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Soldier Bonds With Iraqis
American Forces Press ServiceThe noncommissioned officer in charge of force protection here stood amid a crew of smiling Iraqi faces huddled around a large table covered with polka-dotted gift bags and boxes full of toys. more

Forces in Iraq Capture Terrorists
American Forces Press ServiceCoalition forces in Iraq detained 12 suspected terrorists yesterday and today, including a suspect linked to the planning of al-Qaida suicide bombings, during operations in Baghdad and in the central and northern parts of the country. more

Iraqi City Holds First Arts Festival
American Forces Press ServiceThe citizens of Seddah, Iraq, held the city’s first arts festival since the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime. Soldiers attended the festival, which was titled "Seddah's Happiness," in the Seddah City Park. more

Top Sailor Urges Progress in Diversity
American Forces Press ServiceThough 60 years have passed since an executive order ended segregation in the U.S. military, today’s servicemembers still have work to do to make the most of diversity in the ranks, the Navy’s top enlisted sailor said. more

Army Olympians Prepare for Beijing
American Forces Press ServiceNine U.S. Army soldiers will take aim at Olympic gold in Beijing. The soldiers, including track and field athletes, world-class boxers, marksmen and more, are the latest in a storied line of 644 Army athletes. more

‘Noble Resolve’ Experiment Tests
American Forces Press ServiceDefense Department agencies as well as state and local emergency-preparedness organizations in Virginia, Oregon, Colorado and Indiana are honing their communication and coordination capabilities. more

Vets Wrap Up Wheelchair Games
American Forces Press ServiceNearly 500 disabled veterans closed the 28th National Veterans Wheelchair Games here last night celebrating new friendships made, new pride in what they’ve accomplished, and confidence in their abilities. more

Fundraiser Helps Benefit Troops
American Forces Press Service“The Gigantic Garage Sale” at the South Florida Fairgrounds in Palm Beach County July 26 proved to be not only fun for shoppers, but also was lucrative for “Forgotten Soldier Outreach,” a care package organization. more

Soldier Anticipate Steelers ‘Medicine’
American Forces Press ServiceEven medical professionals need their medicine to remain healthy. For Army Capt. James Hart, the remedy is Pittsburgh Steelers football. “That’s my ‘keep-me-sane’ medicine,” said Hart. more

Project Captures Veterans’ Stories
American Forces Press ServiceAs competitors were hurrying from one competition to the next at the 28th National Disabled Veterans Wheelchair Games, some paused between venues to commit to history their accounts of their military service. more

Guard Members Give Back to Vets
American Forces Press ServiceAs disabled veterans tested their limits during the National Disabled Veterans Wheelchair Games, nearly 400 military volunteers provided the behind-the-scenes support that officials said made the games a success. more

Iraqi Minister Thanks Troops
American Forces Press ServiceIraq’s interior minister thanked U.S. servicemembers and their families for their sacrifices on behalf of his country during a visit with wounded U.S. troops at Walter Reed Army Medical Center here today. more

Batman & Soldier's Technology
Army News Service“The Dark Knight” has emerged once again in theatres with his futuristic technologies to help capture the infamous Joker. Batman’s needs for increased capabilities are parallel with that of today’s Soldiers. more

Dunwoody First Female Four-Star
Army News ServiceThe U.S. Senate confirmed Wednesday the appointment of Lt. Gen. Ann E. Dunwoody to the grade of four-star general. Dunwoody was also confirmed for assignment as commanding general. more

Army Service is Family Tradition
American Forces Press ServiceOrder 9981 on July 26, 1948, he set the end to segregation and the integration of the armed forces into motion. For the Brunson family of Fayetteville, N.C., Truman’s order paved the way for Army service to become a family tradition. more

Older, Injured Vets Offer Example
American Forces Press ServiceRecently wounded combat troops are here getting advice and encouragement from those who understand best what they’re up against: other disabled veterans who have learned to live with their disabilities. more

Wheelchair Games Provide Therapy
American Forces Press ServiceAbout 500 disabled veterans, including recently wounded warriors from Iraq and Afghanistan, are entering their final day of competition here today at the 28th National Veterans Wheelchair Games. more

