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Default Not getting deployed?

Hey. I'm still pretty new to the forums. I'm seriously thinking about joining the army and if I join, I want to go to basic within a month or 2. I don't want to wait. I made a topic about wanting to join and someone is actually helping me out a lot with recruiting and getting in contact with a recruiter. I know I'm taking far steps by making this thread-- I mean, it's all still so far away. What would be the chances I could get deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan? Is there any reason they don't send people? How long do people serve over there? I see tours of 12-15 months or I think I've read that on here anyway. I actually want to go. I want to say I did something later in life or I made a difference. It's kind of selfish, I know. I can't quite explain it. I'm looking into active for at least 2 years, so I should have a good shot at getting deployed, right?
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