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The 75th has MOSs other than 11B, 13F, & 68W. Those MOSs are the operational types & actually go on missions. I'm not sure exactly which MOSs are included in the rest of Regiment but I know I found it on the Benning website, 75th Ranger Regt. button some time ago.

If you can use your old AF MOS in Regiment then I'd say go for it. If you'd rather be an operational Ranger than you could certainly go to Infantry School after WTC. That's probably the easiest way of getting into the 75th.

Your chain of instruction would be WTC, Airborne School, RIP (you can attend RIP as an E5) & then once in Regiment to Pre-Ranger & Ranger School. These days RS comes pretty fast after RIP. They might go back to the old system of getting a new Ranger OJT in his unit & with maybe one deployment & then sending him off to RS when he's promotable to E4. If you hold a support MOS then RS is not a requirement to be in a leadership position.

Now the two immediate hurdles that face you is to get a release from the Air Force & get recruited in the Army with a Ranger contract. I've heard that prior service have a hard time getting a Ranger contract. Against as you know. That's what you'll have to have your recruiter get for you.

Non 75th Ranger Regt. soldiers can go to Ranger School sometime during their enlistment. They earn the Ranger Tab & go back to their unit to pass on the training they've received.

I suggest you start getting yourself in shape for RIP & RS. All of the PT you're getting in the AF & what you'll get at WTC, Infantry School, & Airborne School is a joke to Rangers. You'll have to pass the 17-21 year age group APFT with an 80% score. Check Google & they'll say 70%. Wrong. My son just left active duty with the 3rd Ranger Batt.

Google all the requirements for RIP & RS. You have time to start getting into shape & also decide which MOS you want to go in as.

Good luck to you & please keep us updated on your progress.
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