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Originally Posted by MrsLili View Post
Hi! I got it in my head to join the army at 38 years old.
Delayed for Ft. Jackson till 20090728.
I'm scared out of my mind that I won't fit in and end up solo the whole time.
I'm a very youthful and athletic female, you would guess my age no more than 26.
But the whole teenager thing has me worried as to how I will be able to do.
I 'm scared truthfully as to what's in store for someone my age.
Hopefully they won't call me granny or anything.
Plus I hear that they make the oldest person the platoon leader, I'm extremely quite...
I don't talk about my worries with anyone I know, I don't want them to think I made a
mistake so I keep it to myself.

Just venting a little..thanks!
Dont worry about being older, I trained with older ladz and those who made it were fine. Just try to loose any "expectations" you may have and go with the flow... if an instructor is yelling at you, its to build you into a soldier... get into it, dont get offended by it, and learn to let the yelling motivate you, not offend you... afterall, you will be in a great place, you are learning to be a warrior for your nation, its a state service of the highest ranking of honour amoungst the nations of the free world...

"Barrel High, Powder Dry!"

"Illic est haud effrego ex Veneratio"
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