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Soldier’s Service Rooted in Patriotism
American Forces Press ServiceWhen terrorists attacked the United States on Sept. 11, 2001, a high school student in New Orleans knew he needed to fight back. Watson, who was raised in a military family, planned to join the Army even before the events of 9/11. more

Suspect Linked to Rocket Attacks
American Forces Press ServiceThe response force conducted the operation to disrupt al-Qaida’s movement and decrease the terrorist organization’s intimidation attacks on the local Iraqis in the Udaim River Valley area, officials said. more

Chief Praises Efforts in Fighting Fires
American Forces Press ServiceAssessing the National Guard’s California fire and Midwest flood-fighting efforts first-hand yesterday and today, the chief of the National Guard Bureau visited adjutants general and troops in affected states. more

Progress in Afghan Security
American Forces Press ServiceThe Report on Progress Toward Security and Stability in Afghanistan depicts a “fragile” security environment in much of the country. It concludes, however, that coalition forces’ have demonstrated how a hybrid of military and nonmilitary resources can create stability. more

Just in Time
For 2nd Lt. Megan Holcomb, the day she received her commission, was special for more than one reason. Her husband Master Sgt. Lance Holcomb made it home, literally just in time to see her get pinned. more

Not only do service members tirelessly devote their time and energy to serving their nation, but they also, at time, volunteer to assist those less fortunate in their neighborhood and community. more

Home-Front Support is Key
American Forces Press Service“Support means everything,” Army Staff Sgt. John Aughtman saidin an interview on the “ASY Live” program on BlogTalkRadio. “A letter, a care package, a telephone call, a visit, a blanket -- anything means everything.” more

Aptitude Test Helps Students
American Forces Press ServiceHigh school can be a challenging and sometimes daunting time for many teenagers who find themselves trapped between childhood and adulthood. But a program that uses the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery could help teens. more

Soldier Gets Canine Companion
American Forces Press ServiceOn Aug. 19, 2006, the life of Army Capt. James Barclay IV changed forever. He was in the lead vehicle of a convoy in a remote area of Afghanistan when a roadside bomb tore through his vehicle. more

Elmo Visits Military Kids
American Forces Press ServiceSunny days will be just around the corner when Elmo and his friends bring “The Sesame Street Experience” to 43 military installations to help children trying to cope with parents’ deployments. more

'Fit For Life' Enthusiasts Lose 200 Lbs
Blackanthem Military NewsCollectively, they lost more than 200 pounds, walked thousands of steps, and learned to lead healthier lives. That was in the first month. While it's not a complete version of the Biggest Loser, it comes close. more

Children Attend Sports, Fitness Camp
Blackanthem Military NewsWhen children of deployed Soldiers get together, there's no need for them to dwell on having a parent serving downrange. The Installation Management Command is offering Camp A.R.M.Y Challenge. more

Employee has Hurt to Help
Blackanthem Military News"People don't understand the severity of what happened." Susan McMahon feels that people--those across the U.S. and Iowa--see the flood waters and have even experienced floods in years past but fail to make it all register now. more

Army MWR leader named Man of Year
Army News ServiceStokes, the director of Recreation and deputy director of Morale, Welfare and Recreation at Fort Campbell, Ky., serves as the second vice president of USA Wrestling and represents the Armed Forces on their Board of Directors. more

Troops Provide Medical Care
American Forces Press ServiceEight Iraqi medics and surgeons and medics from the 3rd Infantry Division’s 3rd Battalion, 7th Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, hosted the event for residents of Farisiyah and Jurf as Sahkr. more

NFL Coach Visits Troops
American Forces Press ServiceHead coach Mike Nolan of the National Football League’s San Francisco 49ers and former defensive back Eric Davis visited with U.S. soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines at three forward operating bases in Afghanistan. more

Army, Homeland Security Cooperate
American Forces Press ServiceAn Army medical research facility and the Department of Homeland Security may seem like they have different operations, but when it comes to protecting the servicemembers and citizens of the United States, their mission is the same. more

Chemical Defense Protects Nation
American Forces Press ServiceWhat was once was a barn for goats is now a place for scientists on the forefront of chemical defense research to test their theories to help in protecting and healing the nation’s warfighters. more