Freedom Walk Plans Shape Up
American Forces Press ServiceIndividuals around the globe are planning special commemorations to mark the seventh anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001. So far, nearly 185 "Freedom Walks" are scheduled to take place on and around Sept. 11. more

Reduction of MRAP Accidents
American Forces Press ServiceEmphasizing that the mine-resistant vehicles are the best protection available against roadside bombs, defense safety officials are promoting enhanced training to reduce rollovers and other accidents. more

Opportunities for Minority Soldiers
American Forces Press ServiceOff post, black soldiers found “white” and “colored” drinking fountains, they were forced to ride in the back of the bus, and restaurants wouldn’t serve them. Even on Fort Bragg, white and black soldiers had separate living quarters. more

Military Helps Texans After Hurricane
American Forces Press ServiceResidents of the Rio Grande Valley are still feeling the effects of Hurricane Dolly after the second Atlantic hurricane of the 2008 season tore through south Texas on July 23 with damaging wind and torrential rain. more

Soldier Works to Inspire Others
American Forces Press ServiceThe rank insignia of a noncommissioned officer gives the wearer a title as well as the power to accomplish certain tasks and objectives, but the rank alone doesn’t always make a leader. more

Exercise Helps Partner Nations
American Forces Press Service Exercise Immediate Response 2008, taking place outside the city of Tblisi, Georgia, has united forces from several nations to participate in small arms, combat lifesaver, and situational training exercises. more

Troops Keep Pressure on Terrorists
American Forces Press ServiceCoalition forces captured two suspected "Special Groups" leaders in Baghdad today. Special groups criminals are members of violent organizations, possibly trained and supported by Iran. more

Diversity a National Security Issue
American Forces Press ServiceWhile the presidential order in 1948 desegregating the military was monumental in its time, diversity in the force now takes on a national security context and serves as a combat multiplier on the battlefield. more

Integration Transformed Military
60th Anniversary of Integrated Armed ForcesJuly 26 marks the 60th anniversary of President Harry S. Truman’s executive order that integrated the U.S. armed forces. Conrad Crane said the order recognized a basic tenet of warfare. more

Truman Gambled Re-election
American Forces Press ServiceTruman, after all, was the product of a segregated society in Missouri. He served as an artillery captain in the segregated World War I Army. He had a reputation as a machine politician who didn’t rock the boat. more

Diverse Military Brings Credibility
American Forces Press ServiceToday’s military is stronger and has more credibility among the American people in large part due to a presidential decision 60 years ago to integrate the force, the defense undersecretary for personnel and readiness said. more

Military ‘Model of Diversity’
American Forces Press ServiceOn July 26, 1948, President Harry S. Truman signed an executive order that led to racial equality among servicemembers. Six decades later, the Defense Department now boasts a diverse work force of roughly 3 million employees. more

Caring for Military Children
American Forces Press ServiceDefense Secretary Robert M. Gates today called it a “sacred responsibility” to care for the generation of American military children affected by the deployment, and in some cases the death, of a servicemember parent. more

Soldiers Seize Suspected Bomber
American Forces Press ServiceU.S. soldiers in Baghdad today detained a suspect linked to roadside-bomb attacks against coalition forces during an operation. The detainee was taken to a coalition base for questioning. more

Compassion, Skills Saving Lives
American Forces Press ServiceEvery morning, the soldiers of 1st Platoon, C Company, 6th Battalion, 101st Aviation Regiment, make their way across a scorching flight line to the platoon’s three UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters. more

Vets’ Housing Challenges
American Forces Press ServiceVeterans transitioning from war to peace may need a place to call home, whether it’s for the long or short term, the executive director of a North Carolina-based program that offers them that and a good bit more said. more

Black Hawk Crew Chief Prepares
American Forces Press ServiceAs the sun begins to set beyond the Baghdad horizon, the sound of laughter and conversation emanates from the corrugated steel sleeping trailers of Multinational Division Baghdad soldiers. more

Army Gains Valuable Insight
American Forces Press ServiceAn integration network called L2I, now in its second year of operation, is giving officials at the Center for Army Lessons Learned valuable insight from their forward-deployed theater observers. more

