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Originally Posted by Armygirl4Ever View Post
When I went to basic training at 18, one of my favorite people was a girl named Irene who was 35. She was GREAT! We all looked up to her and respected her and worked harder to keep up with her.

As far as them making older people Platoon Leaders, you have to earn that position, it's not handed out because of age. Some of the older recruits do end up in that position because they prove themselves to be beyond some of the teenage angst some newbies go through at Basic Training (you know, first time away from home, new experience and all).

Good luck!
My Liason basicly told me the same thing. I am going in as a PFC, and because I am 28 she said that it would be more likely for me to be assigned as a Squad or Platoon Leader because I am older than other PFCs coming in. What rank are you going in as MrsLili?
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