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Originally Posted by cadetpaul View Post
eh, im like an O-0 haha.

But im sure I could possibly talk to anyone higher just so I can at least try.

I dont plan on staying in the army long.

Get my commission, maybe get on Active Duty as a Signal officer, do my 3 years and get out.

But then again, who knows, I may be the next post commander haha.

I just want to know who is in charge of these decisions..... :/

Who approves the FM's?
LOL That's not how the Army works, son. You don't just get to talk to anyone. You're bottom of the foodchain, they don't care what you have to say. It isn't a democracy, and unless you've got a critical job (even then, they only want to hear us when they need us) or you have a heavy collar trust me when I tell you - no one cares what you think.

That's the reality of things, you aren't going to change it. Start learning to accept it and roll with it or you aren't going to enjoy the Army very much. There are some things that you just can't get in to.
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