35 Years of All-Volunteer Force
American Forces Press ServiceUntil July 1973, the military operated under an involuntary draft policy to produce manpower to fight the country’s wars. Draftees served during both world wars, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. more

Lieutenant Mentors Soldiers
American Forces Press Service “A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don't necessarily want to go, but ought to be,” said Rosalynn Carter, wife of former President Jimmy Carter. more

‘Good Grief Camp’ Helps Children
American Forces Press ServiceThanks to the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, more than 300 of war’s youngest survivors attended the TAPS “Good Grief Camp” over Memorial Day weekend. Many of them have lost a father or brother serving... more

Army Spouse Overcomes Adversity
Blackanthem Military NewsIn the sultry, harmonious melody of the blues, Eric Clapton once sang, "Nobody knows you when you're down and out." Less than two years ago, Stone was at the lowest point in her life. She was alone. more

Although he is only 21 years old, Scott has already progressed from Private to Sergeant. In his three years with the Arkansas National Guard, he has accomplished a lot and is ambitious about what more he can achieve. more

First Female for Fourth Star
Army News ServicePresident George W. Bush has nominated the new deputy commanding general of Army Materiel Command for the rank of four star general and the top slot at AMC. more

Violence in Iraq Drops
American Forces Press ServiceViolence in Iraq dropped in May to its lowest level in four years, according to a Defense Department report. The quarterly report, required by Congress, measured progress in the country in March through May of this year. more

Homeless Veterans 'Important’
American Forces Press Service“How do we reach out to them, and how do we create opportunities?” Navy Adm. Mike Mullen asked an audience of about 200 members of various organizations that make up the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans. more

Attacks in Iraq Down 80 Percent
American Forces Press ServiceThe number of weekly attacks in Iraq has dropped from about 1,200 a week in June 2007 to about 200 a week now, the commander of the tactical unit responsible for command and control of operations in Iraq said today. more

Soldiers Light Up Neighborhood
American Forces Press Service At first glance, it doesn’t look like much: a construction site with a large wooden box strapped to a forklift, a crane, about 15 Iraqi and Multinational Division Baghdad soldiers, and a small pile of equipment. more

Soldier Applies Leadership Lessons
American Forces Press ServiceJune 20 was a special day for Army 1st Sgt. Anthony Farinosi. A quick ceremony on a flight line in the middle of a combat zone marked his first day as a full-fledged, diamond-wearing first sergeant. more

SF Soldiers Help Local Community
Blackanthem Military NewsOn June 7, 2nd Battalion, 19th Special Forces Group Soldiers from the West Virginia Army National Guard put aside their elite war-fighting skills to help liberate hundreds of Indiana Hoosiers. more

Exhibits Showcase Support
American Forces Press Service Members of the military services, Defense Department civilian employees and military contractors showcased how they harness technology to provide support for U.S. warfighters at the 2008 Joint Warfighter Conference held. more

Team Teaches to Medical Providers
American Forces Press ServiceSix Afghan medical providers learned basic lifesaving skills at a Panjshir Provincial Reconstruction Team cardiopulmonary resuscitation course held at the Rokha Clinic on June 18. more

Army Turns Trash into Energy in Iraq
Army News ServicePair that with the constant need for fuel and the push for alternative energy sources, and you have the stuff of science fiction - the Tactical Garbage to Energy Refinery, or TGER, which is already turning trash into energy at Camp Victory, Iraq. more

Gas Prices Hitting Troops
American Forces Press ServiceIt didn’t come up when it was $2 per gallon, or $3, but now, with the cost of a gallon of gas topping out at more than $4 per gallon, the subject has come up in the last four of the “all-hands” meetings. more

Last Surge Brigade to Return
American Forces Press ServiceThe last of the five Army brigades to deploy with the “troop surge” in Iraq will return in July after a 13-month deployment, during which soldiers detained more than 800 terrorist suspects and helped foster Iraqi self-governance. more

President Confers Medal of Freedom
American Forces Press Service“I’ve been inspired by their valor, selflessness and complete integrity,” he said to an audience that included Vice President Richard B. Cheney and Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates. “I found all those qualities in abundance in General Pete Pace.” more

