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Originally Posted by jrj1000 View Post
Looks a fine weapon Snipes...and i can see why you compare the two...comparisons can be made....its light really compared to the 11.8 kgs..i would imagine that was unloaded weight...without scope attachments?...i would like to see the rate of fire....and with the non recoil...i would also would retain accuarcy even with rapid fire...10 round mag aswell..trumps the 5 round box....any ideas on when its going to be ready?...any info on
the round types it will be compatible with.....H.E??
The Accuracy International AS50 as it says in my used by the SEALs...witch says alot in my opinion...depending on when the XM500 is going to be ready cant see the SEALs investing time in the Accuracy International AS50....only to replace it 2 or 3 years later....but what do i know.....not sure how much progresstion can be made in sniper rifle a few years....XM500 is still only in prototype will be great to see it in action...and how it copes with combat situations....only when its put through its paces for real can you really make a judgement...but all the stats say its going to do the business.....

i will keep an ear open over the next few years/months.......
nice one... looks like the people at Barrett have done it again......designing and producing great weapons seems to be a habbit for them

thanks for the heads up on the XM500

That Barret is a fine rifle and the only one that has accuracy upto 2500 meters. Its relatively new, but a fine sniping weapon. Heard nothing negative about it yet....
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