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Originally Posted by bgd8rd View Post
I realize I can't judge the Army as a whole on this one enlistment and only three years but that isn't my fault. This is what the Army has shown me. There is no way I can reenlist for anything. What if it's worse or the same? I'd be kicking myself for three more years of misery. I wish I liked the Army, I do. That would mean I would have found a career at the age of 27 and could be finished at the age of 47. I guess I am still in the search for a career. I'll just probably bounce around from odd job to odd job and work until I am 75, two years before I go.
Its very simple, the Army is not for everybody..... Training normally weeds out those not suitable... but you made it through.. Kudos to you for that... However, your posts tell me one thing.... when your contract is up, leave the military, as you are not suited to the life... Fair play to you for giving it a go, and serving in a job, might I add is very important.... Cos, those ****bags need locking up and good on ya for keeping the animals behind bars..

My overall advise is simple.... Finish your deployment, finish your current contract, leave the military and take pride in your service to your country. As time progresses, you will see the importance of what you have done, and the efforts you have made.... Good luck to you...

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