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Originally Posted by resources1988 View Post
So heres my problem.
I got pregnant while being in the military, I stayed in. I got kicked out of the barracks at 6 and half months pregnant. I put my paperwork in for BAH at 7 months.
My BAH never kicked in, and just before I gave birth, my NCO gave me back a piece of paper that needed how many weeks I was.
It has been 5 months now and no BAH.

My NCO's haven't helped me on anything with this, I tell him every LES we get that I have recieved no money, and all they can say is, "well it will be here on the next one"

So ... Who do I have to talk to now? Since my NCO's dont want to help, and now I have a baby and no money to pay rent or other bills.
Have you tried going to finance yourself? Have you filed a pay inquiry? If you have tried those avenues, go to your Inspector General.
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