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36th CAB Flies Before Deployment
Final dress rehearsals are ending for the 36th Combat Aviation Brigade’s deployment to Iraq next month. With 2,700 Soldiers from 44 states across the nation, the 36th CAB is the first Army National Guard helicopter brigade called to duty in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.


Blogs Study May Provide Credible Information
The Air Force Office of Scientific Research recently began funding a new research area that includes a study of blogs. Blog research may provide information analysts and warfighters with invaluable help in fighting the war on terrorism. Dr. Brian E. Ulicny, senior scientist, and Dr. Mieczyslaw M. Kokar, president, Versatile Information Systems Inc., Framingham, Mass., will receive approximately $450,000 in funding for the 3-year project entitled “Automated Ontologically-Based Link Analysis of International Web Logs for the Timely Discovery of Relevant and Credible Information.” more

Japanese Forces Performed Well in Iraq
The people of Japan can be proud of the contribution their self-defense forces have made in the war on terror, and Americans are proud to serve alongside such courageous allies," Bush said at an arrival ceremony for Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi at the White House.

Missile Defense Test Successful
The Missile Defense Agency and the Navy conducted a successful "hit to kill" missile defense test yesterday off the island of Kauai, Hawaii. The test involved the launch of a Standard Missile 3 from the Aegis-class cruiser USS Shiloh to hit a "separating" target, meaning that the target warhead separated from its booster rocket, officials said.

New Border Patrol Academy
The U.S. Border Patrol was established in 1924 with a staff of 450 officers. Its mission is to detect and prevent smuggling and unlawful entry of aliens into the United States. The Border Patrol is responsible for watching over 8,000 miles of U.S. border and is generally believed to be one of the busiest federal law enforcement organizations. A crucial element to the successful completion of the Border Patrol mission is the professional instruction received by its new trainees. more

Basic Training More Combat Oriented
In a Pentagon briefing, Gen. William S. Wallace, commander of the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command, spoke with reporters about the command’s campaign plan and how basic training has evolved over the last four years. more

Recruiting Stats Alone Don't Tell Whole Story
The Army Reserve may fall 3 percent or 4 percent short of its recruiting goal for the year, but its new chief said that's not necessarily "a bad-news story." "We are not where we would hope to be right now in recruiting, but we are very, very close," Army Lt. Gen. Jack Stultz told Pentagon reporters during a media roundtable June 21.

Latest on Veterans Data SNAFU
In May 2006, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) learned that U.S. Veteran's personal information had been compromised. The Army has activated a secure Web Site enabling current and former servicemenbers to determine if their personal information was potentially compromised. Get the latest info. more

New Land Warrior System
The Land Warrior and Mounted Warrior Soldier Systems are under operational assessment at Fort Lewis, Wash., by the 4th Battalion, 9th Infantry Regiment, 4th Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division.

The U.S. Army Infantry Center conducted a side-by-side comparison between Land Warrior-equipped Soldiers and currently equipped Soldiers at Fort Benning, Ga., in late 2004

'Operation Jump Start' Gets Underway
About 800 National Guard troops have arrived for duty in four U.S. border states as "Operation Jump Start" gets under way. The Guard members reported to Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California, to support the U.S. Border Patrol and are expected to begin their missions by next week, Michael Friel, a U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokesman, told American Forces Press Service.

Courts to Deal With Guantanamo
Detainees being held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, are dangerous men, and the best place to deal with them is in military courts, President Bush said here today. "I'd like to close Guantanamo," he said. "But I also recognize that ... we're holding some people that are darn dangerous and that we better have a plan to deal with them in our courts."

Army Streamlines Service Uniforms
Army service uniforms will be streamlined to one blue Army Service Uniform. The consolidation of Army service uniforms is part of a streamlining process. In 2004, the Army reduced the number of battle dress uniforms from three to one when it adopted the Army Combat Uniform in place of the Woodland Green Battle Dress Uniform and the Desert Combat Uniform.

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Army celebrates 231st birthday
Cake-cutting ceremonies, balls, special concerts and Soldier appreciation days will take place throughout the Army and around the world this week in honor of the Army’s 231st birthday. This year’s theme is “Call to Duty – Boots on the Ground.”

Active-Duty Recruiting Exceeds Goals
All the military services achieved or exceeded their active-duty recruiting goals in the month of May, which marks the 12th consecutive month they've done so, according to information released by DoD June 9. Overall military recruiting -- and retention -- has been on the upswing, Cynthia Smith, a Pentagon spokeswoman, told American Forces Press Service.

Bomb Makers Captured
Two suspected terrorists were captured yesterday in Afghanistan's Paktika province, and a makeshift bomb exploded in a bazaar in Khost province yesterday, injuring three civilians, military officials reported. Soldiers from 2nd Battalion, 87th Infantry, stopped two suspicious men near an Afghan National Police station and found land mines and timing devices in their possession. The men were turned over to Afghan police for questioning.

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