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Old 11-03-2005, 09:55 PM
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Smile How To prepere for the military

What should i do to prepere to get in the infatrey. im only 15 and the info im after is how fit and mentaly and psyically and can you give me some links on free downloadable fm manuals and other stuff like that
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Old 11-04-2005, 07:14 AM
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Default yes

Id like to know to and would be very thankful for any info on this
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Old 11-04-2005, 03:00 PM
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just work out everyday study in school dont do drugs or get introuble now im not saying to go to partys but remember if u get introuble withthe law it may haunt you later when u try to join as far for gettin in shape go running a few times a week for 30 minutes to an hour lift weights get in good cardio shap as well and get some muscle going on and as for fit mentaly that is what basic is for you may think u are mentaly fit when u join but then it all goes to hell fast u realy cant prepare much for the mental part of training exept dont give up on anything u do that is one thing that will get u ready over it all is never quit at anything and keep that mindset tell ur self u will never quit even if u feal like u should dont push ur self harder and harder about it
God loves the infantry
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Old 11-07-2005, 04:37 PM
mmartin8324 mmartin8324 is offline
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Thumbs up Wondering?

I am a senior and lately I have been interested in joining the Army. I was wondering if anyone knew much about the medical division? How good is the training? If you don't mind I would like to hear from some of you females that are currently enlisted because of the fact that I am female. If anyone has any info i would really appreciate hearing from you.

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Old 11-07-2005, 04:42 PM
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Default yea i want to know too, but im a girl

yea, i want to join the army, well im thinking about it. i want to, but would i be able to stand it. are there amy special requriments for girls to join up? always molly
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