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Originally Posted by Kentuckymom View Post
Thank you for the information. Sounds scary you think he will go to Iraq straight away?
Probably... most everyone we know who has gone in has left 4-9 months after AIT. Congrats! I am sure you are honored and nervous at the same time. All of us have been and will always be, but one thing is for sure - you have a choice to make it one of the best times of your life or worst. And it is WAY more fun to make it the best!!! It increases your faith as you watch everyone exercise so much care and loyalty to their units. We have adopted a solider and will be very involved this year. You will meet some incredible moms and wives that serve with all their heart as their soldiers do. SO many parents don't even attempt to understand - and you have. So for that you get lots of hugs!!! It is hard... I don't know if you are a religious person or not, but one of the books that was donated to soldiers this year was called Psalm 91 God's Sheild of Protection by Peggy Joyce Ruth, foreword was written by Lt. Carey Cash, Iraq Chaplain. I love that Psalm and it was a wonderful book. Anyway, I have lent it out to several people who just loved it. Anyway, good luck and if you need anything just ask!


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