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Default to the brit, luv the aussie

first of all, enough with the genetic crap, i have some proud history all over the world with my family name, i can trace it all the way back to the normans at Hastings. But, I find genetics irrelevant perhaps because im not a racist??? 'Genetically identical' and ****ty terms like that make YOU sound like the ****ing Nazi.

Oh, and we didnt fight under the title of Britsh Army, we fought under the title of ANZAC Army you dick wank (if your ****in callin out names, then so am I), because the New Zealanders didn't have the numbers to hold they're own divisions. It was titled a 'colonial army' by the ****headed monarchy of the time because that gave them jurisdiction over our deployment. Jurisidiction which we later shoved anyway.

Dont give me crap about fear from invasion, we know what its like, Australia was in the same position with the Japs as England (if you prefer that to the UK) was with Germany.

Another point, the 'most organised military evacuation in history' is actually Dunkirk, despite being rushed. I know, it was the British boys that done it, but it didin't involve any Australians, so end it right there.

Yet Another point - If Britian was sooo fantastic at holding her own, why were there American pilots fighting in Spitfires over the channel. How come england kept borrowing ships and crews from the Americans, how come the B17 is an AMERICAN plane. You certainly done yourselves proud holding your front across the channel, but you WOULDNT have done it without the Americans.

As for Singapore, well that was a big assed stuffup. Problem was it wasnt entirely our failure. AUstralian troops in Singapore we promised reinforcements from Africa once 'the brits one the war there'. Took you longer than expected, so we bailed. By the time the famed 'rats of Tobrooke' got to the Pacific, what was left of the Australian force was sitting in Papua New Gunia, and for those who dont know how far that is, its about a 3000km retreat from SIngapore. Once reinforced, the Battle of Kokoda took place and two Australian Infantry divisions, with NO Armour, and limited Air support, stopped a Japanese Invasion Force. Hell, lets just say we done a better job at stopping invasions than the Germans did hey.

As for the yanks, they saved our asses in the Coral Sea, Solomon Isalnds, and the Phillipones (after a stumble). I admit, the US has had some pretty big flukes in history, ****, look at the Revolution (was that another British strategic error??, oh right... the French). I believe you are being offended because I am not naming the Brits as the best army, gee whiz that was an obvious staement if i'd ever heard one. Know doubt, he Brits were at the forefront right 'til the end of the Great War, when the US then became the economic capital of the world. Just about every modern warfare tactic was developed by British Officers, the Tank was effectively a British invention. All true, but its not the history or materials that stand an Army on its feet, its the applications of these things. WOWZA, you have an SAS and all that stuff, probably the best trained troops in the world (hell, the Australian SAS is based on them, no arguments there), but seriously, the US has the Marines, Delta, Rangers, and the SEAL's. In any case, they have the numbers... agreed??

Brits have developed stategies and tactics... true. But the United States of America has done a damn good job with applying them.

By calling the US Army the best army, we are not calling the British the worst. You're a damn fine second, and i couldnt give a **** who comes third 'cos it aint us in Australia.

C'mon poeple, seriously, stop getting so damned patriotic over this crap (and dont cover up patriotic dribble by trying to call it fact.. it DOESNT ****ING MATTER), we're never gonna go to war AGAINST each other (hopefully). Who cares who really has the best army, we're all fighting together anyway.
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