New Web site for 'Gifts' to Soldiers
Army News ServiceCitizens often ask Soldiers, their Family members, and Army Civilians how they can support their Army. They want to know how they can help men and women in uniform. This Web site will provide the public an online resource. more

Marine Warfare School Adapts
Blackanthem Military NewsLooking back through centuries of battles fought from the American Revolutionary War to the current Global War on Terrorism, planning, tactics and execution have continuously evolved into what they are today. more

Olympics for Marksman Soldiers
American Forces Press ServiceSix soldiers of the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit are living out their wildest dreams. They have made the 2008 U.S. Olympic Team and will represent the United States at the Olympics Games in Beijing in August. more

Private Trucking Companies
American Forces Press ServiceIn another sign of progress in Iraq, they have organized four private trucking companies. The Iraqi Transportation Network is one of the first efforts in more than 30 years to build a private logistics company in the country. more

Neurologist Brings Important Skills
American Forces Press ServiceMedics and doctors play a key role in maintaining the health and safety of U.S. soldiers throughout Iraq. A doctor from Montgomery Village, Md., brings especially important skills to the combat theater. more

Afghan Health System
American Forces Press ServiceLike most of Afghanistan's provinces, Konar has historically been unable to meet the medical needs of its 381,000 residents. But the Konar Provincial Reconstruction Team is working to meet those needs. more

Electronic Library Kiosk in Iraq
American Forces Press ServiceCamp Victory in Iraq is nearly 2,000 miles from the nearest Army library in Europe. But troops deployed at the sprawling base near Baghdad International Airport soon will have access to a broad spectrum of library resources. more

Walk for Breast Cancer
316 Soldiers and civilians, including several members of the 165th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, participated in the 3rd Annual Camp Taji Walk for Breast Cancer, held here on Saturday, July 12. more

Troops Get Support
American Forces Press ServiceThe American Troop Support Team has been formed to provide tangible support to the men and women of the U.S. armed forces, particularly those currently deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. more

Deliver More, Improved Child Care
American Forces Press ServiceLast week’s ribbon-cutting at the largest military child care center underscores the Defense Department’s commitment to providing more and better child-care for military families, a senior defense official said. more

Officials Seek Enlisted Medical Input
American Forces Press ServiceThe Defense Department is looking for input from the enlisted medical community as it sets up a new Web portal that will enable medics and corpsmen to share lessons learned and suggest ways to improve patient care. more

Mercy Nears Halfway Point
American Forces Press ServiceMilitary Sealift Command hospital ship USNS Mercy is preparing to leave the third country it has visited in the South Pacific during a four-month humanitarian deployment supporting Pacific Partnership 2008. more

War of 1812 Hero Reburied
Army News ServiceMaj. Gen. Alexander Macomb, who served as the second commanding general of the Army from 1828 until his death in 1841, was reburied Thursday with his wife, Catherine, at the Congressional Cemetery in Washington, D.C. more

Army parents get more time at home
Army News ServiceThe new policy will lengthen deferments from four to six months for new mothers before being deployed, assigned to a dependent-restricted overseas tour, an accompanied overseas tour where concurrent travel is denied or temporary duty away from their home station. more

Stunt Man Makes Leap to Ministry
American Forces Press Service Army Chaplain (Capt.) Eric Light gives a weekly sermon and is available for counseling whenever a soldier might need it. But he is not your ordinary chaplain. “ was kind of hard to come by, so I became a stunt guy to pay for college.” more

New Lakota Helicopters
American Forces Press ServiceOfficials at the National Guard’s Eastern Aviation Training Site here yesterday unveiled the new UH-72A Lakota light utility helicopter, for which they will become the military’s sole trainers. more

Docs Hone Field Medicine Skills
American Forces Press ServiceMedical students at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences are getting a healthy dose of the challenges in providing battlefield medicine during two concurrent field exercises under way here. more

Suicide Hotline for Vets
American Forces Press ServiceThe Department of Veterans Affairs is launching a pilot outreach program to encourage veterans to use the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline -- 1-800-273-TALK (8255) -- if they need help. more

