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Old 03-13-2009, 01:49 PM
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Originally Posted by MSG Glenn View Post
Every BCT post has horror stories. Each & every class is totally unique. You can have some really hardcore Drill Sgts at a supposedly "easy" BCT post & some very permissive ones at a "hard" one. Supposedly Infantry OSUT at Ft. Benning is the hardest of them all. The new soldiers come in one end at basic & come out the other as Infantry School graduates with a seamless class, BCT & AIT together, same place, same DSs, same recruits. If you have a hard DS you've got him for 14 weeks. My son didn't think it was unnecessarily hard. Tough, yes but nothing he didn't expect. Once they completed the first phase of BCT things got a little better and still better yet in the Infantry School phase , but certainly they didn't have a whole lot of privileges in any event.
We were told by my husband's recruiter that Ft. Benning is the hardest. My husband just told me they switched Drill Sergeants on him... so, now I am worried it will just get worse. He got in trouble for going to the bathroom on Tuesday when the original DS said go if you have to go... now this new one wants to dictate every move they make and as of Tuesday... they still hadn't started Basic... Monday they got the rest of the platoon shipped in...
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Old 03-14-2009, 10:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Reach2heaven1108 View Post
What news about FLW? Now I am concerned... my hubby is there. He has his cell, and he is allowed packages, but they treat them horribly! He gets cussed at and called names all the time, they tore apart their barracks the other night and made the platoon clean it up (they spit on his blanket and he wasn't allowed clean linens until the next day), and they smoke them everyday 100 times a day. He says they make them do 50 and 60 reps and the max they are supposed to have to do is 30...

I am just concerned... is there something I need to know about FLW?
I went to FLW, that's just how things are. . .and honestly it sounds way way way worse than it actually is ! I mean the drills aren't going to hold your hand and all that stuff, but they are going to make sure you learn what you need to so you can survive in the military. Now, don't get me wrong, there are a few bad apples here and there when it comes to drill sgts but they are sooooo far and few between. The whole thing with having the barracks torn apart was most likely due to someone not doing their share of the cleaning or not having their stuff squared away, so the entire group got punished. That's the way everything is in basic, one person will constantly ruin something for everyone else. We got smoked a ton too, but honestly, looking back now i'm kind of glad they did because it got me in such good shape! The drill sgts make it purposefully impossible to keep up because they want to mentally break the soldier of the whole my actions dont affect anyone else, and bring them to the we are one team, one unit, one family. Don't worry about him, the only thing he should worry about is the damn bugs there LOL some of them are the size of small birds LOL
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