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Originally Posted by kmullins View Post
fireball has just went through it so she may be better at explaining, but ill give it a try. i do remind you that ive never lived on a base yet. all my info on stuff like that comes from talking to people on here and reading info.

when you first go to your base, there is an office you will go to to fill out more papers. this will determine what kind of quarters you will need. if you have a family you will need to apply for a house. some bases have waiting list that can be up to a year long. where you go on this list depends on your rank and number of dependants. Fireball just posted and will be moving into her place i believe Monday, so that wait wasnt that bad.
Girl I am off post... there is a 16-18 month wait.... Go figure... This post doesn't make you live on or off post as a married couple.

Anyway, ****y and I have PMd more on the issue. Hopefully she's set!

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