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Old 01-09-2007, 05:51 PM
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Default USMC's New Toy: AH-1Z

The AH-1Z is the most capable and flexible multi-mission attack helicopter in the world. It is powerful, fast, agile and has the state-of-the-art dynamics, weapons and avionics suites that incorporates the latest survivability equipment available . The AH-1Z has excellent anti-armor capability and excels at the full spectrum of attack helicopter missions. It has the capability to operate effectively in the littorals where 70% of the world’s population live, and the capability to engage and defeat the broadest array of threats imaginable at standoff ranges not enjoyed before. The USMC AH-1Z is powered by the T700-GE-401. At customer choice, the more powerful T700-GE-701C can be installed for even more impressive performance:
Weapons Capability:

* AGM-114A, B, and C Hellfire and anti-tank missiles up to 16 total
* AGM-114F Hellfire anti-ship missiles – up to 16 total
* AGM 114K Hellfire II radio-frequency anti-tank missiles – up to 16 total
* 70mm Rockets, 19 or 7 shot pods –up to 76 total
* AIM-9 Sidewinder air-to-air missiles
* LUU-2A/B nighttime illumination flare
* Mk 77 fire bombs
* 77 and 100 gallon external auxiliary fuel tanks
* 20 mm cannon
* MK 76 practice bombs
* BDU-33D/B practice bombs
* MK 106 practice bombs

Survivability & Crashworthiness

The AH-1Z is as combat survivable as any other attack helicopter in the world. The aircraft has one of the most advanced countermeasure suites ever fielded on an attack helicopter, including the AVR-2A Laser Warning Receiver, APR-39A(v) 2 Radar Warning Receiver, ALE-47 “Smart” Countermeasures Dispenser, and AAR-47 Missile Warning Device.

The AH-1Z incorporates the latest airframe technologies, such as energy attenuating crashworthy seats, energy-absorbing landing gear, self sealing fuel tanks and fuel systems, fuel vapor inerting systems, mass retention designs to ensure major components stay where they should in the event of a crash, and many other advanced features.
Modern Technology

The AH-1Z is a 1997 design, and is being produced to meet the stringent requirements of the USMC right now – aircraft design doesn’t get any more modern than that! The AH-1Z brings together proven AH-1W airframe reliability, revolutionary new composite 4 bladed rotor system, powerful
GE 401 or 701C engines, the most advanced aircraft survivability equipment in the world, fully integrated weapons, target sight system, avionics and communications systems, the most modern and user-friendly and user-effective ****pits ever created, and digital data link capability. Both front and rear ****pits are virtually identical. The AH-1Z is truly state-of-the-art.
Best Targeting System

The USMC AH-1Z has the best targeting system developed for of any attack helicopter in the world. The AH-1Z Target Sight System (TSS) incorporates a third-generation FLIR and provides the longest range of any helicopter sight in the world, while providing the lowest jitter and highest weapons accuracy possible. In addition, it is a completely passive and automatic system, able to scan the battlefield without emitting radar that can be tracked. It can positively identify and track multiple targets at ranges beyond the maximum range of its weapons system. The excellent picture quality allows the pilots to clearly see and identify targets at long ranges; the ability to identify targets is critical in the complex post-cold war and urban conflict environments. The TSS provides the capability to designate targets day or night at the maximum effective range of the weapons system.
Helmet Mounted Sight and Display System

An important functional element of the AH-1Z ****pit display is the TopOwl helmet Mounted Sight and Display (HMS/D) system. This helmet supports improved communication and reduces ****pit workload leading to improved mission effectiveness. Manufactured by THALES Avionics, the TopOwl HMS/D is the most technically advanced helmet currently available and in service, offering unparalleled supportability and the capacity of technology insertion as additional requirements develop. The TopOwl HMS/D combines both avionics functions with the aircrew life support and protection functions into a single unit.
Superior Air-to-Air Combat Capability

The AH-1Z can carry the AIM-9 Sidewinder air-to-air missile for fire and forget capability. The Sidewinder guided missile is a supersonic weapon with infrared target detection, and a solid propellant motor that is one of the most capable missiles produced anywhere. The AH-1Z’s 20mm cannon is superior for air-to-air combat: the Cobra’s canon has a higher muzzle velocity and flatter trajectory for better air-to-air accuracy, and can fire M50-series rounds designed specifically for air-to-air combat. These weapons, coupled with the AH-1Z’s high agility 4 bladed composite rotor system, the excellent pilot situational awareness provided via the most modern helicopter ****pit in the world, and high, maneuverable forward speed, make the AH-1Z a formidable air-to-air aircraft.

The AH-1Z is easily maintainable where it counts, on the battlefield. The AH-1Z continues Bell Helicopter’s tradition of being one of the most reliablehelicopters in the world. The AH-1Z was designed with the maintainer in mind. Maintainability features of the AH-1Z include:

* Fault detection sensors that facilitate “on-condition” maintenance
* Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals
* Better accessibility
* Elimination of certain maintenance tasks
* Less maintenance man hours per flight hour
* Less spares storage requirement

Modern ****pit

The AH-1Z’s ****pits are the most modern, ergonomic and integrated of any attack helicopter in the world. Thirteen Marine pilots and an aircrew system advisory panel worked for 1-1/2 years in simulators and mockups to create this efficient man-machine interface. Identical front and rear ****pits of this tandem ****pit design provides the true ability to fly and fight from either ****pit, with no need to have separate training programs for front and back seaters. The AH-1Z enables interchangeable duty functions between these two crew stations through unique, stowable mission grip yokes and full accessibility for each crew member to all displays and controls within the integrated avionics and flight control systems. With the Hands on Collective and Stick (HOCAS) side-stick architecture, the pilots can perform most functions without removing their hands from the collective and cyclic flight controls. Large color multifunction displays combined with the moving-map technology and helmet mounted displays provide all the information the pilots require. The end result is that pilots have greater situational awareness, and can accomplish tasks and engage the enemy more accurately and quickly.
H1 Program Commonality

The AH-1Z and UH-1Y have 84% commonality with identical components. Just as the AH-1W is being rebuilt and redesigned into the AH-1Z, the US Marine Corps Huey helicopters are being rebuilt and redesigned as well. The UH-1N or HH-1N can be rebuilt into the UH-1Y, which combines the traditional reliability of the Huey series with outstanding performance and state-of-the-art dynamics and avionics. For a modern military force seeking the highest return on its investments, the logical decision is to acquire a fleet of AH-1Zs for the armed mission and UH-1Ys for the utility mission. This excellent pair of aircraft is the most modern and capable of their type going into production today. They also share identical dynamics and nearly identical ****pits, and this commonality vastly reduces the logistical tail, procurement costs, and training expenses required to support a large fleet of mixed type aircraft. An additional benefit of commonalty is that dual-aircraft ratings require little investment in extra training.

This is now the most Advanced Attack Chopper in the World even though the Airframe is almost 40 years old. I'm impressed with this as I have always thought the Apache Longbow had that title, but a new kid just moved into the block I guess. I think the USMC is awaiting a shipment of 100 or so in a couple of months.

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Old 01-10-2007, 12:00 PM
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neat work. but basicly. its about upgrading the whole airframe..
looks almost the same as the old cobras, but its a different chopper internally.


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Old 01-11-2007, 11:57 AM
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Originally Posted by torspo[fin] View Post
neat work. but basicly. its about upgrading the whole airframe..
looks almost the same as the old cobras, but its a different chopper internally.


It sure packs a punch!!....
"Barrel High, Powder Dry!"

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