Blackanthem Military NewsThe phone at the desk is ringing. At the same time, a soldier is hovering, asking for help with getting lights for an event to be held later. You can almost sense that a doorknob just broke somewhere or the air conditioning isn’t working. more

Texans Stock Soldiers’ Blessing Store
Blackanthem Military NewsUnless they’ve been through it themselves, few people understand the hardships that U.S. soldiers endure in a combat zone, away from everything familiar in a foreign land, far away from the support systems of family, home and friends. more

Support for Missions in Afghanistan
Blackanthem Military NewsDonations of school supplies and children’s clothing from military families and friends at home are helping soldiers in their mission to mentor and train the Afghan national security forces and support the Afghan people. more

2009 Will Be ‘Year of NCO’
Blackanthem Military NewsThe Army will recognize the value of its enlisted leaders at all levels of command as it observes “The Year of the Noncommissioned Officer” in 2009. Geren made the announcement during the opening of the 2008 Association of the United States Army Annual Meeting. more

Care of Soldiers Primary Mission
Blackanthem Military NewsHe hasn’t always been a retention noncommissioned officer. In fact, he admitted he was a little leery at first about guiding soldiers down the path of re-enlistment. After all, he was on his first tour himself. more

Soldiers, Sailor Secure Safe Passage
Blackanthem Military NewsA Military Transition Team from 1st Battalion, 64th Armored Regiment, attached to 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), Multi-National Division - Baghdad, continues its ongoing sponsorship of an Iraqi youth. more

State Department’s Highest Honor
Blackanthem Military NewsThe State Department today conferred its highest award on the U.S. commander and diplomat who oversaw a dramatic drop in violence in Iraq and forged a model for future military-civilian partnership. more

Soldiers in Iraq Help Comrades Vote
Blackanthem Military NewsArmy Sgts. Asa Rubman and Rachel Littenberg, paralegal specialists assigned to the 4th Infantry Division’s Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, said they noticed some apathy among soldiers toward voting. more

Terrorist Detonates Suicide Vest
Blackanthem Military NewsA terrorist detonated a suicide vest Oct. 5 in Mosul as coalition forces were trying to capture a wanted man. Coaliton forces entered a building looking for the man and were shot at by enemy fighters. One man in the building detonated the vest he was wearing. more

Two U.S. Helicopters Collide
Blackanthem Military NewsTwo U.S. helicopters collided Oct. 4 as they were landing at a coalition force base near Adhamiyah in northwest Baghdad. One Iraqi soldier died. Three U.S. soldiers and two Iraqi soldiers were injured. more

Increased Iraqi Army Capacity
Blackanthem Military NewsWith terrorists on the run and violence down, coalition forces are now also able to concentrate on areas other than the battlefield, thanks to the improvement of the Iraqi security forces, a military official said yesterday. more

Top Military Spouse Nears End
Blackanthem Military NewsAs the Oct. 8 deadline approaches, 252 Army spouses had been nominated at last count, along with 74 Navy and 70 Air Force spouses. The Coast Guard, with 22 nominations, was edging out the Marine Corps by one nominee. more

Remembered for ‘Giant Heart’
Blackanthem Military NewsAffectionately known as “Big Jim,” James McCrindle had a Paul Bunyan-sized heart when it came time for taking care of soldiers and their families as general manager of the Armed Forces Recreation Center’s “Shades of Green” facility on the Walt Disney World resort. more

Army Guard NASCAR Racing
Blackanthem Military NewsMany NASCAR fans are accustomed to seeing the National Guard name on Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s No. 88 car in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series races. Recently, however, the Guard added another driver and racing series to its roster. more

Opportunities for Military Spouses
Blackanthem Military NewsMilitary spouses often have a hard time finding employment, and even when they do, there’s little opportunity to continue their career because it’s only a matter of time before their servicemember spouse is transferred to another duty station. more

