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I wish you luck getting into the ROTC program, K29. I don't know a lot about the Corps of Engineers. I believe it's a civilian arm of the Army under Army leadership. Of course there are Army Engineers that are soldiers in the 21 series MOSs.

The USACE seems to do work on US waterways. The levees in New Orleans comes to mind. Flood control & dams are their concerns I believe.

Try Google. I'll bet you'll find lots of info via that search engine.

Have you checked witha Recruiter about going into the Simultaneous Membership Program when you get into ROTC? That allows you to attend drills witha Reserve unit as a Cadet for pay. You'd be paid as a SGT E-5 with the same authority. When I was an Active Duty Advisor to a Reserve Division we had several SMPs. They appreciated the extra money each month & the experience they got. It was sort of a mix between NCO work & junior officer work.
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