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Originally Posted by Fireball View Post
I am really amazed at the different views and how films portray "The American Dream"... obviously all of us are "dreaming" or have a different vision - hence the differences of/in families, political views, expectations, etc...

More often than not - I see in films or with families that they are not teaching their posterity about the sacrifices they made, or a sense of humility & gratitude, etc... There is much to be said for those values to be taught and exercised in the home. We see now that many of the younger generations don't have that sense of gratitude & humility that is needed to further a work ethic.

I grew up in a very well-off area. We lived in a VERY modest home that was built in the 50's while many of my friends were living in brand new million dollar homes. When I went to high school the question was "what kind of car are you getting for your birthday?" I remember being completely blown away by the expectation of most of those friends. For the question USUALLY was "are you getting a car for your birthday?" Most of them had friendships with their parents, because it was like their parents feared to parent because they didn't want to be disliked or uncool. I was shocked at the topics of conversation that they would have at home vs. what we would talk about at our house.

Looking back I have tried to pin point what the difference was between our families... It seemed as though the focus for many of those families was HOW they appeared to society...when in my home the focus was WHAT were you doing to help society. I do not believe that people see themselves promoting this attitude when they have found success... because naturally parents don't want their children to "struggle" like they struggled - so they give & give and build from the success up... but if you never see or understand hardship - you can oft times lack the ability to see many things that are critical for better leadership and just an understanding of people in general.

Sorry I am always intrigued by human nature and society and the effects of environment on people. LOL Hopefully this all made sense... I have LOTS of distractions right now... LOL
I totally agree. Practically over night we went from a two income over 90K a year family to a single income 32K a year family. My kids have had to understand that I can only make one car payment, and it's on MY car. Not one of them has had their license at 16 because in order to drive they have to be able to pay their own car insurance. They know they will have to work for the things they have in life and they appreciate what we have as a family because they see how hard I work to keep it all going. They are great to help. We are a closer family for the struggles we have been through the last five years.

I had it pretty easy in High School. I didn't have my own car, but I did have a car I could drive if I was willing to pick my mom up at work. I never knew how much my insurance was. I did have a job and bought all my own clothes and other things I wanted. But I didn't want for much. I wish I could do more, but they get what they need. Their basic needs are met, and they know I will do everything I can to make sure they achieve their dreams.
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