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Default IRR MOB Issues

It appears that allot of you here came off of AD into the IRR. I did not, I came from the PA National Guard. I assume most of you know this, but I'll through it out there in case there is someone who doesn't. For all you guys leaving in April and May, don't forget to send out your SCRA letters to all your creditors (Mortgage, Car Loans, Credit Cards...) to get the 6% interest rate for your full deployment. I was doing that yesterday, and thats what made me think to post it. Also, I found out there is a program provides income replacement for Reserve component members experiencing extended and frequent mobilization for active duty service, and since the IRR is a reserve component, some of you may qualify. I belive its called the RIRP. Check these out and hope it helps witht he monitary issues of involentary deployment. If anyone needs it, I have a form letter from the SCRA I have from my last Moilization and its the one I used yesterday.

Scoutout, just got update this morning that Commander JAG has my DDE request, so I should know shortly.
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