AMC Welcomes First Female Deputy
Army News ServiceThe U.S. Army Materiel Command welcomed its new deputy commanding general during a ceremony Tuesday morning at AMC headquarters on Fort Belvoir. She is the first woman to hold this position. more

Life-Saving Surgery Awaits Child
American Forces Press Service When she was born, doctors didn’t expect her to live a week, but a 1-year-old Iraqi girl is defying the odds. Noor Majeed overcame her initial prognosis, but without proper care, she still could die. more

Service Delivers Supplies to Troops
 American Forces Press ServiceThe jumpmaster stands in the back of a turbo-prop cargo airliner with a nervously rumbling stomach, holding on to a few pallets of supplies that soon would be dropped to soldiers in an isolated region of eastern Afghanistan. more

Terrorists Use Roadside Bombs
American Forces Press ServiceTerrorists use IEDs “as a strategic weapon to wear our will down, because our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines can whip this thing, tactically,” Army Lt. Gen. Thomas F. Metz told attendees. more

DoD Informs Overseas Voters
American Forces Press ServiceA Defense Department program is working to ensure overseas government employees, civilian contractors, servicemembers and their spouses have all the information they need to make their vote count. more

Adaptation Helps Soldier
American Forces Press Service Being a soldier means being a master at many things and having the ability to adapt to any environment. For one Multinational Division Baghdad soldier, adapting to his environment has been a way of life. more

Military Dogs Hone Fighting Skills
Snagging fleeing suspects and seeking explosives were two of numerous war-fighting skills that 36 participating teams demonstrated at the 2008 U.S. Army Europe Military Working Dog Competition. more

U.S. Special Forces Aid Dying Boy
American Forces Press ServiceThe 10-year-old Afghan boy, escorted by his father, Ahmad, and a U.S. Special Forces soldier, was flown to the facility for tests after Afghan and coalition forces medics diagnosed a tumor on his upper arm. more

Soldier Continues Tradition
American Press ServiceWhile growing up in Phoenix, Estrada learned the sport of taekwondo from his father, a black belt. Continuing the family tradition, Estrada is passing on the Korean martial art to his own children. more

National Guard Fights Mississippi
Army News ServiceNational Guard troops in Illinois and Missouri continued sandbagging operations along the Mississippi River Monday in an effort to thwart the cresting floodwaters heading south from Iowa. more

‘GI Java’ Supports Foundation
American Forces Press ServiceThe relationship between servicemembers and their coffee is so storied that the hot black liquid has a role in nearly every war movie ever made. GI Java was started with a desire to support the troops and an understanding of that relationship. more

'Save the Flame’
Pioneer ServicesSince its completion in 1921, the Liberty Memorial has been a Kansas City landmark, overlooking the downtown skyline. But recent funding issues have forced the flame sitting atop the 217-foot tower to be extinguished. more

Engineer Returns to Iraq, Likes What He Sees
American Press ServiceThis month, Army Lt. Col. Michael Darrow returned to Iraq on another U.S. Army Corps of Engineers mission. This time he will be the officer in charge of the Forat Area Office, overseeing 42 construction projects valued at $140 million. more

Making 1SB History-
Originally designed during World War I to help fill the ranks due to immense losses, the battlefield promotion system has been tucked away for some time. The Department of the Army has reactivated this program... more

Soldiers ‘bring it’ to Riyadh, Iraq
In this military operation, no body-armor was necessary and no shots were fired. The goal; ‘friendship’ – and, scoring a few in a game of soccer against a team of Son’s of Iraq members in Riyadh, Iraq. more

Dads Honored on Father's Day
Army News ServiceMembers of the 39th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, Arkansas Army National Guard celebrated Father's Day here by reminiscing about the births of their children. Some had to work to recall their first Father's Day, while others had very fresh memories. more

Army Invention Saves Lives
A new lifesaving standard of care has garnered the U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research here a prestigious recognition: invention of the year. The innovation was named one of the Army’s “Top Ten Greatest Inventions of 2007.” more

Flag Day: Four Personal Perspectives
American Forces Press Service “On Flag Day and during National Flag Week, we remember those in uniform whose courage and sacrifice inspire us here at home,” Bush said. “We also remember the rich history of one of our oldest national symbols... more