Nations ‘Band’ Together
 American Forces Press ServiceThe U.S. Army’s 101st Airborne Division and Afghan National Army bands met this week for a four-day training event here. The two units worked together to learn music and foster relationships. more

Mail Bridges Distance
American Forces Press ServiceWhen Patton’s tanks rolled across North African desert sands, letters of encouragement, love and support from family back home connected 1st Armored Division soldiers to loved ones left behind. more

Specialist ‘Lives Dream’
American Forces Press ServiceArmy Sgt. Jason Ruckman had a desire to be part of something that would make a difference. Six years ago, he joined the Army to whet his appetite for adventure, and he has never looked back. Well, it happened; just a little later than he expected. more

Unit Fights Fires, Rescues at Sea
American Forces Press ServiceAir National Guardsmen from 129th Rescue Wing launched a search-and rescue-mission from here the afternoon of July 16 to save a fisherman experiencing a medical emergency aboard a Canadian fishing boat off the coast of California. more

New Housing Facility for Wounded
American Forces Press ServiceServicemembers being treated at military medical facilities in the national capital region now can recuperate with their families thanks to one group’s ingenuity and the generosity of corporate donors. more

Mechanics Keep Missions on Track
American Forces Press ServiceWhile this might seem like a major overhaul, removing and reinstalling the engines is just part of semi-annual maintenance for these armored workhorses. It's a job that can be done in as few as five hours. more

‘Hearts and Minds’ Reaps Friendship
Blackanthem Military NewsThe Coalition Force in Iraq utilize Police Transition Teams (PTT) to assist in training Iraqi policemen. These teams assess the local law enforcement techniques and procedures and assist in joint patrols and combat missions. more

Iraqi Economic Programs
American Forces Press ServiceTwo U.S.-military sponsored economic reconstruction programs are helping to put thousands of Iraqi citizens into productive jobs while boosting the country’s business activity, a senior U.S. military officer said today. more

Missing Soldiers Go Home
Army News ServiceOn July 10, the Armed Forces Medical Examiner positively identified human remains recovered in Iraq July 9 to be those of two soldiers who had been previously listed as "Missing-Captured." more

Soldier Focuses on Nutrition
American Forces Press ServiceA contracting officer/technical representative and food service specialist, Goldson began his culinary career nearly 25 years ago, and he has been preparing, supervising and serving meals for soldiers for the past 10 years. more

Holistic Support Helps Wounded Vets
American Forces Press ServiceWounded veterans looking for help reentering civilian life can turn to an organization in Huntsville, Ala., that takes a holistic approach to that task. “Still Serving Veterans” empowers wounded veterans by helping them reintegrate into the work force. more

Marine Parents to Learn and Bond
American Forces Press ServiceHundreds of military family members will gather next week for Marine Parents United’s 5th Annual Marine Family Conference, where they’ll have opportunities aimed at helping them better understand military life. more

Language Program Launches Site
American Forces Press ServiceThe Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center’s new online resource offers deploying servicemembers easier access to hundreds of linguistic materials, free of charge, according to a DLIFLC news release. more

DoD Lab Resolves Russian Mystery
American Forces Press ServiceA Defense Department DNA identification lab has helped bring to a close a near-century-old mystery, laying to rest a search for the remains of two children executed alongside the rest of the family of Russia’s last czar. more

Refurbished Gym Opens in Iraqi
American Forces Press ServiceChants rang loud and clear from the bleachers as if it were a high school pep rally. But this was not a student gymnasium gearing up before a homecoming game against a crosstown rival. This was men, women and children of all ages chanting, “Iraq is free!” more

Doctors Save Afghan Girl’s Life
 American Forces Press ServiceA worried Abdullah Haqim walked with his daughter into the weekly coalition medical clinic in Afghanistan’s Farah province. Six-year-old Gulzana was sick, and local Afghan doctors could not diagnose the painful swelling that had engulfed her left eye. more

Giant Squids Land at Air Force Base
American Forces Press ServiceThe two sea creatures were transported in a C-17 Globemaster III cargo aircraft from Europe and will be delivered to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. more

U.S. Will Allow Assessment Process
American Forces Press ServiceThe assessment process is as transparent as the department can make it, Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman said today. While pundits have called for greater redeployments from Iraq, the department will wait and see what commanders recommend. more

