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Originally Posted by motox813 View Post
I've read some of the other threads and I am still a bit confused about how you receive your bonus.

Ok. So when you get to wherever your stationed, you prove they owe you a bonus and it may take up to a month for you to receive it, and when you do you will receive half.

Now how does this dividing the rest of it up go.

Lets say I enlist 4 years active and get a bonus of 42k.
You will get half of the $42,000 after you finish basic and ait. The half will be taxed though so don't expect a full $21,000. Every year after that for the next three years you'll receive installments of equal amounts of what they owe. Somewhere around the neighborhood of $7,000 dollars but they will be taxed so don't expect all 7G's...
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