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Old 02-16-2009, 09:27 PM
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Default Another Guy with questions


I've been considering joining the military for a while now, im currently in my second semester of college out of 4 semesters for auto body, is now the time i should be starting this process or should i be waiting? my thoughts were this would give me more time to prepare, especially physically, although im in good shape i've never been the athletic type i was always the guy messing with cars and fixing buddys cars and as of right now i dont think i could even get thru the pt test let alone pass it. But im willing to work towards that goal.

But i have some questions i want answered now, as i know recruiters have a reputation for telling you what you want to hear, to get you to join.

#1 I know theres a bonus for having college credits but is there any kind of rank increase, i was told by someone that if i had a certain number of college credits i would start out as a E2 or E3, ill have 82 credits when done with school but it will be a certificate not a degree.

#2 Can i choose a MOS before basic, I want to be a mechanic or something i can relate to my college major in some way, im not limiting to just wheeled equipment either, so i know there's a number of choices there. But i dont want to get thru basic and be told im getting trained as a cook.

#3 right now my vision is a -8.0 which is the brink of the military's vision requirement, if my vision would get worse later would that be grounds for dismissal and is there a waiting period if i get lasik before i enlist or just before i go to basic?

#4 Is there any way i could go to basic during my summer break and then return to finish my last two semsters?

#5 do you come home after your mos training before your first assignment?

Thank you for your help

o and one more question, when they say run for your pt, is that sprinting running or more like a fast jog?

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Old 02-17-2009, 12:24 AM
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#1 now it depends on the branch of choice i went the army national guard way and i have like 50 some college credits which gets me the rank of E3 (private first class) the only way to get E4 would be to have a 4 year degree. [url][/url] // that link will get you the info you need for enlistment rank, you need to check with them if they allow the school your going to as an acceptable college for credits.

#2 yes you pick a MOS before basic i dont normally hear about people being changed for it but i know it has happened. when you get it just make sure you get a secured slot for your MOS on your contract and you should be fine.

#3 my vision is pretty bad i wear glasses aparantly to them i failed but it was overlooked idk they didnt even test me with my glasses on :S lasik surgery is discouraged and has a wait limit for it i believe.

#4 the only way i know of split training like that would be the army national guard and air national guard offer split training options if you want to go into a full time branch i dont think there is but someone else can prolly shed more light on that

#5 im not sure MSG Glenn will know and some other guys. in the Army National Guard i will come home to meet with my unit for 2 drills before im fully accepted into their unit.

last question to be answered. get in shape as soon as possible. a slight diet and excercise does wonders. im up to running 5k now and im still 236 lbs but i have lost a lot of weight my heaviest was 313lbs so it can be done you just gotta commit to it. as far as the first run you just have to do it in 8 min and 30 sec or less thats a pretty good pace but by no means a sprint. but that also depends on the branch you enlist in (thats for the army)

hope that helps. others please help if you got more info for him
Army National Guard soldier in RSP. Ship date 20th May 2009. Time to get prepared! HOOAH I'm excited! MOS 31B /RANK PFC (Updated)
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