Behavioral Health Examination
American Forces Press ServiceThe physical consequences of a pandemic influenza in the United States -- potentially millions of people either sick or dead, schools and businesses closed, store shelves empty -- are obviously apparent and top any disaster recovery to-do list. more

Brothers Serve Together in Iraq
American Forces Press ServiceDeployments usually separate families, but for two brothers from Arkansas, deployment to Iraq actually brought them closer. Snow is on his second deployment with his elder brother, Army Sgt. Maj. Jim Snow, 39th BCT operations sergeant major. more

Operation Homefront to Help Vets
American Forces Press ServiceIn the next three years, an untold number of veterans of operations in Iraq and Afghanistan will benefit from a new partnership between two organizations who share only geographic proximity and a desire to honor servicemembers. more

Army Captain Receives Silver Star
American Forces Press ServiceA soldier from 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team was awarded a Silver Star Medal. Army Maj. Gen. Jeffrey Schloesser presented Army Capt. William G. Cromie with the decoration and praised him for his valor. more

Medals for Valor to 12 Paratroopers
American Forces Press ServiceNavy Adm. Mike Mullen pinned five Army Commendation Medals with valor devices, five Purple Heart Medals, one Bronze Star with valor device, and one Silver Star on the troopers’ chests during a ceremony at their combat outpost here. more

Gates Speaks of Troops’ Courage
American Forces Press ServiceDefense Secretary Robert M. Gates delivered a tribute to servicemembers’ courage, dedication, adaptability and patriotism to the Daughters of the American Revolution’s Continental Congress, yesterday. more

Off-Duty Summer Fatalities
American Forces Press ServiceMidway through the “101 Critical Days of Summer,” 50 servicemembers have died in off-duty accidents, half on motorcycles, defense officials reported. Thirty-seven servicemembers have died in motor vehicles since May 23. more

Remains Identified as Soldiers
American Forces Press ServiceThe Armed Forces Institute of Pathology has identified human remains found in Iraq as those of two 10th Mountain Division soldiers. Jimenez and Fouty were part of a patrol of seven Americans and an Iraqi army interpreter when they were attacked by insurgents. more

Guard Troops are called for Fire Duty
American Forces Press ServiceCalifornia Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger ordered an additional 2,000 National Guard troops to state active duty today to boost the state’s ongoing firefighting efforts and prepare for the threat of additional fires over the next several months. more

Police Officer Twins Deploy Together
American Forces Press ServiceAs civilians, the twin brothers serve together as police officers in Deland, Fla., and now the 22-year-old citizen-soldiers have volunteered to deploy together to Afghanistan for a year-long military police mission. more

Reintegration of Hostages
American Forces Press ServiceYears of preparation by U.S. Army South, Brooke Army Medical Center, Northrop Grumman Corp. and family members finally came to fruition on the night of July 2 when three American civilian contractors set foot in San Antonio. more

Increasing Iraqi Capabilities Turning
American Forces Press ServiceArmy Maj. Gen. Michael Oates, commander of Multinational Division Center, briefed Pentagon reporters from Baghdad via teleconference along with Maj. Gen. Ali Salih Farhgood Oothman, commander of 8th Iraqi Army Division. more

Coalition Forces Detain 30 Terrorists
American Forces Press ServiceCoalition forces in Iraq detained 30 suspected terrorists during anti al-Qaida operations conducted over the past three days across central and northern Iraq, military officials said. more

Baghdad Pool Reopens
American Forces Press ServiceSummer days in Baghdad often rival the hottest days around the globe, and until recently, many residents of central Baghdad’s Karkh district did not have a place they could visit to escape from the heat. more

Restored 1931 Buick Showcases
American Forces Press ServicePatriotism runs high at Chick and Ruth’s Delly, a mainstay along the Maryland capital’s Main Street. Ted Levitt, the deli’s owner, starts each morning leading patrons as they recite the Pledge of Allegiance. more

Canadian-Born Soldier Serves as Sniper in Iraq
American Forces Press ServiceLooking through a rifle sight into the eyes of an enemy -- no matter how evil that enemy is or how many innocent people he has killed -- and then pulling the trigger to end that enemy’s existence affects a soldier. more

