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Arizona Bikers Roll Out for Troops
Nearly 1,500 Arizona bikers rolled their Harleys through Glendale, Ariz., recently to honor the nation's servicemembers and back a local troop support organization, an event organizer said.
The second Hearts to Heroes Ride, sponsored by, benefited Packages From Home, a nonprofit group that ships packages to troops deployed overseas, said Dave Whitten, director of marketing and media relations for Packages From Home.

Brother Administers Oath to Brother
U.S. Army Sgt. Mike Hamann of Alexandria, Va., was determined to be the first soldier of the 1/34 Brigade Combat Team to re-enlist while overseas during the unit’s deployment to support Operation Iraqi Freedom. And with the help of his brother, Capt. Bill Hamann, he was. Bill Hamann of the Brigade Combat Team headquarters, swore in Mike Hamann of the 134th Brigade Support Battalion for his six-year re-enlistment on March 20 just one day after their arrival at the camp.

Preventing Collateral Damage
The U.S. military’s newest “smart weapon” may very well be the military sniper. “What?” you might say. Yes, snipers have been around as long as guns have (longer even, if you count archers). However, the sniper is finding himself in a new role on today’s battlefields. More so than ever snipers are considered an integral part of most military operations, not just extra guards on the rooftop. more

Troops in Alaska Fly Arduous Missions
As many as 2,000 climbers are expected to use the National Park Service base camp at the 7,000-foot level of Mount McKinley this year. Thanks to the Sugar Bears of B Company, 1st Battalion, 52nd Aviation Regiment, the camp will be ready, continuing a nearly unbroken streak that reaches back more than 30 years.

Bush Remains Confident in War
WASHINGTON, April 22, 2006 – Americans should rest assured there will be a victorious outcome to the war on terror, President Bush said today during his weekly radio address. "I have confidence in the outcome of this struggle because I know the character of the people who wear our nation's uniform," he said.


Army Advances Alternative Energy
The Army is at the forefront of alternative energy advancements that will improve the capability of America's military forces.
Working alongside industry and academia research leaders, these technology developments will not only support our Armed Forces, but have unlimited commercial applications.

Army To Transform IRR
WASHINGTON (Army News Service, April 4, 2006) – Individual Warriors will be the new label for Soldiers serving in the Individual Ready Reserve. Simultaneously, the new name will lead to a cultural shift away from the unstructured group of inactive individuals into a cohesive group of Soldiers who are trained, aware and ready to augment Army missions when called upon.

Iraqi Army Assumes Control of Balad
Iraqi Soldiers assumed control of part of Salah al Din Province from 1-8 Combined Arms Battalion in a Transfer of Authority ceremony at an Iraqi Army outpost near Balad April 15.

The 3rd Battalion, 1st Brigade, 4th Iraqi Army Division is assuming control of an area of responsibility that encompasses Balad, Al Duluyah and Yethrib, as well as the smaller villages surrounding these cities.

Army Meets Recruiting Goal
The Army met its March recruiting goal for the 10th month in a row. More than 13,000 people joined the active services during March alone, almost 5,400 of them in the Army, the service with the most members deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. Meanwhile, retention remains high among troops already serving who choose to re-enlist in the active as well as reserve force more

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