Army Leaders Cut Birthday Cake
Army News ServiceTop Army leaders celebrated the Army's 233rd birthday a day early with a cake-cutting, future-Soldier swearing-in and re-enlistment ceremony at the Pentagon today. "Today we celebrate our birthday but we also celebrate the service, the sacrifice and the successes of 14 generations of Americans ... more

Forces in Iraq Kill Eight, Detain 24
American Forces Press ServiceCoalition forces killed four men and detained nine suspected terrorists today after detainees in custody provided them with information regarding the location of an al-Qaida in Iraq suicide-bombing network. more

Veterans Push Limits
American Forces Press Service“‘Outward Bound’ expeditions specifically designed for veterans and supported by the Sierra Club are an extension of this effort,” said Meg Ryan, project manager for the Colorado-based program’s Enduring Freedom division. more

Memorial 'Planting' Honors Fallen
American Forces Press ServiceFamily members and fellow soldiers gathered for the somber ceremony as Army Command Sgt. Maj. McArthur Dixon called out the fallen soldiers’ names. Army Lt. Gen. Rick Lynch remembered the soldiers as heroes who sacrificed for the country. more

Father, Son Reunite in Iraq
Blackanthem Military NewsWhen a father teaches his son how to drive a car with a manual transmission, it usually happens at home in an empty parking lot. A Multi-National Division - Baghdad father however, took it one step further and taught his son in Iraq. more

Soldiers Foster New Relationships
American Forces Press Service“Maintaining security is not all just about the defensive posture,” said Army Capt. Stan Goligoski, 101st HSC commander. “We go out beyond the [gates] to interact and build relationships with the people in the local villages around us.” more

Forces Capture ‘Special Groups'
American Forces Press Service Coalition forces in Iraq captured a man believed to be the leader of an Iranian-backed enemy “special group” and another who's an alleged al-Qaida chieftain during separate operations conducted near Kut and in Mosul. more

Newlywed Surprises Mother in Kuwait
On a surprise trip from Iraq, 19-year-old Spc. Anthony W. Avant, Jr. visited his mother, Master Sgt. Veronica L. Avant, the weekend before Father’s Day – both are residents of El Monte, Calif., but call Chicago home. more

Dual Adjutant Generals Visits
During his visit, Landreneau, along with the Louisiana National Guard’s senior enlisted advisor, Command Sgt. Maj. John Kling, were briefed by members of the 165th CSSB command and staff on the current status and capabilities of the 165th. more

Iraqi, U.S. Forces Kill Three Terrorists
American Forces Press Service Iraqi and coalition forces captured an al-Qaida in Iraq member linked to terrorist activities during an operation in the Kirkuk area. Three armed men confronted and refused to comply with instructions to surrender. more

Centers Give Glimpse Into al-Qaida
Blackanthem Military NewsOfficials who manage detention centers in Iraq are getting a valuable look inside the mind of al-Qaida in Iraq. About 21,000 detainees are being held in detention centers in Iraq under a United Nations resolution. more

Efforts Reduce Roadside Bombs
American Forces Press ServiceU.S. and Iraqi military operations in northern Iraq have cut the number of roadside bombs there nearly in half since February, the commander of Multinational Division North told reporters at a Pentagon briefing today. more

Anything but a ‘normal’ game
A team of TFS Soldiers and a local Iraqi team met on a dusty field in Mahus, near Hawijah, Iraq. The Hawijah soccer match was a historical match. In a five-game series, this was the first match between the Iraqis and CF. more

Computer Banner Balances Security
American Forces Press ServiceA new notice on Defense Department computer screens ensures users understand that their e-mails are subject to monitoring, but also reinforces specific user privacy and confidentiality protections. more

Distillery Raises Glass to Troops
American Forces Press Service Jim Beam honors U.S. servicemembers and their families as part of the brand’s renewed top-down commitment to its own original values of true character, integrity and doing the right thing. more

Book to Help Youth Understand Army
Army News ServiceA new book by Army Youth Services helps children better understand Army history and their role in the greater Army Family. The book will be distributed during the week leading up to the Army's 233rd birthday, June 14. more

