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Scconwill: You're very welcome. I am unable to read the further bantering/ignorance/stupidity, because thankfully this forum has the wonderful bonus of having an ignore button, but from reading the quote in your last post, some things never change, as she obviously hasn't pulled the panties out of her butt yet. I wouldn't even waste your time responding any further guy. Hold your head high, and be the best person that you can be, don't lower yourself to get pulled into this style of drama, especially when you look at where it is coming from. I would say more, but, well you know, some things are just better left for the imagination...Be well!!

Marine4Life: You are darned right, it is getting HOT in here!! I've been in an air conditioned office all day, and now I am at my part time job and this humidity is about killing us. I'll meet you over to the bar.

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