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Default Iraq...its time to leave

Iraq's spiralling sectarian strife
In the first of a series on the sectarian violence in Iraq, the BBC's Mike Wooldridge explores the increasing domination of the capital Baghdad by bombers, gunmen and militias.
The Americans, working with Iraqi forces in a new drive to reclaim parts of the Iraqi capital from gunmen and bombers, call it Operation Together Forward.
authority of Iraq's still relatively new government, to the coalition's handover of full responsibility for security to the Iraqis and - more importantly - to averting what even US officers now acknowledge is the risk of outright civil war.

They are claiming some successes in reducing the number of violent incidents in areas they have already tackled and detaining people alleged to be involved in the violence.

But nowadays who are they actually up against?

The most visible trend in recent months in Baghdad and certain other cities and towns has been the increasing sectarianism - deadly, tit-for-tat violence perpetrated by certain Shia Muslim groups against Sunnis and certain Sunni groups against Shias.
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