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Question AF - Blue To Green

Hey all,

Yes, I've used the search function on the forums, so please don't blast me for yet another Blue-To-Green thread; my questions are a bit more specific than I've seen. I'm hoping an active recruiter can help me out (the local guy is hard to get a hold of).

Anyways, I'm currently an active duty AF E-4 with 2.5 years in service. I have 3.5 years left on my contract as a Cryptologic Linguist (I think that's now a 35P for Army). I've been wanting to go green since I joined the Air Force. My dad is prior Army (11B, SF, ODD for those who are interested) and talked me into joining the Air Force over the Army. So far, I 100% regret that decision.

I'm looking to become a Ranger, specifically with the 75th. I want the training, the ops tempo, the experiences, travel, and every bit of pain-in-the-*** that comes with 1) being in the Army and 2) deploying constantly. I've done a decent amount of research thus far and I'm sure this is what I want.

I know the Air Force won't release me from service just yet, but I'm trying to get as much information as soon as I can. I've been training for RIP for a while and I'm sure I've got at least another year for that before the AF will even let me go.

So, my questions are:

1. Should I not test for E-5 to better my chances of getting a spot in RIP. I assume it would be difficult for an NCO to get a spot without combat arms experience.

2. Does prior service have the ability to get the option-40 contract (I think that's what they call a contract with RIP guaranteed in writing).

3. Does anyone have access to, or better yet a link to, the actual regulations regarding Blue-to-Green transfers? I don't have an AKO account, so those links won't help me.

4. Assuming I pass RIP and Airborne and everything else, would I have a significantly better shot at the 75th if I retrain as 11B/C, or do they have a pressing need for intel ops as well?
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