Navy Mainstay Retires After 50 Years
American Forces Press ServiceBrady joined the service in 1958 and served on active duty through 1969. He worked as a civilian Navy communicator from 1969 to 1992, and has worked as a budget analyst in the service’s counterdrug program since then. more

Communities Sign On for Observance
Blackanthem Military NewsTwo years ago, Steve Newton, asked the governors of all 50 states and the mayor of the District of Columbia to sign a proclamation to observe May 1 as Silver Star Banner Day, honoring wounded and ill servicemembers from all wars. more

Military Raises Service Dogs
Blackanthem Military NewsIt has happened to all of us. You're running late for work, scampering around the house grabbing everything you need for the day, and you can't find your keys. Military family member Lauren Novotny put her recent puppy training skills to the test. more

U.S. Reacts to Iranian Missile Test
American Forces Press Service Iran’s test of short- and medium-range missiles is a disturbing development and points to the need for a European missile defense system, Pentagon officials said here today. more

Game Reflects Declining Violence
Army News ServiceA similar scene wouldn't warrant a double-take in any town in the United States. But this game stood out for who was playing and where. It was Lt. Col. Christopher Vanek and Khalaf Ibrahim Ali across the board from each other. more

Redstone Arsenal Soldier Reenlists
Blackanthem Military NewsWhen he heard there was going to be a mass reenlistment ceremony at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait on Independence Day, Sgt. Robert Ritchie decided it was the right time and place to raise his right hand one more time. more

Fund Assists Injured Veterans
American Forces Press ServiceAn organization that focuses on helping severely injured veterans channels its efforts toward providing the kinds of assistance they don’t otherwise get. The Independence Fund provides “the tools, therapies and guidance that they are otherwise not receiving.” more

Mullen Meets With Enlisted Troops
American Forces Press ServiceThe chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff met with more than 200 soldiers and airmen in the lower enlisted ranks here today to thank them for their service and to give them the opportunity to voice their opinions and concerns. more

Afghan Water Project Helps Economy
American Forces Press ServiceSome areas of Afghanistan’s Parwan province have been without water for years, while other areas are nearly flooded. A June 23 meeting will discuss plans to improve water distribution. more

Iraqi Maternity Hospital
American Forces Press ServiceWith the delivery of two large truckloads of medical equipment, hundreds of mothers-to-be soon will benefit from the opening of a refurbished maternity hospital in western Baghdad’s Karkh district. more

Afghan Army Plant Supports Mission
American Forces Press ServiceMentoring the Afghan National Army’s print plant staff here is a great mission, a Combined Security Transition Command Afghanistan Afghan National Army communications mentor said, but he may have worked himself out of a job. more

U.S. Hostages Provide Message
American Forces Press ServiceAmerican contractors Marc Gonsalves, Thomas Howes and Keith Stansell, who’d been among 15 hostages held for more than five years in Colombia by leftist rebels until their July 2 rescue released a statement on July 4. more

M&M Ministry
Capt. Larry Van Hook teamed up with Pioneer Drive Baptist Church to start a candy campaign that amassed a few tons of candy to be distributed to the Soldiers throughout the Multi-National Division-Bagdad area. more

A weapon of a different kind
Water resources in and around the Baghdad area are becoming increasingly precious as temperatures continue to rise. Fortunately the Battalion has a unique weapon in its arsenal to combat the withering effects of 120 degree days in the desert. more

Music Carries Positive Messages
American Forces Press Service He has the fast-flowing lips of a rap artist whose lyrics don’t stumble. His songs tell stories instead of just describing hanging emotions. He rhymes with passion and recites his own words as if he were creating them on the spot. more

U.S. Troops Celebrate July 4th
American Forces Press ServiceU.S. servicemembers assigned to the Combined Security Transition Command-Afghanistan celebrated America's 232nd Independence Day in the traditional way, but in a non-traditional setting. more

Secretary of State Visits
American Forces Press ServiceInstead of participating in rounds of Gulf diplomacy, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice spent part of the day here observing a round of golf. The nation’s top diplomat joined a group of Marines at the AT&T National PGA golf tournament. more

