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Default Dirtydave

Originally Posted by Dirtydave
I have noticed talk about money... college payments, things like that. Is that ruely why everyone joins, is there no honor left. Do people no longer feel as though they must protect their loved ones, they just want money... please say something if I am wrong, but things are looking rather grim here. I mean no disrespect, I might just be taking things the wrong way
Yes indeed you have a point . but most people know nothing about honor. No PUN !

Once you server i mean you join the army you eventualy learn abit more about it. you learn why all this is needed and everything related to that.. most people do ask about college funds or University because they wish to get educated and nowadays this is one way people can actually afford to do it.. School is very expensive these day and not many people can afford it. this is a easy way to be able to get educated at the same time server your country..

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