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Originally Posted by MSG Glenn View Post
When your husband calls you can expect a very short conversation. Everybody else will want to use the phones. One of the first things you can mail him with your first letter to him should be a phone card. Try it out before sending it to him to make sure it works. He'll be able to buy phone cards at the PX but he might not have the time to go to the PX and make a call.

Which post is your husband at? Things will get a bit looser after a few weeks & when he gets to AIT he should have more privileges. Don't expect many calls. Rejoice when you get one & consider that a welcome extra. He'll be very busy. I can only relate to Infantry OSUT at Ft. Benning but I know that each BCT class is unique & privileges are granted at the whim of the Drill Sgt & also are set by the policies of his BCT command & the post where he's at.
so in Ft. Benning how much phone privileges do you get? and why does it take so long to recieve letters from there?
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