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Originally Posted by MSG Glenn View Post
I think WTC will be enough especially if you go to Infantry School. Your PT is fine now you just have to brush up on your marksmanship which you'll get plenty of. WTC is designed to get you up to speed just as if you had gone through BCT as an Army enlistee.

I hope that you can get an Option 40 contract. Like I said it's normally not given to prior service. You just have to find the right recruiter.

At this time I think your main goal is just to get released for the Air Force & get in then Army with as good of a contract that you can.
Thanks for the info, but it leads me to another question. Army training doctrine is pretty different from the Air Force, with more opportunities for additional training and whatnot. So even if I were to enlist as intel, a 35P (I'm considering staying intel to try for 18F eventually), am I able to go to infantry school (or any additional infantry training before RIP), or are you talking about me enlisting as 11B?
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