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Originally Posted by Nightflyer View Post
"Your not edumacated" At all. Your a jackass. Truth is you don't know jack S@#T. It's time you learned. [/B]I'm blessed enough to be drunk in the lobby (bar area) with my lap top on spring break in Daytona beach Fla... I just got the word today...My cousin Donnie's best friend June got hit with IED (Two weeks ago)..June's both ear drums we're shattered and he can't hear..."ever".. maybe one day if he's lucky..June suffers from a grade 3 concussion for the third time and his left ankle is gone..It was Junes 4th deployment. It's my third year of service...

My best friend...went with us towards spring break as far as Atlanta to switch over to a flight to 2300hrs our time...He said his good bye's to his parents and his girl..."a second time"...and then my best friend Danny left by himself.

You wish you had me watching over your son...I will always stay in my lane and in the fight and won't ever ditch a friend= (soldiers) no matter how dirt dogg mean. It's about the soldier beside us and objective and our mission...Please don't ever F@#k with me again.

...I'm a danm good soldier with pride and "I belive"...It's our duty and my service to not only see the objective but to follow through with our mission. ..."Get it"...Yeah, that's right..I been drinking (wouldn't you) If you we're 22. My unit's on the bubble..To kosovo or Afghanistan. "A second time."This time I will go..I've missed the last deployment because my Dad was deployed as a Blackbird pilot for the ////// time..Way before I signed my contract . This is my time and to be Dead on ..Im so ready to go isn't funny.

Let us do our jobs...and please step aside. Please. Don't just respect us as soldiers but more importantly. Respect our mission....My mom has been through two wars & countless depoyments with my dad (Retired Army and Army Guard career pilot) not counting my brothers..Now her youngest son is going soon...There.."Now you have it all" We're Doggs.....Get It ?....Blood wings...

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Easy Tiger... we caught it before any real damage was done, and Tacky has addressed the joking thing, which Jackson Mom has manned up to and lesson is learnt IMO...

Sorry to hear of your cousins Friend, IED attacks are a cowards way of striking at their enemy.... the Jihaddis are as pathetic as they are delluded.... and to think Bin Laden has the ordasity to call them Mujjahadeen..... ha!!... Mujahadeen died with Bin Ladens assination of Wahid some 15-20 years ago... They are a force of dellusional nutjobs that pretend to be an Islamic Army.... Not to be underestimated by any means, cos they are very flexible and adapt to harsh conditions just like ****roaches, but should only be given the respect they "deserve!"...

Hope your Cousins friend recovers soon...

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