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Default What I know

Originally Posted by drast1x

I am having my first child come January and enlisting has been on my mind for about a year or so now and I have a few questions that will help decide if i make the next step.

Like I said I am expecting my first child,but I am not married,I will be married before enlisting but can not stand the thought of missing out on the early years of my sons life.

I would like to know if my soon to be wife would be able to live with me somehow,I hear a few things from differant people and am trying to get the facts right.

Would she and my soon be able to live with me,On base,Off base?
If of base is there an extra "allowance" for rent?
Would they both be covered for medical/dental?
Does this take alot of time if so after basic or is it somewhat of a immediate thing?

Also do you have the choice in any way to stay in the US if not in a combat "job"?

Thanks for your time.
As long as you guys are married before you enlist you should be covered. Once you enlist though you need to make sure she has a power of attorney and make sure that she has all of her paper work. She will need to get an id card for base acess. Since, you are enlisting after marriage and will have to go to basic, I am not sure exactly how that works. I know that you will be able to live with your family on base as long you are married and as long as there is housing availiable. If you have to live off base then the Military will give you housing allowance. Both your wife, son and you will all be covered for medical insurance. You may want to talk with your recruiter about all the details. The most important thing is just to make sure that you are married before you join, otherwise I think the Miltary will still cover your son but they will not do anything for your fiance. I am not an expert on this though. I am an Army Brat and Army girlfriend so this is what I know.
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