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Angry I know where a Fugitive from Army is located.

Daniel Hunt whom was awaiting court marshal for going AWOL is once again AWOL. All that I know about where he was stationed, it was a base in New York. He is back where he was when he was originally AWOL, at his wife's mother's house in Cincinnati Ohio, in Union Township.

I am aware that the proper way to turn someone in for being AWOL is that you are suppose to contact the local police department, but I was told that when Daniel was AWOL before others attempted to inform the Union Township police department and were told by the department that hey had better things to do then deal with someone who was AWOL.

I can not even believe that the Army would have allowed this "Man" to be left alone to the point where he could just walk away from his base while awaiting a Court marshal.

Please, someone pass this information to the proper authorities so that this punk can face the repercussions for his actions.

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