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5 Steps to Manage Your Debt

- Track Your Spending
- Develop a Debt Plan
- Consolidate Debt
- Lower Your Credti Card Rate
- Set up a Budget

Debt Management and Credit Counseling programs involve working with a Certified Financial Counselor who can understand your needs and can help you accomplish your goals.
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If used carefully, credit can be a helpful financial tool. Don't take on more credit card borrowing or interest-free loans than you can afford to repay.
Create A Budget. A realistic budget is your best weapon against overspending.
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Credit Report. It's important to know your own credit history.
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Get Out of Debt Today

We received calls from over 200 people that were looking for help with their debt! We were able to review their credit reports, answer their questions, and provide information so they could make educated decisions about a debt management program.

Find a solution to getting out of debt, let the burden of bad credit, thousands of dollars in debt, and the stress of opening your bills stop you from reaching your financial goals.

Collection agencies are starting out the new year in very aggressive fashion. They are attempting to collect any debts owed to them from 2008 so they can close out the year. Discount Debt Solutions can assist you by working directly with these companies to settle your debt and get the collection calls and notices to stop.

The first thing you should remember in trying to improve your credit and debt to income ratio is reviewing your credit report at least once every year. This will identify any errors, balances that are past due, and ensure that you are maintaining a good credit rating.

Is there a way to get out of debt by making minimum payments to your creditors each month? No, you must pay a portion of the principal to have any impact on your balances and if interest rates are high that is nearly impossible. That is where a program designed to lower interest rates and give you a manageable monthly payment can help.

Click here today for a FREE QUOTE and talk to a specialist about a program designed specifically for you. Don't wait until it is too late and you are buried in debt!