Health System Seeks Feedback
Blackanthem Military NewsMilitary Health System officials want wounded, ill or injured servicemembers and their families to respond to a new pair of questionnaires designed to help them better understand the needs and expectations of the warriors in their care. more

Military Send in Absentee Ballots
Blackanthem Military NewsOverseas-deployed servicemembers and other troops serving outside their home states need to fill out and forward their absentee ballots so their votes can be counted as part of the Nov. 4 federal and state elections. more

Medic Enjoys Camaraderie
Blackanthem Military NewsIn August, when the Renegades and Iraqi police took over the joint security station after Georgian soldiers were called home, Norman set up shop. She teaches combat lifesaver classes to the American soldiers and Iraqi police... more

Prayer Shawls for Families
Blackanthem Military NewsWhen Army Staff Sgt. Lani Yearicks was little, she learned how to crochet. Four years ago, after neglecting her skills for years, her brother invited her to take part in the prayer shawl ministry at their church. more

Law Would Help Drug Enforcement
Blackanthem Military NewsLegislation imposing tough penalties for operating undocumented semi-submersible vessels in international waters would help drug-interdiction efforts, said the deputy chief of the Coast Guard. more

Africa Supports Pentagon Ceremony
Blackanthem Military News A new U.S. unified command that seeks to meld civilian expertise with military planning and logistics raised its flag during a Pentagon ceremony. The focus of American foreign policy in Africa is defense, diplomacy and development. more

Vets Sail Toward New Capabilities
Blackanthem Military NewsArmy Staff Sgt. Michael Fradera had never even been on a sailboat before an improvised explosive device in Baghdad blasted away both of his legs during the early days of the troop surge in Iraq. more

Bush Salutes U.S. Mission
Blackanthem Military NewsPresident Bush today cited the “incredible” progress that has been achieved in Afghanistan after he’d been briefed on the situation by U.S. Army Gen. David D. McKiernan, NATO’s top commander there. more

Afghanistan "Cautiously Optimistic"
Blackanthem Military NewsThe Pakistani leadership now appears to be acting against terrorist sanctuaries located in the country’s remote federally administered tribal area, Army Gen. David D. McKiernan told Pentagon reporters. more

Mining Clean Up Shooting Range
Blackanthem Military News The Oregon National Guard is relying on gold-mining technology to restore the land at a century-old shooting range on Camp Withycombe. The process will remove lead bullets from the land and at the same time save the state millions of dollars. more

Quest Helps Soldiers find Normalcy
Blackanthem Military NewsThrough a high-adventure recreation program the Army calls Warrior Adventure Quest, soldiers have a new way of transitioning from combat to a “new normal,” reducing the potential for high-risk behaviors. more

Second Fisher House in San Diego
Blackanthem Military NewsWounded servicemembers and their families in San Diego will have a second “home away from home” during the recovery process when Naval Medical Center San Diego celebrates the grand opening of Fisher House II on Oct. 3. more

Afghanistan’s Solution Political
Blackanthem Military NewsBush has announced a withdrawal of about 8,000 U.S. troops from Iraq that’s to occur early next year. The success of the surge of forces campaign in Iraq has produced a decrease of violence there by 80 percent compared to last year. more

Wounded Vets Get Into Sports
Blackanthem Military News More than 50 recently wounded veterans, including troops being processed through the disability evaluation system, are experiencing the healing power of recreation here through the first National Veterans Summer Sports Clinic Pilot Program. more

Ship Hijacking Causes Concern
Blackanthem Military NewsSome 30 Russian tanks and various munitions aboard a Ukrainian vessel that was hijacked by Somali pirates Sept. 25 has caused serious concern for Defense Department officials, Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell told reporters. more

DNA Lab Helps Servicemembers
Blackanthem Military NewsThumb-tacked to the inside of Jennifer O’Callaghan’s office cubicle is a picture of Marine Capt. William Francis Mullen. On her desk is a red metal bracelet engraved with his name, and the date the fighter pilot went missing. more

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