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Old 03-03-2008, 10:11 AM
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you know, whenever i have somthing to say i always check first to make sure fireball hasnt already said it. once again, im just going to sit back and agree with her.
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Old 03-03-2008, 02:47 PM
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Originally Posted by mtomom View Post
He said that he is going to get hometown something.. And will be home for ten days. Then he has to leave to report in seven days. Sounds much better.

They don't have much. They have been living in one room at her families house. So I htink they are going to move it all theirself. He did tell me that him and some of the other guys that are headed there called to find out about housing.. They told them a two year wait. So does that mean they have to go off base right?

Fireball you are great... I am so glad you are there.. Can you give me any info, that might help them?

Hoping for the best,

Yep it is about a two year wait... for lower ranks. Um, the best site I have found is [url][/url] That is how we found our place. Keep in mind utilities are INSANE here. I have a 10.5 pkw hour rate... most people are paying $.12-.13 pkwh... Amigo energy has had the best deals I have found. I save $50-70 a month. For example, I have a 1350 sqft. house... I pay $750... 3 bd/2bth, 2 car attached garage... and large fenced yard. It is all brick... duplex though... but our neighbors are amazing. I was paying $185 for my electric bill and wasn't running AC or Heat at all... I was paying that same amount in TN for a 2300+ squarefoot TWO story all brick home running my ac at 65 degrees...cost I was paying was like .08 cent or something... so it is REALLY high here. My cousin had $300 electric bills in her tiny apartment... so they need to really make sure their rent is able to cover rent & a good portion of their utilities. Our water is like $60-68 a month!! (Four people)It tastes NASTY... so he will need to do filtered. HAHAHAHA!

I would say (roads) Clear Creek/Stan Schluter (sp?) areas are the best in Killeen... (safest, etc...) Aduma is one of the best elementary schools... Maxdale is also known to be a good school. Pre-K starts age 4 here in Killeen... it is full day. It is about 4 miles to post if you live in the airport area. There are newer homes/duplexs, etc... Still close to things though... Try to stay close to the Killeen Regional Airport... otherwise it is pretty ghetto.

Cooperas Cove is a great area too... small but safe. There is almost everything you would need in that little town. It is about 20-30 minutes to post though... Pre-K starts at age 3 there (all day also) It was just a little more expensive... $750 for a one car 1200 sqft home... but they were brand new. No fenced yard... we opted Killeen... closer (less on gas) and more for money.

Harker Heights... hit or miss. I know people who love it and people who hate it (just like Killeen)... there was a shotting at the wal-mart... glad I wasn't there... it is a newer area, but I have heard starting to get ghetto... unless you're close the the Nolanville side of Harker Heights.

Nolanville... VERY SMALL... 30 minute to post with traffic (it is VERY bad in the morning on 190) I wouldn't mind moving there. just didn't cause we knew we wanted closer because of our gas hog. ROFL

STAY AWAY FROM RANCIER (Killeen) road... lots of shootings... prostitution... car dealerships that do gold teeth on the side... HAHAHA (My husband and I were BUSTING up laughing when we saw that) If he finds a place and you want me to see if it is ghetto I will be happy to let him know. ROFL

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