Hawijah’s Literacy Program
In the month which marked the birth of the United States of America and the liberation of other nations, July 5, will be remembered in Hawijah, Iraq, as the day Nehad Al-Juburi and Zaid Chaid paid a historic visit to bring national attention to a pilot literacy program underway here. more

1,200 Soldiers to re-enlist July 4
Army News ServiceAbout 1,200 U.S. Soldiers are re-enlisting in a mass ceremony. The ceremony in Iraq is one of numerous mass re-enlistments this week across the Army to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the all-volunteer force. more

Sergeant Mentors New Troops
American Forces Press ServiceArmy Staff Sergeant Steven Roode, a Skowhegan, Maine, native and squad leader assigned to Troop A, 2nd Squadron, 7th Cavalry Regiment, is using his previous deployment experience to prepare his troops for combat. more

PGA Tour Hosts Wounded Warriors
American Forces Press ServiceWounded warriors and the PGA tour kicked off their Independence Day celebration a couple of days early with food and festivities yesterday at Mologne House, on the Walter Reed Army Medical Center campus here. more

Colombian Military Rescues Hostages
American Forces Press ServiceColombia's military yesterday rescued 15 hostages, including three U.S. government contractors, from leftist revolutionary captors who had imprisoned the group in jungle camps since 2003. more

AT&T National Kicks Off With Salute
American Forces Press ServiceThey may not be on the pro tour yet, but two military children got a taste of the big time when they helped pro golfer Fred Couples kick off the second AT&T National at Congressional Country Club here today. more

Bush to Press G8 to Keep Up Pressure
American Forces Press ServicePresident Bush will emphasize during next week’s G8 summit in Japan that the war against violent extremism is a long-term struggle while urging continued support in Iraq and Afghanistan, he told reporters today. more

Soldiers, Airmen Battle Wildfires
American Forces Press Service California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger ordered about 200 National Guard members yesterday to provide direct ground support to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection as it tries to put out wildfires. more

Officer Puts Medical Skills to Work
American Forces Press ServiceAfter originally enlisting to become a combat medic in the Army Reserve, Army 1st Lt. Khara Keegan enrolled in the U.S. Military Academy where she graduated and received her commission in the Military Intelligence Corps. more

Army 35 Years of All-Volunteer Force
American Forces Press ServiceArmy Secretary Pete Geren said more than 1 million active, Guard and reserve soldiers, more than 200,000 Army civilians, and more than 600,000 Army family members have made the all-volunteer force a success and the envy of the world. more

Group Delivers Liberty
American Forces Press ServiceCarolyn Blashek, founder of Operation Gratitude, personally presented a milestone care package to Army Spc. Michael “Shaun” Gallagher in Iraq, but the package’s main cargo wouldn’t fit into the box. more

Former Sailor Builds Future
American Forces Press ServiceDuring his 13 years in the Navy, Craig Bedard learned how to fight fires. He transitioned to the Army to continue serving his country and to learn a new skill he hopes to practice after his time in the military comes to an end. more

‘Hire A Hero’ Launches Campaign
American Forces Press ServiceThe goal of a troop-support group’s new Web-based campaign is simple: tell the troops “thank you” a million times over, starting today. Hire A Hero has created the “One Million Thank Yous” campaign to do just that. more

Bush Signs $162 Billion War Bill
American Forces Press ServicePresident Bush today signed a $162 billion supplemental bill that principally will fund U.S. military operations abroad. Bush thanked congressional leaders of both parties for agreeing to provide “vital funds." more

Soldiers Bond With Iraqi Comrades
American Forces Press ServiceMultinational Division Baghdad soldiers and Iraqi National Police officers share the stresses and successes of providing security and stability in Iraq as they work side by side every day to protect the people of Baghdad. more

Creating Opportunities
Most Soldiers power down into rest mode; retiring dirty sweaty uniforms in exchange for the cooler summer physical training t-shirts and shorts. Some head over to their local Morale, Welfare, and Recreation facility. Others are eager to hit the gym or look to the quiet solitude of a run. more

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