Army's 233rd Birthday Celebration
Blackanthem Military NewsSoldiers, Family members and Army Civilians nationwide are getting ready to celebrate the Army's 233rd birthday on June 14 with a weeklong round of cake cuttings, balls, children's birthday parties and more. more

Officials Break Ground
American Forces Press Service Just inside the gates of the National Naval Medical Center, officials today ceremoniously turned the dirt at the site of what will become the military’s premier institute for the study of psychological health and traumatic brain injuries. more

U.S. Soldiers Help Iraqi Mothers
American Forces Press Service More than 100 Iraqi families showed up to receive diapers, formula and cereal at the Radwaniyah Palace Complex Civil Military Operations Center, about seven kilometers southwest of Baghdad, May 31. more

Stronger Military Relationships
American Forces Press ServiceThe chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff returned today from an overseas trip that included meetings with Pakistani leaders in an effort to reinforce the military-to-military relationship between the two countries. more

Increased security gains in Kirkuk
Blackanthem Military NewsKirkuk Provincial Rule of Law judges and lawyers met with their key provincial and city police leadership during the inaugural Criminal Justice Conference held at Forward Operating Base Warrior, Kirkuk, Iraq, recently. more

Mouse Click Connects Families
American Forces Press ServiceWebsites for Heroes keeps military families connected, whether they’re deployed overseas or across the country, and it does so at no cost to the family. Each personalized, password-protected family Web site. more

Miracles Benefit Iraqi Children
American Forces Press ServicePlaying outside her Baghdad home in January 2007, 6-year-old Shams couldn’t have imagined that destiny was about to drastically change her life, along with the lives of many other Iraqi children. more

Army Hero Gets Medal of Honor
American Forces Press Service Medal of Honor recipient Army Pfc. Ross A. McGinnis joined a select group of military heroes during a Pentagon ceremony today, hosted by Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England. more

Kansas Jayhawks Visit the Injured
American Forces Press ServiceThe University of Kansas national champion men's basketball team began their victory lap in the nation’s capital yesterday by visiting wounded warriors and signing autographs at Walter Reed Army Medical Center here. more

Group Helps Kids, Grandparents Bond
American Forces Press Service A new arm of an existing program called Christian Grandparenting Network is giving military children an opportunity to grow closer to their grandparents, who can help them through some of the trauma of having a parent in harm’s way. more

FL. Guard Disaster-Response Test
American Forces Press ServiceIn cooperation with the State Emergency Response Team, members of the Department of Military Affairs and the Florida National Guard are participating in a statewide hurricane exercise that began yesterday and concludes June 5. more

Group Builds Homes for Troops
American Forces Press Service Building or remodeling homes to accommodate the needs of severely wounded warriors returning from Iraq and Afghanistan is the way everyone involved with “Homes for Our Troops” have chosen to thank servicemembers. more

Finishing Strong
One of the most stressful pieces of any deployment for both Soldiers and their Families is the reunion following a long separation and the reintegration back into the daily life, whether they have family or not. more

Lieberman Calls on Google
Blackanthem Military News Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Joe Lieberman, ID-Conn., Monday called on Google to remove Internet video content produced by terrorist organizations such as Al-Qaeda. more

Soldiers Bring Aid to Village
American Forces Press ServiceThe line extended out the gate and around the corner, and it disappeared up the narrow street as mothers and children of Dehna, a village west of Baghdad, lined up waiting for aid May 29. more

Military Kids Create New Memories
American Forces Press ServicesFor the past two years, one troop-support organization has made sure children of fallen servicemembers have an avalanche of fun. The belief is these children should never be forgotten by a grateful nation. more

Wounded Troops Demand Technology
American Forces Press ServiceWounded servicemembers in need of accommodations for their visual, hearing, dexterity and cognitive disabilities are the fastest-growing group requesting assistive technologies, a senior Defense Department official said. more

First Military Spouse Naturalized
American Forces Press ServiceZita Chouchan, the wife of a U.S. Army soldier, became a citizen of the United States on May 29 at the U.S. Consulate in Frankfurt, Germany, in the first overseas naturalization ceremony for a military spouse. more

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