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Old 03-29-2006, 06:54 AM
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Talking The second chaptre of my war story!

ok, the next one is about D-DAY, but this one tells about how we got to the canoes. If you havent read the first chapter read it now!

The tough battles.

We got out of the plane and saw our general, captain, and sergeant. It was weird because we were the only five-man squad.
“Hello” The general and I greeted each other. After we all met each other there were more squads coming up, and by more squads, I meant like 300 soldiers! We were the first ones here, I guess. We waited for a long time, I don’t know what for.
“German bombers!” someone from a different squad said. The plane came towards him and shot bullets on him. Blood rose up and sank down. “Move! Move! Move!” Our captain ordered. We ran down a hill while Germans shot at us from the hills above. “Fire at will!” Said our sergeant. I shot at the cliffs with my M1 rifle. I could swear that I hit somebody. Our squad turned a corer and then we crouched down behind a hill. A bullet hit close to my foot. “A sniper!” I called out. “Hurry, everyone take cover in the damaged house!” He pointed to this house that was truly broken down. I ran to the house stumbling on dead bodies on the move. I dived into the house and ducked behind a broken wall. “Mac! Can you take out the sniper?” I asked him. Mac trained well to be a sniper at boot camp, and he got a free sniper rifle. He looked at the trees through the scope. “No on the cliff you idiot!” I said to him. He looked at the cliff and saw 9 guys. “There are 9 of them!” Mac reported. “Shoot them all!” I said. About a minute later Mac said they all died.
A plane roared above dropping a bomb in the middle of the street. A shard cut me in the check. “Move up!” Ordered our captain. We moved up this hill and there was a German lying in a ditch. I saw his head and I shot at him with my M1 I saw him die.
We came up to deep dirt paths and sand bags, there were barricades too. There was a wall about 100 yards away from our position.
Then I heard the sound of machine guns coming from it. A bullet hit somebody and he fell down. I quickly jumped behind a sandbag. Shooting at the top of the wall. I saw Mac using his sniper rifle. Our sergeant was the machine gunner of the squad and he had a Thompson. He shot at the walls with rapid fire and then he ducked down to reload. I kept shooting the wall with my M1. “OH snap my gun is jammed!” I lied down in prone position and then he had to take apart my gun. We learned how to do this at boot camp blind folded. I quickly UN jammed my gun and put it back together. I shot at the walls once more. Finally that battle was over and we seemed to have lost 13 guys. Great, we lost 13 just to kill 8 I thought. We all moved up along with the other squads. “Holt, do you still have that demolition charge?” Some guy asked. “Right here!” He said placing it on a part of the wall. “Take cover!” Holt said. We ran about 10 feet away. Watching the wall blow into little pieces. Machine guns shot at us right when the wall exploded. I took cover on the part of the remaining wall. “Wait for the reload! Said our sergeant. They started reloding and then I shot my M1 at them and they screamed when they got hit.
I took cover behind a barricade and shot threw it. At last the germans were dead. This time we only lost 2. We moved forward and found our canoes that we were going to use to move out on the really hard mission. D-DAY

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