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Originally Posted by StrawberryShortcake View Post
Everyone in this thread needs to shut up.

We're not going to lie to him, cocaine only stays in your system for about 5 days. Telling him the truth isn't encouragment at all. Saying **** like "your username should be no nostril or one big nostril" is unnecessary. None of you are ****ing saints, you've all made your mistakes I'm sure, so grow up and stop being a dick to the kid.

And are you people really getting upset over the word "*****" ?

It's SLANG, it'd be different if he said "******." "*****" and "******" have totally different meanings in the real world, so stop flipping your ****, and get a sense of humour. ******= derogatory term for African Americans. *****= Term used by people of all races, used to refer to friends. Same definition as the word "homeboy" or "dawg"

It's so pathetic to see some older people behaving like immature teenagers. I'm the teenager, I should be the one being an immature fool, not you guys.
Why don't you call a black person "*****" and see how they react? That word represents oppression of Blacks, Catholics and Irish is the most derogatory of ways throughout different moments in history.

And I don't believe that saying that the Military has no use for someone who's liable to slip into drug use is unreasonable. The military and your civilian world are two different animals.

I don't need to explain why I'm so critical of drug use. I think I already did just that a page back.
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